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Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center


Wishing everyone an amazing Mandela Day.
Today's theme: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

If you can't find the time today, you may also financially support or volunteer at our local initiatives feeding our community, educating and keeping our children safe and off the street and conserving our natural environment for all to use all year round:

Growing Upwards
St. Patricks Magdaleentjie
Sparking Minds
Knysna Edu Trust
Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching - KILT
Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center
Knysna Basin Project
Strandloper Project
SANParks Honorary Rangers
Rotary Knysna
The Knysna Rotary Anns
The Living Cornerstone
Sedgefield Animal Matters
Knysna Animal Welfare Society

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Kort geleden werden wij benaderd door Michael Smith, het hoofd van de organisatie Sinethemba. Deze organisatie zet zich in voor kwetsbare kinderen uit Knysna, en dan vooral de straat kinderen.
Hij vertelde dat er momenteel veel kinderen uit de wijk Oupad rondhangen in het dorp, terwijl ze eigenlijk op school horen te zijn. Ook zorgen ze voor problemen in het dorp.
Michael vroeg ons of we misschien een keer een gezamenlijke meeting konden houden met de ouders van de kinderen uit de wijk.
Uiteraard zijn we daarmee akkoord gegaan want we hebben dezelfde missie: dat er positieve verandering zal komen in de levens van mensen en dan ook vooral de kinderen. Zij hebben nog een hele toekomst voor zich.
Vanochtend hadden we die meeting in het gebouw van Immanuel Ministries.
Er waren mensen van Childs Welfare aanwezig, een vrouw van de community police, en het hoofd van een primary school uit Knysna.
Het was een goede bijeenkomst waarin aan de ouders werd verteld dat het thuis begint: kinderen horen zich veilig en geborgen te voelen thuis. En dat er regels moeten zijn voor de kids etc.
We merkten dat veel ouders wel willen, maar nog niet weten hoe ze dit moeten aanpakken, ze hebben soms geen idee hoe ze met hun kinderen moeten omgaan.
Daarom zijn deze bijeenkomsten zo belangrijk want hier kunnen we de ouders leren wel de juiste keuzes te maken voor de opvoeding.
We zijn dankbaar dat we als Immanuel Ministries ook hier ons steentje aan kunnen bijdragen.
Door samen te werken kunnen we nog veel meer mensen bereiken en hopen we nog meer positieve impact te kunnen hebben in Knysna🙏🏼
We zijn van plan vaker deze bijeenkomsten te plannen zodat we de mensen kunnen blijven begeleiden. Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center
Stay safe
StreetSmart’s Garden Route Fundraising Partners and their patrons did it again! With their generous support, we were able to hand over R135, 000 to Kidstop, Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center, Home from Home BITOU and Masizame

Read more here:

George Info, Knysna Local-info, Plettenberg Bay
Knysna-Plett Herald The Gremlin ShowMe George George Herald
To sinethemba Hope Community and Youth Movement - Knysna a big thank you for your love and support the past year when I thought I had nowhere to turn Micheal and you showed me that there are still people who cares keep up the good work your doing much appreciated
Knysna Social Eatery is one of the restaurants that contribute to the Streetsmart initiative in Knysna. Just R5 per table is added to the bill and the entire amount is given to our local charity once a year.

This year, R95,000 was given to Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center - a dedicated drop-in centre providing shelter for children and youth in the area.
The StreetSmart SA team continues to spread joy and handed over R95,000 to Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center in Knysna. The handover took place at Featherbed Co Cruise Café.

The Sinethemba Youth Development NPO is a registered Drop-In Centre providing day time shelter for children & youth at risk in the Knysna area.

2008 love from Denmark
Spread the word!

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is visiting Knysna at the moment. They are interviewing youth between 18 - 34, who have at least grade 11, and who have not worked for a company for more than 1 year.

They are specifically recruiting in our area as there are job opportunities available.... Please spread the word!

First assessments will be done at the Hornlee Civic Center from 08h00 - 14h00, TOMORROW FRI 2 June.

Please spread the word if you know of Knysna people looking for jobs...

