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Youth Entrepreneur Segment 😁
South African youth contribute passion, innovation, and new energy to the entrepreneurship world – they are risk-takers and unapologetic on what it is they want. We had such a great time connecting and chatting to Young Entrepreneurs about their businesses. This youth month we gave them the opportunity to speak about their business and journey.
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Thank you to all the Entrepreneurs featured:
Lebogang EN Founder of Amare Beauty and Consulting
Jaide Mckriel Founder of thetutorrouter
Hayley Elcombe Owner of StretchingSA George
Cherise Horn Owner of Krotoa
Sinethemba Dangazele Founder of Promotions and Events with Sinethemba
What is the costs per session? Painfull shoulder/knee after knee replacement 3 years ago

Non-Surgical bone and muscle dysfunctional repair using AIS. Active Isolated stretching is effecti


Are YOU feeling alittle tense and unable to move as freely as you should?

Restricted in certain muscle groups when doing daily activities?

Active Isolated Stretching is for you - this form of therapy is exactly what we all require to live a healthier, easy moving lifestyle.

Contact 079 346 3985 to make an appointment ✔️


Taking care of your body now can influence how you enjoy life later!

Book your AIS session now - let's correct postural imbalances, muscles aches, stiffness and improve overall daily life.

Contact 079 346 3985 to make an appointment.


How can Stretch Therapy help Arthritis?

AIS/ stretch Therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation. The process begins with the identification of the affected joints,muscles and areas of tissues to be stretched and treated.
Specificity in stretching is vital to achieving circulation,oxygenation,tissue extension and activation.
By isolating the affected Arthritic joint and holding the stetches for 1.5 -2 seconds, the inflammation within the affected joint drains, blood flow increases, and the joint becomes more more pain-free , more flexible and functional and moves more freely. Which leads to a quality of life!

Book a FREE consultation today! Let's help you become pain free 🙌



Let's improve YOUR posture with AiS!

Contact us to make a booking ✨️



" Stretching is essential in reducing muscle tension,preventing injury, improving flexibility, and relieving stress or pain "

Are you suffering? Book your happy hour of stretch Therapy and make the healthy changes!

Article in bio for a good read ✔️


Prevent the risk of injuries with Active Isolated Stretching....

Stretch Therapy is for ANYONE & everyone!

Do you feel irritated, tight, stiff, tired? These are signs one needs a good stretch to get the body moving freely and comfortably!


There is more to just being flexible!
Healing the body using active isolated stretching is one of the safest and healthiest ways..... 💯💫

Contact 079 346 3985 and book your appointment!

Photos from StretchingSA George's post 09/05/2022

Can YOU see the difference?!

Left image taken in 2022, Right image taken 2019.

ONLY 3 months of Active Isolated Stretched once a week improved and rectified muscle imbalances in the body which then straightened out the spine that almost needed surgery to fix!

Do you suffer something similar? Back pain, hip pain, knee pain? Continuous discomfort in the body?

Contact 079 346 3985 to book your demo session! You won't be disappointed 💯




Prevent the risk of injury with Active Isolated Stretching.....

The overall goal of Stretch Therapy is to treat muscle tightness ,joint imbalances, and tissue restrictions that cause movement distortions,aches and pains ,and of course increased risk of injury.

Effects of regular stretch Therapy ( 1 x a week at least) on the body are :
- improved muscle imbalances
- improved range of motion
- enhanced muscle strength
- reduces risk of injury
- encourages healthy movement patterns

Think this is for you ?
Contact 079 346 3985 and book your FREE initial consultation... come give it a go! 👏




NOW is the time to give AIS a try!

Book for a FREE consultation via our website or on 079 346 3985 !

Consultations available at :
1 York Street, Bos En Dal, George
5 Lofty Nel, Die Voorbaai, Mossel Bay


No matter your age, your flexibility, your injury - EVERYONE will benefit from Active Isolated Stretching!

Remember - maintain and heal your body now that you're futureself will enjoy and be thankful for later! 👏💫

Active Isolated Stretching CAN help YOU! Give it a try and reap the benefits.

them young



Happy Valentine's Day ♥️ !

From us to you 💫.


11 BENEFITS of stretching!!

1. Stretching improves flexibility - flexibility is the ROM of a joint or group of joints. To lengthen your muscles,improve your ROM, heal your nervous system you need to stretch diligently.

2. Stretching can help better recruit your muscles when working out - the more ROM you have the more muscle you can activate. If you're able to use more muscle,more effectively you gain more strength.

3. Stretching makes day-to-day life easier - by stretching & becoming more flexible you will be able to perform day-to-day tasks like leaning over to get into your car or squatting to pick up laundry far more easier with less chance of injury.

4. Stretching primes you for your workout - if you DON'T like sore muscles, this is your sign!

5. Stretching decreases risk of injury - stretching helps increase blood flow to joints,ligaments,muscles and tendons. This reduces the risk of injury.

6. Stretching helps calm your body after a workout.

7. Stretching can pinpoint body imbalances - stretching can be a great way to identify muscle imbalances or areas of tightness.

