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public relations, project communication, artist promotion, social media management, editing and website content production We understand online media platforms and monitor the global environment for emerging communication technologies to ensure our clients are on the cutting edge of communication.

Clients choose Siyathetha Communications because of our expertise and track record. We have been active in the media and communications industry for over three decades. As a result, we offer our clients sound advice, support and direction for all of their communication requirements. The team at Siyathetha Communications is committed to continuous development to ensure the business stays at the forefront of modern communication strategies.

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Siyathetha Communications updated their address. 15/10/2021

Siyathetha Communications updated their address.

Siyathetha Communications updated their address.


Service provider contracts could hold key to cost savings.....

Media release
June 2020

Service provider contracts could hold key to cost savings

Companies may be able to cut costs by reviewing the contracts they have with service providers, according to researcher, entrepreneur and business coach Ed Richardson.
“In my own case I reviewed the contract our company has with a provider of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephonic services.
“What prompted the review was a sudden jump in the rates being charged, despite the fact that data costs have come down.
“Hidden in the small print is the promise that the provider ‘will be cheaper than the main opposition’.
“It took a few minutes to search for other prices, and I was able to prove to them that they were not the cheapest. Our monthly bill has been substantially reduced,” says Richardson, who has launched “Streetwise Guru”, a growing collection of practical courses for business and life in general.
“The lesson, for me, was to review any contracts involving recurrent payments to determine whether the provider is in breach of contract.
“We have also been able to negotiate reduced rates with other service providers.
“Similarly, we have ‘payed it forward’ by reducing costs to our clients where we can, and we have paid our bills.
“As business owners I believe our priority should be to support our own supply and customer chains.
“Even if we do not think it is the right thing to do, the truth is that we cannot survive without them”.


For more information contact Ed Richardson: 083 656 9757
[email protected] 14/11/2019

Challenges facing Eastern Cape freelancers highlighted You are only as good as your last gig, the growing band of freelancers in Nelson Mandela Bay were warned this week in a Southern Africa Freelancers’ Association (Safrea) event held at the Courtyard Hotel on Tuesday. And, if SA follows international trends – that more than two out of five US work...


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Today we celebrated @nutty_entle first year at @siyathethacommunications and in true Anathi spirit we needed to take a group photo.

Anathi, I am so glad you are part of our team.

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Such a great morning spent at this year's #algoafm big walk for cancer #celebrateeverystep


We're festival fanatics!

Siyathetha has helped market the annual Kirkwood Wildsfees for the past 18 years!

The festival attracts over 45 000 visitors every year.

Siyathetha Communications has also been involved in the marketing of various other events, including:

· ECAIF Black Suppliers Day

· SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees (for 18 years)

· The 7th World Wilderness Congress, held in Port Elizabeth in 2000.

· The Annual Algoa FM Big Walk for Charity – the Eastern Cape’s biggest charity event

· 14th annual Bruintjieshoogte Cycle Festival – Event PR and promotion in 2009

· Addo Rose and Garden Show – Event PR and promotion in 2005

· Medieval Fayre – Event promotion

· Uitenhage Street Carnival – Event PR and promotion

· Biltong Festival

· One Blood festivals

· Splash Festival

· Port Festival

· Algoa Bay Oyster Festival

· Boardwalk Opskop







Looking forward to a productive week ahead!

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Siyathetha understands the many challenges facing project teams. Our clients’ success is built on our ability to help them manage information and knowledge sharing between all stakeholders – internal and external.



Some of the Siyathetha team at the launch of the AlgoaFM Big Walk for Cancer 2019!

This epic event takes part on 26 October, get your entries in ASAP!



Design catches the eye, content makes the sale
We'll make sure your website 'speaks' beautifully and looks exceptional.




Siyathetha Communications


We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this month!
Founder, Ed Richardson, would like to thank all those who have supported Siyathetha Communications over the last two decades – clients, friends, family, and fellow communicators.
Let’s keep the conversation flowing into the next 20 years!



Why communicators need to embrace technology. Click


Companies are having to change the way the communicate in order to talk to millenials, according to the author.
E-mail and intranet are now seen as "legacy" (or old fashioned) communication tools. 14/06/2016

What you don’t know can hurt you: How nonverbal communication in...

Interesting legal view of what trouble those emojis in your email can get you into.
Another good reason for companies to have comprehensive policies in place - and to enforce them. You know the scenario all too well—you have just gotten off the phone with your outside counsel, and you are beginning to strategize the first... 26/05/2016

4 important communication tools for tech biz entrepreneurs

When George Bernard Shaw said, 'The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place,' he had tech biz entrepreneurs in mind. Read: When George Bernard Shaw said, 'The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place,' he had tech biz entrepreneurs... 23/05/2016

Workplace Communication That’s Engaging And Empathetic Pays Off

Executives who describe office politics as frustrating, distasteful or a waste of time earn on average about 22% less than those who report being very engaged or energized by it and other human dynamics in the workplace. See more here: Like a sports team, chemistry and communication between colleagues at work helps productivity and maximizes results. Start taking steps to... 09/05/2016

Crisis Communication: What Should You Say When the Press Calls?

Crisis communication - have plans in place before the guano hits the fan.
At Siyathetha we understand and thrive on crisis communication. It is a contractor’s worst nightmare: Despite months of project preparation, daily safety briefings and double- and triple-checking jobsite... 06/05/2016

Employers Say Verbal Communication Is the Most Important Skill for Job...

