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Daily Gifts – Free Fonts, Crafts & Graphics - Creative Fabrica 04/05/2020

Daily Gifts – Free Fonts, Crafts & Graphics - Creative Fabrica

Daily Gifts – Free Fonts, Crafts & Graphics - Creative Fabrica Get a new free font, free graphic and free craft each day. All freebies are available for just 24 hours, so download them fast before they expire.


In these confined times, what better way to sort out some of your old the one where you're looking gorgeous but your ex is alongside ruining the shot.

I can fix that (with obvious limitations) and make your gorgeous pic show only your gorgeous self.

Pics need to be fairly clear (not the size of a postage stamp) and there should be the possibility of me adding a similar background to it if there's too much "garbage" behind.

Inbox me for prices. And understand that I will need a 50% deposit to start the work after I've assessed the workability of the image.

Terms and conditions apply.

. 07/05/2019

Top 13 Logo Design Trends For 2019

One of the most difficult tasks as a designer is to get a client to relinquish that death grip on their outdated or overworked logo — or on a visual that simply does not comply with the actual concept of the word "logo". Previously, we featured the top trends in graphic design, color, and web design for 2019. In today’s post, we focus on the latest logo design trends with the help of this handy infographic by online logo maker Logaster. A major trend we’ve seen over the past few years is logo simplification – ... 09/04/2019

Typography Tutorial - 10 rules to help you rule type Graphic Design Tutorial: 10 Typography rules to help you improve your type skills. Get better at graphic design by understanding how to use type. Improve you... 09/04/2019

22 Graphic Design Mistakes That Novice Designers Make After a few years in the graphic design business, you realize how important it is to get the basics right. Like following a file naming convention, creating scalable logos, ensuring proper kerning and leading, using high-res images for printing, and so on. Quinn’s The Printers have come up with a ...


Experteer Redirect | Ladders 04/10/2018

Pantone creates the world's most unignorable colour

Unmissable! United Way highlights local issues with a Pantone shade you can't overlook.




24/04/2018 21/04/2018

Top 10 Logo Design Trends For 2018 Previously, we featured the top 2018 trends for graphic design, typography, images, and web design. In today’s post, we focus on the latest logo design trends with the help of this handy infographic by online logo generator Logaster. One of the major logo trends we’ve been seeing recently is for...


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12/03/2018 06/09/2017 Visit the post for more. 06/09/2017

Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness Visit the post for more. 05/09/2017

10 reasons you need someone to write for your business

Many Internet memes have been born of awful mistakes in adverts or business materials. THE PROBLEMS You’re always having an argument with autocorrect or spell-check! You’d rather watch all those “likes” ticking up on your page than write up the promotional material for your … 21/08/2017

Welcome to Fix Media Design

What is design? Is it creativity? Is it artistic talent? Is it an ability to draw very well? Can a designer draw or paint? Can a painter design? Why do people say, "I appreciate what Picasso did, but I wouldn't want it on my wall"? Or, "I don't know much about art but I know what I like!" Or even, "My five-year-old could do that!" [ 162 more words ] What is design? Is it creativity? Is it artistic talent? Is it an ability to draw very well? Can a designer draw or paint? Can a painter design? Why do people say, “I appreciate what Picasso … 21/08/2017

Here, there and everywhere

Fix Media Design has relocated offices to the Garden Route! This means we can bring our work ethic and skills to a wider audience while still retaining our contact with existing clients, both local and overseas. The same care and creativity in design, the same attention to detail, the same precision in writing and editing, but with an added sprinkle of beautiful inspiration from one of the world's most amazing places. [ 288 more words ] CONTENT WRITING AND DESIGN


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New rates for 2017


Think of the exposure! Four words that score my heart like fingernails across a blackboard. It is an unbelievably arrogant statement – as if the client is so important that his use of my services will draw crowds of eage…


Option for the t-shirt 29/04/2016

The Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath The Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath posted on April 27, 2016 by Erin Brenner The Copyeditor's Typographic Oath There might not be a governing body for copyeditors, but there are some practices that are universally agreed upon. Copyediting’s Typographic Oath captures the top 10. 05/04/2016

20 Things You Should Never Say To A Graphic Designer You wouldn’t ask a doctor to deliver your baby “real fast for 50 bucks”, right? Or a lawyer to show you 20 different versions of a contract before you sign it? If you expect your designer to bear with such nonsense, expect a Photoshopped picture of yourself in Kanye West’s lap on some random meme [……

Editorial Infographics 20/10/2015

Selected work from when I was graphic artist at the Sunday Times. Most are self-explanatory, others simply a reflection of the breadth of my skills. 22/09/2015

Six easy ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax

Next time you're wondering about grandma's latest "I saw it on Facebook!" post Our journalism expert explains how to tell fact from fiction.


[courtesy of] 10/09/2015

Top 5 Facebook Scams That You Should Be Aware Of Facebook has about 1.4 billion users making it the most active social media site for the hackers. Here's a list of Top 5 Facebook scams.


Kevin Bloody Wilson 30/07/2015

The 20 Weirdest Words Added to the Dictionary Because of Technology Check out this list of the weirdest words added to the dictionary thanks to internet slang and technology. 02/07/2015

10 must-follow rules for getting people to engage with your brand on Facebook - Memeburn It has been widely established that the success of a page is not its size, but rather the amount of people engaging with it. This is indicated by


Whether you are a private individual or a start-up enterprise, big corporate or community page manager, grammar is important. Yes, we all know how gr8 and hip u luk if u R up on textspeak, but when it comes to promoting urself or ur business, u will probably fall flat on ur face if u use it.

If you aren't a grammatically-skilled person, there is a useful little plug-in that you can download and add to your browser or the app that you are using. It's available at – all you have to do is choose the platform where it is needed. It will correct you as you type, but not in the more-intrusive way that MS Office uses.

For instance, in this post, it pointed out my use of 'luk'. (And now it's telling me that I have used that incorrect spelling twice.)

The really useful thing is that it will tell you exactly what it is that you have done wrong.


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Wikimedia Commons

One of the web's best places to find good, high-res, royalty-free images. If you are browsing Commons for the first time, you may want to start with Featured pictures, Quality images or Valued images. You can also see some work created by our highly skilled contributors in Meet our photographers and Meet our illustrators. You may also be interested in Picture of the Year.





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