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Credits BossLife_SA video productions for your business needs
So we are setting a date

19th Nov
Time : 18:30 onwards
Venue : BossLife Business Hub Network 4 Fagan street somerset west Tonis center units 5 n 6

R100 per person
Drinks and finger snacks

Live FB feed for those out of country via BossLife_SA

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Hey There Dabbers 💚🌿

Let's tell you a little bit more about The Boss Life Apparel story

They started with an idea in 2014 to have a brand that represents the aspiring entrepreneurs, they put together the tag line “Embrace The Grind” & called it BossLife_SA as every young aspiring entrepreneur want to feel the real BossLife as they progress on their journey to success.

It took them about two years to launch their apparel line as they needed to ensure that the quality was perfect. If look closely, you may notice a few things with their unique & exclusive brand.

Firstly their logo is a compass, this is due to the fact that all entrepreneurs need some form of direction & the one thing that ENVISIONS that is a compass, hence it being incorporated in their awesome logo. It is slanted at 18-degrees and that gives an indication of the Western Cape Coast Line where this idea was born.

Then the word itself is bold & it stands out from the crowd, just like all young aspiring entrepreneurs should be doing. STAND OUT and make your life amazing by being unique & exclusive in what you set out to do.

The BossLife_SA brand was developed for US. ”Embrace The Grind’ in business, life, gym or whatever it is you set out to do to live your best

Good morning 😇

We all need help sometimes 🤗 if you can help a person,do it 🙏

Do it not for fame but for Blessings ❤️
GOD knows our hearts 🙌

Please stay warm and Safe and let's pray for eachother 🙏 Lots of Love ❤️ MR.B

Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi BossLife_SA BossLife Business Hub Network

Have a Blessed week ahead 😇❤🙏

Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi BossLife_SA Breklundin BossLife Business Hub Network
Good morning everyone 🙏

Let's stand 2gether against Looting and look after eachother's businesses 🙌🤝

Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi BossLife_SA BossLife Business Hub Network

Good morning 😇
Please place your orders early to avoid waiting 🤗

Please have a safe and caring weekend 🙏 Lots of Love ❤️ MR.B

Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi BossLife_SA BossLife Business Hub Network

Good morning every1 😇

Its warm but also cold so pls keep yourself covered and healthy 🙏

Stay Blessed and Positive 🙌
Lots of Love ❤️ MR.B
Put your orders in early to avoid waiting!

Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi BossLife_SA BossLife Business Hub Network
Carelse Contractors - Pty Ltd stepped up again to assist us with the dry walling of our office area, taking just a few days to complete.

Call them for all your home or office renovations or improvements.

Boss Life Apparel BossLife Business Hub Network BossLife_SA

A Massive shout-out to BossLife_SA and their BossLife Business Hub Network for creating this platform for our local businesses and owners.

Like and follow their page to stay updated with their amazing events.

Book an Experience for R100 - Includes Sushi, Premium Coffee and Gin Tasting

Sushi prepared by Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi - so you know it's always gonna be good 😋😋😋

Please share in support of local businesses.

Good evening everyone, did you know that BossLifeSA has been offline & that our online store has not been working?

Did you know why?

Well during the start of 2021 we had reviewed many client requests & reviews, the outcome is the following

New online shop 👍
New retail space 👍
New business hub 👍

Did you know we listened?

Keep watching the progress as we start to show you the reveals to all things new at the BossLife Business Headquarters 👉 coming your way soon ✔️

This is how Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi at The Dabber Cafe is doing it on this Amazing Friday 👍 order 60min in advance ❤🍱
Thank you for referring me to like this awesome page Matlatse Maenetja
Sorry for the late post 🙏
Thank you/Sukran to every1 that came out to The Car Show 2K19 on the 23rd Nov.
Special Thanx to the guys who helped out with the organising:
Superfoto -Somerset Mall
cleankulture_cpt Backyard perfections BossLife_SA Mr.B's Gourmet Sushi Grant Joubert Marais J Productions Neighborhood Watch Grapefruit Event Management -Reece Kombi Hire
Sound by:
Funky J Robin Rezano Cassiem
Prizes by:
Corp -Somerset Mall
Adams -Macassar
Productions & Trophies -Somerset West
-Gordons Bay rd
Active -Sanctuary Mall
Mutual-Somerset Mall
Blues -Gants Centre
Boyz Toyz Clique Cpt
's Photograhy October Smith
And to the most Amazing Food and Toy Vendors,You guys ROCK!!!

