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Weereens baie dankie vir julle vriendelike en fantastiese diens!
Baie dankie vir julle goeie diens weereens, daarom gebruik ek altyd vir Werner Neuhoff en sy span, julle die BESTE.
Baie dankie vir uitstaande diens.
What a pleasure to interview Werner from U Shop, We Drop! Their branded trucks are an absolute sight to behold! Thank you to U Shop, We Drop for joining The Great Escape movement! If you see their trucks, make sure to give a hoot and wave! 😁 And, of course, if you see them and have an urge to go on a spectacular holiday to our coastal treasure of a town, do so! You won't regret it 😁

If you need a delivery or local move service, make sure to contact U Shop, We Drop for their services 😁

Don't forget our amazing competition: Look out for “The Great Escape to Mossel Bay” branding or logo! Take a picture of it and note down the location, and you could WIN a holiday worth R100 000. (Includes flights, car hire, activities, meals and a whole lot of fun!).
Competition ends midnight 30 March 2021.
You can enter by following the link down below! 😀

Contact Mimi at 084 583 3144 to get your 'The Great Escape' logo!
#thegreatescapetomosselbay #mosselbay #capetownmag
Jinne maar hierdie mense is vriendelik, vlytig en baie professioneel.
Om te trek op n reendag was aangenaam en sonder enige probleme te danke aan dié span!
Wil net graag baie dankie sê aan Werner Neuhoff en sy span van U shop, We drop.... Excellent diens, raakvat span... Jul het ons ouers se trek Karatara toe baie makliker en bekostigbaar gemaak. Ons verwys jul beslis in die toekoms. Ons bid jul seën en traveling mercies toe.
Thank you Werner and team for your excellent service!!!

Transport service in Mossel Bay. Local Moves & Deliveries. Storage Facilities available on monthly basis Transport business based in Mossel Bay.

Parcel size up to full Home Removal Services.

Operating as usual

Photos from Tyremart Mossel Bay's post 23/11/2021

Photos from Tyremart Mossel Bay's post


Ons kyk wie gaan huil vandag 😬😬

Ons kyk wie gaan huil vandag 😬😬


Altyd lekke om te hoor.

Altyd lekke om te hoor.


U Shop, We Drop

Dis hoekom ek maar eder trok ry en nie ‘n akteur is nie 🙈..




U Shop, We Drop


The Great Escape to Mossel Bay. Such a privilege to be part of this initiative to drive tourism to Mossel Bay & to reignite the local economy...

Please get involved by sharing or visiting https://www.visitmosselbay.co.za


Tap & Go on the go.... Nou hoef niemand meer te sukkel met EFT nie


Die trokkie kom more (25 Okt) leeg terug van Somerset Wes tot in Mosselbaai. As iemand iets benodig.

[10/10/20]   Wie sal dan nou nee sê vir ‘n werk met ‘n view....


Wel die mense agter ons moet ook seker darem na iets kyk....

[04/30/20]   Can I move? Alert Level 4 rules for tenants and landlords

30 Apr 2020

South Africa's lockdown is set to move to Alert Level 4 tomorrow, 1 May. The latest Regulations relating to the Schedule of Services and Framework of Sectors was gazetted and released late on Wednesday night, 29 April.

They repeal all previous Regulations issued in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic dealing with the forced lockdown in South Africa. The new Regulations speak only to Alert Level 4 from 01 May 2020.

But it's not as clear cut as all of South Africa moving to Alert Level 4.

"Government will be adopting a ‘risk-based’ approach with more severely affected areas set to face stricter regulations than areas that don’t have as many coronavirus cases. To ensure that the response to the pandemic can be as precise and targeted as possible, there will be a national level and separate levels for each province, district and metro in the country. As a result, legal advice will differ in each case depending on the severity of the lockdown level in an area," says Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN Credit Bureau.

Under the new rules the deeds office will operate, consultation related to evictions will be allowed under certain conditions but evictions will be delayed until the last day of Level 4 - Also no moving to new places of residence will be allowed during this alert level.

In a desperate to move, some tenants have latched on to an idea of a police issued “permit” to move house.

