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Tutoring services offered for various subjects. We have a passion to help learners reach their full potential. Helping caterpillars become butterflies.

Tutor for Mathematics, Accounting and Computer Basics. Focusing mainly on assistance for Grade 1 till Grade 9. Requests for assistance for Grade 10 - 12 may be considered if time permits. Tutoring for other primary school subjects may be considered if time permits.

Operating as usual

Blue Butterfly Tutoring Services - YouTube 08/04/2022

Blue Butterfly Tutoring Services - YouTube

A new YouTube channel has been created.

This will be sharing some educational videos for learners.

Some parents find it easier to download a video for their children to watch as many times as they want to, because that's how some children learn.

You are welcome to Subscribe, comment, share, download, etc.

Blue Butterfly Tutoring Services - YouTube Welcome to Blue Butterfly Tutoring Services YouTube Channel.Remember that time that you were told something important and forgot what was so important? I thi...


I'm really proud of the learners who have enrolled for private tutoring to ensure they do well in subjects they were struggling with last year.


Have all the schools opened in South Africa or are some still closed?

Hope your first day of school in 2022 went well.

Enjoy term 1.


Hello everyone,
It's 2022 and I think most people have stopped celebrating the beginning of the new year.
May 2022 be filled with blessings.


This Christmas of 2021 appreciate the gift of time.

Thank you for your support.


Congratulations to everyone who has been promoted to the next grade.

Hope you enjoy your long holiday and take care of yourselves and your family.


This is a very exciting day for many learners who are finally old enough to vote in the government elections.

You have the right to vote.
Your vote should count.
Think carefully before you vote.
Pray for wisdom if in doubt. 30/10/2021

2021 Matrics congrats on getting this far.
May your final exams go well. 11/10/2021

Message to learners in South Africa :

All the best for Term 4.

Show up, catch up, keep up and don't give up.


2021 Winner of Certificate of Excellence 01/10/2021

Term 3 results in

1) smiles
2) tears
3) okay
4) what?

Blue Butterfly Services på Google 14/09/2021

Blue Butterfly Services på Google

I am smart and my tutor is famous.

Blue Butterfly Services på Google My Mathematics tutor is helping me learn how to do sums. My Mathematics tutor is also helping me learn how to use my laptop. I do not know how she can be inside my laptop without being in my house. Maybe she is famous because I see many famous people inside my laptop. I showed my Granny that I can t...

Image: An Educator's Guide to Teaching Styles & Learning Styles 23/08/2021

Image: An Educator's Guide to Teaching Styles & Learning Styles

Parents, teachers and children, remember we are all different and have different learning styles.

I enjoy helping children learn and improve in their subjects.

Often I wonder why many schools aren't catering for the different learning styles.

Please consider your child's feelings, personality, learning style and how you can help them, instead of saying words which make them feel that they are a failure.

Help your child to reach their full potential, have their own dreams and become someone you are proud of.

Here's an article you can read to find out more :

Image: An Educator's Guide to Teaching Styles & Learning Styles Found on Google from


Activities, printables and worksheets are being made available in store.


There's a 'Back to School Sale' on Teachers Pay Teachers
You can save up to 25% using promo code BTS21.
Sale ends in about 18 hrs time.


Schools in South Africa opened yesterday, 26 July 2021.

Learners, try your best to focus on your school work and learning.

Encourage and be supportive to your fellow learners.


Are some learners thinking of having a party because South Africa is remaining on Level 4 lockdown? I hope not.
Some schools have already notified parents that Term 3 will start on 26 July 2021, if possible.
I hope learners are using this free time to go through school work they have been struggling with and revise work learned in Term 1 and Term 2.
Remember, online tutoring sessions are continuing.
Take care.



Schools and universities are closing due to Covid-19 lockdown level 4.

Tutoring will continue online via Google Meet.

Remember to book your appointments in advance.

Take care.


Well done on getting this far.

Keep up the good work.



Hope that you are all getting ready for your tests and exams in June and July 2021.

If you aren't sure about some of the school work, ask your teachers to help you understand better.

If you want help from a tutor, you are welcome to arrange an appointment for a tutoring session.

Take care of yourselves.


It's Friday.

It's the last day of April 2021.

It's the last day of the April school holidays for many of our young learners.


Term 1 will be ending soon for most schools here in South Africa.
I know some learners have enjoyed starting at new schools, making friends and learning new things.
May your Term 1 reports help you see where you need to focus more attention.


Well done, 2020 Matrics!
You have made it to the final exams of High school.


Hello, it's seriously November 2020.

As a mother, I know this year has seemed chaotic for our children, even more for us parents.

Matrics have started writing exams, with special (isolated) exam writing venues for those who are, or possibly are Covid-19+.

Matrics, hope you have used your time wisely and studied well.

Be calm, believe you can & do your best.

Keep safe, remember social distancing, your masks and your sanitizer. 26/08/2020

Found this on Pinterest


So much has changed this year.

I thought I'd share a link to encourage you.

Dreaming of becoming a star Discover even more ideas for you


Halfway through 2020.

Some children are probably enjoying the long time away from school.

Some are missing school and seeing their friends.

Yes, we don't all feel the same about situations and things.

What's going to happen during the next 6 months? 19/04/2020

Matrics under lockdown: a potentially long-lasting limbo between worlds | All4Women

How are the grade 12 learners doing? Young people in their final year of school will be feeling the challenges of the global pandemic in a unique way... 19/04/2020

Sit almal deur – behalwe gr. 12’s

Should this be considered? ONDERWYSERS en ouers het gemengde gevoelens oor prof. Jonathan Jansen se idee dat alle leerders van gr. 1 tot gr. 11 in 2020 vir die 2021-skooljaar deurgesit moet word. 19/04/2020

A plan to reopen schools in May: report

Will returning to schools be a safe option for children after Coronavirus lockdown? A new document proposes that matrics and students in grade 7 and 12 resume classes as early as May 6. 15/04/2020

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay rewarded.

Are your children bored due to the Coronavirus lockdown? has some ideas to help your child continue to stimulate their minds.

Let us know what you think. Access healthy recipes, live workout videos, boosted rewards and more. All you need to know about staying healthy, exercising and eating well while at home.


I wonder how many children are learning during this 21 day lockdown period.


South Africa is officially starting lock down due to Coronavirus in about 90 minutes.
Take care of yourselves.


Interesting information


So true

Memories from 2017

2017 has been an interesting year.

There are so many people who have children struggling with their schoolwork.

Many parents do not have the time, patience or knowledge to help their children themselves.

Having to work all day, I understand the struggle of having to deal with homework, preparing supper, and so much when you get home.

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May your hearts be filled with love, joy and peace during this Christmas time.
What a lovely video ...
Congratulations, Loly!



Computer Basics



35 Greenock Road
Port Elizabeth

General information

We all have different learning styles. Some people understand things immediately, and others don't. If you don't, maybe you just need someone to explain it in a different way for you to understand. I appreciate it when someone takes time to explain something kindly and with patience, until I finally understand it. Many teachers don't have the time to assist struggling learners, and the parents often feel hopeless. Fortunately there are tutors available to assist the learners, helping them to excel. That's our goal to.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00

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