BossLife SA the new business hub for all business support, from start-up to fully operational SMEs,


Congratulations to the lucky winner 🏆

Follow BossLife Apparel & Coffee Store

As seen & noted Janine Arendse dropped the messenger first with the right guess on our Sweat Top

Well done on selecting the right guess 📣🥳📣

Your top will be heading your way soon 🔜

Our new range will be available for purchase by the end of August

Stay tuned for what’s coming & amazing launch specials 😉

available with a new look 👀

Congrats to our lucky winner 🏅


Are you ready to see the reveal?
Take your guess now & tell us what color our NEWLOOK sweat top will be ⬇️


Our apparel range is launching something awesome soon 🔜
Check out below 👇


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Some highlights to the 2022/23 season for BLANE Marais

He was selected as MVP 2022 for his school XV team
Blane also made WP XV & WP 7s as well as the Honey Badgers 10s Championship teams in 2022

2023 season sees him extend his junior journey as part of the WPNS squad & 1st XV for Hoërskool Durbanville

We are proud of what he has achieved thus far & would love to see him continue on this passionate pathway to his success

Any donations are welcomed as he already sets his sights on the international playing field

A link to back a buddy has also been shared

These are just some highlights as to what makes him a special player

Nicole Marais

BLANE MARAIS TOUR TO FRANCE :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy 04/07/2023

Our proud moments have come to pass

One of our brand ambassadors is making waves as he sets his sights on the international front

Congratulations on your selection for the touring team to France 2023 for SA squads VKB

We are proud of you & pledge R1000.00 towards your journey

Any business that wants to support this young man’s dream, please do so below 👇

BLANE MARAIS TOUR TO FRANCE :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy To whom it may concern Since the age of 5 Blane just wanted to pick up a rugby ball and run his heart out, he attended a primary school that built the fundamen


As we recall this day of FREEDOM, the question posed “Are we truly FREE”

Remember why we celebrate this public holiday & take our freedom seriously

Make use of what you have today 🙏



There comes a time in your life when even those closest to you will tell you that you can’t make it, there comes a time when those you trust the most will say you are not good enough

Never ever let any one define what is inside of you

There is greatness in all of, we just need to allow ourselves to let it out

From BossLife_SA you are great 🙌


To our lucky raffle winners, congratulations & thank you to everyone for supporting our rising star ⭐️

Any other support & donations are welcomed as we still have a long way to go in raising funds for Blane 🙏

Huge thanks to all 🙏🙏🙏

Chris Arendse - Winner R1000 Hamper
Lydia Adonis - Winner R2000 Hamper


Live draw for Raffle towards our rising ⭐️

Photos from BossLife_SA's post 25/03/2023



Let’s get this stared 🥳🥳🥳🥳


It’s almost time - ⏱️

As part of our support to this young man’s dreams, we will be doing the live draw from our feed tomorrow
TIME - TBA - stay tuned you might be a winner

The draw will have 2 lucky winners announced live on our page with the prizes to be collected

We know that he hasn’t raised all the funds yet, but we are sure that he will make it 🙏🙏🙏

Stay tuned for the draw live tomorrow



In aid of this young man’s dreams, you have the chance to win big
2 raffles
Big value prizes
For only R50/R20

You choose which one you would like or even enter for both, either way, you stand a chance to WIN & help this young man on his way

As many of us know, youngsters today have very limited opportunities & as these chances come, so they go. But without funds, many of our young talents are lost & never get a chance again.

