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Kariega Volunteers have lots of great memories
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Volunteer with us in Likoni Kenya.Basically we help the needy children and orphan kids to attain the education follow the link for more information or Whatsap +254718575508
Volunteer with us in Likoni Kenya.Basically we help the needy children and orphan kids to attain the education follow the link for more information or Whatsap +254718575508
Volunteer with us in Likoni Kenya.Basically we help the needy children and orphan kids to attain the education follow the link for more information or Whatsap +254718575508
Volunteer with us in Likoni Kenya.Basically we help the needy children and orphan kids to attain the education follow the link for more information or Whatsap +254718575508
Volunteer with us in Likoni Kenya.Basically we help the needy children and orphan kids to attain the education follow the link for more information or Whatsap +254718575508

Unique & life changing experiences. Become a conservation volunteer on your gap year, career break or travels!.

Worldwide Experience is a constantly developing company which offers a wide range of programmes that cater for all ages and interests, allowing you to get personally involved. We have placements in South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Croatia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mauritius and as we are bonded with SATSA so all your bookings are secure. Marine Conservation

The conservati

Operating as usual


Are you free this Vets Go Wild season?

Join us, you won't regret it!

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 23/03/2022

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 18/03/2022

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post


Cheetah Relocation


Congratulations to our charity partner @helpingrhinos on 10 years of conservation!

The crisis facing rhinos is an emblem of what’s happening to our natural world, and if we help the rhinos, we help the rest as well.

We’re proud to support Helping Rhinos as they work to protect rhinos and expand habitats for these iconic creatures and the countless species they live alongside.🦏🌳


World Wildlife Day 2022


Join us on one of our Vets Go Wild courses!🦓🐘🦒🐬

Instagram Photos 07/02/2022

Instagram Photos

“By the time I returned home, I was much more confident in myself and what I was capable of.” 🙌🦏

Michaela Vinales, an incredible veterinary nurse who studied at the The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London, joined us on a Vets Go Wild course before returning for her internship. Read about her veterinary wildlife experiences in South Africa with our team and where that has taken her!🐘🦓🦎🇿🇦



❌ SATURDAY 21ST MAY 2022 ❌

Make sure to save the date and join us for , an online conservation event hosted by our friends at Helping Rhinos 🙌

Along with a number of other conservation organisations & some special guests, we'll bring you along for the ride as we show you what frontline conservation is all about. 🦏

More info, with further details announced soon ⬇️


Our second course for 2022 has just been confirmed! 🐾🐘🦒🦓🦏

Limited space remaining.

Photos from Dr William Fowlds's post 23/12/2021

Photos from Dr William Fowlds's post


We have between 1 and 5 spaces remaining on each of our 16 day courses!🐘🦓🐆🦒

15 June – 30 June 2022
30 June – 15 July 2022
27 July – 11 August 2022
11 August – 26 August 2022

12-day course:
28 August - 08 September 2022

Sign up now👇

Timeline photos 15/12/2021

Happy Holidays🐾

Follow the link for our latest newsletter:

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 14/12/2021

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post


Our Charity Partner Tusk needs your help.

They’re halfway through the Big Give Christmas Challenge – the UK’s biggest digital matched fundraising campaign and need your help to support wildlife rangers and anti-poaching programmes in Zambia.

By donating before the campaign closes on Tuesday 7th December, you can double your impact. Every donation up to the first £22,500 will be matched, delivering extra support to keep anti-poaching patrols active and community programmes alive.

Tusk is super close to hitting their fundraising target – please donate what you can to do your bit for wildlife.

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 01/12/2021

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post


Here’s an excellent Christmas gift idea for the passionate conservationist in your family - their very own virtual beehive!

How it works:
🐝You adopt a beehive on behalf of your family member.
🐝 Honeybee Heroes will place a beehive at Hazendal Wine Estate with their name on it, ready for honeybees to move in.
🐝Your family member will receive a certificate to certify them a virtual beekeeper.
🐝 A locally employed beekeeper will tend to their beehive to help conserve and grow the African honeybee population.
🐝The honey produced from their beehive will be sold back to The Mantis Collection properties, providing a source of sustainable income for locally employed beekeepers.

Adopt a beehive here:



Did you know that FundMyTravel and Worldwide Experience have teamed up to help provide a solution through our online fundraising platform? You can start fundraising to travel abroad today! 🐾🍃



Limited space available!

