Varsity Park Student Accommodation

Varsity Park Student Accommodation

The Varsity Park page serves to keep students , parents and the community informed about the events and activities taking place at Varsity Park

Operating as usual

Photos from Varsity Park Student Accommodation's post 29/07/2021

Hello Everyone😃

We have space available at our beautiful student accommodation. 😁
Weather you are only just looking for accommodation now or looking to change your residence, we are more than happy to share our home away from home with you. 🙂

Contact us on :041 373 3643
Email: [email protected]
Inbox us on here on our page.

We look forward to hearing from you.😃

Photos from Varsity Park Student Accommodation's post 27/07/2021

The Family of Varsity Park was moved and inspired to make a difference in our community. For visited Door of Hope children's home #TakeActionInspireChange #MandelaDay

Varsity Park Student Accommodation updated their business hours. 24/06/2021

Varsity Park Student Accommodation updated their business hours.

Varsity Park Student Accommodation updated their business hours.

[06/03/21]   It's the middle of the year and still in need of a place to stay?😅
Worry not, we can help you!!🙂

We have single and sharing rooms available.
CONTACT US: Email: [email protected] or Call: 041 373 3643

We look forward to hearing to from you😃

[07/30/20]   Are you stranded, looking for a place to stay? Don't worry because guess what?! Varsity Park has got all your needs! Call us on 041 373 3643 right now or email us on [email protected].

We have sharing, single rooms, and cottages (self-contained) available at affordable rates! PS: We are also accredited by NMU! Isn't that amazing? We are waiting for that call/email. A great rest of the week to you all!!

Yours Truly.... Your Home Away From Home.🥰🥰🤩🚶‍♂️


When you leave🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ come 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️home #VarsityPark 😍🥰🤩

[07/02/20]   Dear All, We Trust that you are doing well and taking care of yourselves especially during this lock down. Please note that if you are in need of accommodation, your home away from home is here for you. Continue to contact us below and we shall quickly get back to you :-) PS: We are also accredited by Nelson Mandela University ;-)

Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 041 373 3643

Let us also continue to take good personal hygiene and let us beat the COVID-19 Pandemic Together. Take Care.


Welcome to Your Home Away from Home


Varsity Park Student Accommodation's cover photo


Our Home Away From Home :-) #VarsityPark


Nelson Mandela University

The University has been made aware of the message below, apparently circulating on WhatsApp.

This is a scam and new students are advised not to pay as the University's orientation programme is freely available.

Should you receive this message, or any similar messages, you are encouraged to verify with the University.


We as Varsity Park Student Accommodation

Wishes to congratulate Dr. John on his appointment at Acting Dean at the School of Law in Kenya 🇰🇪

We are immensely proud to be associated with such a fine young man

Go well and make us proud

Dr John 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪


Nelson Mandela University

*University update 5*
An in-depth assessment of the prevailing circumstances has been undertaken and there will be no face-to-face Learning and Teaching activities tomorrow. However, the University wishes for the academic programme and workplace productivity to continue.

Therefore, lecturers should offer students the necessary direction to continue with their academic work, including that of accessing module sites on Moodle. Students are advised to remain in contact with their lecturers for guidance with regards to tests, assessments, classes and practicals.

Line managers must advise their direct reports on work arrangements. They, in turn, are expected to cascade this information to their teams.

University Management is engaging students to end this illegal protest.

In the meantime, University disciplinary procedures will be activated to deal with instances relating to situations whereby University protocols would have been breached.

We thank our students and staff for your understanding while we work to bring about stability at our campuses.

Further communication will be forthcoming tomorrow.


Nelson Mandela University OffCampus Housing Office OCHO

Dear Off-Campus Students,

Off-Campus Housing Office together with Green Campus Initiative Presents: The Addo Elephant Park Annual Excursion

Please note, it is of high importance to adhere to the time of departure and kindly note that the seats are limited so it is first-come, first-serve.

For more information, please see the enclosed image.

Kind Regards,
Off-Campus Housing Office


Nelson Mandela University

To alleviate the queues and pressure on campus clinics, reduce miscommunication and prevent multiple visits across campuses, Campus Health Services and ICT Services have teamed up to develop an online booking system for students.

The web application is designed to allow students to book one appointment per week, up to two days in advance.

Once a booking is made, the student needs to confirm that booking via an email that is sent to their university inbox within two hours, otherwise the booking will lapse and the time slot will become available to other students.

