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Are you looking for a side hustle to start this month ?? I'd love to invite you to look at the INUKA Business Opportunity. You will be selling INUKA products for an excellent profit margin.

With 6 ways to earn, opportunities to travel the world, an amazing product range for the whole family, mentorship and support on a daily basis, you're bound to love this business.

I changed my life with INUKA, so can you.

From as little as R600 let's begin your INUKA Financial journey

📲065 582 0784


I want to tell you today don't be doubtful about inuka.
Inuka recognises and pay you for the product sold and made profit on.
I need 10 people to join..,I will mentor and enjoy the reward

065 582 0784

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All our journeys started from purchasing a business starter kit.
*Register today and become a reliable Inuka distributor.

*Registration starts from R600,R1300,R1800, R3000 up to R6000.
Sell cosmetic products for a guaranteed:-
*50% Immediate Retail Profit
*Monthly Cash volume rebates.
*Quarterly Maintenance bonuses
*Annual Cash bonuses and awards
* A car

📞065 582 0784

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To join inuka fanele uthenge business kit then u will be registered as member. Uqalise uthengisa wenze 50% profit straight to ur pocket.

Inuka una 5 different kits then wena ukhetha kit le ufikelela kuyo.

Just remember to add R180 for courier

R600 + R180 courier
R1300 + R180 courier
R1800 + R180 courier
R3000 + R180 courier
R6000 + free courier

🍋inuka its South Africa company and its based in Cape town. So courier ngu door to door

🍋one thing i like about inuka about inuka business kukuba usebenzela wena not inuka

Whatsapp me ndikufake team yam for mentorship and coaching
Whatsapp/call 065 582 0784

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It's never too late to start.

Never say you can’t do something until you have tried it.

Never imagine downfalls before attempt.

Don’t automatically know that you can’t do something.

Take a leap of faith.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Follow your dreams.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind on it.

Join now and I'll be happy to be your mentor.
Rabali Ronewa Priscilla
Member Code: FRC341
Cell no: 065 582 0784

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I am looking for people who would like to make extra cash. If you are unemployed or looking for a job/business or you know someone who needs a side hustle please refer them to me.

🔸Joining fee R600
🔸Buy cosmetics at wholesale price and sell at retail price
🔸You can self collect if you are around Cape Town, in other areas use courier
🔸Build a team by sharing the business opportunity with others, get paid in 6 ways

For further assistance Whatsap +27 65 5820784


Thank you for partnering with me on inuka business

Let's make money😊🥳🥳🤧🥳🥳

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Umgalelo product
Umgalelo results
Get best quality skin product with cheap price

065 582 0784

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TODAY is Day1 of our New Sales Month🕺🕺🕺

I am looking for new Business Partners who want to do INUKA with me✍️✍️✍️

Start your Beautiful Journey from as little as R600 starter kit.

Don’t waste time start NOW! INUKA business can change your life😍😍🤗🤗

For more info call/WhatsApp me on 📞

065 582 0784

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Neh neh neh 😕 don't you have R650 in your ACCOUNT INBOX !!!!
I want to help you to make money as today

065 582 0784

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Give Umgalelo a chance.
Give yourself a chance.
Giving Up must NEVER be an option.
I'm still saying if you have never won in any network marketing business give Umgalelo a chance.
Stop sleeping on this opportunity 🤞🏼Let me help you get started

☎️065 582 0784 just drop me a WhatsApp or inbox me.

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Don't get distracted, this is winning season.

My child must inherit property and business, not just clothes and Tupperware containers. I am breaking generational curses.

Remember only you can say yes to supplementing your Baas John salary. If you not doing anything nothing will change. Your salary will always give you headache. Your pay day will always be your sad day.

Which number are you? Let me assist you.

1. I am thinking about JOINING.

2. I have some QUESTIONS.

3. Tell me MORE about the business.

Make an appointment whatsapp, call or DM.


This week is going to be a great week🥳🥳🥳
This week I am going to sign in New Business Partners👩‍💻💃🦅
This week I am going to get New customers🙏
This week I am going to change someone's life
This week am going to make sales💰💰
This week will be different and very fruitful💃
Through Christ who gives me strength I can do all things🙌🙇‍♀️



》》Make money 💸💰by selling Inuka products
》》Introduce members to the business and earn more!

Inuka Cosmetics, Beauty and personal care products include;
▪ Perfumes
▪ Lotions
▪ Lipsticks
▪ Miracle oils........and many more!..........