Sinethemba Youth Development NPO is a registered Drop-In Centre providing day time shelter for child

Help at-risk children - re-unite children living and working on the streets with their families - reintegrate kids back to school - keeping the rights of our children protected! Sinethemba aims to provide basic physical, emotional, spiritual and social support to young people at risk & their families. Sinethemba works with an average of 30 children at risk per day. Over the last few years the focu


Happy birthday Nash

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 26/11/2022

Sinethemba Marimba Band performing at the launch of 16 Days of Activism Campaign in Hornlee. Well done Nash and the girls!




Sinethemba Youth Marimba Band will be performing today live at the 16 Days of Activism launch at the Hornlee Civic. Come and check us out! Girl power!

Photos from Knysna Municipality's post 24/11/2022

We would like to congratulate Sinethemba’s very own auxiliary social worker on his esteemed election to the Knysna Youth Council…. well done Sipha!

We could think of no one better with such a great understanding of the challenges our Knysna youth face, than you, for this responsible elected position of leadership 💫

You really have gone from strength to strength 🙏🏼

Photos from Hornlee Primary School's post 17/11/2022

Photos from Hornlee Primary School's post

Photos from Concordia Primary's post 10/11/2022

Our director, Michael Smith, inspiring the youth ☺️

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 02/11/2022

Patrao Surance, owner of CX LAPTOPS coming to Sinethemba today to share his life story. Thank you Patrao for making a difference!

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 09/10/2022

To conclude this past week's school holiday program we had Antonio Cleophas, a local artist, to facilitate a dance program at the Centre. The children were having so much fun that they requested him to come and do it as part of the DIC programs. Thank you Antonio for your willingness to come and showcase your gift and potentially creating an opportunity for these youngsters to discover their hidden talents.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 09/10/2022

Fire Department conducting an awareness program on Friday. As a result of a fire in the Nothern areas they unfortunately had to leave before they could finish the session, but it has been rescheduled.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 06/10/2022

School holiday educational outing yesterday with Eugene and Natalie visiting art galleries in Knysna. This outing was in prep of the art classes that will be conducted at Sinethemba by Eugene and Natalie. The children enjoyed the day out and they can't wait for the art classes to start. Thank you Eugene and Nat for spending your day with us.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 05/10/2022

School holiday programme on the go with KILT facilitator, Elvis Djanse. Our marimba band is back on track thanks to Nashville Van Rooyen.


Sinethemba, SAPS, DSD, KADC and VICTIM SUPPORT at the schools outreach project at Hornlee Primary School last week. The aim of this outreach is to make children aware of the dangers of bullying, gender based violence, substance awareness and just the importance of staying in school. This initiative has been implemented at various other schools in Hornlee the past few months.


Michael donating bags of hot-cushion material to sewing ladies in Damsebos community

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 05/10/2022

Life skill programme at the Drop in Centre


Well done to our Sinethemba Youth Development Centre director, Michael Smith, on his Accredited level 1 Table Tennis coach in Eden certification 🏓


Awareness campaign:
Today we are going to the streets to distribute flyers to businesses for their customers.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 07/06/2022

Sinethemba giving hope to youth who have suffered rejection on so many levels. All of the intakes this year were identified by the schools as overaged learners, hence they were referred to Sinethemba. Monday to Thursday we offer ABET classes at the Centre facilitated by qualified ABET educators. Our biggest concern remains the access to skills development since they don't meet the criteria of Skills Centres locally.


Street outreach last week Friday as part of Child Protection Month with Knysna SAPS, CPF and All Sound.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 24/05/2022

Out of school youth in Knysna requires serious attention. This is what we are dealing with daily. These youngsters varies from 11 to 17 years old either being suspended or transferred from a school as a result of absenteeism or criminal behavior. This is the age group that is a big concern, not forgetting that 90% of them have a learning difficulty, hence they end up frustrated and letting out through violent behavior. Much need to be done to sort this out before street children in Knysna become the next pandemic. This is a community problem and it needs a community solution. I'm waiting in anticipation!

