Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE

Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE


Spoil your dad this fathersday with gifts From as little as R200.

A father is always in the background, we seldon make a fuss, today is your chance to do just that, by choosing one or more of these carefully selected gift packs.

All gifts will have a gift label attached and where necessary boxed or celephaned wrapped.

Place and secure your order by 10 June.
Limited stock available and packs will be made once payment is received.

My hertzoggies will also be sold seperately for Fathersday.

Collection 18/19 June.

Hi lovelies.

I have mentioned a price increase as of today 1 June.

It is inevitable unfortunately, I have tried to keep it as low as possible so you can still afford to enjoy the good quality products made by me.

Prices will be listed here and on my WhatsApp catalogues within the 1st week of June.


Before placing an order, kindly enquire first.
21st cake made differently from the rest.

Less is more. .so i had the task of creating this beautiful 21st cake with a difference.
Less detail was required.

The beauty is in the piping.
Toppings were a cakesicle chocolate cubes and micro slabs name and age in fondant made with a my stamps and filled with gold luster and gold balls. .all items are edible and hand made.

Having a matric farewell in June or July?
Book and pay for your catering table requirements in May and get a discount.

T's & C's apply

Taking orders for Sunday 15th May 2022.

Pure butter herzoggies @ R 75/dozen
Minimum orders of 2 dozen to be ordered.

To place your order, whatsapp 0798773557 latest Friday @ 10am.
No late orders will be entertained.

To all my loyal clients and prospectives

Occasions Catering will be closed from 8 May - 10 May and re-opening 11 May.

All communication, queries and quotes will be attended to from 11 May.

Thank you in anticipation for your continued support and understanding.

Much Love
So this cake tells its own story

On Tuesday afternoon (on Eid day), client calls she needs a cake fancies and cupcakes for her sons grad day for THURSDAY @ 1pm.😲.

So for those who dont know, i was bushed and tired and moeilik, i had just finished lunch dishes and i had a marathon baking and decorating 2500 fancies the last 48 hours prior without sleep.
I needed to sleep so badly i was falling around already.

So on Wednesday evening, i baked fancies this triple layer sponge cake as well as 36 cupcakes from scratch.
I piped decorated and finished this entire order by 2.30am on Thursday for collection 1pm.

Now this is not to promote how fast i work, but rather to show my dedication to the needs of my client and the sacrifice that no one knows about what happens in the kitchen. I do not promote last minute orders at all and i am selective of what i can manage. Please plan wisely and bear in mind this sacrifice we make for you. 💕.

This cake is not perfect as its not easy to work with a "soft" cake, you cannot handle it too much.

Graduation cupcakes

A mixture of chocolate and vanilla cuppies
Fondant toppers

Pretty make-up cupcakes done for a 14 year old.
Cupcakes are a gift from my client to her.

Vanilla cupcakes and vanilla butter icing
Fondant topper

My 6th unicorn cake, clients are inspired by the colours and of course who doesnt like unicorns. Made this cake for Jemma who turned 3. Had the privilege of making all her bday cakes thus far.

Petite box cake - Theme Unicorn
All sponge and butter icing
Fondant figures.

Confirmation cake done for Robyn.

2 tier chocolate sponge
All butter icing
Fondant decor

Pretty in gold and off white


For all your cake or cupcake requirements


Party pack fillers

Savoury platters

All this u

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 12/12/2022

This cake was last minute and very very rushed under terrible circumstances it was decorated.

Night shift Friday into Saturday,
I had so much to do and this cake and cupcakes were the a total rush.

Carved and decorated during loadshedding, so poor lighting, i was sick with tummy bug, nauseous and many lay down time on couch. Sweats, dizzy and many times i said, " its going to be fine"..... but i was weak as ever and just wanted to lay..
But i did it even under this horrible moment, i did it... its not my best work, but client was happy considering it was a last minute order, i tried my best. Photo not good quality..


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 12/12/2022

From mixing these yeast donuts from scratch to decorating all in a days work.

Some supervision was done for frying them.

Hana has determination like an adult. Very much like myself and she is so young.

She chose sprinkles themed mermaid, superman, pink and blue as they were all up her....
We need stocking up now of more sprinkles.

For orders


New stock have arrived and I am able to do more fruit cakes.

15cm 180
Closing date 8 December or until full.

