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That's Life Photography updated their business hours. 25/05/2021

That's Life Photography updated their business hours.

That's Life Photography updated their business hours.

Charlie & Ronnelie 15 June 2019 27/06/2019

Charlie & Ronnelie 15 June 2019


That's Life Photography 24/04/2015

How Aperture Controls Depth of Field Aperture is responsible for a number of things, including exposure, sharpness and depth of field. Speaking of the latter, let's have a look at how aperture actually influences depth of field. First of all, let's assume you want to photograph a friend outdoors. You want to take a regular portrait, fr… 24/04/2015

Getting Sharper Images by Understanding Focus Modes The longer you shoot, the larger the repertoire of subjects and assignments you photograph becomes. You start off photographing flowers in the garden, your neighbour’s dog, your sister’s kids, your friend’s wedding and then before you know it you’re doing product shots for your friend’s new company.… 22/04/2015

How to Plan the Perfect Portrait Shoot In my last article I gave you five reasons to use natural light for portraiture. The next step in creating the perfect portrait shoot is planning. The more details you figure out in advance, the more likely you are to come away from the shoot with some beautiful portraits to make you proud. Generati… 22/04/2015

An Introduction to Aperture If you can master aperture you put into your grasp real creative control over your camera. Here's a guide to doing that. 17/04/2015

Photoshop For Beginners: Understanding Layer Masks Today I will show you one of the most powerful Photoshop tool: layer masks. They can result difficult to use for a beginners, but once understood how they work, you won't need the Eraser tool anymore. Let's start!


Digital Photography School


As a photographer, light is your currency. This post talks you through 3 types of light and how to use them to take great shots.


Digital Photography School


Many photographers favourite time of day to shoot is Golden Hour. Here are some tips on how.


Digital Photography School


Regardless of the light source you use (daylight, continuous or flash) it’s really easy to use light modifiers or shapers to train the light in any direction you want. 31/03/2015

A New Photographer's Guide to Camera Settings Without experience, looking at the endless functions and dials on a camera can seem daunting, and it is at first, especially with many of the newer digital cameras that have about 5,000 functions... 27/03/2015

Silhouette photography: tips for shooting into the sun | Digital Camera... Take a minimalist approach with these silhouette photography tips for shooting into the sun. Our step by step tutorial shows how it's done. 27/03/2015

11 Useful Tips for Landscape Photographers It's not an easy thing to admit that landscape photography has lost a lot of its importance in the industry of professional photography, but as much as I and many others dislike it, it's just a fact of life. But that's just one side of the coin. The other is a totally different story. Landscape phot… 27/03/2015

8 flash photography mistakes every photographer makes | Digital Camera... In this tutorial we examine some of the classic flash photography mistakes and offer our best flash photography tips for avoiding them.


Digital Camera World

10 portrait photography mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them) 24/03/2015

Best shutter speeds for every situation | Digital Camera World Find out how to photograph anything! Our latest photography cheat sheet breaks down the best shutter speeds for every situation. 18/03/2015

Understanding Flash Metering modes Flash Metering Systems TTL, A-TTL, E-TTL and E-TTL II Terms used in this article are Canon specific but there are the same or similar terms for Nikon, Sony, Olympus and other camera manufacturers. When you use your camera’s metering system, the meter will measure the reflected light from your subjec…


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52 photography projects: a photo idea to try every week in 2015! Have any of you been working on a photo project this year? 16/03/2015

Photography lights made simple: classic one light portrait setups to try... In our latest portrait photography cheat sheet we show you 7 one light portrait setups, with both the arrangement and the effects produced. 11/03/2015

How to set up studio lighting: 3 classic setups for dramatically... In our latest photography cheat sheet we show you how to set up studio lighting with 3 classic arrangements photographers like to use.


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How to use a single AF point for sharper focus (free photography cheat sheet):


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If you like landscape photography then you can't afford to miss the lead feature in our April edition (162) on sale now! Five of the most diverse and creative professional landscape photographers on the planet deliver their top shooting tips and advice - you're in for a treat! 06/03/2015

Make a Photo Website with Lightroom and Koken Did you know that there’s a way to upload photos directly to your own photo website from Lightroom? 06/03/2015

Making an Online Presence for Your Photography In today's world, an online presence is almost a must. While there are plenty of traditional ways to get noticed, using the tools that the web has to offer is a no brainier for those wanting to get their name and their work out into the world. With so many people accessing the web, and so many diffe… 06/03/2015

When to use a reflector: the effects produced by different colour... In our new photography cheat sheet we explain when to use a reflector and illustrate the effects produced by different coloured reflectors. 05/03/2015

Don't Be Afraid of Manual Focus If you’re a beginner in the wonderful world of photography, if you’ve never used an older film camera, or a combination of both, you might be unfamiliar with the workings of manual focus. Even if you are, you may not have thought about how you would use it in real-world situations. Fortunately as DS… 05/03/2015

Auto Exposure Bracketing: What it is and How to Use it (via Adorama) Bracketing is a setting that gets many beginners confused. They avoid it all together because they have little or no idea what it does or what it's good for. Things aren't really that complicated and we're going to explain how they work. First of all, what is auto exposure bracketing?… 04/03/2015

8 lessons you can learn by shooting landscapes at night - PhotoVenture Shooting landscapes at night can be a great way to sharpen your photography skills. Here's how...


Digital Camera World

How to use a camera: your exposure modes made simple - 23/02/2015

LEARN TO EDIT LIKE A PRO! Get Free actions, sky overlays, lightroom presets and video tutorials just for subscribing! 23/02/2015

The Two Light Setup That Works for Everybody ' Learning about lighting is one of the most fascinating parts of being a first time photographer. It's ultimately what makes the difference between a good photo and a bad one, a real photographer and a rookie. People are sometimes scared of walking into a studio and using multiple lights to shoot a…


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Try making some of these DIY lighting mods 19/02/2015

34 Photoshop effects every photographer must try | Digital Camera World Tired of using the same tools in your photo editing? Here are 34 of the best Photoshop effects you can use to give new life to your images. 18/02/2015

Different Shutter Speeds for Different situations Do you know how shutter speed affects your photos? See this article for some tips on choosing the right shutter speed for the right situation.



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