Vetcare Animal Clinic - George

Vetcare Animal Clinic - George


I need help with this little dove...
Thank you Dr Ruth, I'm eating again and my eyes are almost clear, and no more coughing. Thank you to all the ladies at Vetcare, for caring, compassion and understanding and phoning almost everyday to check up on me - LULU
The best vet in George! Thank you so much for all your support over the last week - and a huge thank you to Elke for stopping Jamie's persistent nosebleed. It has been extremely worrying, so your calls and concern have been much appreciated. Thank you 😍
Thank you Drs. Elke & Ruth, Gina’s infection under her eye has healed... your kindness to her is greatly appreciate...
Picked up Bella's ashes today, a special thank you to everyone at Vetcare for the special attention you give your pet clients and their grieving hoomans, it's truly appreciated!❤️ baie baie dankie se vir Dr Elke van Vet Care wat so mooi na my African Grey gekyk het sy is tops dit gaan beter met hom het weer begin fluit weereens baie dankie Dr Elke
Our PatchyBoy is still missing - we are offering a reward for his safe return. Please help 🙏
Thank you Dr Stephanie for helping our little worsie tonight, thanks for going out of your way to assist and to make sure that she will be OK. You will never know how much this meant to us and we are so grateful. Thank you for loving our animals as much as we do. 🐕🙏
Thank you Dr Elke, Dr Ruth, Dr Stephanie and all the incredible staff at Vetcare George for looking after Bear this week. For understanding when I was too emotional to speak, for never giving up!
We are so grateful to you all. You saved Bear's life!!

Deconstructed HANDSOME... a #boredombuster project during Lockdown
You guys, I REALLY want to emphasize this!!! If your parrot's feathers are too long. For the next 21 days you won't be able to look for him if he flies away. Keep your doors locked! Not closed, but locked so no one could accidentally enter trough the door. If you can't do that, please make sure your parrot stays in its cage. You are responsible for your parrot's safety!

This goes for dogs and cats too

VetCare is a Vet Practice that loves your pets as if they were our own!

Operating as usual


Never give up!
If you haven't accomplished it yet-then it's not done!


Constipation is not just a problem that humans face!🤦‍♀️
Dogs and cats can struggle with constipation too. This is common in cats that have long hair that can cause hairball blockages and dogs that chew up bones!
It can be very uncomfortable and lead to pain, vomiting, loss of appetite or even further secondary problems or infections!

Laxapet is just one of the many great products that can help your pet remain regular, healthy and happy!

A healthy poop, is a happy pet!🐱🐶💩

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📚Story Time with Vetcare📚

“Hey Hayley”👋
Let us introduce you to 9 years old Hayley Hanhardt, a beautiful German Shepherd cross Border Collie that gives you all the “Lassie feels”.
Hayley came to us all the way from Kempton Park in June 2021. She has been visiting us now for almost a year and she comes with an interesting story. She came to us with the diagnosis of Spondylosis deformans affecting multiple lumbar vertebrae. The vet she was previously at had noticed that there was already calcification happening. Hayley’s mom noticed her going mildly lame in her hind legs after she would exercise. For the first 6 months, we were just assisting Hayley with pain management tablets, but last year December Hayley had her very first acupuncture session with Dr Elke. Hayley has now had over a dozen acupuncture sessions and is almost a weekly visitor. She is doing so well.🐶
Unfortunately, Spondylosis cannot be cured, however, dogs can live wonderful lives with this defect. They just need to have the right treatment and care and as you can see Hayley has landed with her bum in the butter.
Hayley is definitely living the Dream!🌴🌻🐕
Until Next Friday …Xoxo VetCare😘


Winner Wednesday!

Photos from Furever Cats - George, Western Cape's post 18/05/2022

So good to start your Wednesday with good news! Thank you and well done Taryn!


Kitty-Cat Kindness...

Last week we vaccinated 11 kittens for and there's more coming everyday... 🐱🐈
That is why Furever Cats is a brilliant cause to support! Well Done on your great work Taryn and all her fosters and helpers!

