Mannatech CAW - Jackie

Mannatech CAW - Jackie


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The Gift of Wellness and Opportunity!!! Mannatech is a fast-growing company focused on delivering better quality of life through scientifically validated wellness technologies.

We offer quality nutritional and personal care products that help you to:
•Feel Great
•Look Great
•Live Well

Give yourself the opportunity to discover our nutritional wellness programme, and challenge yourself to get serious about improving your quality of life.


Mannatech CAW - Jackie



Nourish your body with naturally-sourced vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

Product Details

One of the most advanced multivitamins on the market.
With today's diets, it's hard for anyone to get all the nutrition they need. Research suggests that vitamins and minerals in food and plant-based forms may be absorbed and used more efficiently by the body.

Using breakthrough technologies, Mannatech employs a process that collects minerals from hydroponically grown Indian mustard plants to achieve the highest concentration possible.
Get the nutrition you need in its most natural form.

The first of their kind, PhytoMatrix caplets represent a major advancement in the technology of nutrient delivery.

Mannatech's PhytoMatrix caplets are formulated to deliver:
• Many of the vitamins, minerals and standardized phytonutrients the body needs
• Both antioxidant and immune system support
• A real-food vitamin complex for maximum absorption
• Highly concentrated, plant-sourced minerals derived from hydroponically grown mustard sprouts• Standardized phytonutrients from natural fruit and vegetable sources including broccoli, cranberry juice and grape pomace extract

SIZE 120 caps

[04/10/14]   Enige iemand wat belangstel om ekstra geld te maak?? Laat weet my!!

[04/03/14]   As Enige iemand meer wil weet, laat weet my!!

Dis Regtig Fantastiese Produkte!!


Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

Optimize your brain, bone and heart performance

Product Details

The research supporting the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D is overwhelming. It's no longer a question of if you should consume these important nutrients, but more a matter of how much you should consume in order to help improve and maintain your overall health-especially your heart and brain health.
Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D are both critically important to long-term health, but because your body can't produce them on its own, you have to get them through the foods you eat-and in the case of vitamin D, it's provided by the foods you eat AND through sun exposure. At one time this was fairly easy because our diets included foods that provided much more of each of these nutrients, but in our modern lifestyles, today we're eating more grain-fed livestock and spending less time outdoors. As a result, omega-3s and vitamin D are no longer plentiful and are becoming less and less abundant in the normal diet. Because of these factors, supplementation has become a popular means for acquiring both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

Mannatech's Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 features a proprietary, two-step molecular distillation process ensuring ultra-purity. It surpasses the quality and purity standards for fish oil supplements adopted by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED) and the European Pharmacopeia

A single serving of our Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 provides 1110 milligrams of EPA/DHA fatty acids and 8.2 mcg of vitamin D3, as well as the following health benefits:
• Helps support cardiovascular and heart health
• Helps support brain function and health
• Helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response, a key contributor to immune health
• Provides support for healthy triglyceride levels already within normal levels
• Enhances calcium absorption, which is essential for bone health

Mannatech's Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 is:
• Naturally sourced
• Ultra-pure, thanks to a proprietary, two-step molecular distillation process
• A highly concentrated source of EPA and DHA
• Gluten-free
• Manufactured in conformance with federally established cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

SIZE 60 caps


Mannatech CAW - Jackie's cover photo



Designed to build, support and nurture the body's natural immune response

Product Details

The perfect way to support your immune system.
If it's operating well, your immune system will remove toxins and help keep you healthy. But everyday stresses, not eating properly and irregular sleep habits can take a heavy toll. In fact, these factors may accelerate your body's use of nutrients and eventually your immune system may have difficulty keeping up with the demands placed upon it.

Try ImmunoSTART tablets-Mannatech's supplement for building, supporting and nurturing immune system health.
Get the support your body needs!
A perfect complement to our Optimal Health

System,ImmunoSTART tablets are:

• The premier supplement for supporting your immune system
• Engineered with an array of nutrients to help nurture immune system health
• A healthy, safe way to boost certain cells within your immune system

SIZE 60 tabs


Digestive system support for total wellness


Product Details
Mannatech’s Digestive Support products are designed to support intestinal health. Because 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, a healthy digestive system is important to optimal health.
For Intestinal Health Support
The MannaCLEANSE caplets support a healthy environment for the intestinal tract. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its beneficial function(s) supporting colon health.
Our MannaCLEANSE caplets are a proprietary blend of fibres, botanicals, enzymes, probiotics and sources of fatty acids designed to promote proper colon ecology and function and support intestinal health.
Take MannaCLEANSE caplets with a full glass of water between meals to achieve maximum benefit and effectiveness
Our MannaCLEANSE caplets are designed to help the body’s lower digestive tract by:
• Supporting the natural ecology of the intestines
• Supporting the body’s abilities to fully break down food particles and expel unused or unneeded material
• Combining natural fibres, herbs, fatty acids and probiotics that provide a healthy environment for the intestinal tract
• Supplying oat bran, psyllium and plant cellulose to help recover substances from the colon
• Supplying herbs like ginger root, rosemary and peppermint thought to have a calming effect on the intestinal tract
• Furnishing the intestinal tract with classic Ambrotose™ complex, fatty acids, digestive enzymes and beneficial microflora

[03/18/14]   As Enige iemand n ekstra inkomste wil he, kontak my!

[03/11/14]   Hi julle! Die week se bestellings sluit vrydag. As ek die produkte buite George moet pos, dan is dit R75.
Kontak my as jy meer inligting wi he?


Advanced Ambrotose™
Keep your immune system healthy with advanced immune support

Product Details

Every day, you're bombarded with a hectic schedule, which coupled with a lack of consistent rest, can wreak havoc on your immune system. Our Advanced Ambrotose powder and capsules can help.
The Advanced Ambrotose product contains Undaria pinnatifida, a brown seaweed harvested from the clear waters off the coasts of Tasmania and the Patagonian region that helps it deliver a better balance of saccharides at a better value per serving.
But now Advanced Ambrotose is now even more advanced!
We've added Manapol™, a more pure and effective form of aloe vera gel extract that is exclusive to Mannatech. A proprietary extraction method provides Manapol with a high concentration of polysaccharides rich in the monosaccharide, mannose, which is an important glyconutrient believed to be responsible for the immunologic health benefits associated with aloe vera gel.
By adding Manapol powder, we've increased the glyconutrient content making this product more effective. Manapol not only provides a more pure form of aloe vera gel powder that has a higher molecular weight than others, but it is also richer in mannose, a key glyconutrient.

What is Manapol, and why is it important?
Manapol is an aloe vera gel that yields a high concentration of polysaccharides rich in mannose, which is not just an important glyconutrient, but the very glyconutrient upon which Mannatech was built. By adding Manapol to the Advanced Ambrotose, we've increased the glyconutrient content creating a more effective product.
This more pure form of aloe vera gel has a higher molecular weight than others. And, health benefits have been associated with intake of high molecular weight polysaccharides.
What else does Manapol do?
By adding Manapol powder to Advanced Ambrotose, we've not only increased the overall amount of aloe vera in the product, but we've also increased the amount of acetylated mannans. Mannans are the beneficial polysaccharides in aloe vera, and acetylated mannans are, naturally structured to be more soluble and may thus be more readily absorbed and utilized by the body.
Advanced Ambrotose, now with Manapol. The best just got better - pure and simple!
Size 120 caps
Servings 60
Price R 480

Size 120g
Servings 60
Price R 1 488

Size 60g
Servings 30
Price R 822


The sweetest way to provide your kids with antioxidant protection
- Size 300g
- Servings 30
- R 312



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