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Herbal products, included dry herb mixes, teas, soap


These Bon bon variety of Calendula are such a bright orange. My infused oils and ointments look fantastic. Even when dried they keep their vivid colour. I have harvested continually during winter.

Photos from Heatherhill Herbs's post 30/08/2022

Spring is in the air. Plants are starting to thrive and look abundant. My sceletium commonly known as Kanna or Kougoed is flowering for the first time. The cancer bush is full of its pretty seed pods. A good time to be in the garden.


I love this quote ❤


What a beautiful setting for a vegetable garden. They don't have monkey, baboon and porcupine problems there! Grow your own food. It keeps you fit and is known to be good for your mental health and you get to pick your own nutritious yummy fresh food.

Planting a vegetable garden is one of the most valuable things we can do.
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So happy with my tomatoes. So many shapes and colours! Just love all the different varieties I am trying out this season.


I am so grateful to all of you who come to the nursery or visit at Wild Oats Farmers Market. Let's make 2022 a year of being healthy by growing our own food and medicine.

Herbs: Multi-purpose Plants 24/11/2021

Herbs: Multi-purpose Plants

Herbs with their many uses amaze me daily. I couldn't live without them.

Herbs: Multi-purpose Plants Herbs are the perfect Multi-Purpose plants with dual lives in the garden and in the home for medicinal uses & as spices. Herb recipes included

Photos from Heatherhill Herbs's post 23/11/2021

Another busy morning at Wild Oats Farmers market on Saturday. Our herb plants, vegetable seedlings and a lovely selection bought by a customer.

Photos from Heatherhill Herbs's post 03/11/2021

While staying at Koensrust River Camp we enjoyed foraging and could not resist the Marsh Samphire. It is like salty asparagus. We picked only young stems and stir fried them in butter with lots of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Delicious, decadent camp food!


This pretty annual which has been used for over 2000 years especially as an anti-malaria medicine is now getting a lot of attention for its anti viral properties. Known as Sweet Annie and sweet wormwood, Artemesia annua is a good plant to have in the garden.

The Power of Plant Medicine 04/06/2020

The Power of Plant Medicine

The Power of Plant Medicine It's Like Having A Medicinal Garden In The Backyard

MyQuest - Heatherhill Herb Nursery Vloggumentary 13/05/2020

MyQuest - Heatherhill Herb Nursery Vloggumentary

Thank you Theri for doing this.

MyQuest - Heatherhill Herb Nursery Vloggumentary A Vloggumentary on Heatherhill Herb Nursery, an organic herb nursery in the heart of the Rheenendal Farm lands, Western Cape, South Africa. COMPETITION: http...

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This is an interesting idea, especially to protect the flavour and benefits of softer plants. Definitely going to give it a try.


This is another lock down project. A broken ceramic bath cut down and a statue that lost its feet a long time ago, made into this planter that I am calling "Thyme to relax"!


We are delighted to be opening again from next week. We have a good range of winter vegetable seedlings and beautiful herb plants for sale. Start being self sufficient by growing your own food and medicine. This is our baboon and mousebird proofed tunnel that we built during lock down.

Hedgerow Medicine - Recipes 19/03/2020

Hedgerow Medicine - Recipes

Thought it was a good idea to pass on these helpful recipes from Hedgerow Medicine.

Hedgerow Medicine - Recipes

10 Things to Make With Plantain 08/03/2020

10 Things to Make With Plantain

10 Things to Make With Plantain Here are ten useful things you can make with plantain leaves!

Photos from Heatherhill Herbs's post 10/09/2019

Visited the Klein Karoo to learn more about indigenous medicinal plants. Even though Calitzdorp is suffering a drought, we found quite a few species. We were excited about finding wild spearmint, growing on the river bank and enjoyed the tea that we made from it. We also made a tincture which can be used for digestive issues, congested sinus, as a spray to repel flying insects in the house and can be made into a poultice to draw infection.

Untitled album 25/06/2019

'An introduction to growing & making herbal medicine' A 4 module course which took place in May.


Only 7 weeks to go to the start of our next 4 part INTRODUCTION TO GROWING & MAKING HERBAL MEDICINE course

Heatherhill Herbs updated their business hours. 05/03/2019

Heatherhill Herbs updated their business hours.

Heatherhill Herbs updated their business hours.


Save the dates for our fun, informative herb course.


Blending up herb teas. We have a lovely selection - Good night, Wake me up, Stress, Digestive, Allergy, Immune boost and Detox.


A basket of our products ready for Wild Oats Farmers Market in Sedgefield.


Seed Starter Gift Kit

This is such a useful, fun gift.

Heatherhill Herbs updated their information in their About section. 20/11/2017

Heatherhill Herbs updated their information in their About section.

Heatherhill Herbs updated their information in their About section.


Make it a habit to add spices to your food. They are so beneficial to your health.

Check our full herbal guides to learn more (tons of free info):

==> http://www.herbs-info.com/list-of-herbs.html


We have been enjoying our delicious globe artichokes with lemon butter. The next project is to pickle them for pizzas.


So much colour in the garden now. Perennial bed of Stoechas lavender, spearmint, Tuscan rosemary, bay, privet, b***e fennel, yellow yarrow, nasturtiums, honeysuckle, rock roses.

Photos from Heatherhill Herbs's post 14/09/2017

It's spring! We have survived drought and fire and are busy planting out loads of new stock. New tables so clients do not have to bend down for plants. The first of our sweet basils.


The many uses of comfrey

Timeline photos 25/05/2017

An inspiring food garden at Chelsea.

The Chris Evans Taste Garden is designed by Jon Wheatley, who has asked friend of the Radio 2 breakfast show Mary Berry to help celebrate the tastiest plants growing in UK gardens, by growers on allotments and in many communities. Plants that excite and stimulate your palate and enhance your lifestyle and health and wellbeing feature in this garden.

Mary Berry, says: “The garden is bursting with delicious and tasty plants to whet the appetite and help you feel good by enhancing your lifestyle and health and well-being.”




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