Quick instructions

1. Select whether you want to see a nurse or counsellor.
2. Select the day you want to go to the clinic.
3. Select the available time slot and click "Ok".
4. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.
5. Confirm your appointment within 2 hours otherwise it will be cancelled.
6. Go to the clinic on the selected day.
7. Rate the service afterwards.

Other features

Students will be able to receive notifications via the app and email if their appointment needs to be cancelled for some reason.

Students will only be able to book for the clinic on the campus they are registered to study. In case of an emergency, a student can still go directly to the nearest clinic.

Should a student fail to attend two consecutive appointments, they will not be able to book any further appointments until they have visited a clinic and requested to be unblocked.

Students will be able to rate the service they get from clinic members and rate the clinic in general.

We invite you to take advantage of this new online service the next time you are planning a clinic visit.

A link and manual are on the Student Portal and links will be added to the university app as well.


Nelson Mandela University

#EXAMS: Dear Students - please note that the Final Results for the June 2019 examinations have been released. You can view your results on various platforms (Student Portal, kiosks, website etc). Personalised result letters was sent overnight to your student e-mail account, and SMS’s will be sent out during the course of today.

To view the date, time and venue of a re-exam, or special exam (if applicable) taking place next week, please use the following link:, select Undergrad students - Timetables - Personal exam timetable - and enter your student number. The information for those module(s) you qualify for, will be listed.

[04/08/19]   Still looking for accommodation, we still have a few spaces available. Contact us on:

[email protected]

Your home away from home


Mandela University Student Life & Events

Statement on silent protest against gender-based violence

Gender-based violence remains one of the biggest and most profound problems in South African society. Its prevalence in institutions of higher learning – as a microcosm of this society – has garnered much debate and attention, particularly in recent years.

Mandela University has not been immune to this troubling phenomenon, having received reports on gender-based violence incidents involving the institutional community, in particular the students.

During today’s graduation sessions, a group of students staged a silent protest against the University’s perceived failure in adequately dealing with reported cases of gender-based violence.

Chancellor Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi acknowledged the protest immediately thereafter and committed to following up on the issues raised.

As such, some members of University management met with the protesting students between graduation sessions, with a view to engage on the issues raised. These engagements are set to continue in more detail as the parties are finding each other on most of these issues.

The University therefore acknowledges the silent protest by the students and encourages democratic agency and activism in pursuits for social justice, as the institution understands the role of activism towards building a humane and just society.

The University is largely in support of the desired outcomes of the communicated demands as long as they promote social justice for all. While we have declared a zero tolerance to gender-based violence, it should be noted that we are still bound to follow due process.

As an institution, we concede that our investigation capacity is still wanting and continue working to bolster that.

The University thus commits to expedite its response to protection mechanisms as raised by the protesting students, while pursuing long-term effort towards the eradication of gender-based violence on University campuses.

The University is mindful of the crisis that the world, our country and sector are in when it comes to adequately dealing with gender-based violence matters, in particular sexual offences. We are equally mindful to the fact that we do not solely hold the solutions to this issue as it requires a societal, multi-layered approach.

We therefore look forward to working with relevant stakeholders, including gender activist groups, in this regard.

Dean of Students Luthando Jack


Nelson Mandela University

Varsity Shield semi finals - Residence competition

Make sure that your residence has a sign with your name on it so we know who you are!

For further inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]



[TOP STORY] Lifeline for current students with historic debt #eNCA


Nelson Mandela University

University update – 7 March

A joint meeting of University management and students was held this afternoon following a brokered discussion earlier with members of the South African Police Service.

The meeting dealt with a series of issues as raised by the students, many of which had been dealt with through the various task teams and working groups. The students aired their frustrations at the perceived slow pace of implementing the resolutions to the issues raised.

The meeting thus decided on the immediate establishment of a Clearing House, which will comprise the Student Representative Council, Finance Department, Student Affairs, Academic Administration and Student Counselling.

The Clearing House will deal with students’ issues on an individual case basis.

These include:

• Academically deserving masters and doctoral students who qualified for Council-approved financial concessions for their undergraduate studies, under the cohort of Zero EFC, will be cleared for registration
• An adjustment has been made to align the percentage required to qualify for postgraduate funding with that of the postgraduate admission requirements
• Appeals of students who had unfavourable outcomes relating to the loss of NSFAS funding due to various reasons will be reviewed
• Most of the admitted students who had applied through the national CACH system have been cleared for registration and accommodation. Any CACH student who has not yet heard the outcome of their application can request intervention from the University’s Clearing House
• Any identified administrative anomalies will be attended to

Students may continue to refer their specific issues to Student Accounts and Financial Aid. Should these not be adequately resolves, students can bring these to the attention of the Clearing House.