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 24/05/2022

The numbers of out of school youth is growing at an alarming rate. At one stage last week we had an attendance of 21 on one day. Are we still experiencing the after effects of the pandemic or are we as a society failing our youth?


DSD Social Auxiliary workers facilitating a life skill program at Sinethemba


Michael Smith addressing educators and pupils at Fraaisig Primary School a week ago about BULLYING.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 29/04/2022

Freedom Day event in collaboration with the NACCW Youth Forum was a huge success.


Noleen Dirkse from FOUNDATION OF HOPE doing an awareness program at Sinethemba this morning. Much appreciation to a remarkable woman.



The Knysna Municipal youth desk hereby invites all youth to attend information sessions hosted by National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) to discuss their services and products that are available:

• Grant programme
• Voucher programme
• Mentorship
• Market Linkages
• Job Programme
• Job Preparedness Training
• Business Management Training
• Life Skills Training
• National Youth Services

The sessions are to commence on 11 February 2022 in the facilities as per the below schedule:

Smutsville Community Hall

Rheenendal Community Hall

Hornlee Community Hall

Khayalethu Community Hall

White Location
White Location Multi-Purpose Centre Hall

Due to limited time, NYDA will not be able to cover all wards. If there is no session in your ward, please visit the nearest session.


Coming Soon!!! START REGISTERING! Send us your child's name and surname, age, school, residential address, contact number to whatsapp no 0611453579 not later then the end of January 2022.


Educational trip to SANPARKS just now as part of the holiday program


…..9 years ago 😃


Team building workshop yesterday with Knysna Community Learning Centre (ABET EDUCATORS)


Just want to wish my colleague, NASHVILLE VAN ROOYEN, a Happy birthday. May you continue to be the rock that you are. Love and respect bro.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 27/10/2021

These past few weeks we have been challenged to confiscate dagga from the boys attending the Centre. It is sad to say that all these youngsters are younger than 14 years of age. I just felt that we needed to get in the help from the SAPS to make these boys aware of the dangers of smoking and selling dagga. Some of them are selling on behalf of older men in the community and they are so hard-core that they won't reveal any is a every day battle trying to change their perception of life and of their future. I want to express my gratitude to these two constables for making time yesterday to encourage our children to stay away from drugs.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 23/10/2021

Sinethemba providing a safe haven for children during their off days at school. Most of them would otherwise have been roaming the streets unsupervised. Thank you KILT drumming team for equipping our children with valuable listening and hand coordination skills two days a week.


Volunteer Becci’s last day was Thursday!

Becci is a qualified confidence coach from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and joined us for a month

Thank you Becci for joining the Sinethemba family and your help with our youth. We truly appreciate your time, enthusiasm and outgoing energy


Success story:
For more than a year we've been trying to help this mother to get, first a birth certificate and to apply for an ID. Her 10 year old boy in the photo has never been in school due to the lack of his birth certificate. Today, after much anticipation, she received her first ever ID as well as the child birth certificate. Now, we will try our best to get him registered for school. I would like to extend my appreciation to our Social work team, Zonke Ndzwana and Siphamandla Hala hala for supporting this mother throughout lockdown.

Photos from Sinethemba YOUTH Development Center's post 24/09/2021

Fantastic Heritage Day celebrations at Sinethemba. Soccer, table tennis, pool, drama, poetry, dancing, games and big pots of soup for hungry stomachs. A brilliant turn out and wonderful traditional dress. A few photos and videos we took 🇿🇦


Happy Heritage Day to all!

The Sinethemba festivities start at 11am until 2pm celebrating our South African heritage

Videos (show all)

Ujene (17) one of the youth representatives reading a Heritage celebration poem to the Hungry Lions team today, I AM AFR...
Checking in with Mano
And we still having fun with the Argoed School group from Wales
More fun and games with the Argoed School group and our youth,...
Fun and games with the Argoed School group and our youth, staf...



Roman Catholic Church Hall, Ntlanga Street, Khayalethu South

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 16:00
Thursday 09:00 - 16:00
Friday 09:00 - 16:00

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