Can do another 10 only.

Please message me. 0798773557


Mini biscuits with a butter icing dip.
All packaged and personalised labels..

All pretty fit for a princess farewell.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 05/12/2022

Religious cakes and cupcakes



Edible image cakes. - slab.

Chocolate slab with choc butter icing.



Simple is beautiful... ombre in Aqua..



On Friday i was looking for someone to make me eggless cupcakes.

I just didnt have the time to make them.

Called 2 bakers, "nope, i cant accomadate..."

So my Hansie Pansie steps up... "mummy, trust me, I got this!" She says.

So i give her all the ingredients and measuring equipment and leave the kitchen... i hear the Kenwood Chef go on and i prayed it comes out right.

She made me extremely proud, first time without supervision, fìrst time making something "different"...

For order.



Simple 21st cake with all Rustem's requested items.

Gold chain - fondant
Imaged 2d pics
His favourite rapper - xxtenation

Make simple look beautiful..


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 05/12/2022

Matric farewell and confirmation cupcakes.



This specific cake was a complete rush job.
It took another level of anxiety to finish it in 1 day.

Was booked for 27th, but brought forward to her actual bday, 23rd in just 2 days notice. 🤪🥵.
Sjoe... i was praying it would get home in ONE piece without breaking, it was a scorcher of a day and the butter icing was soft together with the cake, but i said " oh Allah, i leave the rest to you".

Im not a miracle worker and with every short notice order, alot goes wrong, many processes are omitted and flaws are evident. 😌.

But im happy about the outcome of this one.

To place orders - well in advance ones 🤭.



Cupcakes all boxed up for a "doopmaal" (baby naming ceremony).
Happy to name... K stands for Baby Kauthar..

For orders.


My last wedding cake for 2022.

Bitter sweet moment,🥺 i have been working with this bride since July of this year. Everything was finalised in September and our last moments were this morning when it was collected.
It was such a blessing to make this cake and boxed cupcakes, these are the moments I live for....

Two tier vanilla sponge, cream butter icing and peach floral side drape.

Cupcakes, vanilla and fondant flowers, sprinkle of gold dust. All beautifully boxed and ribboned.

This specific photo looks like a magazine image..🤣 but it is mine, scouts honour. 🤞

For cakes for every imaginable occasion... call me.
Fazlin. 0798773557

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 22/11/2022

****Permission to post****

And just like that, Melika turns a whole 5. 🎊

Yesterday Melika celebrated her birthday sharing in the moment were her little peers.

Mermaid theme was the order of the special occasion.

Thank you mom Megan for blessing me to be part of this day and for sending me the photo.

For orders

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 21/11/2022

Cupcakes for all occasions.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 21/11/2022

Morning all..

So this is what Hana's task was for this weekend.

She was sent a pic from client to make a replica of these beautiful pastel rainbow cakesicles.
She made the rainbows and clouds from fondant using her new tool an extruder to uniform the rainbow strings to be consistent sizes.

Please note, the "rope effect"😁. She really gave her all to make this look like the image provided. I think she did an awesome job. 😚

Arent they beautiful😍.

For orders, please order through me on the number below.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 17/11/2022

A voice note from Lucraine, i could hear the appreciation in his voice. He loved his cake.

Going over and above for my clients is my trademark. I love what i do.

Thank you Athenia for your support.

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 17/11/2022

****Permission to post****

Meet Blippi😆....he had his day at school with his cuppies.

Photo sent to make my day. What a cute smile he has.

Thank you Loelia for your never ending support. 🥰

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 17/11/2022

So this was the cake that made my clients wife shed a tear of joy. She was surprised with this cake and so was he. To recap.. he left the design to me and without fail.. I surrended myself to our almighty to guide me as i planted all the flowers together because i had no design planned for this cake.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you for your business.


Beautiful messages that give so much encouragement.

Thank you.


Some beautiful messages that have been stored.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate every message. This was a beautiful surprise and absolute blessing to beable to bring back such a memory. I am touched. Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

These are the messages that touch you and make you want to carry on doing what you do. Ameen. Shukran for your blessing and dua.

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 11/11/2022

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post


Hana's work...
I swear, i dont assist, only when she needs it..

