The Peace of Food

The Peace of Food


Feeling well-nourished after a weekend of delicious plant-based meals. Greyton Trail & Yoga Weekend - Winter Edition Craig Bouwer

Decadent vegan dishes for all occasions, using the finest, healthiest ingredients! Gourmet Catering and Food To Go:
(free of animal products, filled with love only)

Catering and pop up dining - small or large - for dinner parties, weddings, events, film industry and more.

Not all Vegans want to live on raw food, salads, and stir fries. So signature dishes comprise of those that as Vegans we all miss, like omelettes, quiches, a decadent cheesy Lasagne, Cannelloni, Mousakka, pastries and tarts, puddings and pies! The Peace of Food is run by Jen and Jess, a mother-daughter duo who are as passionate about keeping animals off our plates as they are about putting good fo

Operating as usual


And this, friends, is how we find peace in food. Salute to a hero! 🌈

This is Andre Sauls the farmer who gave his pigs to the sanctuary after having a change of heart. He is telling me that he could not stand sending them to be slaughtered,that he had got to know them, named them. He realised he couldn't afford to keep them properly. He wants to create a large vegetable garden for his family and for all of the community, to feed those around him who are hungry. What an awakening, what a transformation, what a hero. Thank you Andre, for being the first, for starting something truly good.

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'Lockdown' Vegan take aways - ready to eat or frozen R80/ R150
Contact us on 0747555859


We are now delivering ready meals! Stay home, stay cosy, stay safe x

Some tasty treats for home delivery in the Garden Route! DM us for more info. Photos in comments x


Our menu for Garden Route home deliveries will be out soon! An exciting array of superfood smoothies, raw fresh juices, gluten free delights, plant based comfort meals, immune boosting ginger flu shots and tasty treats that are decadent whilst being healthy and yum! Boost your body with soul food, you are what you eat :) DM for more info 💚🍀💚

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What is this cosmic force of time, taste, and space? A parfait of cream, toasted , dark mousse, mint clusters, soaked and gold dust. Perfect for out of body experiences and a peace induced state of bliss 🙌❤️🧘🏻‍♂️🏄‍♀️🦋🍫

Secret Dinners 14/11/2019

The Peace of Food getting creative at Peace........

Pop up evenings on our forest deck, where the menu is all but a mystery! Treat yourself to a spontaneous gourmet extravaganza of four courses, organic wine, local seasonal plant-based delicacies and of course - a twist of woodland magic. Shhhh. Give us a DM if you want to book, just be sure to whisper ;)


Spring is all about planting! So to celebrate plants we're offering an exciting 'plant-based' cooking class this season. You've probably noticed veganism in the news, and how it's one of the best ways to mitigate climate change. It's also healthy, kind, and super fun, especially if you know what you're doing! We're a mother-daughter cheffing duo who have cooked all over the world, and are regularly asked to give classes. So we are finally heeding the call and opening our hearths to share some culinary secrets. We are very excited to start here in the Garden Route. If you're interested, please DM for more info. xx 🌿💚✨

Photos from Peace of Eden, Vegan Nature Lodge & Forest Retreat's post 30/06/2019

Photos from Peace of Eden, Vegan Nature Lodge & Forest Retreat's post


Revive your soul and feel good about 2019... Join our Vegan Yoga Retreat on Knysna's forest edge.

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All you need is love... For the animals, the planet, yourselves... Funky new plant based Stall
'The Peace of Food' every Sat Wild Oats Community Farmers' Market - Sedgefield, Garden Route


We are hosting another POP UP HOME DINING EXPERIENCE! If you're curious about vegan food, and want to taste how incredible it can be - now is your chance. Our 'Secret Dinners' are known for their flair, flavour & fine crafting, with chefs from The Peace of Food working their charm on everything that comes out of this forest-edge eatery! The venue (Peace of Eden, Vegan Nature Lodge & Forest Retreat ) is a few minutes outside of Knysna, & has limited seating available, so bookings are essential. Mail us here or contact 0741852004 for more info. Pssst - don't ask for the menu, it's a secret, just know that it's a country Italian theme, so expect cheesy, decadent, zesty flavours - all plant based, all delightful.

Eden Festival of Action 2018 12/07/2018

What an honour (& task 😅) to be cooking over a hundred meals three times a day in our pop-up-girl-power 'Witchin Kitchen' for this amazing crew! Huge thanks to Greenpop for making this happen, and our dynamic team of ladies (enter Liam) for brewing up a delicious storm! More pics coming soon xxX

From the 16th June to 16th July, 150 Greenpop volunteers land weekly at Peace of Eden to help rehabilitate parts of the Garden Route that have been badly affected by the fire. First the kids followed by the adult kids. What happens in this space is truly magical, and we are so honoured to be hosting these incredible souls. From tree-planting, to mural painting, eco brick workshops, dance parties, talent shows, permaculture workshops, vegan cooking classes, outdoor movie nights, beach clean ups, team building & music making, we're overflowing with love for conscious community building! Huge thanks to Juliette Bisset Photography for capturing these beautiful visuals!

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More pics of the gorgeous 2500+ Vegan Canapes and rustic finger snacks we provided for the 2018 Fry's Annual Green Meeting.....Thanks to all our awesome sponsors for your great Vegan products. Violife Cheese, Fry's Family Foods, Pesto Princess, B-Well Mayo, Ina Paarman.