This is why you need to get out more and master the art of conversation.
Real communication happens when people physically meet - not via social media.
A report found that employers are looking for verbal skills in job candidates. New NACE research reveals employers consider verbal communication the most important job skill for recent college graduates entering the job search. 30/03/2016

Think twice before you do your own PR

The risks of in-house public relations: Just a thought - take it or leave it. :) As it stands, PR is an effective way to create awareness about a new product or business. It’s also great for building credibility and thought... 29/03/2016

4 Communication Skills That Will Increase Your Influence

Words are more powerful than we sometimes realise. "Speaker, Author, Entertainer, Consultant, Sleight of Hand Artist" Matt Fore gives four communication skills that will increase your influence in this Huffington Post blog. THE BLOG 4 Communication Skills That Will Increase Your Influence 03/27/2016 10:46 am ET | Updated 14 hours ago Matt Fore Speaker, Author,... 23/03/2016

Andy Grove's Fundamental Rule Of Communication

Intel founder Andy Grove, who passed away this week, was a leader in communication in more ways than one. Not only are his chips in more of your devices than you realise, but he also focused on the human side of communication. Really nice article in Forbes. Intel's Andy Grove was a brilliant technologist and an equally brilliant communicator. 18/03/2016

#FreetheWiFi - Join our Petition for Free WiFi in South Africa.

Empower the people of South Africa with free Wi-Fi - sign the petition. #FreetheWiFi - Petition for government to provide free WiFi access in public spaces.


This is the reason Ed Richardson (founder of Siyathetha Communications) decided to enter the world of public relations.
Culture change, mergers, the introduction of new products and services all fail to meet expectations or full potential (many fail altogether) because they are not properly communicated. 14/03/2016

Beware of the Pitfalls of Written Communication

Haley Lynn Gray in this article published in Huffington Post warns of the dangers of putting thoughts in writing.
The advantage of writing is that you have the opportunity to read, reflect and rephrase before pressing the "send" button.
Here she gives some helpful hints on ensuring that your message is understood by the recipient. Written communication is seriously tricky, especially in business. Tone of voice, intention and meaning can easily be misinterpreted. People can... 22/02/2016

10 ways to have a better conversation

When your job hinges on how well you talk to people, you learn a lot about how to have conversations -- and that most of us don't converse very well. Celeste Headlee has worked as a radio host for decades, and she knows the ingredients of a great conversation: Honesty, brevity, clarity and a healthy amount of listening. In this insightful talk, she shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations. "Go out, talk to people, listen to people," she says. "And, most importantly, be prepared to be amazed."
See her presentation on Ted Talks. When your job hinges on how well you talk to people, you learn a lot about how to have conversations -- and that most of us don't converse very... 18/02/2016

Study shows shift in communication tactics | The Baylor Lariat

How communication is changing
As millennials enter the workforce in record numbers employers are having to adapt new internal communication strategies to accommodate to the generational shift, according to a study by Baylor researcher Dr. Marlene Neill.

“Millennials have different communication preferences,” said Neill, an assistant professor in the department of journalism, public relations and new media. “They tend to prefer shorter messages sent to the device of their choosing, which definitely represents a shift the internal communicators [use to] share their messages with employees, so there’s definitely a need to make adjustments to meet the expectations of the new millennials entering the workforce.”
For more information see this article by Kalli Damschen. NewsCampusNationalRegionStateStudy shows shift in communication tactics By Kalli Damschen - February 17, 2016 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter As... 17/02/2016

Seven Communication Mistakes Managers Make

Management is all about communication. You can't lead, inform, inspire, instruct anyone if you aren't getting through to them. And no-one gets it right all the time.
Writing in the Harvard Business Review back in 2009 Stever Roberts listed seven communications mistakes. You'll find them here: 1. Making controversial announcements without doing groundwork first Any controversial decision can engender rumors, anxiety, and resistance. So... 14/02/2016

How Bullet Points are Killing the Art of Communication

"I, for one, would like to officially pledge my allegiance to the anti-bullet point army. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm from the camp that honors the architecture of a well-formed sentence."
That's what Lindsey Kinsel of the Huffington Post feels about bullet points.
She's right. In their place as part of a presentation or aide memoir for a speech they're fine. But, they are killing communication at any deeper level.
See Lindsey's article here: Copyright: Roadbully / 123RF Stock Photo Communication as we know it has been pruned, cropped, repackaged and resold. Letters and phone calls have...


Innovation opportunity - according to the World Bank's 2016 World Development Report in sub-Saharan Africa, only 14% of people have access to grid electricity. However, nearly 70% now have mobile phones. By the end of the decade it is estimated that nearly 930 million people in Africa will own a mobile phone, creating not only a huge demand for phone charging, but facilitating a variety of energy and other services through the use of mobile phones.


Nine of the top 20 people in the Forbes 2015 billionaires list made their money through the Internet, according to the 2016 World Development Report by the World Bank. 12/03/2013

Facebook ‘likes’ reveal intimate details Clicking those friendly blue "like" buttons may reveal more about you than you think..... 04/02/2013

Can This Save Your Marriage?

A great example of a company embracing social media reviews! A silly kitchen tool designed to slice bananas has become the latest product to be lampooned by fake Amazon reviews. The results are hilarious--and totally justify the existence of the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. 04/02/2013

Eighty20's Fact-a-Day

The Daily Sun has 5.7m readers, roughly the same as the number of readers of the next 7 post popular daily newspapers combined (Sowetan, Son, Isolezwe, The Star, The Citizen, Daily Voice and Die Burger) (AMPS2012) A daily fact about South African consumers, in line with a weekly theme


Former friend to cough up for Facebook post Judge Nigel Willis, himself active on Twitter, ordered that the litigants' names not be published because minor children are involved.


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