1️⃣ Make 50% OR MORE PROFIT when you sell Inuka products
2️⃣ Fast Progress leadership CASH REBATES of up to R200,000
3️⃣ MONTHLY cash volume rebates of up to 16%
4️⃣ QUARTERLY maintenance cash rebates and bonus
5️⃣ ANNUAL cash rebates and awards

💫✨🔥and many more other income streams⚡💥🌟❗

Join INUKA today for 🆓‼️

HOW TO JOIN INUKA; Its easy as 1-2-3

▪📲Call/whatsapp us on ; 065 582 0784


I don’t know what your story is, I don’t know what you need an income for.. like I always said hustling it’s not always about buying cars and houses, there is more to it. For some it’s just to afford buying R5 etime, loaf of bread, data, pads, roll on, body lotion, clothes, paying school fees, buying lunch or snacks for their children, having transport money, buying R150 sneakers it’s someone need and they are so grateful for the opportunity.Hustling its personal.

I can tell you now that inuka can fund you.. small or big, we celebrate wins 🥳🥳🥳

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Let me tell you more about my business


Inuka Fragrances is based in Cape Town with distributors throughout South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia & Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe etc

I am one of the distributors in business.

Our Inuka perfumes are the best and their scent is high quality (oil fragrances based), with no allergies and it lasts for the whole day you will never get complaints about our perfume

Inuka Fragrances is a network marketing business which was established In 2010, It is a business that sells perfumes , body lotions, body wash and hair products.

Inuka perfumes are all 30ml and each perfume has its matching lotion, body wash and roll on, tissue oil which is very good, we have fragranced bathroom sets, we have hair and skin products, lip colors, nail colors etc

Our business kits:
1. Small kit- 2 perfumes
2. Medium kit - 6 perfumes and 2 lotions
3. Large kit - 9 perfumes, 2lotions, 1body wash, 1roll on and 1tisue oil
4. Junior kit - 17 perfumes, 4lotions, 1body wash, 1roll on, 1powder, 1tissue oil
5 Senior kit 35 perfume, 10lptions, 2 body wash, 2roll on,

When you want to be a member you buy a start kit, we have 5 kits to choose from
1. Small kit - R600
2. Medium kit - R1300
3. Large kit - R1800
4. Junior kit - R3000
5. Senior kit - R6000
In all these kits you get the marketing material which is: 10 samples, business brochures, business cards, order forms, recruiting forms and an Inuka bag. And stock that you sell immediately.

When you buy the kit it means that you are buying your business so those products are yours and once you have sold everything that money is all yours. You can just buy your next stock with it and you only buy a kit once in your life from there you just stock or buy what uou want.

+27 65 582 0784

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Inuka products available
Perfume =R190
Lotion =R125
Lipstick =R125

Free delivery around thohoyandou..louis...musina
065 582 0784


This is all I want to hear🤞😃
I am looking for people who want to start selling through network marketing products based businesses✍️💯 people who understand that salary alone is not enough✍️ come launch your side hustle today💥👏

065 582 0784

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Inuka Birthday special
Buy 10 products with R1 300 and get 8 products free
Sell them and get R2 693

Start your inuka journey today
Special ‼️‼️‼️ start on 27 July until 1 August
065 582 0784


*Benefits of INUKA matte lipstick*

✅Highly pigmented, will give you a pop of colour
✅They last longer than other matte lipsticks from other brands
✅Give one a classier look
✅Brighten your smile and defines your lips
✅ Can be worn without any make up
✅Do not transfer which means you can eat your sandwich, drink your coffee, and kiss your man without worrying ( _ayisaleli_)
✅You have control over how much product you apply because the brush applicator allows you to build coverage as you apply many layers.

✅The colour on the lips is the same as the colour on the tube. You're buying true colour!

✅It's not just a lipstick, it's a confidence booster. You'll look stylish and cool with this lipstick even if you are not the type that wears full make up. Yes your confidence levels will shoot up, just what you need for that perfect selfie 🤳, date or job interview.

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Inuka products available

Perfume =R190
Hair products combo=R220
Inuka matte lipstick =R125
Skin clearing oil and miracle oil =R215
Tissue oil=R190
Foundation =R240

Get 2 perfume with =R350
Million deluxe and lady deluxe

Free delivery around thohoyandou..louis..nzhelele and musina
065 582 0784

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Inuka products available
I will be delivering on Friday
065 582 0784


We serve results 💞💞💞🥀🥀🥀👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽 📞+27 065 582 0784 to order


You could be looking for an extra income to supplement the current one or you are not working andyou could use some cash✔️
📲065 582 0784 will plug you in how you can make extra money selling perfumes and al inuka products 😌


Good morning ❤️

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Why Join INUKA?
1. Earn a supplementary or full-time income.
2. Sell affordable, top quality INUKA Products. (buy products at discounted wholesale prices)
3. Benefit from 6 ways to earn at INUKA.
4. Share your achievements on stage at our Quarterly Sales Rewards & Recognition Events.
5. Earn a Car registered in your name.
6. Earn Quarterly Hotel Accommodation & Annual International Travel Rewards.
7. Value, Encourage and Build Others Up on their journey to financial freedom.

