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Videos by DJC Woodworking & Design in Krugersdorp. Making life simpler, convenient and stylish. Order a furniture piece to your specifications - wood, size, colour and type of finish etc. Or buy a piece ready made on display in the profile page.

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For sale!!! - Two round side tables/end tables/stoels and a V leg table. -Please contact for pricing or order to your specifications.

Order your ideal shelving unit to your specifications. ie wood type, colour preference and size...or Purchase a piece already made #treebookshelf #Shelves #custommade #woodworking #plywood #books #decor #customorder #forsale

-1600long X 300wide X 1450high -This shelf unit is handcrafted from Lam Pine -Order yours to your specifications - wood species, dimensions sealer and colour

Memories are important to trace milestones... These are 3 builds that mark more than anyone may realise. The right people, right plan and the right place... We are never supposed to do life alone.... "Grace will fetch you...."

Fresh off the building table... Lightweight, durable, well priced and easy to put away. Considering those who work from home, in bed recovering or ill. -can be used as an eating tray and work station over your lap. -clear sealed or stained. -price may vary depending on colour/type of paint or sealer requested.

And the coffee table is complete...

Sanding this coffee table....complete. These primer is about to be painted on. This amazing pine design will be painted grey and white...