Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT

Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT


We want to thank the following members for contributing to today's BNI Success - Port Elizabeth meeting!

- Pascal Pau - Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT - For our Purpose & Overview session about being strong and focusing on your BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) and how it can change the way you do business
- Liesel Williams - Fenns Incorporated - For our Closing Quote and giving us these wise words to be mindful of as we enter a new week!

Thank you again!!!

Are you one of the 97% business owners who have no written goal-based outcomes for your business?
If so then wherever you happen to arrive will have to be good enough.
The only problem is this is one of the proven reasons why businesses fail.

Don't let your business become a statistic like so many others before you.

Join professional Business Coach Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT as he helps you to:
Formulate a clear vision for yourself and your business
Set concrete 12-month outcomes as well as actions to achieve these
Identify areas where you may be standing in your own way

During this session Coach Pascal will also help you to:
Define and repack your corporate culture
Decide on the optimal behavioral values required to drive staff outcomes and accountability and give your business the best chance at success.

Connect with Coach Pascal and the Business Chamber for this thought provoking and action packed session at just R70.00! To RSVP contact Nwabisa Funde on [email protected]
A massive thank you to Pascal Pau from Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT for being our Keynote Speaker today at BNI Success - Port Elizabeth!
Pascal displayed his prowess as a business coach by taking us through one of his metric tools, DISC Personality Inventory, for identifying the type of person you are and how best to match yourself in your interactions with others!
What an insightful presentation and no wonder you are considered one of PE's top Business Coaches!
Pascal Pau from Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT will be our Keynote Speaker at BNI Success this coming Friday.
Pascal's role as a Business Coach is to educate and advise business owners – through training materials, conferences, seminars and coaching sessions – to develop strategies and tactics to grow their businesses across the areas of sales, marketing, management, team building, and so much more.
Should you be interested in joining our business and networking meeting, please contact John Rankin on 071 367 8730 or drop us a DM
Our team enjoyed a motivational team building session on Friday with Pascal Pau, a business coach from ActionCOACH. It's always good to get together as a team, celebrate the wins from the past year and set goals for the new year. Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT

We wish you all a successful 2021.

Great afternoon spent with our business coach Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT, talking about how important culture is and setting our commitment for 2021 💪🏼
Join us with Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT for these upcoming workshops!
Contact our Events team on [email protected] to book your space.
I did the Action Club business training with Pascal Pau. He has excellent knowledge in business and he coaches you to analyze and then grow your business. His coaching skills motivate you to take action in your business in order to achieve your goals. I highly recommend you do Pascal's Action Coach Business Coach training coarse.
Thanks Pascal in helping me with my business, Ibhayi Electronics. You are truly the number 1 Action Coach.
Had fun this (very hot) morning shooting some testimonials for Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT 🙌
Attended one of Pascal's workshops on Friday. Absolutely inspiring! A definite must for all. " dont wish life was easier, wish you were better" thanks for inviting me Pascal
Great seminar about business development! Thanks

Internationally certified Business Coach working with all size businesses to move them from Good to

ActionCOACH is the world’s #1 business & executive coaching firm. Our proven coaching system is guaranteed to get results for any business.


Please take note 🧐

Pascal D Pau & Associates will be closing on the 15th of December and will be reopening on January 9th

We thank you all for your valued support and we look forward to seeing you all next year! ✨

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏼


Are you feeling fatigued, detachment, anxiety, low mood or lack of concentration? 😴

These are signs that you are burnt out. Get an ActionCOACH Business Coach onboard to help optimise your business efforts so you can avoid burn out and have the luxury of relaxation! ➡️


Make Decisions and Take Action! 💥


FranchiseHelp presented their third annual top franchise rankings!

ActionCOACH won silver for fastest growing franchises, top performing emerging franchises, top performing established franchises, and general profitability.🏆

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We appreciate and extend our gratitude to our amazing client, Claire Deacon – who coaches with ActionCOACH Pascal Pau– for an awesome 5-star review 🌟


With year-end upon us, does Your Business feel stressed out and suffering from fatigue? Diagnose your business here ➡️


Client Testimonial

"We have more time in our personal life to spend with our children, go on holidays..."

This is what having an ActionCOACH Business Coach is like! Contact us NOW ➡️


It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week 🌍, What does “entrepreneur” mean to you? Comment your definition ⬇️

Did you know 'entrepreneurs' were first defined as risk-takers in the late 17th century by Richard Cantillon, an Irish-French economist? 💡



How to Navigate the different Seasons of Business ➡️

There are four seasons — spring, summer, autumn and winter — that all businesses cycle through. To build a successful business, you have to learn to run your business according to the season it’s in. If you treat all seasons equally, you won’t be prepared when “winter” eventually arrives. 🌦


Marketing with no budget

Marketing with NO Budget? find out how by registering here ➡️

ActionCOACH Business Coach Darryn Le Grange will be focusing on the importance of Marketing and how YOU can achieve results with little to NO budget 📲


