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Paterson High School


Thank you students for confirmation off today..thank you Paterson high
Reliable transport available 0734238943 Dwain Palmer
Sorry but can I ask
About those people who didn't pay for there matric jackets what will happen then
Ey peepz of Paterson

I'm Riaan from TheFutureKingz dance Crew

We planning a tour ND Paterson is on our

We would like u too help us by getting

Location in Paterson
Veneu too book
Contact details of da place
Distributors wanted

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•Must be over 18
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I don't care whe people think about me but I love myself the way I'm ❤️❤️❤️
Vanni baai
Moet vat x
morning everyone I want to know about a THEME what is a defenition of a THEME
I'm a love not a fighter but I will fight for what I love lyk my family because family comez first to me every thing to me. THE PATERSON VISION
To pursue excellence in Education;
To help develop our learners towards meaningful, productive citizenship;
To inculcate a sense and appreciation of morality in order to distinguish;
between what is good and wholesome and what is evil and unacceptable;
To develop a compelling code of ethics;
To encourage learners to be the best they can be;
To promote the essence of the Roman maxim:
"Mens sana in sano corpore" — A healthy mind in a healthy body.


Paterson High School


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In September 2017, a company called Oracle donated compost and spinach seeds in exchange for our electronic waste.

Paterson High’s environmental club, Eco Warriors, assisted by Mrs M Coetzee and our American Intern Ms R. Burns, was very excited about this new project.

Learners were groomed the necessary skills to plant and maintain watering the garden. Learners were overwhelmed with joy when they saw their first garden. As a reward, they received personalised t-shirts and wore it with pride.

This whole new experience for the learners brought about a new hype for Paterson High, especially when the new crop arrived. Spinach was then sold to buy more seeds.

Our aim is to let these vegetables become a tremendous contribution for our Feeding Scheme, the only problem is that we require seeds in order to expand our vegetable garden.

Eco Warriors, in particular, would become more delightful, more motivated and confident if their garden flourishes and most of all they would have a better sense of responsibility.


Paterson High Grade 10 learner, Mandilakhe Gqolana, wins award at Science Expo 2017. See also


2017 Matric Farewell. See more at


Class of 76. Providing Financial assistance to Paterson High Learners at University. See video Paterson High. Class of 76 on Youtube.


Student leaders of the past meet leaders of the present at Class of 76 Reunion.


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Paterson High Alumni rewards top matriculant 2015 for hard work.


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We are getting there. Anyone who can assist with window frames please contact us.


Alumni Update: The revamp of old woodwork room into a venue hire facility is part of 90th Anniversary Legacy Project. This will assist the school to raise funds which is desperately needed. There is still much to be done like repairing broken panes, putting up a dry wall, painting the exterior, replacing window frames etc. We ask all alumni to assist in any way possible.


Photos from Paterson High School's post


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Timeline Photos


Poetry in PE with R A Villanueva


Reminder: High Tea happening this coming Saturday at Moregrove Primary starting at 14h00. Contact Tamara Benjamin @ 0741965313


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THE COUNT DOWN BEGINS!!! 26 Nelson Mandela Bay schools (Primary and High Schools) PLUS...2 visiting schools from Cape Town - Harvester Primary School (4 times Junior Champs and Tafelsig High school 2 times Senior Champs)."Instilling discipline and moral ethics back into schools" - campaign against youth crime and drug abuse - Presented by Go Big Community Development.


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Hi everyone. Im looking for a volunteer between the ages of 18-24 willing to offer lifeskills classes & talks to the youth in the Schauder/Korsten area. They may contact me via FB, whatsapp me on 0814508241 or drop their cv at the Schauder clinic. They must have matric. A stipend is involved


Paterson High School


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90th Anniversary Dinner Dance Special Ticket offer. 2 for the price of one. Contact 0796941339.


We want to propose that alumni attending the Dinner Dance of 25 April 2015 reserve tables for their specific class. A table can seat 10 people. There are 35 tables available. The 10A class of 1974 already reserved a table and challenging other alumni to do the same.


Paterson High School


Paterson High School presents a 90`th Anniversary Dinner Dance. View the banner for details. Like and share this with Patersonians. We will keep you posted.


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Display at Class of 74 Reunion. Created by Cathy.


Portrait of George Botha to be auctioned. Painted by Garth Erasmus. Class of 74.


Portrait of Mr Barry to be auctioned.


