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Dear undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and researchers, we're back with our trainings in the new year...

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Thank you for partnering with us in the outgoing year. Looking forward to profitable partnership in the new year, 2024. Thanks for being part of our story. Wishing you a prosperous new year 🎊

Photos from We Lead Data Analytics International's post 11/11/2023

Today's training (our November edition of data analysis with Python)was one of the best we've ever had. There were practice exercises and it didn't matter whether the participants had a prior coding experience. Below is the comment from one of the participants.

Looking forward to the next one. Stay tuned.

UK unites with global partners to accelerate development using AI 04/11/2023

Good move, it's AI O'Clock.

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UK unites with global partners to accelerate development using AI UK unites with global partners to accelerate development in world’s poorest countries using artificial intelligence (AI).

Photos from We Lead Data Analytics International's post 02/11/2023

Africa AI Expo 2023 ongoing and we're represented (We Lead Data Analytics International)

Awesome time of learning and interaction...


Join us this November...
Zero coding experience needed.

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For additional enquiries:
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We're back with another edition of our Monthly trainings. Join us this October for this fresh package: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Hierarchical clustering and more.

Zero coding experience needed.
Register using: https://forms.gle/dBx2VUYsozZtHoWR8

For additional enquiries:
WhatsApp/Call: 084 318 3034
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.weleaddata.org


Graduates, postgrads, researchers and lecturers need this to analyze the data they have gathered from their work and researches.

Using computer programming like Python for such analysis, brings out amazing trends, graphs and other visuals that will make their work stand out of the others and attract greater attention. No prior coding experience nor installation is needed.

Join our September batch. Register: https://forms.gle/G5k8YAqaCqdm2LgF9


🎉 Exciting News!

Our journey towards harnessing the power of data and analytics has just taken a new step. We're thrilled to announce that our company is now officially registered with the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission as "We Lead Data Analytics International" Registration number: 2023/925652/07

While our initial name "We Can Learn Machine Learning" had a special place in our hearts, we're embracing this change with open arms and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and empowering you with valuable insights remains stronger than ever. The name may have evolved, but our dedication to helping you navigate the world of data analytics, machine learning, and more, remains steadfast.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Together, we're poised to lead in the realm of data analytics on an international scale. Stay tuned for exciting updates, knowledge-sharing, and transformative solutions that will define the future of data.

Here's to embracing change and charting new horizons! 🚀📊🌐


This is the August batch of our training. Don't miss it...


🔬 Reshaping Drug Discovery with Machine Learning! 🔬
🚀 Let's explore how cutting-edge techniques are revolutionizing pharmaceutical research, accelerating the process, and unleashing the true power of data.

🔍Analyzing Vast Databases
The field of drug discovery generates an overwhelming amount of information, from chemical structures to biological assays and clinical trial results. Machine learning algorithms are used to unravel the hidden treasures within these vast databases. By efficiently analyzing and mining the data, we can uncover meaningful patterns and correlations, shedding light on potential drug candidates, target identification, and mechanisms of action.

💡Predicting Molecular Properties
With machine learning algorithms, we can predict crucial properties relevant to drug discovery. This include accurate estimation of binding affinities, solubility, bioavailability, and toxicity, all thanks to the power of algorithms trained on labeled datasets. By unlocking these predictions, we streamline the screening process and focus our efforts on the most promising drug candidates.

✨Optimizing Drug Design
Through generative models and reinforcement learning, the ability to create new molecules with desired properties and optimize existing compounds are unlocked. This explores countless possibilities to enhance efficacy and minimize side effects resulting in more efficient and targeted medications that can change lives.

Finally, the possibilities of integrating machine learning into drug discovery are endless, and the impact is profound. This is reshaping the pharmaceutical industry, accelerating the development of life-saving medications, and making a difference in countless lives.


Machine Learning In Life Sciences Series

🩺 Advancing Medical Diagnostics with Machine Learning 🩺

Medical diagnostics is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the power of machine learning. From cutting-edge medical imaging techniques to leveraging electronic health records and harnessing wearable devices, Let's dive into the advancements that are reshaping the way we detect diseases and tailor treatment plans.

📸 Machine Learning in Medical Imaging 📸

The role of machine learning algorithms in medical imaging is groundbreaking. These algorithms are trained on vast datasets of labeled images, enabling them to recognize patterns and abnormalities that may indicate various diseases. These assist radiologists in early disease detection, precise diagnosis, and quantitative measurements. With machine learning integrated into medical imaging, accurate and efficient diagnostics have reached new heights.

