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Photos from Subaru George's post 26/02/2021

Would you like to protect your engine sump? At Subaru George we have the right solution for you. Protect you engine with our custom made sump guard for your Subaru Forester S11, contact us at Subaru George, 2 Foundry Street, George Industria. Tel: 0448734044 Email: [email protected]
We can custom make sump guard for other makes and models.


2005 Subaru Forester turbo manual. Absolutely immaculate. Serviced by ourselves every year. 65000 kms only. A rare vehicle. Tyres good. The owner has deceased but the care give to this car is still apparent. Silver colour. Good canvas seat covers all round so the seats themselves haven't been sat on. R110,000-00


Please note that we are entering a very bureaucratic age where management is carried out by systems. This means that line managers have a lot of rules to follow and cannot make individual judgements alone. Every decision is recorded somewhere for all to see and has to be ratified.

The one thing that is looked at for any goodwill claim is the service record. There is a major benefit if all the services are done within the Subaru network.

There is a warranty on all genuine parts but the warranty is carefully looked at for defective workmanship if fitted by a non Subaru workshop.

Any modification to the car will void any future goodwill claims or warranties. You're basically on your own.

Subaru George's repair and servicing costs are very reasonable and we look forward to looking after your Subaru in 2020.


Safe and happy miles in your new Subaru XV 2.0i-S ES CVT Mrs Rene Carvalho .

Photos from Subaru George's post 04/06/2019

2018 Subaru Outback 3.6RS-ES CVT
Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive . 3.6 l Boxer 6 sil engen . 191 kw/6000 rpm . Torque : 350 Nm@ 4400 rpm . Ground clearance 213 mm . Towing capacity (with trailer brakes ) 1800 kg . 5-Star safety rating . Blind spot detection , lane change assist . rear trafic alert , reverse + side and front camera . SatNav . Power tail gate . Bluetooth hands free . 12x Hardom Kardon speakers .Sunroof . Leather interior . Warranty : balance 5yrs/150 000 km . Maintenance plan : balance 3yrs/75 000 km . Mileage : 18900 km
Now Only R 565 000
Tel : 044-8734093

Photos from Subaru George's post 16/05/2019

We recently changed Matthys's existing Subaru Forester for a new 2 litre version. Subaru sponser his team with vehicles and Subaru want him to drive the latest vehicle.

We decided to hand over the vehicle in a picturesque area on the edge of town in George.The mountain backdrop is very impressive and recovering from the fires, as everything does eventually.

The photo with three people consists of Matthys on the left looking super fit with perfect body mass index. In the middle the old man is me, Aivars Priede the Subaru George GM and on the right Riaan Barnard whose BMI needs a bit of adjusting.

The photo with two people is supposed to be the Subaru sales manager Marcel du Plessis handing over the keys but it appears he's trying to grab them back!

Riaan Barnard has established almost single handedly, a mountain bike track in Van Riebeck park in George. The track has developed in such a short time to be capable of training competitive cyclists events. The track is in such a secure and safe environment (also near the hospital and Medi Clinic) that youngsters can now be introduced to the sport at a young age and who can imagine what they will achieve given an early start. Matthys, look out.

Riaan's ambitions for the track run ahead of what is allowed so much credit must be given to the George Municipality, the local residents and the Park commitee
for trying to keep up with regarding permissions etc.

Cycling with its disciplines produces real gentlemen and Matthys and Riaan are fine examples.

Photos from Subaru George's post 14/05/2019

Subaru Forester 2.0i-S ES now in stock
5 Year / 150 000 km Warranty , 3 Year / 75 000 km Maintenance plan .
Only R 509 000
Book your test drive today : 044-8734093
Symmetrical all wheel drive . 220mm Ground clearance . SATNAV . Touch screen infotainment with Apple Car Play & Android auto . Harmon Kardon speaker system . Eyesight driver assist technology . Reverse automatic breaking .Side view and reverse camera . Sunroof . Back seat USB charging points . 5 - Star safety rating .


The question in the accompanying attachment was presented to final year students in their exams. It was worth 20% but was a do or die question. The student who was sure of his principles scored a quick bonus.

Obviously, this question was a one time event and could not or never was repeated. It would be a free 20% ever after.

