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Videos by Smart Paws Academy in George. A dog training and socialisation academy focusing on obedience, tricks, puppy classes & Agility.

Duke the Bullterrier at agility class!

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Duke the Bullterrier at agility class!

Rehomed! Jasper is looking for an active home with people that love to go walking and that are willing to train him. He is a sweet dog and is very attentive. He has done a few obedience lessons and responded very well. His eldery owners just can't keep up with a 9 month German Shepherd. If interested please whatsapp me on 078 192 3963.

Satchmo, the Ridgeback, working on his jumping skills.

Willow this morning waving hello! I think this is her favourite trick to do.

Nova, from our advanced class, fetching a non-toy item. In this case an empty plastic bottle.

This afternoon in advanced class working on retrieving dumbbells.

Dougal's formal fetch. A couple of months ago, Dougal didn't even want to fetch a ball. And now he brings back a dumbell in style.

Zohar waving hello, this morning at our Wilderness class. His owner Luami is doing a fabulous job with him!

Skye having freedom to run free with a reliable recall! With commitment and the correct training process, her recall is brilliant. We are still careful not to let her off with too many distractions around. We will still work through different scenarios with her. Huskies are known to be difficult to train and to not have a good recall. If this Husky can do it, any dog can!

Skye after only two weeks in her new home. This was her first time doing a whole obstacle course. She was also off lead working through the course with her handler.

Skye the Husky puppy, doing a fantastic recall at the park today! Her owner Sean is doing a fantastic job with recall training and practices everyday. It's important to be persistent and consistent with training. In only two weeks, Skye has a steady recall and is basically crate trained. If a Husky can do it, any breed can do it!

Skye at training this afternoon. Introducing the tunnel for the first time. I think she likes it! She is a brilliant little dog and so eager.

Skye has been progressing so well this last week! Today we gave her a little bit more freedom, but kept the long line attached in case she decides to bolt. Like many Huskies tend to do! She was fantastic. Kept following us and still responding speedily to her name.

We are going to document Skye's training journey for you to follow! Skye is a 5 month old Siberian Husky that was surrendered and adopted by Jules and Sean Snyman only a couple of days ago. Skye has no previous socialisation or training and everything is still very new to her. In the video below we are demonstrating one of the first steps to recall. We put her on a long line and reward her for responding to her name with high value treats. We also allowed her to venture out after getting the reward. It is important not to always grab them and put them back on a short lead, otherwise your dog will predict "end of fun" and will be hesitant to come back 100%.

Satchmo working on the "place" command. I think he understood the assignment?! Teaching place is very useful when you want to send your dog to a bed to settle, work on boundaries or to work on commands from a distance.

Today in advanced class - Dougal doing a fabulous job putting his ball in the bucket. Clever boy!

Wilderness shenanigans! Our students teaching their dogs the leg weave. Thank you Sigi for the video.

Working on the place command with Willow this morning.

Who says you can't train a Bullterrier? When Duke started he had no interest in learning. He was very distracted and not motivated for the reward. With persistence and happy - short sessions, Duke can't keep his eyes off his owner. He enjoys doing tricks and running through the obstacle course.

Little Feebee at her first puppy training session.