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Rome Wealthnet updated their address. 29/03/2022

Rome Wealthnet updated their address.

Rome Wealthnet updated their address.

How To Build An Empire Wi th Mindfulness 21/11/2021

How To Build An Empire Wi th Mindfulness

How To Build An Empire Wi th Mindfulness Mindfulness is the new buzzword a nd has gained traction over recent yea rs. But what is all the hy pe about it and how can it be us ed to help us achieve our drea ms


The Homemade Human Drone!


We are going to make it a gre at one! To start, we will revi ew the latest tech available and thr ow in a L**** Aventador test dri ve. Lets make 2020 a successfull year!


Cheddar: AR Smart GlaVsses That Ta lk to Alexa


Best of 2017: ideas and inventio ns

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Bitcoin News - Warning Signs, Pri ce FALLS amid fears of bubble.
THE BITCO IN price is falling after Chinese bitco in exchange BTCChina announced that it wi ll stop trading from September 30.
BTCChina wi ll stop registration of new users fr om Thursday, as regulators crack down on t he nascent cryptocurrency sector in a b id to stamp out potential financial ris ks. Bitcoin has fallen $1,000 since t he start of the month amid speculati on the Chinese government is launching a crackdo wn on exchanges.

It comes after JPMorgan Cha se CEO slammed bitcoin as a ‘frau d’ that will ultimately blow up a nd said he would fire anyone tradi ng bitcoin because it was against the ir rules and 'stupid'.

"It's worse th an tulip bulbs. It won't end we ll. Someone is going to get kille d," he said, referring to the tul ip mania crash in the 1600s.
T he latest bitcoin price chart show th at the cryptocurrency has fallen back bel ow $3,500 after the explosive criticism of bitco in.


Bitcoin is taking the world by sto rm. During the last year, the pri ce rapidly increased with no signs of dang er. It seems this new type of "mon ey system" is here to stay. H ow do you get started? You c an either buy a bitcoin for $43 00 ( R 57 000), or mi ne your own Bitcoin. We are goi ng to look at different ways f or you to mine your Bitcoin. Ov er the next 2 weeks we wi ll test and mine Bitcoin and po st the results.

Stay connected to learn abo ut this amazing opportunity to make yo ur own Bitcoins.

Timeline photos 29/06/2017

Timeline photos

Nothing is impossible.


Timeline photos 09/05/2017

Why Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 H as Been & Will Be Best Choi ce 27/04/2017

Why Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 H as Been & Will Be Best Choi ce

Why Investing in Bitcoin in 2017 H as Been & Will Be Best Choi ce Bitcoin price has outperformed every reser ve and fiat currency across the wor ld year to date, yet again, by outperformi ng the US dollar by over 30 perce nt.


Flying car backed by Google co-found er



Calling all farmers to have a lo ok at this alternative transport and provi de feedback.




Computer are being hacked in Geor ge and ransomware is on the increa se. Protect yourself.

WARNING! RANSOMWARE ATTACK ON THE INCREA SE Ransomware attack are on the increa se, your computer network is in dang er from being hacked. Read all abo ut ransomware.

Russia To “Recognize” Bitcoin In 20 18, Monitor All Transactions 12/04/2017

Russia To “Recognize” Bitcoin In 20 18, Monitor All Transactions

Russia To “Recognize” Bitcoin In 20 18, Monitor All Transactions Russia has suggested cryptocurrency could beco me fully legal in 2018, subject to bank-li ke transaction monitoring.


Buffalo Rally

Buffalo Rally Buffalo Rally Hosted by Nomads Motorcyc le Club of Cape Town

Timeline photos 08/03/2017

We are looking for ways to he lp promote small business. Comment the ty pe of business you are in a nd we will create a platform to assi st with small business promotion.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Hits Go ld Parity (Again) — Now in U SD 05/03/2017

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Hits Go ld Parity (Again) — Now in U SD

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Hits Go ld Parity (Again) — Now in U SD Bitcoin Magazine is the original sour ce of information, news and commentary abo ut Bitcoin, the blockchain and digital currenci es.

BMW i8 Supercar 01/03/2017

BMW i8 Supercar

BMW i8 eco warrior and Superc ar, get in and enjoy the ride.

BMW i8 Supercar This is the Future - hybr id powertrain in a carbon fiber she ll and supercar performance! Climb in a nd enjoy the ride...



The future of transport.

HUMAN-CARRYING TAXI DRONE Chinese drone manufacturer Ehang has receiv ed approval for U.S. testing of i ts vehicle. READ MORE...



BITCOIN MINING AND WALLETS Reviewing Bitcoin mining and wallets I ha ve been able to identify the be st options. READ MORE...

Bitcoin Mining and Wallets 01/02/2017

Bitcoin Mining and Wallets

The best Bitcoin Mine and Wall et and how much money you c an make!

Bitcoin Mining and Wallets Find out what the best Bitco in mine is and what the be st Bitcoin wallet is.

