Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist

Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist


An #environment that's clean reflects a mind that's clean. Do we have polluted minds?
Attemps at #green clean spaces without & within begins in small steps. This is just a mention about disposable contact lenses(CLs), a tiny but severe pollutant. #Contactlenses are brilliant on our eyes, but deadly in our #landfills & water streams.
The US,US,UK & OZ have begun recycling programs.
Living in #SouthAfrica, #green-your-CLs with your plastics.Separate the container blister,plastic & tin foil. Keeping used lenses dry too is relavent to maintain sterility.

More to go,but just begin. Clean #green living begins with care. #Vision has the power to reflect,direct, produce or destroy our eco- systems.

Here's what they are trying in Australia:

EyeTesting. Drivers licence vision certificates for licence renewals. Spectacles. Lenses. Eyeglass Frames. The art of a spectacle frame. The engineering of a spectacle frame.

Eyewear lenses individualised for eye strain,eye fatigue,glare and vision depth. Vision needs identified enabling precision lens prescription for ultimate comfort.

Operating as usual

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 23/08/2021

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Vision counts for clarity & comfort.
Forget the Italian(or is it Spanish) description.The video clip rocks with transition changing filters.Thw coatings block harmful glare & flare.
enjoy at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Opinion | How Life Looks Through My ‘Whale Eyes’ 14/07/2021

Opinion | How Life Looks Through My ‘Whale Eyes’

What is vision? Seeing is beyond good eyesight. Overcoming the distance between us has relevance.

Vision NYT
Video by James Robinson

Documentary short movie on poor vision difficulty,anxiety, adapting and the need to connect with others. Little moments of connection are beyond seeing "normal".

Opinion | How Life Looks Through My ‘Whale Eyes’ A filmmaker devises a few experiments to help his family experience his disability — and show how a little imagination can make us all more empathetic.

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 03/06/2021

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Glaucoma retinal and vision screening, like diabetic screening is a 20 minute procedure using back-of-the eye photograohy and the customary vision grading systems.
Have this done annually at your Optometrist or Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST.Oaklands.Johannesburg.

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 14/04/2021

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Visibility, class, distinction and vision.
Fine optics & eyewear design curated by Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST. OAKLANDS SHOPPING CENTRE. OAKLANDS. Johannesburg.

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 16/03/2021

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Eye blink for wetting & vision maintenance. And an eye rubb means ?
Lens Fuxi
Eye Test at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST
Oaklands Shopping Center. JOHANNESBURG

__________never forget best vision ____________

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 16/02/2021

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Say,yes to an Eye-Test at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST. Oaklands Shopping Center Johannesburg.

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 06/01/2021

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Vision 2021 & Beyond. Vision of lifestyle & clarity. All ready to service your vision expectations & visual demands. MAURICE OSKOWITZ OPTOMETRIST. Oaklands Johannesburg.

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 08/12/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Blue blocker lenses do relax the eyes with near vision tasks on devices,deskwork & books. The filters do promote wakefulness & ease of concentration. The wakefulness trigger is one reason to avoid using blue blocker lenses just 20 minutes before going to sleep. Blue blocker coatings are available on over the counter readers & all prescription lenses at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST, Oaklands Shopping Centre, Oaklands.Johannesburg.

::Maurice Oskowitz::

COVID-19 06/12/2020


COVID-19 There is no need to panic – 82% of COVID-19 cases are mild: patients only experience a slight fever, fatigue and a cough. Only about 6% of patients need intensive care. The vast majority of people can stay at home and get better without hospital treatment.

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 20/11/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Design multifocal excellence with paired optometric excellence becomes natural.
See you well at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist.Oaklands Shopping Centre.Oaklands.Johannesburg.

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 11/11/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Sunglasses. It's not just glare,UV, contrast and tone. Sunglasses are also mood.Embrace your mood with regular & prescription sunglasses at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist, Oaklands, Johannesburg.

::Maurice Oskowitz::


Needle threading easily accomplished without squinting! But try our finest vision correcting lenses for the other stitching tricks on delightful clip from the fashion district, Johannesburg.

Your vision correction at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST, Oaklands Shopping CentreJohannesburg.

[10/31/20]   Vision comfort custom designed for close e-viewing & regular desk & near demands.

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 13/10/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Tired,sore,red, watery eyes need protection for those #zoom sessions, driving & device viewing challenges. UV antereflection coatings at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist
Oaklands Shopping Centre, Johannesburg

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::Maurice Oskowitz:: 30/09/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Seeing Beyond with precision & safety at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist. Oaklands.Johannesburg.

::Maurice Oskowitz::

[09/30/20]   Vision precision with Colour

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 28/09/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Sunglasses & a hat sensibly protective, enables Vision Comfort and good ocular health. Either with or without prescription your Optometrist will best advise.

::Maurice Oskowitz::

::Maurice Oskowitz:: 25/09/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Frames.Fashion.Style.Sustainability & Craftsmanship at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist

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Vision with precision & safety at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist, Oaklands Johannesburg

[09/04/20]   Visibility remains paramount,not only with fine thin lenses,but gossamer Silhouette frames easily available at Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist. Oaklands Shopping Centre.Johannesburg.

[08/26/20]   Minimal art, maximum vision at Maurice Oskowitz Optometry.
Drivers licence certificates readily available with an 11minute assessment.

[08/04/20]   Seeing matters. Lenses, heart & mind enables vision in front & beyond. 30/07/2020

Choosing The Right Prescription Lenses For Your Eyes | Essilor South Africa Lenses are the most important part of your eyeglasses as they help correct and protect your eyes and provide clear vision. Choose the perfect ones based on your needs and lifestyle. 30/07/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

All sorts of lenses for every viewing task at Maurice Oskowitz OPTOMETRIST

Tired,sore,watery & red eyes. Relief is available with soothing eye-washes & natural eye drops

[06/18/20]   Beyond the blur,beyond uncertainty & fear, vision with good focus will inspire. 01/06/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Eye care. Eyes #safe with sterile brilliant thowaway daily lenses.
Many safe options available at MAURICE OSKOWITZ 26/05/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Normal demand needs a vision care with lenses that relate to a new & developing world.
Be advised in lenses that enhance your vision prowess.
Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist.
Oaklands Shopping Centre .Johannesburg. 16/05/2020

COVID-19 There is no need to panic – 82% of COVID-19 cases are mild: patients only experience a slight fever, fatigue and a cough. Only about 6% of patients need intensive care. The vast majority of people can stay at home and get better without hospital treatment. The most common symptoms are: 15/05/2020

::Maurice Oskowitz::

Eye Emergencies and essential Eyecare services are offered during the current pandemic lockdown level 4. Likewise these Eyecare services will be available over lockdown level 3 to follow in June 2020.

These services include, scratchy, sore,tired,red eyes.
Specs Lenses.Frames. Realignment of buckled bent spec_frames.Contact Lenses.

Call +27 11 7285446
or +27 11 7283961
Voice mail checked daily

Weekend extra emergency #
+27 11 4860861

Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist.

[04/23/20]   Past lockdown the new normal will be enabled by good vision from Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist. Lockdown emergency number +27 11 4860861.

But stay home & safe for now.
Be okay.



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