The fact is energy cannot be created no destroyed. Power is the rate of providing energy rather than a lump sum which a Joule is (or calorie)

So if you have a super dooper 300 kw car and want to experience 300 kw, you have to find somewhere to dump the 300 kw, basically to the atmosphere in the form of drag, rolling resistance etc.

But at 300 kw don't pretend you will get 10 kms per litre as the sticker in the window says. Kw's requires fuel so 3 kms per litre would be the norm.

Nowadays, car manufacturers give out very few details about engines except maximum power, maximum torque and the 0 to 100 kms /hr time.

What is of interest is the unrestricted maximum speed so that the resistance to motion and hence real life fuel consumption can be worked out.

There was also a figure which used to be given out called BMEP (brake mean effective pressure ) which gave a good idea of the state of tune of a car. Turbo cars have a high BMEP so can be considered highly tuned.

Finally, instead of the 0 to 100 time, the standing quarter mile gave a better indication of true acceleration in relation to distance and a better idea what the torque curve looked like. Peak torque is meaningless really.


Congratulations Mr Johan Ferreira on your Subaru XV 2.0i-S ES CVT . Many safe and happy miles .


I've been checking how many articles written by motoring journos mention the test car being underpowered, and its many. However, this weekend in the Sunday times a 1 litre turbo car was deemed to have enough power. Turbos always deceive by the nature of their power delivery to be more powerful than they actually are.

However, it was mentioned that the car had torque of 172 Nm from 1500 rpm to 4000 rpm. Power can't be measured directly but can be derived from a torque reading.

The Nm means a force at 1 metre distance from the centre of the shaft. So the point at which the torque force is measured travels a distance of 2x pi = 6.283 metres for one revolution.

Power is energy per second. Energy is "force X distance" so the 172 N has traveled 6.283 metres in 1 revolution. However, it does 66 revs sec at 4000 rpm so it has traveled at a rate of 414 metres/sec.

Multiply this by the torque, 172N and you get 71.32 KW.

So at 4000 rpm, it can supply 71.32 KW.

similarly, at 1500 rpm it can supply 27 KW.

KW is directly responsible for fuel usage so cut revs and save fuel.


The mountain bike track in Van Riebeck Park is developing organically. Paths that were the home of vagrants have been cleaned and now provide a superb training facility.

True to form, mountain bikers have put all sorts of obstacles in the paths so they can launch themselves in the air. Now that the evenings have drawn in, they are riding at night. The Hill Billies do laps of the circuit on one Tuesday every month and with the bike head lights, it is a truly impressive sight.

One can see them struggling on the paths if one walks along the river. There are loops that allows the cylclists to swoop down to the river level at speed, negotiate a banked bend and struggle back up to the contour path again. You get a close look at the bikes and feel the energy being expended.

I sincerely hope that Riaan Barnard ,his team and the municipality do not lose interest in this project and that George can produce some truly great cyclists using this facility.

Photos from Subaru George's post 09/04/2019

Subaru George has finally had the opportunity of opening a CVT gearbox. This box was damaged by aftermarket dealers neglecting to service the front differential which is seperate to the cvt box but within the same casing.

I have appended pictures of the components from the box and from them you can see this box is certainly not a toy. It is a piece of high tech design and manufacture. The quality of the machining is of the highest standard and very easy on the eye. They are items of real beauty.

The drive belt is of steel and has a very high transmission efficiency, close to 100%. The transmission is by friction which is a real and much misunderstood force. All gearboxes have clutches which work by friction so having a belt which works by friction is no great departure from the norm.

However, in the total absence of gears, there are no clutches to engage and disengage so the crucial point where a clutch can fail, ie on engagement when there is a period of sliding friction (as opposed to static friction) is absent.

There are clutches for reverse, 4x4 control and lock up of the torque converter. But once the drive is going, the belt pulley system does all the work seamlessly. You can see by the way Neil has trouble holding up the pulley, they are quite substantial units.

Photos from Subaru George's post 08/04/2019

EASTER IS ON US . Share our Subaru safety . Test drive our new Subaru XV 2.0i-S ES CVT with 5-Star ANCAP safety rating .
From : R 459 000
Tel : 044-8734093

The Subaru XV is a smaller, more intimate version of the re-known Forester.

It has a 2 litre quad cam, chain drive direct injection boxer engine linked to a CVT gearbox with a paddle shift option.