For more information WhatsApp. +27 65 582 0784 and calls

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Hello ladies let's take care of our 🍑 with this product
🧡Benefits of steaming herb 🌿 (R70)

♡Reduce Dryness
♡Strengthens and tighten va**nal wall
♡Helps treat period pain
♡Boost low libido.
♡Boots fertility
♡Helps to maintain va**nal odour
♡Helps speeds up post partum healing

🧡Benefits of va**nal cleanser (R140)

☆Helps improve va**nal tone
☆Helps reduce va**nal irritation and inflammation
☆Helps prevent bacteria and fungi overgrowth
☆Helps to manage bad odour
☆even if you don't have any problem you can use va**nal cleanser to bath 🍑

🧡❤️Get this 2 product and enjoy your good smelling va**na

065 582 0784


Ro fara product za u fhedza..
Mavhadzi na mapundu=R250 combo
Nanganadzi=R180 combo
Blackheads=R250 combo
Mulilo(fish allergy)=R250 combo
Bad smell mulomoni=R130
Mano ano vhavha=R130
U chenisa mano=R130
Gwakwa lo no nukha=R70
Tswaro ntsu=R150

Na vhala vho no to toda u u nakelela khofheni na kha muvhili
Day cream=R220
Mapfura =R100
Tissue oil =R80.

A vha de ri vha thuse nga u umgalelo product
065 582 0784

Delivery ndi mahala thohoyandou...louis ..musina na nzhelele


If you know the pain of having R0,00 in your Bank account,you’ll grab every opportunity that makes sense to you 💯


Start A Business and Stand On It..No MATTER who don’t SUPPORT U‼️


We are going back on November 2023

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Is this you 👇🏽

1. I am unemployed but:
✅I need an income
✅I am tired of sitting at home and doing
✅ I want to build a legacy for my kids .

2. I am employed but:
✅ My salary is not enough to meet all my
✅ I need an extra income
✅ I'm looking for financial stability/freedom.
✅ I am tired of living from hand to mouth every
✔️ Bring R470 and I will help you change your life
WhatsApp me on 065 582 0784

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You'll never be broke when you sell umgalelo products!!!


*Because we sell day to day cosmetics
*We have effective products
*The products are for everyone from the age of 18yrs (male or female)
*Our products are affordable
*Our products are in demand (Skin care ,hair care ,wellness and health)
* Our products are natural (not bleaching products)

Would you like to be part of this amazing company , come with R470 you'll get 11 products to kick start your business.
065 582 0784

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Do you have any of the following skin problems 👇🏽and you’ve tried every skin product in the market and nothing seem to be working 🤷🏽‍♀️then I suggest you try Umgalelo skin care product and you will thank me later.
✅Oily skin
✅Ring worms
✅stretch marks
✅Dark patches on the inner thighs etc
📲065 582 0784

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Like heels, a girl can never have enough Lipsticks. Our Inuka Liquid Matte Lipsticks are smudge free and they last the whole day

Interested? Click on the following link

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I sell Inuka for a living... It is one financial injector in my life that has remained constant, ayifuni qualification, ayifuni experience, sana ayina manager ozomane esithi ndakugxotha, or athi poor quality of work, own pace sana lam 😍😍😍😍nawe ke standwa sam ungamthatha under my leadership umenze owakho❤️❤️❤️awudingi ne connection kuze ungene, just R600 for purchase of your Inuka kit ne R180 ye courier☺️☺️☺️

Call/text me on 065 582 0784 for an obligation free presentation ❤️❤️❤️


It's not all about buying cars, to some it's buying cement, paying fees, buying R2k grocery... Network Marketing is Personal 🤑✍️

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Friends allow me to congratulate myself for reaching supervisor rank in Umgalelo dis means i have unlocked 12% commission on my downliners,10% leadership bonus amongst other incentives🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
I'm always grateful for the day I said yes to
It has been always being my bread and butter since I have joined

Thank you for my whole team who trusted me with their yes❤️
Cheers 🍹🍹🍻🥳🥳🥳🥳

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Did you know that Umgalelo.Africa has a competition to go to the Portuguese Islands in November ? 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💃🏽💃🏽 All it takes is R480 to start your business and that enters you in the competition. Let me coach you on how u can be one of the distributors in the ship 👏🏽👏🏽
Get in touch 📞065 582 0784

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Inuka products available
Perfume =R190
Matte lipstick R125
Skin clearing oil =R120
Coffee infused hair growth oil =R130
Hair food=R95
Body wash=R95
Roll on=R95

Free delivery around thohoyandou..louis(Makhado)...nzhelele and musina

📲065 582 0784

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Louis Trichardt?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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START UP YOUR OWN COSMETIC AND FRAGRANCE BUSINESS WITH INUKA!!》》Make money 💸💰by selling Inuka products》》Introduce member...




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