Masthead Financial Planning

Masthead Financial Planning

Specialist in the following:
Life Insurance
Short-Term Insurance (Personal and Business)
Medical Schemes
Employer Fund Benefits.

1. Represent most if not all of the Life Insurance companies.
2. Represent most of the Short-Term companies.
3. Can invest directly into the Unit Trust and or tracker funds plus on any of the platforms from the insurance houses.
4. Represent most of the medical Aid companies or can make referrals for them to contact the client directly.
5. Pension and/or provident funds with the benefits for corporate or private clients.

Operating as usual

[08/18/20]   I closed & moved my office, working from home now. 09/10/2019

South Africa On The Brink Of Economic Collapse - Rand Rescue South African Economy In A Downward Spiral Much has happened in the past few months — both locally and internationally — to send the South African economy on a tailspin. For our expats living abroad or those contemplating relocation, there’s never been a more crucial time to consider your opti... 26/09/2019

SA taxpayers are among the highly taxed in the world - and it could get worse Economists say we will most likely see an increase in personal tax and the fuel levy, as government tries to ramp up tax collection. They say government is running out of options to raise money aft 26/09/2019

Retire at 55 and live to 80; work till you're 65 and die at 67. Startling new data shows how work pounds older bodies. - Here’s a very sobering piece from Alec Riddle who looks at the relationship between how long you work and how long you’re likely to enjoy your retirement. 18/09/2019

Rising risk sees board members of state-owned short-term insurer Sasria resign The statement by Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni did not explain the reasons for the resignations, but highlighted the increasing risk in Sasria's operations.


NGV Deel 1: Potensiële ekonomiese ramp vir Suid-Afrika | Mike Schüssler

#JouGeldJouGesondheid Potensiële ekonomiese ramp vir Suid-Afrika - Mike Schüssler Wys jou ontevredenheid met NGV deur AfriForum se kommentaar aan die parleme... 08/09/2019

Bad spending habits that rich people always avoid After studying hundreds of people both rich and poor, an expert says these are the bad spending habits that rich people always avoid. 04/09/2019

South Africa’s tax base is shrinking A declining number of South African taxpayers will be expected to fork out more as government introduces new initiatives such as the new National Health Insurance. 04/09/2019

SA lost 83 000 companies in the financial & business sector in 10 years Johannes [email protected] @johannesEOSA1 The landscape of incorporated South Africa in the financial and business services sector has changed dramatically: in 2007 a total of 222 532 companies in this sect… 04/09/2019

My parents paid for my college and were happy to do it, but after talking to them I'm resolved not to do the same for my kids Because I didn't pay for college, I didn't value school like I should have. I slacked off, my grades dropped, and I didn't go to class. 02/09/2019

Capitec ranked 1st in SA, 3rd in world - global banking study For the third year in a row, Capitec Bank was ranked the top South African bank in the Lafferty global rankings and came in third overall in the world. 29/08/2019

A financial planner says there's a 'huge opportunity' for new investors to make money during a recession, as long as they're patient A recession is a good time to invest in the stock market, especially if you have decades to go before you need the money in retirement. 29/08/2019

'Big Short' investor Michael Burry predicted the housing crisis. Now he's calling passive investment a 'bubble.' Investor Michael Burry rose to fame by shorting mortgage securities ahead of the 2008 housing meltdown. His wager was heavily featured in Michael Lewis' b... 29/08/2019

Warren Buffett's record $122 billion cash pile could be a sign that a stock-market crash is right around the corner The last time Berkshire Hathaway held this much cash as a percentage of its portfolio, the financial crisis was about to hit.


Tax Revolt SA

The South African Tax payer, it appears has been left out of all consideration, for 24 years our Tax money has been abused misused and stolen. It has created a "fat cat" political elite and nothing else!

67% of all our taxes is being spent purely on government wage bill, social grants, other grants, municipal subsidies and parastatals, a further 10% on debt servicing. Less than 23% of our taxes has any benefit to the tax payer.

In addition to income tax, New Taxes since 1994

Building Permit Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporation Tax
Fishing Licence Tax
Food Licence Tax
Fuel LicenceTax
Fuel Levy
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Hunting Licence Tax
Luxury Tax
Property Tax
Service charge taxes
Capital gains Tax
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax
Local Tax
Vehicle Licence Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Not one of these taxes existed 20 years ago... 25/08/2019

SA's new driving demerit system threatens insurance industry The new demerit system for SA road users has good intentions, but it can also pose a significant threat to the insurance industry. 25/08/2019

“Sad day for Namibia,” Schlettwein reacts to GIPF's lost N$600m - The Namibian FINANCE minister Calle Schlettwein said it's a sad day for Namibia that N$600 million from the state pension fund is reportedly lost. 25/08/2019