💡 Electronic Health Records (EHRs) 💡

Machine learning algorithms can mine vast amounts of patient data, unveiling hidden patterns and valuable insights. They predict disease risks, identify patients who could benefit from preventive interventions, and even detect adverse drug reactions. With machine learning's power, healthcare providers can make informed decisions and deliver personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

⌚ Harnessing Wearable Devices ⌚

Using real-time health data analysis, machine learning algorithms are able to monitor vital signs, detect irregularities, and provide continuous health monitoring. These algorithms enable early detection of conditions like cardiac arrhythmias, sleep disorders, and chronic diseases. By combining machine learning with wearable technology, healthcare professionals gain invaluable insights into patients' health trends and take proactive measures to prevent or manage potential health issues.


Machine learning in Life Sciences series
🧪 Decoding the Human Genome with Machine Learning 🧪
The human genome is a treasure store of genetic information that holds the key to understanding our biological blueprint. But with billions of base pairs and complex patterns, deciphering the genome can be an overwhelming task. That's where machine learning comes in. Machine learning algorithms are enabling us to analyze massive datasets and extract meaningful insights. By training these algorithms on vast amounts of genomic data, we can uncover hidden patterns, identify genetic variations as follows:

*Predicting Gene Function:
Machine learning algorithms can analyze DNA sequences and learn patterns that are indicative of specific gene functions. By training on known gene functions, these algorithms can make predictions about the functions of unknown genes. This helps researchers identify the roles that different genes play in biological processes and understand their implications for diseases.

*Classifying Genetic Variations:
Genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), can have significant effects on an individual's health and disease susceptibility. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to classify these genetic variations based on their potential impact. By analyzing the sequence context, neighboring genes, and known functional effects, these algorithms can predict whether a genetic variant is benign, pathogenic, or of uncertain significance. This classification helps in assessing the risk of developing certain diseases and guides treatment decisions.

*Identifying Disease-Causing Mutations:
Machine learning algorithms can analyze large-scale genomic datasets, including data from patients with specific diseases, to identify genetic mutations that are associated with disease development. These algorithms can learn patterns that distinguish disease-causing mutations from benign ones. By identifying the genetic variants most strongly associated with a particular disease, researchers can gain insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms and potentially develop targeted therapies.

*Personalized Medicine Approaches:
Machine learning algorithms can integrate genomic data with other patient-specific information, such as clinical data, lifestyle factors, and environmental exposures. By analyzing this integrated data, algorithms can identify patterns and relationships that help predict an individual's response to specific treatments or interventions. This enables personalized medicine approaches, where treatment decisions are tailored to an individual's unique genetic profile, maximizing the chances of successful outcomes and minimizing adverse effects.


🧬 Revolutionizing Life Sciences with Machine Learning 🧬
Machine learning is reshaping the landscape of life sciences. From genomics to drug discovery and personalized medicine, the potential is immense. Today, we're starting a series where we'll explore how machine learning algorithms are transforming the way we understand diseases, decode DNA, and unlock the mysteries of life. Join us as we dive into the exciting intersection of machine learning and life sciences!


It will amaze you what you can do with the data you have, through python programming/coding even with zero experience.
The previous batch was excellent according to the feedback. Don't miss the June batch.

Registration: https://forms.gle/7YEG6K2u4Ek7xUjTA


Our Biography

Founded in May 2023, "We Can Learn Machine Learning" is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization dedicated to demystifying the world of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning. In the wake of the post-Covid era, the demand for knowledge and practical application of machine learning has skyrocketed. Our organization recognizes the aspirations of individuals in various communities who desire to comprehend and utilize machine learning techniques in their studies, careers, and daily lives.

At "We Can Learn Machine Learning," our mission is simple yet profound: to enhance lives by providing accessible, and comprehensive machine learning training. We understand that many individuals find machine learning complex and challenging, which can discourage them from exploring its vast potential. Therefore, we have made it our purpose to bridge this knowledge gap and empower a diverse and enlightened populace.

Our primary goal is to equip individuals, irrespective of their coding experience, with a practical understanding of machine learning. We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from this transformative field, regardless of their technical background. By offering training in the most straightforward and accessible manner possible, we aim to make machine learning a tool for personal and professional growth.

On the 20th of May 2023, we will proudly kick off our inaugural training cohort. This diverse group, consisting of over thirty individuals from various countries, will embark on a virtual learning journey with us. Through carefully designed curriculum, engaging interactive sessions, and hands-on projects, our trainees will gain the confidence and skills needed to harness the power of machine learning.

"We Can Learn Machine Learning" is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every participant can thrive. Our dedicated team of experienced instructors and mentors is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that each trainee receives personalized guidance throughout their learning journey.

Join us as we revolutionize the way machine learning is taught and understood. Together, we can unlock the potential of artificial intelligence, enabling individuals from all walks of life to apply this cutting-edge technology to their own fields of interest. Embrace the future with "We Can Learn Machine Learning."

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Join us this October for our fresh training package: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Hierarchical clustering and mor...




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