Angelo Muller aka MR K.Y.L

Angelo Muller aka MR K.Y.L


Keeping it fresh on a Saturday working day with my keep it lekka tee 🖤💃
-Remember To Keep You Lekke.❤💃🏼
Angelo Muller
Keep you lekke 💃💃💃
Keep yoou lekke, lekke entertainment hiesa👍🤙😂🤣
I just met Angelo Muller, he is awesome. 😊❤️
# Keep U Lekke💗💃🏼.

@Jacob's Twins😁❤.
Neef man wa x nou😘😘

Keep you Lekke is a brand founded by Angelo Muller,Hosting his own show called #TheLekkeLiveVibe

Operating as usual

Photos from Angelo Muller aka MR K.Y.L's post 08/10/2021

*Mask Giveaway.
*Note:You can choose either one.

Enter by doing the following:
*follow the page.
*tag 3friends in the comment section(more tags the better your chance)
*share this post

Winner will be announced 16th October 2021

Let’s go y’all


New font and pink colour available🕺🕺

New font and pink colour available🕺🕺

[10/01/21]   Happy Friday everybody,have a lekke weekend and be safe🕺🕺

[09/23/21]   Happy long weekend y’all,do enjoy and be safe…🕺🎶🥃

[09/18/21]   See you live in a few minutes 🕺

[09/15/21]   I see there’s a dance compilation of that song,didn’t even know 😂well I do my own moves lol you gotta be in tune with the song🕺


When last did I dance 🕺

[09/11/21]   How’s y’all weekend so far? Enjoy the weekend and be safe❤️

[09/09/21]   It’s not what you say,it’s how you say it.


[09/08/21]   Live just after 8 pm🕺🎶

[09/01/21]   I’ve been way to quiet….how’s my people doing?? ❤️

[08/18/21]   Mr K.Y.L will be back the 4 of September with his show #TheLekkeLiveVibe🕺sorry for the delay y’all,much love❤️until then keep you lekke and stay safe!!❤️🕺🎶


It’s a K.Y.L thing 🕺

It’s a K.Y.L thing 🕺


*alert….K.Y.L embroidered cap

*alert….K.Y.L embroidered cap


To all of you❤️

To all of you❤️

Photos from Angelo Muller aka MR K.Y.L's post 05/08/2021

Yo yo guys….Who would be so kind to share this post…can 10 people do that? Let’s see guys I need more people to tune in for the show🕺.


Mr K.Y.L himself hope that everyone has a lekke weekend and be safe.

Mr K.Y.L himself hope that everyone has a lekke weekend and be safe.

Photos from Angelo Muller aka MR K.Y.L's post 25/07/2021

Safety first.

[06/19/21]   Yo yo guys what’s up….? Hope everyone will have a Lekke weekend,be safe 😷

[06/16/21]   Rastafarian
George B
Mossel bay B
Bracelets & necklaces launching tomorrow morning at 10am
K.Y.L in collaboration with Kaybeads.
Kayree Kamilah Agulhas

[06/05/21]   Happy weekend y’all,unfortunately I won’t be able to do the show tonight cause of load shedding.

[05/25/21]   Someone asked me:do you just play music for the fun of it?
My response:No I don’t.I prepare for the show before the time and also what I’m gonna say and when….I don’t just play any kind of music,I play music that makes the vibe lekke yet also that has meaning and that the audience can enjoy and dance to as well.🕺

*see y’all this coming Saturday at 8:30pm


Good morning,have a great day ❤️

[05/09/21]   Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommies out there,hope you enjoy your day.❤️


[05/06/21]   Morning everybody….hope all is good and well. I’ll be back soon with the show🕺🎶
Stay safe.

[04/23/21]   Happy Friday everybody.
Have a lekke weekend and be safe


Sweep in front of your own door.


The competition
Songs that gets muted

[04/14/21]   Thought I try something different on the page y’all....I’m not one to make videos of me talking about certain things,thought I give it a try.


Stop telling people every little thing.
Comment your thoughts about this topic.

[04/13/21]   Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and followers.❤️
Be safe ❤️

[04/10/21]   You know it’s Saturday and that means it’s #TheLekkeLiveVibe tonight at’s amapiano tonight y’all 🕺 who’s ready 🕺🎶

[04/09/21]   Why don’t these publications write about people that’s actually making a difference,or social media influencers that go out their way in doing something positive,instead of writing about someone who makes stupid videos and makes fun of other people!!!

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