A R25bn horror as Ghana's investors can’t get their savings As much as 5 billion cedis is tied up in unlisted bonds, direct private-equity stakes and other deals with small- and medium-sized businesses, according to the SEC. 22/08/2019

The expense triangle of doom Aiming for financial independence and early retirement? Minimise the 'Big 3' expenses. 22/08/2019

Life after Google: Prepare to witness the fall of a titan Apple, Facebook and Google are dinosaurs in the world of blockchain, says author George Gilder. 07/08/2019

Rand shoots past R15 to the dollar After hitting a high of R14.85/$ earlier today, the rand has subsequently lost some 1.3% to trade around R15.12/$. 06/08/2019

Dawie Roodt: ‘Onnoselheid en kripvretery eindig altyd dieselfde’ | Maroela Media Die verstommende vlakke wat korrupsie en plundering in ons land bereik het, is sonder twyfel die rede hoekom die meeste Suid-Afrikaners tans so desperaat voel, skryf Dawie Roodt. 02/08/2019

Discovery Bank has quietly launched a new version of its app – and users hate it Over 154 comments have been left on the Google Play store listing for the banking app, with consumers giving it an average rating of just 2.2 out of 5. 31/07/2019

Foreign investors ditch South Africa Foreign investors are selling off South African bonds and equities at the fastest pace on record to the tune of R70-billion. 30/07/2019

SA unemployment rate increases to 29% in second quarter South Africa's unemployment rate has increased by 1.4% in the second quarter of 2019 to 29%, according to data released by Statistics South Africa. 25/07/2019

These 3 graphs show why analysts think the rand could crash to R20 to the dollar Currency experts are warning that the rand could hit as high as R20/dollar next year. 22/07/2019

Capital flight: SA property companies invest billions more offshore Some R68bn in 2018 alone. And international investors are also betting on other markets. 21/06/2019

Only 19 local equity funds have beaten inflation over five years Dividend funds show particular resilience.


Naked Insurance

"So what's the deal with no claim bonuses?" Listen to Ernest North answer this and other questions, highlighting things to keep in mind when deciding whether you should claim for small damage, live on eNCAnews

Full interview at 12/02/2019

Eskom — the terrorist attack from within The battle for Eskom is the battle for South Africa.

[09/19/18]   Good morning

Trust that you are well and hope you enjoy the quick read:

The idea of the below is to try and give an idea of the economic stress and pain the country is feeling.

As of 1 July the population in S.A (rank 25th / 238) is estimated at 57.7 million placing the population growth at 1,55%

What factors drove this?

Immigration: 17% of population growth was due to immigration – That is 23 immigrants per hour!

Becoming more diverse and cosmopolitan , could lead to more violent xenophobic outbursts.

Mortality: The current infant mortality is at 36,4 per 1000 births , this figure 16 years ago was 53,2. That’s a 32.6% decrease!

Life expectancy: Life expectancy for males is currently at 61.1 years (over ten years this is an increase of 13,6%) and females at 67.3 years (over ten years this is an increase of 15.83%)

Fertility rate: The main driver of population growth in S.A. This number has declined by 62,5% since 1950 and is currently at 2,4 children per woman. The rate at which economies population remains constant is 2,33 children per woman , so S.A growth rate should be low ,but the above mentioned factors pushes it up.

A demographic recession is when population growth is slower than the economic growth. To maintain income levels, the economy should at least grow at the pace of the population. In the past 70 years S.A has been producing per capita income growth of 1,2% ,to produce this S.A will need and economic growth of almost 3%

This year will mark the fourth year of demographic recession ,and explains to an extent the pain that the middle and lower income is going through.

Points in summary:

● The decline in the fertility rate demolishes the argument that social grants encourage more births. Fertility has declined despite the massive increase in social grants. Clearly something else is at work. Urbanisation; access to basic education, medical services, and the labour market; and changing perceptions about work, women and their place in society all play a role.

● Immigration now makes up 17% (or one in six people) of South Africa’s population growth. Like other countries, we will have to get better at absorbing and integrating foreigners.

● Mortality rates have improved across the board, resulting in considerably longer life expectancies.

● South Africa is now in the fourth year of a ‘demographic recession’ – per capita incomes are lower than they were in 2014.

● About 43% of South Africans between the ages of 15 and 64 are working, 24% are unemployed or discouraged work seekers, and 34% are not economically active. Clearly the 43% group must get bigger.

This indicates the importance of economic growth in S.A! (Source: Nedbank)

Hope you have a great day


Gabriel Botha |CIPM, CFP® 21/03/2018

Dell fined R100 000 by FSB | IOL Personal Finance Computer company sold insurance policies without authorisation. 16/03/2018

Regulator warns SA public against 3 unregistered financial entities The Financial Services Board has warned that three unregistered institutions are masquerading as registered financial service providers.


