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With both restaurants keeping me super busy, I don't always have time to share my pvt chef stuff anymore, but when you receive a msg like this... I have to make time.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 21/08/2022

Wonderful having the big home functions back!!!


Small joys in life....


Absolutely loved this naked Tiramisu cake! Not only is Tiramisu one of my favorite desserts but use it with a moist vanilla sponge and I'm in cake heaven!


A bit of my soul work coming up!

I have recently seen the audition of Nightbirde (who hasnt) and it hit home, "dont wait until life is not hard anymore to start being happy"...

The thought of happiness I see as the things that make you feel alive. A big part of my happiness lies in what I do. There is no better "time" than the intimate time we share with our loved ones (friends or family) around a dinner table. The best memories made around the dinner table.

This year during the Knysna Oyster festival July I'm sharing 2 of the things that makes me happy, Cooking and Christmas!!

What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present and hope for the future. Surely we dont have to only celebrate this once a year??

Limited tickets available... dont miss out.

When: 10 July
Where: Earth and Fire River Lodge
Time: 18:00
Dress code: Obviously your Christmas Jersey
Cost: R295pp

Vegetarian option available on request.
Booking is Essential.
Charlene - 0722526871

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 17/04/2021

A little bit of passion work.... its keeps my soul alive.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 24/03/2021

Today I had the privilege of joining the first years breakfast exams at Sillwood...
Memories of my own studies came flooded in. Unreal how it's been 20years for me and I still remember the basic foundation of cooking that was installed by my chef school, these schools build character and equips us with the needed skill to survive in a brutal industry.
I'm proud of what I have done, but I'm more proud of this young girl I got to share the morning with.
Hard work and dedication can only have a positive outcome.


Tomorrow will be the perfect overcast day for a Sunday roast at Earth and Fire by Blackwater's River Lodge. Our wood fire oven will be burning from early on.
Couple of tables left. Book now.


Friday night October Fest opening at Earth and Fire... book now for tonight. Limited seating due to Covid regulations.


My first number cake, loved making this!
Chocolate brownie base, chocolate mousse a choc chip biscuit with all the yummy toppings.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 06/09/2020

Do what you l💗ve , l💞ve what you do and you will never work a day in your life!
Never take anything for granted...
Greatful to be cooking at the Castles again.


Special menu for coming Friday!
Order before 10am on Thurday and get your restaurant meal delivered to your door.
Charlene 0722526871
(Free delivery in town)


Harry Potter cupcakes... another special birthday. 😁

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 18/07/2020

It's been a cake kinda week...
The local support is amazing.
Massive thanks for every order.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 17/07/2020

Beautiful Lilly turned a big 10...

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 16/07/2020

I suppose this is how we adjust to times..
No more candles and cakes for school birthdays but I can assist with individually packed cupcakes.



Absolutely love how special this cake is. This gentleman cant have his kids with him on his 60th but he surely is keeping them in his heart.
Winnie the phoo is such a clever bear.


Not often that my work requires sewing.... something super exciting happening.


I'm still here and still cooking!!
With the relaxed level 3 and opening of restaurants I have taken a step back to find my space again during this ludicrous time.
However, not doing the weekly meals doesn't mean I'm not cooking. I'm slowly but surely finding my new normal again with baking and small scale catering.
Do remember me for all your small special events, cakes etc.
I can also "private chef " in the comfort of your own home for the full restaurant experience at home.
Charlene- 0722526871
[email protected]


The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow!

Just another evening in my bakery. 😁😁

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 18/05/2020

Week 2 Menus:
WhatsApp me:

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 13/05/2020

Sooo much to be grateful for. Thank you Knysna for again showing amazing support during a difficult time. First night went really well and numbers are picking up. To be added to my weekly broadcasting msg, please send me your number.


Whole roasted Chickens!!
Because so many of you are missing your Woolies chickens, I have decided to deliver whole roasted chickens on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Place your orders now...
WhatsApp me:
Deliveries between 12:00 and 17:00


Tomorrow's menu, order by 16:00 today. 😁
WhatsApp 0722526871


Hi everyone,
After a quick delivery last night for a couple of special occasions,I decided to start by delivering meals every Tuesday and Friday, changing menus weekly.
Free delivery within Knysna.
Send your number to be added to the broadcasting message going out tomorrow with menus and prices.
Thanks, see you soon.


What a beautiful day it is... tomorrow I can start doing what I love again!!!
Please be patient with me while I put everything in place to start plating gourmet meals on your drive way from my much loved "JamJar" food truck. (We are going online with an easy ordering system)
Please know that in order to do this I will be doing limited meals per night and work certain nights in certain residential areas.

Should your street or estate like to be included, please send me an email and I will explain more and allocate a day for you.
( [email protected] )


As of the 1st of May,
Panache catering will be cooking and delivering 3course gourmet meals straight to your front door!

Should you wish to know more, send or post your number and I will add you to our broadcast msgs.

Timeline photos 04/03/2020

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 01/03/2020

Feeding 140 cricketers doesn't leave much space for taking photos. Successful weekend in Rheenendal for the Panache team.
You say what, and we cooking it... you say where and we are there!

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 18/02/2020

When duty calls and you are out with guests at sparrows farts to harvest your dinner.
What a special morning with lovely people, amazing coffee served..


No matter what you get asked to do... do it with love.


Welcoming our guests.... love my work, love this place.


Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 08/12/2019

Its the time of the year.... the time where most people start switching off. In the life of a chef its total opposite.... im not sure i know up from down at the moment. I do count work as a blessing. Big VIP event at the Castles and we aced it! Not without my amazing team! Wish i had time for more photos.... never the less, here you go. What made this one different is that i was in charge of full coordinating, sometime you just take the opportunity in the moment and run with it.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 31/10/2019

I suppose I should have known that I will hit the ground running coming from my 5week break.
This week was different but fun.... my first time doing an entire Halloween event.
Feeling rested and ready for the season ahead.
If you have not booked your year end function with me yet, I have very few open days left.... hurry up!

@ Pezula Private Estate

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 08/10/2019

Giant cray for dinner, the pics might not be doing the size justice. 10 people will be fed with these two crayfish.
After pics to follow.

Photos from Cakes & Catering's post 03/10/2019

Another night around my dinner table... my happy place.
I often talk about how chefs do not really get to have a real holiday. Normal people go on holiday and refrain from doing what they do for a living... chefs will kinda starve to death if we choose to do that.
Or maybe we are just to stubborn and hard headed to watch anyone else cook while we do nothing! Reality check... my passion for cooking is bigger than my need for a "real" holiday!

@ Barra Beach

Timeline photos 03/10/2019

Most people will look at this and probably think "fish and chips". I however see this and pull out sushi rice! On my way to the local market to see what they have for me to add to our sushi dinner!

Timeline photos 02/10/2019

What would a holiday be without bacon and eggs!!

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The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow!
How it all worked..... 😁






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