Rome Wealthnet 31/01/2017

Rome Wealthnet

The Future of Bitcoin

Rome Wealthnet

Bitcoin Could Overtake Card Payments With in Next Decade 24/01/2017

Bitcoin Could Overtake Card Payments With in Next Decade

Bitcoin Could Overtake Card Payments With in Next Decade  

Timeline photos 24/01/2017

Don't miss our upcoming posts on t he latest Bitcoin news covering topics su ch as;
- What is Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Mini ng (mining your own Bitcoins)
- Bitcoin Wallet s
Other ways to earn Bitcoin
- Futu re of Bitcoin

Timeline photos 23/01/2017

We will be posting on Bitco in over the next few weeks a nd will be covering all relevant topi cs. To join our posts and lea rn about this crypto currency that is taki ng over the world, simply like o ur page to stay tuned in -


Centraal Beheer

Timeline photos 11/01/2017

The Age of Bitcoin

Our team of exper ts in the digital currency sector h as reviewed Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining and Bitco in Wallets. They have found the mo st efficient, reliable and secure services availab le and have created a guide to he lp everybody to get started and lea rn more about Bitcoin and crypto currenci es. Carte Blanche reviewed Bitcoin and ga ve it the thumbs up, you c an view the episode on Youtube at

If y ou would like to view our Bitco in guide then simply click on

We wi ll be posting more on Bitcoin a nd should you wish to learn mo re, simply like our page to st ay updated.

Timeline photos 09/01/2017

Money 24 hours of the d ay 7 days a week

Bitcoin Mining is o ne of the best ways to ea rn Bitcoin. Mining is the process where by a super computer creates a uniq ue algorithm that forms a Bitcoin. Y ou can hire a part of th is super computer and create your o wn Bitcoins. This is called mining. Y ou can rent a % GHz processi ng power from a Mining company a nd it will create Bitcoins and in t he process you will be earning money.

Clo ud Mining is the solution and we ha ve narrowed it down to 1 compa ny who has a proven track reco rd and tested and tried them. T he return on investment is always t he question. Calculating the profitability of t he investment, we looked at the lowe st investment of $30. At $30 dolla rs processing power you will earn abo ut $ 4.59 per month. Minus runni ng costs etc. you are left wi th $ 2.59 per month. That is a retu rn on investment within 11 months. Thereaft er you are making profits for li fe. 2 Things considered, if the exchan ge rate of Bitcoin is going up t he period decreases and if you si gn on additional people, you earn bon us GHz power. At the current Bitco in exchange rate you will earn yo ur investment back in 4 months.

Click Th is Link to view the full artic le.

Like our page to continue receivi ng posts on Bitcoin -

Bitcoin Breaks $1000,1 mBTC At P ar With $1 03/01/2017

Bitcoin Breaks $1000,1 mBTC At P ar With $1

Bitcoin Breaks $1000,1 mBTC At P ar With $1 The Bitcoin price has crossed t he $1000 mark on several exchanges includi ng Bitfinex, Poloniex and Bitstamp on J an. 1, 2017.

Timeline photos 03/01/2017

Secure your wealth with Bitcoin

I ha ve watched the Rand slide over t he past few years and fear y et is still to come. All of yo ur hard earned money invested in Sou th African banks are slowly losing the ir value and you are earning le ss every year. Let alone try purcha se anything from other countries, at ov er R15 to the dollar it is a jo ke. If there was one world curren cy that meant that your money in t he bank was the same as t he next guy in another country wou ld that not be great?

I ha ve been watching Bitcoin that promises a ll of this and on the 1 st of 2017 it topped $1000 p er Bitcoin. A climb from $700 to $10 00 in less than 6 months. Wi th Bitcoin gaining ground and becoming an unstoppab le force, even Microsoft is creating ap ps to incorporate Bitcoin. Locally we ev en have Bitcoin ATM’s and you c an buy almost anything online with Bitcoin.

So, how does it work? All y ou need is a Bitcoin wallet th at acts as your bank account. Yo ur money is 100% safe because of t he crypto algorithms that cannot be crack ed and the ledger is stored in multip le duplicate accounts around the globe. The re are many wallet options available th at you can access from any devi ce such as your computer, tablet or ce ll phones. The price will keep increasi ng as there is a limited supp ly and the demand in increasing.

My ne xt post will provide you with detai ls on investing and opening a Bitco in wallet.

Be sure to like this pa ge to not miss our articles.

Timeline photos 22/12/2016

Timeline photos

Bitcoin Price Analysis for 2016 - re ad all about it on

Timeline photos 22/12/2016

Bitcoin Price Analysis for 2016 - re ad all about it on

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis – BTC/U SD Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish 22/12/2016

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis – BTC/U SD Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis – BTC/U SD Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish Key Points Bitcoin price surged high er against the US Dollar to challen ge the $850-60 area (data feed fr om SimpleFX). Once there was a bre ak above the $800 handle, the B TC buyers took control and took t he price higher by $50. If t he price corrects lower, then there is a bulli sh trend line on the…





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