However, most people are interested in the dynamic performance and as the recognised industry standard in this regard, it is often forgotten that the Subaru now has a high level of equipment.

Incidently, Subaru is the biggest manufacturer of 4x4 vehicles in the world so it must know something about making them.

The XV premium we have on special offer has the following equipment:-

i) Sat Nav
ii) Voice activated radio courtesy of SIRI
iii) Leather seats with red stitching
iv) Sun roof
v) Eye sight safety system for emergency braking and lane departure warning.\
vi) Adaptable cruise control, it maintains a constant distance set by the driver to the car in front.
vii) Blind spot radar. There is a warning light on the side mirror which lights up when especially a motor bike hides in your blind spot, their favourite position prior to giving you a fright.
viii) X mode, for use off road when all hope is lost.
ix) Trip computer
x) Reverse camera
xi) Automatic reverse braking.
xii) Rain sensor for the wipers and head lights.
xiii) Electric folding mirrors.
xiv) Finally, for some reason the VX's have incredibly low tyre wear and we are getting over 75000 kms per set, in some cases up to 100,000 kms.

It doesn't have electric seats which is a bit of an omission but livable.


I have been going on to the point of boring everyone about the hidden qualities in a Subaru which go largely unheralded. I was aware for some time that the valve seat inserts used in a Subaru are extremely hard and difficult to cut when resealing.

I wrote earlier that the valves were black and nitrided, a hardening process using nitrogen. In this I was wrong.

By chance I was playing with a magnet on a valve and found that the valve was made of two halves. The head is made of a special alloy and is very hard and has many other heat related properties.

The shaft is of mild steel so that it slides nicely and is complementary to the valve guide, ie doesnt wear it out. The two bits of metal are welded together using a friction weld. Have a look at Reg playing with the valve using a magnet. The point of the join is obvious.

There is no need to use such high quality parts unless you care about the product in depth and Subaru engineers do.


All new Subaru Forester come's with 5 year / 150 000 km warranty . From R 438 000 - R 509 000 .
Book your test drive today .

Physics experiment -Ball rolling down curved and straight ramp 14/03/2019

This is a very good experiment which shows that the 0 to 100 kms/hr time is pointless to a degree. The shape of the acceleration dictates how far down the road you are. In the experiment, the energy is the same for all three balls, force times distance, but the initially faster accelerating ball gets down quicker. This is why turbo lag is such a killer though once its accelerating, progress feels rapid.

A better indication of performance is the standing 1/4 mile.

Physics experiment -Ball rolling down curved and straight ramp


I took an old H6 Outback to Cape Town last week. It was glorious to drive until the jockey pulley broke and snapped the auxiliary belt.

This happened late at night so after a night in the car I managed to get a belt which went around the alternator and the AC pulley so there was no power steering.

Tight turns, especially in the traffic of Cape Town was hard and I have the start of blisters to prove it. But the open road was a revelation. With no power assistance, I could feel everything the tyres were doing. I could guide the car confidently through bends and was very aware of the load on them.

All this assistance makes for a quiet, relaxing drive but prevents you being able to communicate with the car and drive it as an extension of yourself.

My favourite Sunday Newspaper motoring journalist again found another car short of power. I am interested to find out which car will have enough for him.

Max power is only to do with top speed being force x velocity. A jumbo jet standing still on a runway with its engines on full blast is producing no power at all, only thrust (ie force). A car is pushed along by force, the friction force between the road and tyre. Acceleration is force divided by mass. Double the force or halve the mass, you get the same result, twice the acceleration.


A well known Sunday newspaper motoring journalist liked the new Subaru Forester but said the engine was under powered and puny.

I think with only 1000 kms on the clock, he should have realised that the engine would not be run in and that he would only be able to give an opinion on the power output when he gets a long term test car with a few kms on the clock.

The truth is the engine is not puny. It is very strong and with outputs of 115 kw and 196 Nm of torque spread over a wide rev range, it is powerful.

What throws people is that the engine today has responsibilities to the environment and because these cars are sold in USA, average fleet fuel consumption. They mostly are sold with a CVT gearbox which have an infinite number of ratios. There are no discernible gear changes and the gearbox continues to power all the time. It has no rest periods to change gears.

The engine can thus be optimised to give the best all round performance. The vehicle can accelerate with the engine revs staying constant and the gearbox ratios

I have a couple of illustrations which who how performance figures can be misleading.