"Actually this “permit “ is nothing more than an Affidavit signed by the tenant at their local police station on a SAPS Sworn Statement Form. The contents of the Affidavit confirms the address of the new lease and that the tenant gives themselves “permission” to move on 1st May. In terms of the Disaster Management Act and the current regulations, the police may only issue permits to travel between provinces for the attendance of funerals," says Dickens.

SAPS cannot issue such permits and the current regulations do not permit this. SAPS are only authorised to issue permits for travel for funerals between provinces, according to the new regulations.

"The Cabinet will determine the severity of the Alert Levels 1-4 and the extent that they apply to each area. These answers have been prepared under Alert Level 4 and should be utilised only under this instance," says Dickens.

Key changes from Lockdown to Alert Level 4 for the property industry:

The deeds office is open and will be functioning from 01 May 2020.Sherriff services are to commence for all legal practitioners, thus Court documents, applications, and action can be served.Granting of Eviction orders allowed. A competent Court may grant an order for eviction. Provided that any order of the eviction shall be stayed and suspended till the last day of Level 4. Unless a Court decides that it is not just and equitable to stay and suspend the order until the last day of the alert level.Permits for the movement of persons may only be issued under very restricted circumstances. These circumstances include:Permits to perform essential work or a permitted service signed by the institution.Permits for the movement of children to travel to another province of metropolitan area or district.Permits to travel to another province or metropolitan area or district for a funeral.

Question 1. May a tenant move into or vacate a premises during Alert Level 4?

No. We can derive this from provision 16 of the Regulations. The Regulations specifically state:

16(1)Every person is confined to his or her place of residence

16(2)A person may only leave their place of residence to:

a.Perform an essential or permitted service, as allowed in Alert Level 4.
b.Go to work where a permit has been issued.
c.Buy permitted goods.
d.Obtain allowed services.
e.Move children, as allowed.
f.Walk run or cycle between the hours of 06h00 and 09h00 within 5 kilometres of their place of residence.

Therefore, moving into or out of properties is not allowed. Effective communication with the landlord or agent is vital during this time, please do not take the Law into your own hands or be the test case for vacating or moving into a premises.

PODCAST | Why Spatial Transformation matters now more than ever in South Africa

Question 2: What if my tenant does move during Alert Level 4?

The tenant may be acting illegally in terms of the Regulations and this must be taken into account for any damages that may be suffered by the landlord. There are a few pertinent questions that need to be asked here, such as:

Did the tenant leave without notice?Did the tenant cancel the lease early as per Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act?Was the lease to end anyway?

Depending on the answer to the questions above, there may be different claims that the landlord can institute. The important thing here is that the tenant may not vacate and has acted contrary to the lease, legislation, regulation or declarator.

The landlord may thus have a claim for damages as a result of the early vacation of the premises without any notice; for a reasonable cancellation penalty in terms of the Consumer Protection Act; or for damages based in delict should the tenant vacate illegally at the end of the lease term.

Question 3: May a tenant use the once-off movement to move into a premises?

No. Only persons returning to their residence or work, who was not at their place of residence or work during lockdown, will be able to travel between provinces and metropolitan areas. This is a once-off movement to return to their own residence, not to take occupation of a new property. During the panel discussion with the media, it was hinted that this would need to occur over the 1st of May long weekend and that it is not intended to circumvent the Regulations.

Question 4: May an estate agency trade from their place of business and perform all estate agent functions?

No. An estate agency is not listed under Table 1 of Alert Level 4 for essential work or permitted services. In the previous draft regulations, commercial and residential real estate activity would only be allowed at level 3 and level 2 respectively.

Question 5: May I perform incoming and outgoing inspections?

No. Estate agents, property managers, property practitioners or landlords are not included in the list of essential work or permitted services. They are thus not permitted to travel to, do or conduct any activity in the ordinary course of business. This limits what can occur on a lease premises including moving in and vacating. All inspections must be held off for the moment. A practical solution may be remote or online inspections but this is impossible to implement for a vacating tenant.

Should the tenant vacate the premises and leave the keys at security or another safe place, please do not collect the keys and perform an inspection. This can wait until you are permitted to do so. The tenant will still be liable for the damages when the inspection has been done.

Question 6: What happens to the tenant’s deposit should he vacate?