Are you a veterinary student or a vet nurse/tech student? We also accept qualified professionals🌱


Giraffe are certainly one of the most fascinating animals🦒

Dave McNab, who has firsthand experience after working as a Field Guide in South Africa, elaborates on why in his eyes, the Giraffe is the most elegant and sophisticated of them - follow the link to read our blog!🐾🍃

A volunteers guide to the top 7 getaways in Namibia 20/10/2021

A volunteers guide to the top 7 getaways in Namibia

The borders are open and it's time to EXPLORE!🐾🏜️🏝️🌞

Visiting Namibia? Here's where you should be going👇

A volunteers guide to the top 7 getaways in Namibia Volunteering in Namibia? Read our latest blog on the top 7 getaways for volunteers who are joining us or travelling to Namibia.


South Africa, home to Worldwide Experience and many of our projects, has been taken off the UK's red list.🇬🇧🙌

All our experiences are now available to our British friends again, as all our projects are located in countries on the GREEN list💚!

Now it’s your turn to go green by supporting our conservation projects!🐾🍃


We can't wait to welcome you back!

Timeline photos 07/10/2021

Timeline photos

We asked our veterinary nurse Candice, what the most memorable procedure of her career has been - the sad reality of being a wildlife vet.👇🐾

"Shoowee, that's a difficult one. The first time you get to work with a rhino🦏 is a pretty special and surreal experience. Hearing them breathing, touching their skin lined with tiny little hairs, and looking at all their features up closely is something one never forgets💚!! My first rhino darting was a dehorning on white rhino female named Bella. She was a beautiful animal. I say WAS beautiful, due to the fact the Bella was sadly poached just 6 days after we dehorned her in 2018. She was killed for the smallest amount of horn on her face. The experience of performing a post mortem on her to find the bullet that ended her life was probably one of the hardest and memorable for all the wrong reasons💔!"

Below, Candice kisses Bella, a week before the 20-year-old female rhino was poached. Thank you Candice for your dedication to our rhinos and our wildlife🦏💚


The late Dr. Ian Player was one of the world’s most outstanding conservationists and environmental statesmen and the mentor to Mr. Adrian Gardiner, the founder of Worldwide Experience’s parent company, The Mantis Collection 🍃

Dr. Ian Player spearheaded two far-reaching initiatives, includes Operation Rhino and the designation of the first two wilderness areas to be zoned on the Africa continent; Imfolozi and the St. Lucia Wilderness area.🦏🐾

The image below shows Dr. Ian Player with friends Adrian and Shirleyanne Gardiner. 👇


We're so excited to welcome our next group of students from South America, North America and Italy for their 12 day veterinary experience. 🦒🐘🦏

We're exceptionally proud to have hosted two groups during a turbulent year for international travel, and our five courses for 2022 are also on their way to being fully booked.


Happy World Rhino Day! 🦏 Today is not only about celebrating these marvelous animals but also about creating awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting this precious species. This morning, ultra-endurance athlete and conservationist, Sharon Tait Jessop started the first leg of her 21 day run from Mantis Founder’s Lodge. Over the next three weeks, Sharon will run 650km to and through 11 rhino bearing game reserves in the Eastern Cape to drive awareness to this worthy cause.

A special shout out to our friends at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay who, through our foundation, CCFA, have donated much-needed food to the rhino at Mantis Founder’s Lodge. The Eastern Cape, where Mantis Founders Lodge is located, has experienced a crippling drought over the last few years and the wildlife in the area have been seriously impacted.

Photos from The Mantis Collection's post 21/09/2021

We will be supporting Sharon and World Rhino Day live from Mantis Founder’s Lodge tomorrow 🦏💚

Photos from Worldwide Experience's post 16/09/2021

Each year, one of our very special ambassadors from the UK Sally Bartlett raises funds for the Isipho Charity Trust in Paterson, South Africa.🙏💛

In previous years, Sally has run races and hosted virtual dance classes. We recieved the below from Sally a short while ago:

"On September 16th I will be doing a "wing walk" where I will be strapped to the front of a small plane and taken on a 10 minute flight at speeds of 130 miles per hour! Considering I don't like flying, it's going to be quite a challenge for me, however I will keep the children's faces in my mind to get me there! I'll aim to get any donations to you in October"

We just love how innovative, passionate and determined Sally is at raising funds for those in need. Well done for facing your fears and for doing this again! 💃🙌



Conserving Orphaned Rhinos | Meet Kai💚

As it’s World Rhino Month, we thought we’d share an update from Conserving Orphaned Rhinos.🦏

This is Kai💚

Kai has the sweetest and most gentle personality, even after losing his mother to poaching. 😖

Kai actually means water, which reflects his tranquil and easy-going nature.🌻

This guy loves his milk, so much so that he always ends up with the cutest milk moustache. Initially, he never took a bottle so he received milk mixed with pellets in a pasty form. 🍶