A long time ago SAAB wanted to sell more automatics so they invited 20 people to see if they could accelerate a manual car faster than the auto. Only one person managed, a police driver who really mashed the gears. Automatics supposedly sap power but you really have to work hard to get it.

When Ferrari replaced the Daytona with BB12, the Daytona did the 0 to 100 dash faster. The engine and gearing were such that it managed it all in one gear, obviating the need for a gear change that the BB12 needed. In a real road situation, the BB12 was faster.

Journalists couldn't match the acceleration time of a Mustang because to get the advertised figure, the engine had to be slightly over revved to eliminate a gear change. The 0 to 100 figure was pointless

Finally, on the super economy runs, the drivers all avoid gearchanges, they waste energy.

The fuel economy and emissions will dictate the future of vehicles. If all cars became electric, 3000 new power stations will have to be built worldwide to charge them up. So, we're stuck with what we've got for now.


During Dec 2018 I was invited to test drive the all new Subaru Forester 2.0i-S ES CVT , Subaru XV 2.0I-S ES CVT and Subaru Outback 3.6i-S ES CVT at the Gerotek Testing Facility on various off road tracks .
We tested the vehicles at various gradients and it is rather unusual to drive the vehicles at gradients of between 25 and 35 degrees . The X-MODE takes total control of speed and braking and takes one safely downslope even in reverse . There after we tested the vehicles in the enclosed Kalahari sand pit . Firstly with traction control on and then with traction control off . The Subaru completed these test without any difficulty . Then we proceeded to test the vehicles on the obstacle course . Here we transverse the slating incline with one wheel rocking in the air without any sound of strain from the new improved floorplan . Through the river and up the bank the Forester 2.0i-S ES surprised me with the power distribution of the new 2.0 liter to all 4 wheels .
I now realize why the Subaru is so highly rated by motoring journalist and off road enthusiast . Subaru is definitely in a class of its own .

Photos from Subaru George's post 12/02/2019

Save R 10 000 on new Subaru XV 2.0i-S ES
NOW ONLY R 449 000

Photos from Subaru George's post 14/01/2019

All new 2019 Subaru Forester 2.0i-S ES CVT
* Eyesight
* All-Wheel-Drive
* Sunroof
* Reverse & blindside camera
* X-Mode , Mud , Sand , Snow & Dirt modes
Marcel - 0797907383

Photos from Subaru George's post 07/12/2018

When Cilla black recorded "you've lost that loving feeling" it went to number 1 in the uk charts. The Pop rag New Musical Express were so incensed that they wrote a front page spread saying "you're buying the wrong version, the real one is by the Righteous Brothers." Inevitably, this version then charted at number 1 and Cilla Black's effort consigned to the rubbish bin.

I feel the same way when I see an SUV which isn't a Subaru, "Don't you know you've bought the wrong one"

I have appended pictures of pistons, yet again, with added notes.

The point is that the heavier the piston, the greater the loads on the crankshaft. The piston must be heavy enough to withstand the combustion loads but light enough to allow the engine to rev freely.

Two of the pistons are from a Subaru, the one is a forged high performance piston and I have indicated all the webs it has. It weighs 30 % more than the standard piston. The standard piston is also of high quality and well reinforced in the right places but ultimately, not as strong.

The last piston is from a high performance 1.6 turbo engine giving out up to 135 kw. It is used in many vehicles. The one we pulled this out of had all the bells and whistles, heads up display, electric seats, cameras etc etc.

On paper it is a high specced vehicle but underneath in the engine are buried very poor quality parts. You can see part of the piston cracked off due to lack of strength. The piston is very light but its build quality is poor.

So in summation, the quality of a car cannot be found in the advertising spec sheet. You have to somehow find out what the build philosophy of the manufacturer is. Subaru have a policy to keep on increasing the standard of quality of their vehicles. This may not reflect in the sales brochure but the owners will know.

Photos from Subaru George's post 30/11/2018

This person had nothing better to do than carve a wooden model of a Subaru Forester. It shows the affection he has for the car, a trait many Subaru owners suffer from.

Photos from Subaru George's post 27/11/2018

When comparing cars the value of what you get seems to be judged by the features a car has. These are things like sat . nav, one touch windows, rear view camera etc.