Feeling proud! Thanks to Koena and Ruth Coates we got gorgeous delicious food out and in time at the amazing Fry's Annual Green Meeting: Inspiring Change (Cape Town) Here is one review I just had to share this! ;-)

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We cooked our hearts out ;-) once again for another stunning Event hosted by 's Family Foods - The AGM - Annual Green Meeting 2018 at Black breweries in CT

Photos from The Peace of Food's post 18/02/2018

Mood food


Vegan Garden Route wedding at Peace of Eden Vegan Forest Retreat & Backpackers Lodge

The Little Prince.

Congratulations Candy & Rob! I really have no words, only photographs to show how beautiful this chic-picnic wedding at Peace of Eden Vegan Forest Retreat & Backpackers Lodge was.

To view more photos, please follow the link:

I am envious of how full your love tank is. Every tear was genuine, every hug was warm and every smile from the heart.

Thank you once again Michelle Pyper Photography & Design for being my second and being as excited about this wedding as me.

Photos from Peace of Eden, Vegan Nature Lodge & Forest Retreat's post 07/09/2017

Treat yourself at Peace of Eden Vegan Forest Retreat & Backpackers Lodge


Wild life volunteers needed after the fire!

Help us help them! we are sponsoring food and accomm at Peace for a few more passionate animal loving volunteers to help us feed wild life plus restore and more after the devastating fires in Knysna. This is in association with Eden Be Needin'.
From one week to a month Aug - Nov. Contact Jessamine HB or phone 0741852004

Timeline photos 22/03/2017

Miles and miles of on ! Made with love and some heart shaped sliced oven roasted with cracked black pepper, a smudge of creamy , crisp butter lettuce, sweet rosa tomatoes and fresh ! All of this and more for the hungry of the @mothercityhop events all week... @capetownswing #💃🏻 #👗#👟 !

The Peace of Food updated their address. 27/02/2017

The Peace of Food updated their address.

The Peace of Food updated their address.

Vegan protesters descend on Masterchef filming location 19/01/2017

Vegan protesters descend on Masterchef filming location


Vegan protesters descend on Masterchef filming location Vegan protesters caused a commotion during filming of one of Australia's most-popular reality television shows in Melbourne yesterday.


A Vegan Change of Heart - Beautiful

Friends, this darling chap says it all. Enjoy this lil mid week rhyme, and remember - there are more of us out there that care than you think...

Timeline photos 14/02/2016

Peace and love are synonymous. As is the heart and soul. In order to truly be able to love without limits, you need to love yourself first and foremost. You cannot honor the self whilst participating in the destruction of others either. So, on this day of romantic mindfulness - consider embracing true love by removing animals from your stomach and keeping them in your heart instead. 💘💘💘 we started the morning off with this delicious plantbased breakfast: made with , , & garnished with , and on 💙💚💛💜

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I have spent 3 months exploring on my travels up , and am so inspired by the burgeoning awareness enveloping the culinary world. and , you blew my mind!!! , , , - seriously, amazing!!!!! - be prepared for an exciting new restaurant experience, ! , not because it's some silly food trend, or hip cult movement, but because it represents a mind space and lifestyle ethos which broadly states your level of and towards all beings, irrespective of the inconvenience it causes your taste buds ✌️


Red, white or vegetarian sir?
By Trevor Bridge
Wine glass‘Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine’ as the song goes. Yes, we all know that wine is made from grapes and not meat. So what is vegetarian wine? Well, some wines are not suitable for vegetarians due to the use of animal-derived ingredients in their production.

‘Animal ingredients? In wine? How can that be?’ I hear many of you splutter into your glass.

Animal ingredients used in wine making are gelatin (made from cow’s or pig’s hooves and sinews), isinglass (extracted from the air bladders of fish), chitosan (derived from the shells of crustaceans), albumin (egg whites), and casein (from milk). The very thought of gelatin, isinglass and chitosin would be a real turn off for vegetarians. Some might be OK with albumin and casein; vegans would certainly not be. It is claimed that animal products like isinglass or gelatine do not remain in the finished wine, but it’s the principle that counts.

Once upon a time, winemakers used animal blood, so at least things have moved on a bit – it was declared illegal in Europe in the aftermath of the BSE (mad cow disease) outbreak.

So why put animal products in wine?

These ingredients are used in the ‘fining’ or filtration process to help remove solids such as grape skins, stems, pips and yeast. The agent is added to the wine. It then spreads out, like a net, and sinks to the bottom dragging the ‘gunk’ down with it. The clear wine is then racked off, leaving the fining agent and sediment behind.

The good news is it is not necessary to use animal ingredients in fining – bentonite (a form of clay) and kaolin are two minerals used for fining. Even better news – the vast majority of wines are fined with bentonite these days. Also, some winemakers filter their wine mechanically without the use of additives, whilst others use no finings at all, allowing time for the wine to settle naturally. These unfined and unfiltered wines are becoming increasingly popular – some people argue that the less you do to a wine the better it will taste.

One thing worth remembering is that organic wine is not necessarily vegetarian. It often is, but not always, so make sure before you buy.

Timeline photos 15/07/2015

It's a chilly winters day here in , . So naturally some is in order. Looked in the cupboard and managed to throw this simple yet super tasty together from what was around: and with roasted . I even cheated and did it all in the oven whilst working - no stirring away on the stove for ages. Finished it off with a spoon of , sprinkle of , shards of blue cheese and a dusting of . This was super , despite being . Yay and happy from me @jessaminecounty! , so , . ;)

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We are now delivering ready meals! Stay home, stay cosy, stay safe x



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