Sumo FX Forex Trade Training

Sumo FX Forex Trade Training


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The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a form of exchange for the global dec Our name is based on our roots.

We wet our feet trading with the Japanese Yen, and we based our company name, Sumo FX, on these early days when we launched our own Forex trading careers. Now, years later, we are proud of our humble beginnings, and we are proud to use our own experience and learnings to teach and support people who are serious about Forex trading. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and our satisfied course attendees leave with glowing testimonials.


We are a reputable Garden Route based social media agency, and have been reported to facebook by this client, Sumo FX Forex Trade Training, to remove all content from this page, simply because this client refuses to settle their account with us. We did not wish to resort to publicly naming and shaming the client, but after almost costing us our hosting account with facebook, we have now reached a point where we have no choice. We urge Sumo FX and/or their legal representatives to get in touch with us to resolve this dispute amicably


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training brings you the latest Currency indicators against the South African Rand. Learn how to make money in Forex trading by booking a comprehensive course through us. Situated in the lower level of the Langeberg Mall.


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training brings you terms and definitions.
Definition of 'Currency Binary'
A currency trade that offers an all-or-nothing payoff based on a given currency exchange rate when the position reaches its expiration date. Binaries have a single payoff amount rather than the variable profit amounts found in traditional options.

Binary trades can be used for either hedging purposes (such as downside protection for assets held in a specific currency) or as a speculative bet on the direction a specific exchange rate will move. The going premium on a currency binary represents the consensus "odds" that the strike exchange rate will be reached by expiration. An investor or trader can also sell (short) a currency binary position, reversing the payoff options and effectively betting that the exchange rate will fall.


Do you know how to make your money grow by trading on the Forex market? Let our experienced team at Sumo FX Forex Trade Training teach you the finer details and help you to become successful.


The markets are shut and the trading is closed today, so all that remains for Sumo FX Forex Trade Training to say is have a wonderful Sunday and we will see you during the week.


Trading in Forex has often been compared to Surfing, in that just like a surfer needs to know the sets and to catch the wave on the way up in order to get the best ride, a trader needs to see the trends and to make the purchase on the way up in order to get the best return. Sumo FX Forex Trade Training will train you in the art of reading the trends and seeing the signals of buying and selling.


Trading in Forex need not be a stressful business. Let Sumo FX Forex Trade Training show you how to trade successfully and to make the market work for you. Contact our offices in the Langeberg Mall, Mossel Bay for a consultation and make an investment into your financial freedom.


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training brings you something to think about. “The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell” What are your thoughts on this.


If you want to understand this graph and learn how to trade in Forex then contact Sumo FX Forex Trade Training. We have the experience and will show you the secrets of the business. Be your own trader and take control of your investment.


Do you want to be a trader? Are you looking for an option of growth in your money? Sumo FX Forex Trade Training have the experience and are there for you. We will train you as well as support you in being your own trader of in Forex trading. Contact us for more information on our courses.


What happens today in the world effects the market tomorrow. Sumo FX Forex Trade Training will train you to look for the signs and recognize Trading trends. You are the keeper of your own success.


All you need to trade in Forex is access to the internet and to be trained in how to do it successfully. Sumo FX Forex Trade Training we offer the training so that you are able to become your own trader. Contact for information regarding the costs and we will gladly advise you. We have the experience, You have the will.


You no longer need to roll the dice with your investments. Sumo FX Forex Trade Training will not only train you in the business of Forex trading but we offer support and guidance to ensure your continued success. We will be there for you.


You don't need to lose any more! Sumo FX Forex Trade Training are prepared to train you in the art of trading Forex. All business need some sort of investment and yours will go into yourself. Book an appointment and experience the feeling of winning on the Forex trading market.


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training would like to know if you have booked your place for this Wednesday's free demonstration of our Forex Training? Limited seats available so don't delay book your space today. Contact us on 044 695 2990


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training give you the tools that will liberate you and allow you to trade for yourself. With a small investment you will be taught the tricks of the trade and shown that Forex trading is lucrative.


Are you drawn the to ability to trade in Forex? Are you aware of world events? Are you prepared to invest in your new business? If you have answered yes to these questions then let Sumo FX Forex Trade Training train you in these skills. Learn by our experience and become your own trader, simply contact us for an appointment or visit our free demonstrations on Wednesday evenings. We Train so that you gain.


Sumo FX Forex Trade Training believes that your fate lays in your hands. We don't trade on your behalf, we wont take a commission. What we do is train you in the business of Forex trading and allow you to be the creator of your own destiny. Attend a free presentation on Wednesday evenings and see us in action, or visit us at the lower level of Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay.


There is more to the words Bear and Bullish markets. Do you understand the implications or would you like to know more? Sumo FX Forex Trade Training is there to train you in these markets and help you trade responsibly when dealing with Forex trading. Contact us for the responsible choice or visit us at the Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay Lower level


About Forex

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Sumo FX Forex Trade Training Thought Of The Day
“ The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. ”
— Sydney J. Harris


What Causes A Currency Crisis?


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Who Trades Forex? you may ask. From money exchangers, to banks, to hedge fund managers, to local Joes like your Uncle Pete - everybody participates in the forex market! And more importantly, how can you become part of it? Speak to us at Sumo FX Forex Trade Training about our Forex Trade Training courses: 044 695 2990


How Currency Works


What does Trading mean to you? A battle between the currencies? A fluid, scientific method of buying and selling currencies? Speak to us at Sumo FX Forex Trade Training about our Forex Trade Training courses: 044 695 2990


Sumo FX Professional Course. Learn how to trade the Forex Markets and write your own pay-cheque, either on a part-time basis as a supplemental income, or full-time as your own boss! Full-time and Part-time courses available. For more information go to


Emotions are the one of the greatest problems of being a Forex trader. Almost every beginning trader, who starts with the demo account, experiences a great success in his or her trading, but fails to carry this success to the real money account. The problem is letting emotions get in the way of rational judgments. When we lose, we feel frustration and sometimes even despair. Winning can cause us to lose control over our actions and turn trading into a gambling, or cause a serious over-trading problem. Calming greed and taming fear will help you to overcome trading Forex in an overly emotional way.


Top 10 Ways New Forex Traders Lose Money


Test your Forex knowledge!
What is more important, a good exit strategy or a good entry strategy?


FOREX-Dollar hits 7-1/2 month low vs Swiss franc, sterling firmer

FOREX-Dollar hits 7-1/2 month low vs Swiss franc, sterling firmer
REUTERS - press release: read more here: * Fed taper uncertainty, budget cliff-hanger weigh on USD* BOE's Carney quoted as saying no case for QE at moment* Yen up after Japan finmin remarks on corporate tax rate* Swiss franc at 3-month high


You are tired of the rat race, the 8 - 5 daily trap. You want to be financially free, but you are not sure where to start. You'd love to work from home, determine your own hours and your own income. Speak to us about our Forex courses - become a Forex Trader, and take the first steps towards changing your own future.
Call: 044 695 2990 for more info, inbox us or comment below


At Sumo FX Forex Trade Training we believe that at the core of successful Forex Trading, there are four basic pillars: Motivation, Education, Commitment and Chart Time.
It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop!


What is Forex? Click here for more info:


What is Forex?

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