Kai will need to remain under the watchful eyes of the rhino caregivers for now as he’s not just ready to enter the rewilding and release programme.💚

If you’d like to Conserve Orphaned Rhinos👇


All our courses are about to be confirmed. Limited space left✌️👇


Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 24/08/2021

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 12/08/2021

Happy World Elephant Day🐘🌍

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post 10/08/2021

Photos from Vets Go Wild's post


The Worldwide Experience story

Although Worldwide Experience started in 2002, the story goes back much further than that, beginning with the Gardiner family in 1990. Adrian Gardiner, a prominent businessman in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, bought a farm of 1200 hectares as family weekend getaway. Upon researching the history of the farm, Adrian Gardiner soon realised that, despite the lack of game in the area at the time, the Eastern Cape used to be one of the richest wildlife areas in Africa in terms of biodiversity! In fact, the legendary big 5 were first encountered in the Eastern Cape. Wildlife historians refer to the Cape Buffalo, Cape Leopard, Cape Lion and Cape Hunting Dog (African Wild Dog) in their historical documents. The endangered Black Rhino flourished in the Eastern Cape. However, due to hunting, over-farming and drought most of these species were eliminated during the 19th century. Adrian’s vision to restore the area to its former glory was born, and through much dedication started to materialise in 1992 with the birth of Shamwari Game Reserve. During the past twenty five years, 25, 000 ha of pristine and agricultural land was consolidated and rehabilitated. Remaining wild animal species were allowed to increase in numbers and species extinct to the region were reintroduced.

Adrian Gardiner sold the game reserve in 2008, however he kept his own adjacent private property with traversing rights throughout the reserve. In addition to the boutique luxury Founders Lodge, the property serves as a base for further conservation projects, ideas and gatherings around conservation initiatives, of which the Worldwide Experience team is much involved.

Further properties were added to the Shamwari group, and in 2000, the Mantis Collection was founded by the Gardiner family, growing into a collection of award winning, privately owned, five star properties located around the World. Mantis is committed to the spirit of conservation and restoration, and each property is sensitive to its surroundings in respect of the building, environment and local community. More than just a hotel group, Mantis has several unique divisions including Management, Marketing, Development, Conservation and Education! Mantis is also the only hotel group with a presence on all seven continents.

Two years after the Mantis Collection was founded, Worldwide Experience was founded by one of Adrian’s sons, Paul Gardiner in 2002. It is no surprise that Paul’s heart is very much in conservation, and along with his family has shown dedication particularly to rhino conservation. Paul joined the Mantis Collection in 1998 in a marketing capacity. After four years in the business he headed up the Group Sales & Marketing department, and in 2002 he departed for the United Kingdom. He continued in this role and also became the MD of Southern Africa Travel, a UK based Tour Operator and set up Worldwide Experience in the same year. He also founded a business called Legacy Ventures – a company that specialises in taking executive MBA students on study tours into emerging countries like China, India, South Africa etc. In 2012 he met the television personality and adventurer, Bear Grylls. Today they have several businesses together – including Bear Grylls Survival Race, Bear Grylls Survival Academy, and they’re looking to develop the first ever Bear Grylls Adventure Park with a major player in the theme park space. Paul’s latest venture is Mantis Media and the focus of this company is on television and film production, location based entertainment, and working with and developing new talent from across the globe. Paul is now the Group Marketing Director of Mantis Collection and he continues in his capacity as managing director for Worldwide Experience, and works very closely with his father, Adrian Gardiner, as they strive to grow their hotel portfolio throughout Africa and beyond.

Videos (show all)

Conserving Orphaned Rhinos | Meet Kai💚
World Nature Conservation Day
Conserving Orphaned Rhinos
Vets Go Wild 2022
How to Identify Great White Sharks
Live Rhino Conservation Masterclass



I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce to you Worldwide Experience. We are the number one specialists in conservation and our portfolio stretches out to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Madagascar, Mozambique and our most recent experience being launched in Rwanda and Mauritius.

Our placements give students the opportunity to work behind the scenes on game reserves, animal rehabilitation centers, community projects, and ocean research programmes. We also offer accredited courses and a 16 day experience for our veterinary students with Dr Fowlds, a world renowned South African vet. Worldwide Experience also offers Equestrian students the chance to sample the wilderness mountains of Velebit; Croatia.

All the projects are set up with the needs and requirements of the placement in mind, this means that whether the students are helping to dart a lion, track a cheetah, ID an elephant, or teach a class of children they are making a difference.

We are a fully bonded operator (SATSA) which gives you financial and legal security when you book with us - unlike a number of volunteer companies who offer no protection to their clients.



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