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Cushy Cat Litter A natural, hypo-allergenic and cost effective clumping cat litter. Contains no additives or disinfectants. Ideal granule size makes it gentle on the paws. Absorbs liquid waste and odours fast and efficiently. Makes it easy to maintain a clean, hygenic and odourless cat box. Available from VetCross George.
This Biosafe Treat Dumbbell puppy toy from Rosewood is ideal for puppies, and suitable for small dogs too. This super duper toy is made from strong material, it is durable, boasts dental benefits, is soft on gums, floats in water and has a refreshing mint scent as well. With antimicrobial technology to help prevent the growth and survival of microbes and bacteria, makes this toy a safe and hygienic option. Available from VetCross George.
VetCross George is open today until Midday for all your pets needs. Our after hours emergency number is 079 160 9301.
Grooming your pet has been made easier with the colorful hair brushes from Pawise. Use the Flea Comb to remove fleas, flea eggs, flea dirt and dead hair from your pet's fur. The handle is equipped with ergonomic non-slip soft rubber. Available from VetCross George.
VetsBrands Opti-Vet is perfect for owners who wish to feed a dog food that meets the requirements of a premium dog food without compromising in quality while, however, ensuring optimal affordability. Available from VetCross George.
Hydrolysed Collagen is a good source of protein covering all the amino acids which assists in muscle recovery, coat and hoof growth, however it is also a good joint support with supporting evidence in reducing joint pain and stiffness. Available from VetCross George.
VetCross George assist with relocation and health check for all game animals. We can also perform darting and emergency procedures. For more information call us on 044 871 0002.
Happy Workers Day from the team at VetCross George. We hope you are enjoying the time off with your loyal companions in the best way possible. We will be back in the surgery tomorrow as usual or in case of an emergency feel free to call 079 160 9301.
Deworming your dog is important: Worms can threaten the life of your dog and result in serious medical problems. Some worms carried by dogs can also be transmitted to humans. Due to the risk they pose to both dogs and people, it is important to regularly deworm your dog. For help and advice call VetCross George we are open today until Midday.
Probono's range of delicious and nutritious dog biscuits are renowned for using nothing but the finest ingredients, catered specifically to suit the digestive system of different dog breeds, and to match specific dietary requirements with ease. VetCross George have a large range of Probono's in lots of different flavours. Treat your best friend this weekend.
Just a reminder that you Get a FREE Wild Toy for your small dog with every bag of Hill's Canine from and up there are 5 to collect. Offer available while stocks last. Call in to VetCross George and spoil your little furry friends.
Happy Freedom Day everybody. Unfortunately VetCross George will be closed except for emergencies. Have a fabulous days rest.

We are a mixed veterinary practice in George, where no animal is too large or too small. We treat a

We have all the necessary equipment to provide a high quality of veterinary care. We are passionate about what we do and make sure that each and every patient, big and small, get the best health care possible.


VetCross George has embarked on a pet health awareness program in the month of March and one of the best ways to care for your pet is to give them the good bacteria they need for the digestion of all the nutrients. Speak to us about the options.


Have you made your booking for your pets Annual Check up in order to receive a 15% discount. VetCross George is serious about keeping all your pets healthy and regular visits mean your animal gets the best chance of having a healthy life.


Keeping your pet pest free goes a long way to keeping them happy and healthy. Fleas don't just carry parasites they can cause serious irritations. Be safe, talk to VetCross George about the best way to keep the fleas at bay.


Do you realise how much your pet can gain from having a healthy diet that keeps them at a healthy weight? By simply feeding your pet the correct amount of a balanced diet you could be lowering the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory disease to name just a few. More importantly, correct weight could mean that your pet could be around much longer which means everybody should be a lot happier. Talk to VetCross George about your pets dietary needs today and let us help keep them healthy for longer.


VetCross George thought we would do something different this Saturday by introducing you to one of the unsung heroes of the team. Bongani is the heart of the operation when it comes to caring for the animals during their visit to the practice. He has passionately been serving the residents of George and their pets for more than 6 years as he takes care of the patients in the kennels before and after their procedures and can often be found carrying our patients to and from the car. Bongani is an integral part of daily operations and is extremely serious about his responsibilities. You can rest easy that while your pets are here, they are being cared for by a man with loads of experience.


Have you considered the risk you are placing on your animal by not having them vaccinated? Of course you have and that is why you have them visit VetCross George regularly to prevent all those terrible diseases such as Parvovirus, Rabies and Kennel Cough to name just a few. Make your booking for your annual Vaccination routine by calling us today.


VetCross George are focused on giving you all the information you need to make the right choice for your pet. A healthy pet starts with a healthy diet and for that reason we recommend bringing in your pet so that we can evaluate their nutritional requirements. What they eat and how often they eat it makes all the difference.


We are already into the second week of March have you booked your pet in for their 15% off Annual Checkup yet? You still have time to call VetCross George to make your appointment. Do it now for the sake of the animals.


VetCross George are focusing on pet nutrition and weight management for the month of March and one of the products we have found extremely beneficial to digestion in our pets is Protexin Soluble. This is a palatable multi-strain probiotic powder which helps to ensure a beneficial balance of digestive tract micro-organisms in all animals. It is a completely natural biological product which helps to boost immunity. This in turn enables the animal to resist the effects of stress and infections.