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📖Storytime with VetCare📖
“A Decade of Loyalty”
Ten years marks a decade, but when it comes to someone working alongside you for ten years, it feels far longer. Loyalty like that cannot be bought and trust like that is a rare find.👊
Dr Elke and Juandre Ekstraal have been working together for ten years. The pair have been a team from the beginning, starting at the SPCA for three and a half years. When deciding to start her own empire, Dr Elke recognized Juandre's dedication and compassion and brought him with her. They have a been a team for the past seven years at VetCare George.
Of all the never-ending stories that they share and challenges that they have faced, one in particular jumps out for Juandre: During their time at the SPCA, Juandre and Dr Elke once had to treat a cow who had all but torn her horn off at the base after falling into a river bed. Once the cow had been rescued, their task was to sew a cow's horn back on, all while working in the confines of a horse box, with only local anaesthetic and man power for restraint. As Juandre tells the story, I see his eyes gaze as he sees the memory before him and laughter glistens in his eyes as a huge smile stretches over his face. Juandre always sees the funny side of things and this story causes him to laugh as he recalls laughing while they had to hold the cow still and the acrobatics involved. Fortunately, the procedure was successful and I'm sure the cow will be furever grateful.
Dr Elke has so many fond memories of Juandre, but the thing that always stands out for her is his willingness to help and his dedication to VetCare. He is always the first in and the last out. There's never a moment that he doesn’t offer to help or to fix something. He contributes heavily to VetCare and he is a strong asset and brilliant person to work with. Juandre is always bubbly and happy and can talk and talk for days. Everyone at VetCare has a good time with Juandre and not a bad word can be said this gentle giant.
Juandre and Dr Elke go on to train and educate many people and together, they continue to help countless of animals of all walks (and crawls) of life.

We hope that Juandre will live Happily Furever After with us at VetCare!


Tomorrow is Friday Funday... and you know what that means at VetCare George.... 😄😝




...Because everyone needs a midweek motivational post!


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📖Story time with VetCare📖

“King Arthur: One in a Chameleon”🦎

Chameleons may be made to blend in, but we have a resident Chameleon who was born to stand out. His name is King Arthur.
King Arthur defies all the rules of camouflage. His boldness was not one he was born with, but one that was thrust upon him. King Arthur came to us from Goldfish Jewellery store. He came in very skinny, ill and his tail had turned black after sustaining an injury. When King Arthur came in, Dr Elke wasn’t sure if he was going to survive and we thought if he did pull through, we would need to amputate his tail.
We force fed him and loved him for a week. He was weighing in at only 6g, but after a week we saw that his tail was in fact semi-functional and we released him back to his chameleon chommies in Goldfish’s garden.

Two months later King Arthur came in for a visit. He now weighs in at 8g and this is where destiny steps in. Despite the fact that he isn't as strong as the other chameleons, doesn't blend in as he could before and despite his tail not being fully functional, here he is visiting us and doing very well! He has adapted to his injury, is looking good and owning his life. His tail was fractured and like I said, not fully functioning, but he’s putting on weight and looks swag when he curls his tail around your finger when you hold him.

If King Arthur can take life’s lemons and turn them around even when all odds are against this tiny-bold-gangster chameleon, then I am certain we all can. What an encouraging little creature!

This King will with no doubt live Happily Ever After!😎🦎

Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio


Well Done Furever Cats!! Doing a great job!


We Consider our patients and clients, family... Join us for the VetCare Family experience. 🐶🐕🐈🐱



Comment a picture of your fur-baby's living it up!😁

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📖Story time with VetCare📖

“The Yellow Duckling”🐥🦆

So, we have all heard of the ugly duckling, but have you met Ducky, our yellow duckling?

Last week we had the pleasure of helping a beautiful 4-week-old yellow duckling. Ducky’s owners brought him in with strange symptoms: He was falling over and vomiting up all the water he drank. It also appeared as if Ducky was having seizures. You can imagine how horrible this must have been to see. Thankfully Ducky’s three siblings had no symptoms whatsoever… needless to say we had a lot of questions running around in our heads.

When Ducky got here, one of our vets and the assistants at the back stabilized Ducky by putting him on a warm heated blanket and gave him Valium to stop the seizures. Once Ducky was calm and stable, x-rays were taken to track down a possible cause for the symptoms. The doctors suspected heavy metal poisoning, which was then confirmed on the x-rays. You can actually see the larger bright white dots in Ducky’s stomach on the x-rays, which are metallic. Ingested metallic material is what caused the sickness and strange behaviour.

