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Boerewors stew with samp.. the weather agrees to the meal! 👩🏼‍🍳 oh and, I’m back again 💃🏽🥘

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Walking down the aisle ❤️ 📸


The union ❤️♥️📸


Mr and Mrs Malefane 🙏🏽❤️📸


Soya and pap. The Most despised meal💁🏾‍♀️🤤


Dm me to cater for you🤞🏿🤙🏽 👩🏼‍🍳


Food delivered💯 chicken and Pasta with potato Dish and sweet corn.


Place your order of pork trotters and Samp and R45 with delivery now!


Mogodu 🤤

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Location? Si la📍Sunday what what🥗🥕

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Today’s special meal is malana/maotwana ka papa! 🍗

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Meaty platter delivered warm and fresh💯 yes we serve platters of any kind!

Order yours now!

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This combo is my favourite breakfast🥴

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Lunch is served💯 fried chicken, deep fried crispy wedges and Greek salad.

Dm me for recipes🔥

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Need I say more?💁🏾‍♀️ 🌸💯🔥

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, Sunday lunch went something like this🍚

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Breakfast for bae🥓🧀🥑🍳🧈🍴

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Sunday lunch served🍴 squash + Greek salad + Pork = Sunday deal♥️


I like the sound of that.. and the taste of breakfast foods🥓🍳🧈🧀🍗🍴

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Dinner for two went something like that..

1. I covered the hake with egg and bread crumbs then dipped it in oil till it’s golden brown🐟
2. I boiled the jam squash then added butter and sugar.
3. Made fork holes in the potato then smeared it with butter and cooked it in the micro oven for about 10 minutes and then I opened it in the middle to add butter again then sprinkle beef aromat and grated cheese.🥔🍽🧀🥙🥗🍲

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Tuesday breakfast for bae🍳🥓🧀🍴 💯♥️🔥🌸

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Tripe and steamed bread or Mogodu ka bohobe🥘🥩🍞🥖

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Bacon and Egg chicken burger! The steers 1000 island sauce added a little ziiing! 🍔🍗 Saturday supper went something like this♥️💯🔥 .sa

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I used what I have to make this lasagne.. not perfect but it tastes heavenly! 🍝🧀🧀🧆 💯❤️🔥

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I made doughnuts for the first time is they turned out super! Caramel toffee doughnuts! 🍩🍩🍩 I sprinkled the P.S chocolate on top!


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Pancakes always have to remind me of my primary school times.. we used to buy and eat them a lot those days! 🥞🥞 well I made them the traditional way by adding sugar and cinnamon ♥️ 🔥❤️💯

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Lunch is served🥩🐖 grilled squash and Pork chops.. 💯♥️🔥 I used exotic spices♥️

Timeline photos 13/05/2020

Breakfast can go something like that! Only if you want it to😋 gourmet omelette with buttered fresh bun🍳🥖🥓🧀🥩🌮🧆 😍 🔥💯♥️

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Dm me to cater for you🤞🏿🤙🏽 👩🏼‍🍳 #foodie #foodlover #foodiesofinstagram





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