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Hi all. I hope you are all safe and managing as best as possible. We will be open again one day soon(we hope). If anyone is needing to contact us, please send us a message. We will try to help in whatever way we can. Hope to see you all soon. Stay safe
Teresa Fogarty
Happy New Year to you

If at all possible could you please consider inviting Marita van der Vyfer to the store?
Thanks to Fogarty's and Blue Weaver for hosting the launch of my tow books, "Inside Out" and "Join The Dots". Super evening and great to meet readers.
Excellent service, always willing to go the extra mile to try and ensure that you get what you want.
Wonderful to see my first two books - Inside Out and Join The Dots in Fogarty's Bookshop in Port Elizabeth! Books now also printed in Cape Town through deal with Pegasus Publishers in the UK and Blue Weaver - will now be available through bookstores everywhere in South Africa. Thanks Pegasus and Blue Weaver - and Fogarty's.
would you perhaps have the book "Intramuro'
Thanks again to the staff and ownership of this magnitude bookshop,me my wife and family love you very much...
Hi thx for buying a book off seven abuse women off lavender hill mwuh
Thank you to Fogarty's for donating a box of brand new books for the children who attend Klipfontein Primary School, Boesmansriviermond.
Môrewag Primary School would like to thank you so much for the donation of books you made to our school. We really appreciate it and the learners will love reading those books.
Hi love to get lost in Fogertys!
Hi Forgartys Bookshop , I have ordered a couple of books from you and would like to have another ordered placed. I am looking for the book A time of awakening - Homayoun Amin. This is the ISBN - 9781543140248. I see they are selling it on Takealot but the details arent too clear as too whom the Supplier is. They selling it for R355 and was wondering if you could get it for that price as well. Thank you , Kind regards. Kevin Luiters

Your specialist bookstore for 75 years Fogarty’s Bookshop was started in 1946 by Basil Fogarty in a basement shop in 59 Main Street (now Govan Mbeki Ave).

The bookshop is one of the oldest independent bookshops in South Africa. Basil was joined by his new wife from Scotland, Eleanor and together they became a mecca for book & art lovers. Even holding exhibitions for the likes of Irma Stern. After 59 Main Street, the shop moved to the Library Building on Market Square. And, some years later, to Traduna Mall in Main Street where it stayed for over 20


Tien jaar gelede is Liz Aucamp van haar geboortedorp weggejaag. Nou moet sy terug en haar verlede in die oë kyk. Die leuens is groter, die geheime donkerder. Durf sy meer as net haarself beskerm?


Bart, die aantreklikste ou in haar matriekklas, soen Esli uit haar vel. Vir meer as veertig jaar deel hulle hul lewens, maak saam kinders groot en sien om na vriende en familie. Jaarliks vier hulle Kersfees in Kleinmond met geskenke en trifle en stappies langs die see met hul worshond. Maar hoekom val Bart se broer uit ’n boom voor Esli se ouerhuis? En watter donker geheim is onderliggend aan Bart se ma se vreemde gedrag en onfatsoenlike grappe? Wat dink kollegas van Esli se haarstyleksperimente en panda-oë? Verdien sy om in die spaarkamer te skuil omdat sy, volgens Bart, aand na aand die kos brand en die hond se pote laat nat word as dit reën? In So lyk ’n vrou... vertel Ilse Verster van Esli se heelwording en hoe sy, ná ’n leeftyd van mishandeling, in ’n rooi rok op die strand kon staan met een vuis in die lug en vry kon voel. Sy gee stem aan ’n stukkende vrou wat net wil hê die pyn moet stop. Sy deel wat dit verg om jou teen die muur op te trek, jou teen die samelewing te handhaaf en jouself te red.


Elena ontdek ’n ou kaart in die solder op hul plaas, ’n kaart wat haar Italiaanse oupa as krygsgevangene na Suid-Afrika gebring het. Dis ’n vonds wat kan lei na ’n goudskat wat die diktator Mussolini in oorlogsbunkers weggesteek is.

Wanneer sy die kaart vir haar vriend in Stellenbosch, historikus Ernst, wys, bars alle hel los. In die chaos wat volg, word sý verdink dat sy Ernst vermoor het en moet sy vlug, nie net vir die polisie nie, maar ook die mense wat Ernst vermoor het.

George, ’n vriend van Ernst, word teen sy sin by Elena se vlugtog ingetrek. Maar wanneer sy eie familie se lewens in gevaar kom, moet hy moeilike besluite neem. Laat hy Elena aan haar eie lot oor, of help hy haar om die skat via die Vatikaan – met al sy geheime en intriges – in Italië te gaan soek?


For a long time my biggest dream has been to bring joy to people’s lives and help them be the best version of themselves. This book explains my rituals for my body, mind, soul and business, and the ‘life hacks’ I figured out following both the death of my mother and my divorce. These rituals help me be the best version of myself. I want to share them in the hope that when you apply them to your life, in your unique way, you will also experience the joy I feel by being myself. I believe that when you change your mindset, you’ll change your life. If you ever feel the world is against you because of who you are, just block the negative thoughts, bless any person who has them, then ignore them and move on. God has made you exactly as He wanted you to be! Bless you!