Two matters pertaining to academic programmes were raised and considered at the meeting. The first had to do with 2018 Higher Certificate students who still have a few modules to complete and don’t qualify for NSFAS funding as a result. These students may appeal to their respective faculties for reconsideration and possible concurrent registration for diploma studies.

The second had to do with students who had not met the pass requirements for their prerequisite modules, which impacts on what they are able to register for this year. This may also have implications for obtaining NSFAS funding. These students may also appeal to their respective faculties for reconsideration.

In light of the good engagement held with students, we are of the view that we have covered sufficient grounds to have normal university operations resume tomorrow.

Tests and assignments that were affected by the disruptions to the academic activities this week – from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday – will be rescheduled. Students should consult their respective lecturers for these arrangements.

University Management Team


Nelson Mandela University

*Shuttle Services*

The Shuttle Service has resumed.

Students presently on campus and needing to make their way back to off-campus accommodation are urged to immediately make their way to the traffic circle in University Way, near Gomery Avenue, from where the shuttles will depart shortly.

*Communication and Stakeholder Liaison*


Mandela University Student Life & Events

Dear Undergrad young women,

You are invited to participate in a focus group next Wednesday from 12:00 at the South Campus Sport Conference room.

To book email your name, course and year of study to [email protected]



Mandela University Student Life & Events

Join us on the 9th of February at South Campus, Madibaz Stadium for the MyMandela Freshers Carnival.

See the programme below:


Mandela University Student Life & Events

Are you a street wear designer? Showcase your work at the My Mandela Freshers Carnival 2019.

Taking place on the 9th of February 2019 on the Madibaz Grass Area, South Campus, Madibaz Stadium.


Nelson Mandela University

#ReadyFor2019 IMPORTANT DATES. Read the full story...


Nelson Mandela University

If you intended applying for a bursary you may want to consider this option. Complete ONE digital application form for access to funders offering bursaries, learnerships or vacation programmes.


National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

To all applicants with outstanding documents, please make sure you upload them before Friday 14 December.
Once you login to your myNSFAS account, go to the documents tab, the upload link will specify which supporting documents need to be uploaded.


Nelson Mandela University

Graduation – entry by ticket only

Nelson Mandela University is introducing a ticket-only entry system for all its Graduation ceremonies, starting in December, as it is obligated to meet new events safety regulations.

The University is equally committed, however, to ensuring that the ceremonies are as well supported as ever within the accepted regulations.

Each graduate will personally receive full details of the graduation process as soon as the examination results are officially approved. The new system requires graduates and their families to be at the hall at least an hour before the start of the ceremony.

How it will work

Four guest tickets per graduate

Each graduate will personally receive access to four guest tickets and a ticket for themselves. In the case of PhD recipients, the candidate will receive five guest tickets. This information will be shared directly with the candidates.
Candidates will receive a personalized email from TicketPro (the graduation ticket vendor) which will provide a link to the TicketPro website and their own tickets. Students are then encouraged to print their own tickets (no one else will have your numbers), or collect their tickets from TicketPro, either at the Standard Bank branch at the Kraal or at the Madibaz Stadium from Monday, December 10.

By printing your own tickets you will help alleviate the rush for tickets prior to the ceremonies. If you are going to collect your tickets from campus, you are advised to do this prior to the ceremonies to avoid queues.

Entry by ticket only - guests
Graduation guests will present their tickets for scanning at an entrance into a cordoned-off grass area adjacent to the Madibaz Indoor Centre where graduation takes place.

Graduating students
Graduating students must go directly to the holding area on the far side of the Madibaz Indoor Centre with their tickets where they will gather in readiness to be part of the graduate procession into the hall. This is another new intervention aimed at improving and transforming this milestone occasion.

Students must be in the holding venue by 08:30 for the morning sessions and 13:30 for the afternoon sessions. Full details on the procession will follow.

Overflow venue
An overflow venue for those students who wish to bring additional guests has been factored into arrangements. This will be in the tented holding area once the graduates have processed into the main hall.
Guests will be able to watch live streaming of the ceremony.

Should places still be available in the main hall once the ceremony has begun, excess tickets will be distributed to the additional guests on a first-come, first-served basis. They will then be escorted into the hall at an appropriate time.

Lost tickets
If you lose your tickets, you will need to reprint them or collect a new set from the official ticket office.

Graduation website
All graduation news is shared on the graduation website. If you have other concerns contact [email protected]
Graduation Transformation Work Stream



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Port Elizabeth

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
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