Paterson High School Golf Day
Monday 22 December Compitition : Individual Point Stableford (IPS)
1 ST Tee

07:22:00 AM Yunous Choonara Mikail Murat Brad Leentoor Ash
07:29:00 AM Shadley Ajam Paid Another Another Another
07:36:00 AM Niven Spence Paid Antonio Venturini Timothy Burton Ambrose
07:43:00 AM Ernie Bergins Another Another Another
07:50:00 AM Munier Another Another Another
07:57:00 AM Munier Another Another Another
08:04:00 AM Lester Muller Another Another Another
08:11:00 AM Lester Muller Another Another Another
08:18:00 AM Richard v Briese Another Another Another
08:25:00 AM Boebie Williams CT Visitors CT Visitors CT Visitors
08:32:00 AM Boebie Williams CT Visitors CT Visitors CT Visitors
08:39:00 AM Boebie Williams Zaki Limbada Sampi Mati
08:46:00 AM Charlie Maude Legga Limbada
08:53:00 AM Greg De Donker Tee to Green Tee to Green Tee to Green
09:00:00 AM Tee to Green Tee to Green Tee to Green Tee to Green
09:07:00 AM Georgie Koen Lester Potgieter Rowlin Adonis Doug De Andrade
09:14:00 AM Wendell Damingo Angelo Brooks Nathan Pilay Rodwell Townsend
09:21:00 AM Moosa Abrahams Ziyaad Arendse Faried Arendze
09:28:00 AM
09:35:00 AM Tarquin Cleavlen Paid Zane Cleavland Callard Hendricks Ormonde Wentworth
09:42:00 AM Gregogry Knipp Paid Kenny Gie Another Another
09:49:00 AM
09:56:00 AM
10:03:00 AM Sudley Ismail Paid Another Another Another


On the weekend of 19th December 2014 past pupils of PHS will converge on the Friendly City from all across South Africa and even as far afield as Australia, as the Class of ’74 re-unite to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their Matric year.
Re-unions are a popular topic of conversation when old friends meet by chance, but rarely do they materialize. But this was not the case with the class of ’74. On the contrary, once the first spark had been kindled, it ignited such a huge and fiery flame that would not be extinguished by distance, age or vocation. All forms of social media were employed, Twitter, Facebook, email, Watsapp, sms and even the old fashioned land-line was occasionally used to try to reach every student who had been in Standard 10A. The response was amazing. The first communication started late in February 2014 and by mid-March the techno-wizards in the group had compiled complete class lists and a data base of all the students who had matriculated in 1974. This data base included birthdates and even anniversaries (where friends felt comfortable to share these). This allowed the group to share felicitations whenever apposite. Even classmates who had passed on over the years were remembered during the planning of this reunion and their families contributed to the conversation.
With 40-year old friendships being rekindled, enthusiasm welled up within the group, and the need arose to move beyond e-communication, hence the first pre-unions were born. In the three main centres, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Gauteng, planning meetings were held among those living in those areas. Despite the huge amount of fun, laughter and photographs that emanated from these meetings, serious discussions took place with meticulous minutes being taken and later circulated to all members of the class. In this way everyone had some opportunity of giving input into the final format of the 40 Year Reunion.
This coming weekend’s event is more than simply the High School Reunion of the Class of ’74, or the culmination of a year’s planning for a student event. This weekend marks the landmark ‘homecoming’ of a Matric class to celebrate their 40th Anniversary with friends and teachers, but at the same time leave behind a lasting legacy to the benefit of the Paterson High School Community.
The 40th Reunion will therefore be a FOUR DAY event, starting with a ‘welcoming’ cocktail evening on Friday 19th December and culminating in a GOLF DAY on Monday 22nd December 2014. The main event for the weekend will however be the Gala Dinner on Saturday 20th December at Elizabeth Place, Newton Park, which will be attended by 27 of the original 35 members of the class of ’74, together with their spouses and a few members of staff who were involved with the Matriculants of 1974. Earlier on Saturday the class group will visit ‘the school on the hill’ where they will be addressed by a senior member of staff after which they will take a nostalgic walk through the corridors of PHS. The Golf Day (Monday 22nd Dec) is an open event for anyone interested in participating and many past-students, their families, friends and colleagues have already responded generously to making this Golf Day possible, the proceeds of which will be handed over to the alma mater for the purpose of funding one of the many pressing school projects.
Appropriately, the guest speaker at the Golf Day, Dr Danny Jordaan, will speak on Giving Back – which is exactly what the Class of ’74 will be doing in Port Elizabeth!


Attended a meeting with the group of 1974 who is arranging the golf day in December 2014. Patersonians all over are rising to the challenge to assist their alma mater. Let us spread the word regarding this event.




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