She was under alot of pressure.
It was loadshedding, she mixed colours in the dark and decorated under very poor lighting. The freezer wasnt as cold to harden the shells quick.

Hana is a fine example of working under pressure and at 12 years old.. i told her, there are going to be many more hard days... she says, "mummy, i will work through every obstacle that enters my path, one by one. "

It wasnt the plan for them to turn the way they did, but client was happy.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 11/11/2022

Now this cake has a story.
Have you ever made something that usually would take approx 8 hours to make in less than 5?

Well this cake was it.
I had a call on 9 Nov, "Faz, i will collect the cake later"..... me... "wait what? Your order is only for tomorrow 10th."
Needless to say a BIG miscommunication 🙈.

So at 8.30am i am in my kitchen to bake 2 slabs and cupcakes from scratch to be ready before 1pm 😓.

This cake had to be put in front of the fan to get cold before i could ice and cover with fondant.
This was an absolute rush job, but even so... it turned out good, even though i say it.. it did. I would have loved to add more detail and also neaten up some edges, but with so little time.. i had to think outside the box... what a sweat.

To crown it all... i had another clients order to finish and deliver for the same time.. sjoe.. now Allah, when he blessed these hands, he knew exactly what he was doing...

And to top all of the above, i am sick sick sick with the flu, worse than ever, migraines and all. But i managed, i have strength like a buffalo....

All praises to our almighty...



A great Christiano Renaldo fan.

Cake - chocolate sponge slab with chocolate butter icing.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 11/11/2022

Cupcakes for every occasion.

Cupcakes made for a twin baby shower - Theme Nautical

Plain white cupcakes - Theme Grade 7 Farewell

Plain orange and blue cupcakes for school - Theme Blippi

Let me make it happen

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 11/11/2022

Orange candy floss.
Was a first making this colour..

Exploring exploring...
Cupcakes to go with the floss... theme Blippi.....


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 11/11/2022

Something different but absolutely special.

An anniversary cake done up all up with sunflowers and ferrero.

Client told me his wife of 30 years, absolutely adores sunflowers, crazy mad, he left the design up to me,
I must tell you. This cake design was NOT planned at all.
I said "Allah, guide my hands to do the best without a plan for this cake, ameen. " And, he did....

I showed my client, his words were, " you are going to make me cry, tears of joy"

He surprised his wife with the cake, he reported, she cried when she saw it...

Absolute blessing.

For orders..... i can make it happen.

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 28/10/2022

In honour of all our cancer survivors and to all our family friends neighbours who are still fighting.

I was privileged to be part of something beautiful.

27 dozen cupcakes for cancer.
To Nabeela and all her sponsors who opened their pockets to make this happen. Bless you.

Remember those who have passed and lost the battle. No names mentioned, but you are in our prayers always.

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 27/10/2022

How did i miss this cake?
Aai aai.

26 double digit cake made this past weekend.
Cake was to celebrate a couples bday who both celebrated early October.

Bubbly chocolate
Flowers and personalised toppers


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 27/10/2022

A simple THANK YOU means a whole lot more to me than to you.

I thank you my clients who take the time to say Thank You, your little notes sms's, emails etc... are what drives me to do more.
Your kind words means more than you know.

Appreciate you and your business.

Thank you for your business....

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 26/10/2022

Christmas orders are now open.

Dont delay, start placing orders soon.
Limited stock will be made and bookings will close once the limit has been reached.

All orders to be secured NO LATER than 25 November please. NO SECURITY, NO ORDER.


Thank you in advance


Please take note of the following.

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 24/10/2022

Party pack fillers made for this past weekend.

Sweet cones (new item)
Tri pack - fudge, coconut ice, turkish delight
Twisted mashmallow sticks (new item)
Candy floss
Cakesicles (done by Hana).

Pop me a message to see if i am able to make as per your request.


Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 24/10/2022

Baptism cake and biscuits done for my client.

For orders

Photos from Occasions Catering by Fazlin - PE's post 24/10/2022

Mini cakesicles done by my daughter Hana .

Her creativeness spilled over.
No specific design or theme, but hearts and colours red and pink were all the client mentioned.

Tp place an order.
Please contact me 0798773557.


My little client Riley turned 8 and he is a car spinning fan... whoop whoop.


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Complete customed wedding cake. The raw edge ruffle cakeFazlin0798773557




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