The Kind Kitchen is not just the title of a cookbook, or the name of a restaurant, it embodies a way of living for Jay Mac. As he says: “We don’t have a Planet B to call home! This one is all we have, and
we have the power to change the way we treat mother earth through the foods we choose to eat.”

Being vegan doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of lentils and lettuce leaves. Jay’s innovative and imaginative recipes reimagine all your favourite dishes, from mac ‘n cheese, chicken wings, burritos, bao
buns and maki rolls, to burgers and bunny chow. When it comes to sweet treats, he has adapted family favourites, such as milk tart, pumpkin fritters and cheesecake to be dairy free, while his smoothies and plant-based milks mean less reliance on store-bought products. Jay Mac has mastered the art of turning mushrooms into chicken, carrots into lox, celeriac into fish and beetroot into burgers, as well as the even darker art of making meat from wheat.

Join him in the The Kind Kitchen and learn his secrets on how to make tasty, tempting and affordable vegan food at home.


The first guide ever to document and explore the diverse parks and reserves of Africa’s ‘middle belt’, it covers Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The region contains prized spots such as the world-famous landscapes of the Namib and Kalahari deserts, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi, and some of Africa’s best-known conservation areas, including Etosha, Chobe, Mana Pools, Hwange, Kafue and Nyika.

Written by two prominent conservationists, the book is organised by country, and includes:
• Detailed descriptions of the history, geology, climate, vegetation and wildlife of some 50 conservation areas.
• Annotated park maps, indicating places of interest and best sites to view key species.
• Text panels featuring each park’s highlights, facilities and activities, wildlife facts, and important alerts.
• A concise photographic gallery of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and trees, for quick identification of commonly seen species.

A must-have guide to the parks and reserves of a region renowned for spectacular landscapes, fauna and flora


Building a healthy lifestyle can be daunting, especially with the level of confusion that exists about health and wellness. As low-carb high-fat diets have increased in popularity, a wealth of information has proliferated on the internet and in print media. The problem is knowing what works, and differentiating between sound advice and opportunistic entrepreneurs whose primary aim is to monetize ‘solutions’.

In 2017, Hendrik Marais founded Keto Lifestyle South Africa with the aim of providing the information needed to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle based on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. He believes that while nutrition is important, a healthy lifestyle must find the right balance between sleep, stress management, exercise and nutrition. By making keto accessible and approachable, Marais has inspired thousands of people to adopt simple, healthy eating habits and stick to them.

Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive introduction that sets out his principles and practices for following a keto diet, and explains how to achieve your weight-loss goals. This is followed by a selection of delicious, healthy recipes, as well as sample meal plans and ideas for effortless entertaining.


Kapteine McKelly en Mhlanga ontmoet op die misdaadtoneel van ’n mislukte plaasaanval in Muldersdrift. Nog ’n lyk met ’n gapende linkeroogkas word gevind. Dit bring die getal slagoffers wat vanaf Februarie in die Gauteng-area met dieselfde modus operandi vermoor is op ses te staan.

Die wet van Gauteng het ’n eg verweefde Suid-Afrikaanse intrige: politieke faksiegevegte, korrupsie en geldwassery. Hoogs leesbaar, aksiebelaaid en meesleurend.


Gina knows hardly anything about her father apart from the fact that he was once engaged to Koringa, a crocodile tamer, and that he is buried in an unmarked grave. In between shifts at a call centre, with Doubt always looking over her shoulder, she works on a novel about him, ultimately drawing back the curtain on a complex, sad but also funny and enchanting life.
A story about love, family, fear and the banishing of fear: a celebration of strong women and a defence of a ‘nervous’ man.


Too White to be Coloured, Too Coloured to be Black is a hybrid narrative, blending memoir with social commentary and political analysis.Always in search of "home", the book tracks Lagardien's vast experiences of a deeply lived life, always against a backdrop of "unbelonging" - first as a reporter in the turbulent 80s, to studying economics at the LSE, then achieving a doctorate at the University of Wales, to working as a speechwriter at the World Bank in Washington. A unique and brilliant read.


As a boy in Rwanda, Pie-Pacifique Kabalira-Uwase survived war atrocities, but he had to leave home if he wanted to stay safe. Pie-Pacifique recounts his childhood and his experiences of the genocide. He prepares to flee and ends up in South Africa. He works as a car guard in Durban, dreaming of university. Despite obstacles, he enrols at university and receives the Mandela-Rhodes Scholarship.

In this rewarding journey of self-discovery, we witness Pie-Pacifique reach for his dreams.


It is 1713. Admiral Johannes van Steelant of the VOC is steering his Batavian fleet to safety in the Netherlands. His five children are on board the flagship. On the high seas, they fall ill – the dreaded smallpox. On 12 February, the Van Steelants come ashore in Cape Town. Some months later, roughly half the Cape’s population lies dead of smallpox.

In Retoervloot, VOC expert Dan Sleigh brings this tale, and the astounding trade fleet system of the VOC, to vivid life.

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Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson Jonathan Ancer Launch
Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson Jonathan Ancer Launch
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