BUT HOW? Well, Ducky must have eaten something that was metal: little mischievous duck!🦆

So, the treatment began... We put up an intra-venous line, gave supportive fluids and injected calcium. Ducky was quacking and already getting better by the third day. We held onto him for another few days for continued calcium treatment and physical rehabilitation to be sure everything was perfect. Ducky is ready to go back to his friends and family!

Ducky is such a pleasure to work with and so terribly cute. His coat is so soft and he is such a big cuddler! As soon as you pick him up, he just wants to climb into your neck and snuggle! Letting Ducky go home was very difficult because he came in and stole all of our hearts, especially Margi and Maverick! 🙈

Hopefully he waddles over to visit us again soon.

He’s going to live "Happily Cuddly- After!" 🦆🐥


You owe it to your cats to have their teeth and gums checked regularly.

Three of the Furever Cats permanent residents have problems with their mouths and sadly by the time we notice their behaviour they have already been suffering for a while. Now these cats go for regular dental treatments to save them from suffering toothache and gum infections.

💩Smell your cat's breath because that's a sure sign of a health problem if your nose wrinkles up.
😼Watch kitties eating habits and they will show signs of discomfort when eating.
🙀If you are lucky enough to have a cat who allows you to examine it's mouth, bonus!!

Contact Vetcare Animal Clinic - George 0448733585 and take advantage of their 25% discount on dental checks during the month of May.

Don't let your kitty suffer. We all know how miserable sore gums and toothache makes us.😬


This is Maverick, you’ve probably know him but don’t know where from… Maverick is an internationally recognised Tour de France cyclist, he is retired of course after his horrific crash that left him toothless. He flew across the world to get his teeth fixed at Vetcare George, because at Vetcare our Dentals leave your pets mouths healthy and smiling even if you a toothless wonder…

Ok ok I’m lying he lost he’s teeth in a much less adventurous accident! But a dog can dream can't he?



Photos from Vetcare Animal Clinic - George's post 26/04/2022


Magoo a beautiful green baby ring neck just flew from his home in Rose Street.
He says multiple things like:
Pollie, Pollie, Pollie and sings Ed, Edd and Eddy as well as the Harry Potter theme song...
Please help us find our baby!
Marie a 0609622301


Our Annual Dental special is finally here!
We are offering 25% OFF from 1 May until 31 May 2022.

We have limited space available so book now to avoid disappointment!
0448733585 ☎️


This patient was "one in a Chameleon"! 🦎🤓

Photos from Furever Cats - George, Western Cape's post 22/04/2022

Photos from Furever Cats - George, Western Cape's post


📖Story time with VetCare📖

“Allergic to Life”

This is Rookie. Say hello Rookie…👋🏻🐕 He is our in house Rottweiler. This poor gentle giant has had so many obstacles to deal with and yet he remains as wonderful and loving as ever!

This week Rookie dealt with a new obstacle that didn’t necessarily start this week, but a long standing issue. Let’s get into it:

Rookie started with an allergic conjunctivitis in August last year (also known as pink eye🧐), it was extremely itchy and he rubbed it a lot. Due to all the rubbing and itching poor Rooks got an ulcer on the cornea of his eye. Now he had an ulcer and pink eye and that was causing severe discomfort, spasms in the eyelids and he was constantly trying to close the one eye. This whole snowball effect caused the eyelids to roll inwards and scratch at the eyes. So that was the background to a long struggle now let us tell you how Rookie got “doggy Botox”…😜

We first put temporary tacking sutures in to pull the eyelid straight-this will prevent the eyelid from rubbing whilst we treat for the pink eye and the Ulcer. This is why Rookie looks so young and surprised in his picture.

Once the eye is healthy we will remove the tacking sutures and then we will keep him on a long-term allergy treatment. At the moment his long-term allergy treatment is Cytopoint, which we mentioned in our last post.

So now that we’ve made Rookie look younger, surprised and feeling so much better, we wait for his speedy recovery and keep a close loving eye on this gem….

But we know Rookie will live “Happily Fur-Ever After!”

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