Being mostly in the workshop, I am aware increasingly of features the Subaru has that do not appear in any comparisons. One hidden feature I came across recently was the valves and valve seats. The engineering shop we use has a highly skilled technician dedicated to working on the cylinder heads. He takes a great interest in his work and has read extensively on valve and valve seat design.

He said the valve seat inserts used by Subaru are the hardest he has ever experienced and has trouble cutting and profiling them. The valves used are black nitrided which is a hardening process and produces a really top quality valve. With the hard seat and valve, there is very little chance of valve wear.

I have added a picture of an exhaust manifold on a test engine so it isn't cooled by air as in a car travelling fast. By looking through the exhaust wall you can see the valves operating. It is a very hostile environment. Temperatures exceed 1000 deg C.

This is a feature I like to have in my car.

Other "features" that come to mind are the bullet proof electrics and electronics. Since the cars are sold in the USA in large numbers, the electronics have to be bullet proof for 7 years. I have always understood this to be true but can't find it specifically written but I know it is buried in their "Lemon laws" which vary from state to state but give enormous protection to the buying public.

I have also never changed a Subaru water pump. They seem to last forever.

I was used to changing brake pads at about 40,000 kms. When I started with Subaru 11 years ago, I found brake pads and discs were in perfect shape after 80,000 kms.

Another blessing on joining Subaru is that I have lost the expertise to look for rattles, there just aren't any.

I've only had to change 2 prop shafts, ever .

I could go on but a big list of "features" does not indicate quality from the end I look at cars.

Photos from Subaru George's post 20/11/2018

Diesel engines in cars are having a huge problem due to emissions fraud. The latest fines accrued by a well known manufacturer now total R483 Billion and the problem is only half way solved. Many manufacturers have stopped offering diesel alternatives on their new models, the risk is far too high.

The car diesel is a different beast to the truck diesel. The big truck engines rarely rev. over 1800 rpm and have a gearbox with up to 16 gears to cope with the narrow power band.

There are a few things you cannot escape if you go the diesel route.

1. You will get a better fuel consumption in kilometres per litre but remember, kilometres per kg of fuel is the true measure. Airlines buy fuel by the kilogramme. Diesel fuel is heavier than petrol.

2. You will have to service more regularly, especially as the vehicle gets older. This is due to oil dilution by the diesel fuel. Diesel fuel does not evaporate like petrol.

3. The monumental low down torque doesn't last long as engine revs rise and in overtaking manouevres the car may run out of breath.

4. The fuel system is very complex and lubricated by the diesel fuel. There is no requirement for South African fuel to have a pre- determined level of lubrication, or there wasn't last time I looked. One mistake and the pump and injectors can be history. One major make of injectors are repairable, another, un- serviceable throw away items. Injectors are typically R8000-00 each.

5 There is an initial cost surcharge in buying a diesel and despite what anyone says, they don't last as long as petrols.

Below I have appended pictures with comments comparing diesel and petrol pistons. The weight of the piston is crucial to the engine. Force = Mass x Acceleration so double the mass of the piston, you double the force. The piston I had was from a 1.6 diesel and as you can see, it is heavier than a 2.5 litre petrol piston. Manufactures use smaller capacity engines for diesels but make up for the difference with turbocharging. The mean pressures in a diesel reach 30 bar whereas petrol equivalents do with 15 bar. (very rough figures)

Photos from Subaru George's post 09/11/2018

Further to handing a new Forester to Matthys Beukes, there a is a new development taking in place place in George to encourage young children to learn and practice mountain biking in safety.

I am a member of Van Riebeck Park commitee. This is a park in the centre of town which connects directly with the forest and all its trails. The park is very beautiful and has a stream running through it so its ideal for walking labradors, that well known water cooled dog breed.

Riaan Barnard, a local motor engineer, approached me to find a place to locate an off road training track for kids. One thing led to another and with extraordinary help from many people, the project is complete enough to be used.

The kiddies track is underway and the paths through the park have been cleaned and modified with banked curves.

In addition to the cycle tracks, an old municipal hut has been modified to make a coffee and snack hut. Near it Riaan has put up climbing frames, sand pits and foofy (how do you spell it ?) slide. The municipality kindly supplied electricity, drainage and two first class toilets, one ladies and the other for men.

These items were a real bonus for the project and many thanks are due to the municipality. The hut is now really beautiful, the grass around it lush and green.... a lovely place to be.