Will you be growing your Moustache? Comment yes/no down below ⬇️

Movember 🗣 “when brave and selfless men around the world grow a moustache to raise awareness and funds for men's health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and su***de prevention.” 👑


These are just a few of the businesses we have the privilege of coaching to success ➡️

For 15 years ActionCOACH has been assisting a range of business owners across Southern Africa achieve exponential GROWTH in their business 📈👏


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Photos from Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT's post 24/10/2022

Thank you to my valued clients Claire Deacon and associates for these thoughtful gifts. As you can see they are being put to great use 🙏

Claire Deacon & Associates


ActionCOACH BusinessFIT welcomes Duston Sanders, owner of Water Fountain, into the coaching fold. Looking forward to this journey with you Duston! 💪🏼💫


ActionCOACH BusinessFIT would like to welcome Gareth Hudd of Steve's Auto Clinic and The Turbo Shop to the coaching family!

We look forward to walking this business journey with you 🌟


ActionCOACH BusinessFIT would like to welcome Gareth Hudd of Steve's Auto Clinic and The Turbo Shop to the coaching family!

We look forward to walking this business journey with you 🌟


RESULTS within 17 weeks or your coaching is FREE! Read more here ➡️

We Guarantee to assist you in achieving results, so that you’ll be able to “Find our Fee” in your business within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching your company."


Heritage Day


Today we celebrate our diverse and abundant wealth of culture in our beautiful rainbow nation 💙❤️

Tell us how you will you be celebrating Heritage day? ⬇️



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ActionCOACH Country Partner and Executive Business Coach, Harry Welby-Cooke. unpacks why having an ActionCOACH Business Coach on board will improve your business and personal life.


Is Social Media necessary in Marketing? FIND OUT MORE ➡️

ActionCOACH Lindie Malan explains the role Social Media plays in Marketing and HOW you can go about it 📲


Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT

🇿🇦 Proudly South Africans leave amazing reviews, leave YOURS here ➡️

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to our client, Kyle-Ross Rehse, for his 5-star review 🌟

Action COACH Pascal Pau - Business FIT Internationally certified Business Coach working with all size businesses to move them from Good to Great.


Explore the 4 I’s of Thriving Leadership in our latest blog ➡️


Life Changing Results

Dear Business Owners, do YOU want to spend more time with your family? 👪⌛️

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Are YOU paying yourself a Market Related Salary? ➡️

ActionCOACH Business Coach Lindie Malan explains how to get your business to the point where YOU can pay yourself a Market Related Salary 💰


Small BizFriday

Happy 🎉

Our incredible Business Coaches frequently work with small business owners to assist them to achieve massive GROWTH in their businesses! We are immensely proud of all our clients and their phenomenal success stories ❤️💙

Do your bit and support your awesome local businesses!


Discover the benefits of being a Proudly South African Business Owner

Discover the benefits of being a Proudly South African Business Owner 🇿🇦 Register Now ➡️

Join our Entrepreneurship Series where ActionCOACH Francois Lubbe will be educating you on building a successful, Proudly South African Business 🇿🇦


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Female entrepreneurs face many challenges on their climb to success 📈At ActionCOACH, we believe that business shouldn’t just survive – but THRIVE!💥

Read our latest blog that outlines the top 6 challenges business women face & join our Women’s Summit to learn how to overcome those challenges! ➡.


There are multiple reasons why women make phenomenal entrepreneurs 🤩 In our latest blog, we have highlighted the top 5 reasons. Read now ➡️


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Thriving Women's Entrepreneurs Summit 2022


Attn QUEENS! Are you ready to feel Empowered, Inspired & Motivated? 👑

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Women's Day

“Feminism isn’t about making Women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D. Anderson

We wish every Woman a wonderful Women’s Day 👑 💐

Some of our phenomenal Business Coaches will be showcasing their expertise at the summit, register now ➡️



Really awesome Testimonial from Carmen De Wet, a consultant at DG Capital ⭐

So grateful to my cliental for their ongoing support and their enthusiastic approaches to their business development and self growth 💪


Develop your 90-Day Game Plan at our GrowthCLUB! 📆 Secure your spot here ➡️

Our full-day workshop prompts you to set your goals for the next quarter alongside professional business coaches, as well as the strategies you will implement to successfully achieve these goals.


Thriving Women

Dr Megan Kelly will be sharing insightful tips on how she runs a THRIVING business that serves her! Register for our empowering summit ➡️

When she isn't running her successful business, she's a qualified nurse, a veterinarian and a veterinary rehabilitation therapist!👩‍⚕️


Such an awesome review left by Kyle-Ross Rehse from Innova - The Creative Techs on the ActionCOACH page ⭐️ These are fantastic clients of mine 💪

Go give it a read:

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Life Changing Results
Small BizFriday
Discover the benefits of being a Proudly South African Business Owner
Thriving Women's Entrepreneurs Summit 2022
Women's Day
Thriving Women
Thriving Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2022
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