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I design, import, sell and supply Hybrid UPS solar systems for load shedding (10w to 200Kw). 12v ,

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their website address. 01/05/2021

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their website address.

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their website address.


Arthur Mc Dermott owner of GridZero (Pty)ltd married to Santie, father of two beautiful daughters and three great grand children. I Qualified as an Electrician in the South African defence force during 1980/81. I then resigned worked as an contractor and joined the then Evkom in 1985, now known as Eskom and resigned from Eskom in 1994 after ± 10 years of service. I worked as an Engineering Assistant at Eskom on substations, power lines 6Kv to 400 000 volts ,substation switching, construction, live line work and maintenance. We were responsible for the Northern part of the Transvaal and parts of the then eastern Transvaal now Mpumalange. i loved my job and enjoyed every moment untill...

I went into differant businesses but i realised that Eskom will not be able to supply the huge demand of electricity nor reliable supply duo to a lack of planning and mismangement. i need to addapt. Maintenace will not improve and new power stations will not releve the pressure soon. Lack of skills, willpower created a demand for alternative energy and people just do not have the funding to go off-grid yet in the foreseable future.

Loadshedding will be with us for the next 5-6 years and with covert and work from home created a critical situation. I saw that some contractor use this situation to milk every cent from the consumers already empty pockets and i then approatched a company to help me design a UPS system that will suit our unique situation.

The Gridzero UPS power systems with lithium battery storage were the ideal system. Small, portable, cost effective and reliable. It needs no solar panels and can be charged from the main supply (240V). Output is 12v & 240V and also three phase systems.

Solar panels can be added later as the clients budget improves when there is a need for it. people in flats and offices can use it as solar panel installations will be an issue in a flat or in a mall. This is the ideal system. Sad to say but local system are not up to it as yet and shelf sytems are also not reliable and cost effective.

Follow me on this journey i as i will continously source differant system for differant needs. I will power you when Eskom can not supply you !


Lithium Iron Phosphate
Or LiFePO4 for short.

These batteries form part of the newest in Solar Battery technology. They have low toxicity level, well-defined performance and long term stability .

These are a few features that make LiFePO4 batteries the favourite in the solar industry.

From Solar Storage to motor vehicles, their popularity is ever-growing.


3 Kw , 1.750Kwh home UPS system with Lihium storage (battery) ideal for a small flat/office etc. Also available in this range is a 5Kw with 5Kwh lithium battery storage (build in unit) complete with 12v and 220/240V output and 220/240V input for the charging system. The 5 Kwh is ideal for a small office and average three bedroom house to support you during load shedding. You don't need solar panels emmediatly but you can install solar panels later. The system is Hybrid. 4 x 385Watt solar panels will be good enough for a 5.5 hour solar array.


This unit is a 5 Kw invertor with 10Kwh lithium battery backup. 220V input and 12v and 220/240v output 50Hz. The battery storage system should last you ± 8 hours during a load shedding situation using a fridge, freezer, Tv, 2 x computers (laptop), ±10 lights (9 Watt) aircon (invertor type !), water pressure pump 0.375watt etc.
This unit were powered from the main DB box (240v input) and during loadshedding the output feed back to the DB box via a change over switch. The installation were safe and fearly economical versus conventional solar systems. You can also add solar panels at a later stage as the system is Hybrid. This installation were more or less 50% cheaper to install than a conventional system. UPS mode gives you power when you need it the most !

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their phone number. 31/03/2021

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their phone number.

GridZero - Solar & UPS Systems updated their phone number.




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