So we are pleading to you, help this young man on his journey to becoming the next big star ⭐️

For more info ℹ️ WhatsApp direct 0734675371
Buy your tickets & stand a chance to win 🥇

Thank you for any donations & all the support given, much appreciated 🙏🙏🙏


A special post going out to our rising star 🙌


We are really proud of the achievements this young man has made this far, his 2022 season was undoubtedly superb

Achievements include:
WP u/18 academy
WP u/17 7s
World champions 10s Winning Junior Team
MVP For 1st XV PV
Vice Captain
MVP for WP u/17-18 tournaments

Blane has really done the brand & his school, family & friends proud

2023 is a great new start for his Post year & Durbanville High has scooped him for a full season, but he needs much support as touring & equipment is expensive

This is a plea to anyone that would like to contribute in any way to his bright future to make contact with us & let us know what you can help with

Thanks to everyone that has been part of his amazing journey, but it’s just the beginning 🙏🙏🙏

Send a message to learn more


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Has there been progress towards your 2023 Goals?


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It’s about building 2023


Sharing fresh start stories today 👇

Would you like to share what’s transpired in the first 2 weeks of 2023?
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Let’s get the changes happening 👇


Let’s get the changes happening 👇


What would you pay for great ideas & strategies 👇


Are you taking ideas seriously this year?


If we had some brilliant ideas available, what would you pay for them?


How do you feel about ideas?


Boss motivation starting this week just right 👇


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Let’s just say wow

Cars & art 2022 was amazing

Thanks to everyone that was part of the event, from planning, to running the day ⬇️

Let’s salute the teams & peeps involved
Aiden Taillard
YQ 4 Hope
J1 Auto SA
Team BossLife SA

Till next year 🥳



Grab a premium bag of BossLife Coffee from one of our local suppliers & get your very own taste in the comfort of your own home

Check out the feature vid below, Feel free to Like & Share your thoughts on it too ⬇️


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Latest just in - OUR COFFEE IS IN STORE ☕️⬇️

Grab our premium coffee available bagged just for you

details linked below

Our latest update - COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE

We are happy to announce our premium coffee is now available at SSS fabrics at the interchange next to Builders Warehouse Somerset west

Stop by & have a chat to the staff & get a bag of our premium stuff 🙌

Tastings coming soon so that you can have the experience of “Tasting your Success “

BossLife Premium coffee ☕️


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On the 25th of June 2022, Aiden Taillard with YQ 4 Hope and BossLife_SA is hosting a car and art event at YQ 4 Hope . Classic and exotic cars will be on show with the original artwork of Aiden Taillard Art. The event will start at 10:00 the Saturday morning. We welcome all car clubs and car enthusiasts to come and support a local business that will be displaying their services with lovely halaal foods. Kiddies are welcome.

Entry Fee: R25 pp, this will automatically enter you in a prize draw.
Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Address: 56 Viben Ave, Brackenfell Industrial, Cape Town, 7560

Contact details
Aiden Taillard Call: 0710597444 Email: [email protected]

All COVID protocols will be observed.


Business update for with Jean-Pierre Marais ⬇️


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Photos from BossLife_SA's post 13/04/2022

- BossLife Business

Are you not sure which way your marketing is going? Do you want to gain some form of content to put out & have potential clients see your business?

Take a look at a request & see what was created

It’s about knowing our clients & making sure we meet their needs

⬇️ DM or comment if you want something like this for your business


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The BossLife Story

Starting out with an idea in 2014 to have a brand that represents the aspiring entrepreneur, we put together the tag line “Embrace The Grind” & called it BossLife as every young aspiring entrepreneur wants to feel the real boss life as they progress on their journey to success.

We took about two years to launch as we needed to ensure that quality was met as the brand took shape, you might notice a few things with this unique & exclusive brand.

Firstly we use the logo as a compass, this is pure to the fact that all entrepreneurs need some form of direction & the one thing that does that is a compass, hence it being incorporated in the amazing logo we have, slanted at 18deg it gives an indication of the western cape coast line where this idea was born.

Then the word itself is bold & stands out from the crowd, just like you young aspiring entrepreneurs should be doing, stand out & make your life amazing by being unique & exclusive in what you set out to do.

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