As the landlord or agent cannot perform an outgoing inspection, damages to the premises cannot be ascertained. This creates a legal problem as in terms of the Rental Housing Act, the deposit must be returned with certain time periods. The Act however also dictates when the deposit must be returned in relation to the inspection having been performed, and should it be illegal to perform the inspection, this must be taken into consideration.

We suggest holding onto the deposit until it is possible to do the inspection. Inform the tenant of this situation and that they will be liable for all damages to the premises, not barring the return of the keys (as this has been illegally done) and even invite them to the inspection when it can be performed. Should there be no damages, the deposit can be returned to the tenant with interest once the inspection has been completed. Should there be damages then the deposit can be utilised to cover those damages.

Question 7: May I have an Attorney prepare an eviction application and evict the tenant from a property?

Yes. An Attorney may prepare, serve and even be granted an Order for the Eviction of a tenant from a premises during Alert Level 4. The Order may however only be executed after Alert Level 4 ends.

It is important to understand the difference between the 'execution of an eviction order' and the 'granting of an eviction order' under Level 4 Lockdown:

The Minister has stated that no person may be evicted during level 4. This is correct and this is what is considered to be an execution of an eviction order, TPN also confirms in our recent release that no eviction order can be executed on until such time as the lockdown has been relaxed further and the regulations allow it.

In the interim though, landlords are entitled to consult with eviction attorneys, prepare their applications for eviction and approach the courts to have their eviction order granted. It is at this stage that they are then required to pause the process until such time as tenants are allowed to move their items and the order can be carried out by a sheriff if the tenant unlawfully refuses to leave the premises.

SEE: Virtual property transactions | The new normal in real estate

'Effective communication is the key'

"This is an unprecedented situation for the residential and commercial real estate industry, not only in South Africa but globally. Clarity, further proposed amendments to the Regulations and challenges to the existing framework is ongoing and paramount. We will continue to speculate, assume and contrast the Law in relation to morality and Ubuntu until specificity is garnered from the Regulations.

"Until then, effective communication is the key. Landlords, estate agents and tenants must communicate - we will all get through this, but only together," says Dickens.


Die 4ton trok gaan leeg vanaf Mosselbaai / George na Brits / Pretoria / NW / Gauteng binne die volgende paar dae. Indien jy iets wil stuur comment of kontak 0726618155.


U Shop, We Drop


Dinsdag 24 Sept kom die 4ton trokkie leeg terug van Beaufort Wes na Mosselbaai (via Oudshoorn / George). Kontak gerus indien iemand iets van daaraf benodig. 0726618155


Fridgemaster yskas te koop. Werk 100%. Sal lekke werk in ‘n bar. R1300 . Aflewering kan gereel word- Mosselbaai. Werner 0726618155


“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” Nou gaan ons eers lekke praat met mekaar.


Ons het nog oop spasie op ‘n trok wat môre (Saterdag 30/03) van PE na Mosselbaai gaan. Kan ook by dorpe tussen in laai . Kontak 0726618155


So lyk een of ons kliente se vakansie huis se garage... 😳😳😳


Die trok gaan Vrydag 18/01 leeg Kaap toe om goed te gaan laai. Indien jy iets van George / Mosselbaai of omgewing wil stuur Kaap toe, comment of kontak ons. Goedkoop tarief.


945l se coke....


So lyk ‘n 82inch tv.....


Our retail partners.


Black Friday Deliveries - 072 661 8155


Ons het spasie op die trok om goedere te vervoer van Mosselbaai / George na Kaapstad binne die volgende 4dae. Comment of kontak 0726618155 indien u belangstel.


U Shop, We Drop


Ons laaste klient vir die dag en vir Augustus.... Zelda Le Grange. 😳


Man kan darem nie net heeltyd werk nie....


#movingtips - If you use plastic wrap, you can leave your items in whichever container or storage bin they're in. For example, simply wrap your utensils organizer with plastic wrap instead of letting your forks and knives run loose in a box!


#movingtips - Label the sides of boxes so you can read the labels even when the boxes are stacked.


#movingtips - While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, put them inside a trash bag to make unpacking simpler.

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Black Friday Deliveries - 072 661 8155




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