DawnQ Fashion

To provide the quality of self assurance of existing beyond what society sets to be beautiful and acceptable and to give all persons the opportunity to live beyond what the naked sees - abundance and joy in just a DawnQ product.

Operating as usual


"Storms make trees take deeper roots"

Thank you Asisipho Nyati for trusting us.




Hard work and a positive mindset


Thank you for trusting us

Umrhaji. By DawnQ Fashion.



Another reason to learn and Better the skill

Photos from Dongadala Bemdiliza's post 04/04/2022

Thank you Dongadala Bemdiliza 💯

Photos from DawnQ Fashion's post 01/04/2022


In Frame: Sinovuyo Thomas
Line: PutOut 2021
Designer: DawnQ Fashion

Love | Career | Play


Dongadala Bemdiliza in a DawnQ Fashion piece...

Thank you bhuti

Photos from DawnQ Fashion's post 21/03/2022

Autum | Fall | Joy

Line: JUST
Design: DawnQ Fashion
Theme: Casual

Photos from DawnQ Fashion's post 20/03/2022

There's just something igniting about African roots and Nature

Line: I Am Africa
Design: DawnQ Fashion
In frame: Asemahle Mbekela

Photos from DawnQ Fashion's post 19/03/2022

There's peace and calmness in being true to self.

Year: 2021
Design: DawnQ Fashion
Line: Stealth and Agility
In Frame: Sinovuyo and Inganam


Giiirrl, Own your power.


Understand that passion finds us, the calling is too loud, it shines so bright to miss

A productive Wednesday dear Queens


A classic Tuesday taking it back in ages - 1972

"You could be anyone if you put in the time" - Conor McGregor


Remind yourself, YOU ARE A QUEEN.



I hope that all you huns are having a blast productive Thursday


8 March is set to be Women's Day Internationally...

We want to take this time to wish every queen out there a soft and beautiful day...

Always remember that you are beautiful and much more above society standards of acceptance.


Have a blessed World Prayer Day. May all your prayers be answered soonest.


Always remember that you are a rare breed and much more beautiful than society standards


While we are still busy with the branding, bukani la

DawnQ Fashion is an afrocentric company with an ambition of providing self assurance and motivation through telling a story in the form of garments.

You are far more beautiful that the standards set by society and you exist beyond the limitations of your skin colour, traumas etc

Introducing the newest member of the team Asemahle Mbekela, the face of Prints at DawnQ Fashion


Dropping casual Friday

Polka-dot is a symbol of energy and change

DawnQ Fashion updated their website address. 01/02/2022

DawnQ Fashion updated their website address.

DawnQ Fashion updated their website address.


Hey Now

Q&A Interview with Nwabisa Dawn Mbekela, the Founder of DawnQ Fashion

What contribution will you make as a result of your participation in the project?
- Skill transfer
- Mentorship
- Facilitate workshops and fellowships
- Offer support

What do you hope to gain by becoming a member of the Start Small Foundation?

- Knowledge growth
- Exposure and empowerment
- Understanding of financial benefits from funders


Gooooooood morning....

A proverb to end of the week, happy Saturday.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

We love you. Even though things might have not gone your way, remember you're young and focused - this is not the end, there's still time to re-write, get a qualification and build your life.


Thank you Festive season, we enjoyed, we teared up and most importantly we learnt a lot.

To all my clients who popped up, thank you for the support and understanding.

Alteration clients, danko.

Now we are ready to hit on the new year...

Photos from DawnQ Fashion's post 10/01/2022

We are open for business.


Welcome to 2022


Enable me Lord to be and do better. Allow me to feel and be free. Limit my vulnerability and cancel my negligence. Give me courage to forgive self and handle emotions. May the year of 2022 be a year of learning and leaning, may this be a year of grace and gratitude. May my projections be limited and your provisions be incredibly generous. As we open full operations may you lead every corner, every decision and every step of each and every business transaction and network.Welcome to 2022.

From Nwabisa Mbekela, DawnQ Fashion, Aspire Youth Organization and all three new ventures to be born.


"For when He created greatness, He thought of me

Photos from Catwalk SA's post 27/12/2021

Danko is thank you

Photos from Catwalk SA's post 27/12/2021


Photos from Catwalk SA's post 27/12/2021

The story behind this dress, this is one garment that brought tears to my eyes

Photos from Catwalk SA's post 27/12/2021

Kwakuhle kwethu

Photos from Catwalk SA's post 27/12/2021


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DawnQ Fashion Shower
The runway @Buhlebendalo
TruFM with @Boyz Mpunzi





32 Peterson Road
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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
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