8. Stretching can improve achiness - sitting for long periods of time can cause shortening of hip flexors for example,long hours on your chair can cause muscle aches. Stretching can resolve the achniess by lengthening the muscles & increasing blood flow reducing lactic acid build up.

9. Stretching helps you relax ( mentally & physically) - followed by good breathing as per enjoying your favorite cake or chips, stretching can make you feel good!

10. Stretching serves as an act of self-care - the movement not only provides a sense of release & helps you feel connected to your body, it can also serve as a powerful reminder you took time to do something restorative for yourself ..that plays a BIG mental role!

11. Stretching ends any or ALL workouts on a positive note - gently stretching after a heavy workout can help bring calm to the mind and body over the exercises just completed.

Stretching IS IMPORTANT!

Book a stretch and see how your whole world changes 🙌💯


2022 is here! 💫

Let's learn something new about our body, about how WE can help it!

If you haven't tried it yet - now is the time!

Contact 079 346 3985/ email [email protected] to schedule your appointment 🙌



Wishing everyone a safe,blessed and happy festive season 🎄. We look forward to seeing you all back in the new year...🙌🌻

Photos from StretchingSA George's post 22/11/2021

Active Isolated Stretching is a low impact treatment therapy that can improve quality of life mainly in people who suffer chronic pain!

It can be used to maintain the body's physiological and anatomical matter and assist in ensuring the body mechanics function correctly by increasing the circulation to the joints specifically.

Are YOU wanting to take care of your health?

Contact 079 346 3985 or email : [email protected] to know more.


A new week = Another opportunity to make a difference to your health & well being! ☑

Book your consultation- don't wait for the discomfort or pain to get worse!

.....we also have GREAT specials on more then one session , remember - maintenance is key to feeling amazing for December after a tedious year! 💯

Contact 079 3463985 or email [email protected] to make that appointment!🙌


Start your week off correctly! 💯

Book your stretch and relieve the end of year tension

Contact 079 346 3985 / email [email protected] to make a booking ( Mossel Bay, George or Knysna)


Testimonial Tuesday..🙌❕

Testimony by Chantal Witthuhn,thank you for your kind words.


What WILL occur if normal ankle dorsiflexion cannot be attained??

》Limited dorsiflexion range of motion (DFROM) may contribute to ankle,foot, and knee injuries.
Including :
• plantar fasciitis
•ankle sprains
•achillies tendinitis
•forefoot pain
•navicular stress fractures
•calf muscle tightness
•anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Why is this a problem?

》Limited dorsiflexion impacts many of our functional movement patterns such as :
• squat
•single-leg squat
•lateral step down
•landing from a jump

REMEMBER .... there is one muscle that is responsible for dorsiflexion :

- the tibialis anterior muscle found in the anterior compartment of the leg this is the primary muscle that facilitates dorisflexion of the ankle joint.

SO.. how can DFROM be improved?
Using one can regain full range of motion in the ankle which can improve the knee function and hip flexor function too. One will be able to stretch and lengthen all ligaments & muscles from the ankle into the hips allowing for free movement without discrepancies.

If this sounds familiar and something feels stuck - contact 079 346 3985 for a consultation! Fix the problem now before it's a major problem later.


Every cell,organ and tissue is controlled by the nervous system!

Since your spine & musculoskeletal structure protect the nervous system, don't you think it would be wise to take care of it? Prevent inflammation, prevent tension,improve your central nervous systems health with

Prevention is better than cure!
Contact us on 079 3463985 & find out how we can help you! 💯



Haven't found the solution to aching, sore,stiff muscles, irritable legs in the evening, restless sleep at night, painful hips, tense neck & shoulders it often causes a migraine, incredibly sore lower back sitting for long periods of time is the dreaded?

Contact 079 346 3985 for a consultation to solve the discomfort!


An unbalanced rider - affects to the rider & the horse!

A rider has a tremendous effect on the horse's biomechanics. Humans tend to have discrepancies from one side of the body to the other,which in return affects the way a horse moves whilst riding.

Examples of an unbalanced rider & the effects to the horse :
- uneven weight distribution on the saddle
- anterior/posterior Pelvic tilt
- a rider who is stronger on one rein vs the other
- a rider that has more mobility through one hip then the other

> These imbalances,without a doubt,transfer into the horse's movement. Additionally - stretching (AIS mainly) & strengthening the riders body sets both the rider and the horse up for success. Most riders aren't aware of the inconsistencies in their physical posture,strength,flexibility & mobility until they target these areas.

How will AIS assist?
- Active Isolated Stretching is designed to reduce pain in the human body caused by incorrect posture,post-surgical procedures,inactivity and injuries.
AIS will identify the imbalances in one's physique and by performing our set protocol - would be able to regain balance and equilibrium in the body as well as improve flexibility & mobility necessary for the best performance!

If this sounds like something that can help - contact 079 346 3985 or email [email protected]


" A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create,nurture and transform " - Diane Mariechild 💫

H A P P Y W O M E N' S D A Y to ALL our strong, resilient and loving women! May you be celebrated and acknowledged for all you do for the ones you love & care about.🌻

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5 Lofty Nel Street , Voorbaai. Mossel Bay

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
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