Riaan decided to supply first class proper coffee. He bought an expresso machine, installed the correct water filter and went on a three day course to learn how to make the stuff. I'm sure the end result will be good.

He will also supply snacks but I think his mother is in charge of that, thank goodness. It is an ideal site for children's parties and the hope is to attract fun runs etc. in the future.

Matthys Beukes will keep an eye on things when his time permits to make sure enthusiasm doesn't wane. Please have a look at the photos and map where to find it. It isn't marked on Google maps as a park but it is there.
By the way, the whole thing is call GROUND ZERO.


2018 Subaru XV 2.0i-S ES CVT
2.0 l All-Wheel-Drive Crossover . 115 kw Petrol Boxer engine . Leather interior . Sunroof . Information communication entertainment system . Apple Car play . SatNav .Bluetooth . X-mode . Adaptive cruise control .Pre-collision braking . Lane departure warning . Lane sway warning . Reverse camera . Rear cross traffic alert . Reverse Automatic braking . 5 Yr / 150 000 km Warranty . 3 Yr / 75 000 km maintenance plan ( extendable ) .Fuel consumption combined 7.3 / 100 km . Alloy wheels 225/55 R 18
Was : R 459 000 NOW ONLY R450 000
Phone for test drive : 044-8734093

Photos from Subaru George's post 07/11/2018

These photos show Matthys Beukes receiving his Subaru Forester from Subaru South Africa. He lives in George so came to us at Subaru George to pick up the car.

Matthys is a professional off road cyclist so he knows intimately what off roading means. Every time he visits us he brings heavy rain so that is why the photo of him and the car isn't so good.

The previous Subaru he had from us was used for 20,000 kms and he is full of praise for the vehicle. It never once let him down and he said the ride over rough tracks was brilliant. This is a major point because extreme rough road ability is a factor but if it breaks your spine getting there, what's the point.

I hope his relationship with this car is as good as the last one and sincerely wish him well with his future races.

Finally off the point, our workshop had to drain diesel out of one of our competitors cars which had been put in by mistake, the car being petrol. We do this service for a nearby filling station. In order to drain the tank, the exhaust, prop shaft and finally the tank itself had to be removed. Only then could we get into the tank and clean out the fuel. It was a massive job.

All Subaru's have two hatches leading to the tank

that can be accessed by removing the rear seat making it a simple job.

If this car was ever taken off road into the wilds and needed the tank accessed, best of luck. I think it should stay on the school run, all two tonnes, 4 litres and 4 x 4.

700HP of Subaru AWD Flat-Four goodness up Simola HillClimb | DriveTribe 07/11/2018

700HP of Subaru AWD Flat-Four goodness up Simola HillClimb | DriveTribe Pure efficiency from the Iconic Japanese Monster

Photos from Subaru George's post 19/10/2018

I have two customers who have covered large kilometres on their first set of tyres. One was a Forester which had covered 75,000 kms. We sold the car on still with its first set of tyres. The second car was an XV which we had sold as new and has now covered 85,000 kms. I suspect it will make 100,000 kms on the same set.

I know that the tyres fitted to new cars are factory specified and thereafter, any tyres you fit are aftermarket and the specification is not known. So the question is that having enjoyed 100,000 kms on one set of tyres, would a customer be foolish to expect the same performance from a second set?

In the USA tyres are tested for wear. They are fitted to vehicles and driven over a set route somewhere in a desert until they are worn out. Then they are given a rating which is based on a standard tyre. The standard tyre is rated at 100 but varies from make to make. If the tyre under test last twice as long, it is rated as 200. In the USA this information is printed on the tyre.

I was curious to see if tyres fitted to Subarus have this information. I checked a Yokohama and there was no information on it that I could see. However, when I removed the wheel, see that photo of what was printed on the inside face.

This tyre was a 500 so it would last 5 times as long as the standard tyre. There was also a rating for grip which was A.. meaning pretty good. I think AA is the best. The heat rating is the resistance to heat with A being the best.

I checked a set of Pirellis but couldn't find the markings .

In the states they indicate that the Pirelli four seasons tyres could handle over 100000 miles, (160,000 kms) ????? but some tyres rated at 130000 kms could only manage 56,000 kms.

For me these are unheard of mileages.

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Reg playing with a valve and magnets
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Trailor loading
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