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Xtreme Reel Repairs offers professional fishing reel repairs and upgrades.

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Photos from Xtreme Reel Repairs's post 17/03/2021

Ceramic Bearings

If you are looking for a bearing That last 5 times longer than your ordinary bearing look no further
Sizes in stock at the moment
MR126 fits most Trinidad Torium 20/40 15/30 and speedmaster reels

694zz Fits in almost any sideplate of a reel

MR 184 all Saltist models Saltiga models

MR85 Fits in most grinder reels line roller for a smoother and longer lasting roller

R200 per Bearing

Feel free to contact me on 0822946005


Daiwa getting ready for a good clean and after service


Qaulity Control officer hard at work


Before and After saltist 8500BG running smooth ready to catch those big fish


Sustain 6000 in for service you don't see alot of reels that work hark hard and stil look brand new inside


Just in New Saragosa SW in stock come check them out


Gomexus Takes this reel to a new level


Shimano Sedona showing of with its new knob


Great Competion Time

Easy Peasy share this post and Like my page and stand to win the following

1 x Gomexus handle knob of your choice install included
1 x Service by Xtreme Reel Repair
1 x complete set of cotton Fish SA
1 x Roll of Grinder Braid 50lb

So Tag you friends and share far and wide
Im based in George so courier wil be organized by winner if not close in the garder Route area

Special Thanks to Ian fromFish Mad Tours for the cotton sponser wil tag his page in the comments below, go check his page and click the like button see link below


Adrenalin Triple X 6500 Reel suprised me a bit for a small reel and price you pay on these they've got quite big gears in and S/S Bearings

I believe if you look after this reel this reel wil look after you

Hoping drag screaming and big Fish pulling for the client


20/40 with a saltist handle showing off its new handle knob


The Story of the cursed shimano TR200G

Got this reel in about a month ago, the client told me that the reel only works in the day, at night it has no drag and no ratchet sound as weird as it sounded I gave it a service.

Washed the reel put new grease in tested the drag checked the ratched , all worked perfectly.
Next day he came and collected the reel I told him that he must take a video if it happens again but the reel is brand new nothing is wrong.

This morning the client returned with he's video and reel having proof of the reel only working at night, with a smile I said let me have another look, this reel is not going to beat me.

Placing it in the freezer to replicate the cold at night, the cursed showed it self, inspecting the reel opening it freezing unfreezing checking the spool and then it hit me, the braid on the spool goes loose when it gets cold shrinking the spool gives the line enough space to turn around

Taking off all the line to see he only wraped the line once around the spool we respooled it for him and lifted the curse


A Torium 30 I serviced for a client as can see before and after photos of the reel completely stripped and wash. Fitted with a gomexus handle as they tried to fix the old handle and failed, after the service and new handle knob the reel feels and looks new


BigBoss 3 6000 rocking a new Gomexus Handle. Even though the BigBoss comes out with very nice knob the client insisted on a gomexus handle as it just feels better.
My personal opinion it does the reel feels like its on a different level

Weight is reduced by 22g doesn't sound like much but it sure is


Xtreme Reel Repairs


Xtreme Reel Repairs's cover photo


New Name Same excellent business



R400 per knob free fitment
Whats app me for more info
082 294 6005


Some Trinis rocking the new Gomexus handles


BigBoss 3 8000 serviced


Gomexus Handle Knobs only R400


Discovery Channel UK

Intresting how Reels are made

This one will reel you in! 🎣


Before and after speedmaster copper slip is not made for Reels


Even if its a brand new reel ot gets a complete strip and clean and assembled with fresh corrosion block grease


Before and after of a Old Daiwa 350HK they are old bult stil a beast of a reel


Magged and ready for night fishing with peace of mind


Before and After 15/30 Magic


Well Donald Olivier brought this reel in quite a while back said I must have a look at it when I have time. So as its lockdown time with alot of time on our hands, I had some time to work on the reel.

All that was wrong with the reel after people told him that it is unrepairable is one part was put in wrong and it was a bit dirty

What I like about these reels are that you can clean it to the point where it almost look brand new.

Check the slidshow below and enjoy

And hope all stay safe in these hard times


So Gary went out fishing enjoying a night with his mates, after his first cast he tought his going take the net to try and get some mullet. With having a check on the rod for a bite his rod has disappeared from his sight, running like usain bolt he only sees a line in the sand where bis rod used to be as the fish took off with his rod and reel. Dissapointed as his night of fishing was over he went back home thinking of the one that got away

The next night he got a call from he mate giving him some unbelievable news he got a present from the sea, and it was Gary's Rod and Reel with not to much damage

See photos below of how the reel looked


Out with the old in with the new


Photos from Eden Reel Services's post


Some very neat boat reels came in not alot of befor photos as the client realy looks after his reels
After a good clean and regrease they are ready to catch pb again

Happy weekend


A bit of drag upgrading with only the best greased used


Reels for the week

[12/24/16]   Geseende Kersfees aan almal en hoop julle kry daai katrol wat jy die heel jaar al jou oog op het

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Well Donald Olivier brought this reel in quite a while back said I must have a look at it when I have time. So as its lo...
Some very neat boat reels came in not alot of befor photos as the client realy looks after his reelsAfter a good clean a...
Wimpy louw having a cast with Mag-it on his Finnor 16 with braid, nice slow mo.
Net te wys hoe die ultrasonic an die werk gaan, grease en corosion verdwyn soos niks
Klient se Finnor 16 wat Mag It in gekry het baie happier met goeie afstand en die gemak
Een van my kliente met mag it in




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