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OSGLO Architects, Louis Trichardt was established as an architectural practice in 1996 and was forme


We are looking forward to a fantastic 2023 filled with great design and project support for all our clients!
Happy New Year to you.


A Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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We are done with this exciting project. Something tasty is in town and ready for your visit! Louis Trichardt Chicken Licken with a drive through.


Embarking on a construction project requires careful planning and a clear vision of what you want to achieve. One doesn’t just start building on a whim. Whether it’s building a small family home or a high-rise office building, all construction projects imply a degree of complexity one shouldn’t ignore and they all come with their unique challenges.

There are many variables that come into play and knowing how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together is absolutely essential for the success of the project. In many cases, lack of experience and poor decisions can lead to disastrous outcomes. Things can go wrong at any stage of the process and even seasoned builders can make costly mistakes if they lose sight of their main objectives. That’s why employing a professionally registered person is vital for ensuring the success.

When starting a construction project, don’t assume that the pieces will simply fall into place by themselves and hiring a professional is not necessary. There’s only one outcome when someone chooses to begin the construction process without the supervision of a Princip[al architect and relies on several uncoordinated professionals and teams of subcontractors to get the job done: complete chaos of a building venture.

We’re going to go through the do’s and don’ts the should be considered and taken into account when starting a building project.

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The exciting part of architecture is the seeing the process of a project from the start to finish. In this next month we are taking you on the journey from the start to finish of a project. Just a few simple tips from our years of experience. What you can expect when you decide to make your dream of a new home a reality. Take the guesswork and risk out of the planning and get an experienced architect and project planner to build your dream home.


It's a culture of excellence.

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The start of a brand new project is always exciting after all the preparation and planning.

New 4000m2 showroom and warehouse for client in Musina.


We understand how the building process works and already have the best expertise for any project at the click of a button. We understand your project and what may need to be done to save you money and get the best possible results.

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There are few things better than seeing a project unfold and exceed your own expectations.
Allow Osglo Architects to make your dream a reality!


So why use an Architect?

Pictured above is the 2Ten Hotel & Convention Centre in Thohoyandou. Project by Osglo Architects.

So you’re a creative, design minded person and you’ve got some fabulous ideas about the new home you want to build. You’re not a terribly gifted artist, but that hardly matters beçause you’ve just downloaded the latest (free) 3D home design software, which is going to enable you to draw up your dream home in a matter of hours. Great! So why would you want to fork out the cash to_ involve an architect_ in this process?

Well to start with, legislation has become increasingly stringent, demanding that even the smallest section of building work (even a boundary wall or carport) must be drawn up by a suitably qualified professional, and submitted for approval prior to building. Grading of the various professionals in this field is overseen by the SA Council for the Architectural Profession, and you can check a person’s credibility by asking for their registration number .

Architects’ familiarity with current zoning schemes makes them an invaluable addition to your team. A sudden change to the regulations can have devastating implications to your development or the value of your property. With their specialised knowledge of planning, construction and building regulations, architects can ensure that you avoid the horror of having to tear down what you’ve just built because of a local regulation.

Whether you need a professional architect (as apposed to a draftsman or designer) will depend largely on the scale and complexity of your project, and whether or not your budget justifies the expertise of a professional.

Even if you are working within a tight budget, it does not make good economical sense to cut corners on design. Talented professionals will help you to avoid costly mistakes – and can assure that the home you build is ideally suited to your lifestyle.

Too often the architect is written off as the whimsical artist who, with the flip of the pen, over a cheerful dash of good wine, puts together some pretty pictures with such ease that one wonders how they dare charge for such frivolity.

Yet, these well-worth-getting-to-know masters of their trade have studied rigorously and at length to develop an intimate knowledge of building systems and materials, as well as how these components can work together. Beyond their academic studies, they also have the intuitive ability to understand the needs and priorities of their clients, and are passionate about shaping structures and spaces to enrich the lives of those who occupy them.

The_ science of building_ is multi-dimensional and a qualified architect will comfortably wear many hats during the construction process: designer, draftsman, facilitator, problem solver. They can take on the role of project manager, help to compile a professional team, source other professionals where required and assist with tenders and contractor appointments.

Building can definitely be one of the more testing and exhausting things you’ll do in your lifetime. An architect can ensure you minimise those migraine moments!

A good architect will help shape your dream ideas into feasible structures and spaces that meet your budget and time constraints, respond to your unique personality and lifestyle requirements and result in an inspiring living environment, and a worthwhile investment.


We are situated in Louis Trichardt and Polokwane, though our service offerings stretch to different parts of the country. Make an appointment with us today and start sketching your dreams.


Our experience has shown that when we handle all facets of the construction project, a better quality product as well as savings are generally achieved, giving you as client peace of mind that the project will be completed within budget.

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An exciting project has been completed.
Residential property in Tzaneen.


What are your dreams?
Osglo Architects are in the business of making dreams a reality. Business Parks, Homes, Malls and specialised work stations. Osglo has you covered from the ground up.

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An Osglo project starting to take shape.


Using our passion for architecture to build your dreams!


Thank you for following Osglo Architects!
We are excited to announce that we will be launching our brand new website soon.

Photos from Osglo Architects's post 25/01/2021

New 700m2 residence for client in Tzaneen taking shape JJ Civils

Photos from Zenith Application Services's post 22/01/2021

Another great project completed with ZAS.


The Swakopmund House Project is nearing completion
Contact us for your house design and construction project.

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
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In combining our expertise, originality and pro-active spirit, we strive for excellence in professional service delivery, to add value to our clients investments, while promoting a love and commitment to architecture. We serve with enthusiastic co-operation and high ethical standards the interest of our clients and the community at large.

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


Great architects design a home around your life, fulfilling your dreams.

Let us make your dreams come true!

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


Our experience has shown that when we handle all facets of the construction project, a better quality product as well as savings are generally achieved, giving you as client peace of mind that the project will be completed within budget.
OSGLO Architects ensures that for the duration of the project communication and accountability remain focused.

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


The Swakopmund House Project is nearing completion with
an eager and happy client ready to move in.

Contact us for your house design and construction project.
Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


Progress on the Swakopmund House Project is coming along nicely.

Wait for the final reveal.

Contact us for your house design and construction project.
Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


The start of a House Project for our client in Swakopmund, Namibia. It's been great working with Nico from Rino Construction.

Stay tuned for progress pics.

Contact us for your house design and construction project.

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155
[email protected]


You say to a brick, 'What do you want, brick?' And brick says to you, 'I like an arch.' And you say to brick, 'Look, I want one, too, but arches are expensive and I can use a concrete lintel.' And then you say: 'What do you think of that, brick?' Brick says: 'I like an arch.'

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Architecture is the learned game correct and magnificent of forms assembled in the light. – Le Corbusier

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155


“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown” - Norman Foster

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155


A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.
- Louis Kahn

Osglo Architects 015-516 5155

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