Santam Insurance

In a world where things go wrong, choose the insurer that makes it right



Views from STANLIB Fixed Income

Dear adviser

South Africa’s economic history since 1994 when the country first asked global ratings agencies to provide analysis can be seen in two phases. The first phase, from 1994 to 2012 was an 18-year period of systematic improvement, including among other things lower unemployment, strong foreign exchange reserves and controlled inflation.

Few economic indicators were deteriorating and this reflected in the country’s credit ratings that increased nine times across all the three ratings agencies to reach a peak of A3 in 2009.

In 2012, the country was downgraded for the first time in its history. And in the five years since, has been systematically downgraded nine times across all agencies, excluding the fourth quarter of this year.

Click here to view

In a credit ratings review announcement on Thursday 23 November, Fitch held South Africa’s credit rating unchanged at BB+ (sub-investment grade) with a stable outlook.

Ratings reviews issued on Friday 24 November saw S&P downgrade South Africa SA’s local currency to BB+ (sub-investment grade) from BBB- (investment grade) and its foreign currency rating to BB, sub-investment grade, from BB+, also sub-investment grade.

Moody’s held South Africa’s credit rating unchanged at Baa3, still investment grade, but on review for a downgrade.

South Africa now fails to meet the requirements for inclusion in the Barclays Global Aggregate Index but retains its position in the Citibank World Government Bond Index (WGBI), of which it accounts for 0.45%.

How does SA’s credit rating downgrade affect STANLIB’s fixed income portfolios?

Leading up to Friday’s review announcement by both ratings agencies, the STANLIB Fixed Income team has been carefully analysing market movements and sentiment with the aim of identifying to what extent a credit downgrade was already priced into the market.

One of the key levers in our portfolios is how we are positioned on the interest rate curve. We have been cautiously invested on the short- to middle-end of the curve where yield expectations are more certain than on the longer end of the curve.

Within our portfolios, we have executed short-term opportunistic trades based on market mispricing and movements. By being readily armed with our views heading into the review announcements and executing our ideas quickly we have added to performance in the portfolios.

Our attention now turns towards the ANC elective conference and the potential for a sea-change in ANC leadership. Over the short-term, such a sea-change would be immensely positive for the country and bond yields.

Post the December ANC elective conference, we are turning our attention to the longer-term economic landscape. We are monitoring key indicators, including the State of the Nation Address on 9 February 2018. The finance minister’s budget speech due to take place on 21 February 2018 is another key indicator as it will give a clearer indication of how the country will fund its deficit and whether there is clear commitment to instilling growth policies to drive economic recovery.

These and other factors will be used to position the portfolio appropriately for the longer term using our core levers of duration, credit, the interest rate curve, and relative value.

What does the downgrade mean for ordinary South Africans?

Over the short-term, ordinary South Africans won’t feel the immediate impact of a credit downgrade, other than if the rand weakens. Over the longer term there will be a number of possible impacts including higher interest rates, higher inflation, currency weakness and additional budget constraints.

South Africa’s downgrade means that all future borrowing goes up. Government’s interest rate bill on debt goes up, which means more revenue spent on servicing debt and less revenue available for social security payments, healthcare, education, infrastructure protects etc.

To keep attracting foreign investors and in the absence of any credible growth plan, SA will need to keep interest rates attractive, meaning generally higher interests, which in itself will be negative for economic growth.

Any imported goods will become more expensive, including fuel, clothes and electronics. This means higher inflation, which will be an extra load on consumers who will primarily experience it through higher costs of living.

How does the downgrade affect the currency?

There are multiple factors that affect the exchange rate. Despite South Africa’s credit downgrade, foreign investors may still see value in the bond market. There are numerous global emerging market managers who are mandated to invest in emerging markets, including the likes of Brazil, which is two notches below junk status.

In this respect, the reaction from a downgrade could be surprisingly neutral. Global emerging market investors will be measuring SA bond yields relative to other emerging markets. And will be looking to determine whether the currency is going to weaken significantly. On a relative basis, the rand is already undervalued so some global investors may feel that the risk of significant further weakening is limited.


Henk Viljoen
Co-head STANLIB Fixed Income

Victor Mphaphuli
Co-head STANLIB Fixed Income

Copyright © STANLIB is a licensed financial services provider. A multi-specialist investment company across nine African countries. To find out more about our investment offering for retail, institutional and global investors, please visit our website: STANLIB has a proud record of being one of the top investment managers in South Africa. We offer a range of investment solutions to both individuals and institutions.



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