Photos from VetCross George's post 06/03/2023

Please help us find the owners. She was found on the Seven Passes Road this morning. No info on microchip.


Keeping your dog exercised and fit is not just good for physical health but will also improve your pets mental well being. With these activities also comes weight management making your animal happier with reduced risk to joints and heart. Talk to the team at VetCross George today for more information.


Book your annual check up for your pet in March and receive 15% off from VetCross George. We care for your pets as if they were our own and with regular visits we can detect any changes early and take action to keep them healthy. Bookings essential so please call in advance.


Animals need a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy life and for that purpose VetCross George would like to invite you to visit our practice to discuss your pets needs.


VetCross George would like to share a few basic care tips on keeping your pet healthy and happy. Diet is important not only in how much they eat but what they consume. Regular checkups are vital, at least once a year but early detection of issues make them easier to treat. Keep your pet pest free, vaccinated and exercised. For more details contact us to discuss your animals specific needs.


Are you aware of the number of toxic substances you have in the home? VetCross George would like to assist you in identifying possible risks your pets face everyday with items we may think are safe. We recommend talking to one of our team if your are in anyway unsure about a substance or product.


As we reach the final day of February, VetCross George would like to pay tribute to World Spay Day! The importance of having your pet sterilized in order to have a happy and healthy life can not be emphasized enough. The advantages far out way the negativity and besides, there are far too many unplanned puppies ending up in shelters. Do the right thing for your pet, make a booking today.


Although the majority of South Africans no longer wear masks, it may still be a good idea to get your dog used to coming into contact with people that do wear them, for example Vets, Doctors and senior citizens that may feel the need to stay safe from the possible infections. Interacting with people helps your dog become socialized and less anxious when confronted with different circumstances.


Weekends are the perfect time to take your dogs on long walks in the veld but are you confident that they are protected against ticks? Visit VetCross George this morning for your dosage of Bravecto and have the confidence of knowing your animal has the longer lasting effects of a tried and tested product that assists in keeping them pest free. Have a fantastic weekend everybody.


Do not miss out on getting your pets teeth cleaned at VetCross George for 10% less this month. We invite you to make your booking today and ensure your pet has a set of healthy, great looking teeth that are all the better to eat with.


Maintain that puppy dog shine in your dogs cote with Mirra-Cote from VetCross George. We also stock a variety of supplements and dietary products designed to keep your pet healthy and happy all year round. Call in today and ask for assistance if you are not sure what would best suit your needs.


Knowing your vet is the first step to keeping your pet healthy. Regular check ups, vaccinations and weight recording will go a long way to keeping your dog or cat healthy and happy. VetCross George would like to invite you to meet our team and we believe that we care for your animals as if they were our own. Make a booking today.


Having an aging animal is a rewarding experience with additional responsibilities. For all your supplements, treats and special needs, visit VetCross George. Our team will advise and assist in giving your special pet the veterinary care it needs for the happy and healthy twilight years.


VetCross George is driving a heart Health awareness month during February to inform animal owners of the dangers that animals face without regular checkups in order to detect early signs of heart disease. Statistics show one in 10 dogs and cats suffer from this disorder which can be treated if detected early enough. Call in for your pets health check and give them the healthy life they deserve.


Start your dogs off on the right path with products from VetCross George. We stock premium products for dogs and cats of all sizes and shapes. Call in today and chat to a member of our team.


Keep your dog looking fantastic with Mirra-cote from VetCross George. The ideal supplement that enhances the shine and health of your dogs coat. Speak to us today for more information.


It is vitally important for VetCross George that we continue to create awareness for Heart Health in pets. So often pets are brought to us with heart conditions which are advanced and may have been able to be treated or even prevented if the owners had just spoken to us. Take the time to talk to us and let us keep your as pet healthy as possible.


As dogs grow older they need good healthy joints in order to live a happy active life. VetCross George have just what you need in the form of Joint Care supplements. Call in today and discuss your needs.


Vetcross George wish you all a magnificent Valentines Day.


Ticks and fleas can cause your dog all sorts of irritations not to mention nobody wants to think of these creepy crawlies in the house. Talk to VetCross George about our range of Bravecto. Long lasting protection for all sizes of dogs.


Make your booking today for your pets dental cleaning and receive 10% discount on the procedure. A dog relies on strong healthy teeth in order to eat a well balanced diet. VetCross George are giving you a better price on the best quality service for your animal. Lines are open for reservations.


Introducing Lily (our VetCross Love Your Pet cover model) and her beseeching eyes. VetCross George are privileged to be featured in the George Herald Love your Pet Feature this week so we thought we would share our Cover Model with all our friends this Saturday. Let us see your Dogs if you Love your Pet as much as we do! Looking forward to your photographs in the comments.


Time to visit VetCross George for a dental check up and get 10% off a cleaning until the 28th February 2023. Good health starts with good care of your pets teeth. Call us today for an appointment.


As we draw closer to World Sterilization Day VetCross George will bring you interesting facts about the benefits of having your dog or cat sterilized. Here are a few of the Myths that people have developed which are incorrect. Which one of these have you considered as an excuse not to make the call?

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