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Happy New Years


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Happy New Years

GWP Online Acadamy
Register at Africa Skills College today and educate yourself in one of our financial education and Business courses. #onlinelearning #financialeducation

Financial Education
We believe that the right practical toolkit and understanding of how finance really works can lead to great goal-slaying achievements. We offer financial education online and focus on the fundementals and the more intricate parts of personal and business finance. For more information on our courses, visit

My Journey
Zander's Journey, video coming soon... #GWP #Academy #Truth #MasterYourMoney #ZanderKruger Location: Oppie Plaas Venue Filming Production: The Garden Route Creative

Financial intelligence is one of the most important skills you can teach your children. At GWP Trading Academy, we specialize in educating the youth on how to work with money. Our course includes how to get out of debt, monthly budget plans, financial goals, and retirement plans. Take this time to learn how to make the right decision. #GWPTRADINGACADEMY

Lockdown Income Plan
Lockdown eating at your income? We can teach you the basics or the advanced tecqniques on forex trading for you to add crucial financial skills in a market that's always in operation: International Financial Markets. Register online for one of our online trading courses at Open to all students from 14 years+ Beginners- and Advanced Course available. #ForexTrading #ELearning #OnlineStudy #Upskill #FinancialMarkets

Equip yourself with financial skills
Use your free time to upskill yourself with tools to trade online. Register online and choose your course here: Advantages: - Very little start ip expenses - Get to "Earn While You Learn" - Gain financial intellegence - Pay online in easy monthly payments - Learn and trade from anywhere in the world - Get to work and earn immediately after your course - Work opportunities at Banks / Hedge Funds OR - Work as an independent trader #OnlineTrading #FinancialMarkets #GWPTradingAcademy #EarnWhileYouLearn

Markets Remain Open To Trade
SA is on lockdown but local and international financial markets are open to trade online. Want to be part of this? Let us teach you how at GWP Trading Academy with professional trader and teacher, Zander Kruger. Learn more on what we offer and how simple it is to register online: #GWPTradingAcademy

Online Trading
We teach our students key skills and share valuble information to set them up for success in Online Forex Trading. A field in which you can take control of how you manage your earnings and income. Visit for more information. #GWPTrading #ZanderKruger #ForexTrading

2019 Seminar Highlights
Zander Kruger of GWP Trading Academy, hosted his first local seminar, on Financial Markets, in George on 12 April 2019 and here are some of the highlights. Thank you to all our clients who attended this seminar and to all prospective clients, we invite you to visit us online ( for more information on how we can assist in changing the way you earn and grow your money. Filming and Video Production by The Garden Route Creative Photography by Liezel Volschenk Photography Venue by Earls Court Lifestyle Estate Hosted by Zander Kruger & Maritza Kruger #ForexTrading #GWPTradingAcademy #ForexSeminar #ForexLifestyle #FinancialMarkets

GWP Trading - An introduction by Zander
Zander Kruger, invites us into his work space at his home in George, South Africa to tell us more about GWP Trading Academy; where it all started and what is most important when choosing a trusted trainer and mentor.

Your Finances. Your Future.
Four days to go, before our first sign up! Take control of your financial future this year and change your perspective on how you earn a living. #ForexTrading #PersonalFinance #Online #FlexibleLifestyle #WorkFromHome #ZanderKruger

Learn more at and we’ll show you how to take control of your financial future #forextrading #gwptrading

Sign up for our advanced course in 2019 and learn how to outperform your peers with online trading. The best overall performance will win a cash prize of R6000! First sign up date: 12 Jan 2019. Visit for more.

2019 is sure to be a very happy new year: Introducing our Performance Incentive #gwptrading #grandprize #signup #advanced course #12Jan

GWP Weekly setup

Introducing our 2019 Performance Incentive. Sign up to our advanced course on 12 Jan 2019 and put your performance to the test. Our client yielding the best portfolio performance at the end of 2019 will walk away with the grand cash prize and will be awarded a certificate of recognition. #gwptrading #competition #incentive #signup (Terms and conditions apply: subject to min sign ups)

We are celebrating the success of 2018! Here are some of our biggest highlights. For more information about GWP Trading Academy, visit

Happy holidays to our clients and followers! We’ll keep you posted on our next sign up date and look forward to sharing new and exciting prospects for 2019 soon. #HappyHolidays

We offer training from real experience with a trainer that has the portfolio to back it up! Let us help you achieve more. #yougotthis #GWPTrading

We teach our clients what the banks don’t want them to know about their money. Visit and regain control of your wealth management. #everycentcounts #GWPTrading

Why choose a career in Forex Trading? Because your time is your biggest investment. Visit for more info on how we can help you get started!

Why choose a career in Forex Trading? You can create a lifestyle to thrive in! Visit for more info on how we can help you get started!

Why choose a career in Forex Trading? You do not require many resources to start off. Visit for more info on how we can help you get started!

With the right training and expert, honest advise, GWP Trading Academy will equip you to create a flexible career in The trading industry. Simple, enjoyable and profitable. For info on our courses visit

What makes GWP Trading Academy effective? Our approach. We have a good understanding of the fundamental psychology of banks and hedge funds and technical analysis execution.

About GWP Trading Academy
Welcome to GWP Trading Academy. Here is a short summary of what we are most passionate about: Teaching our students and clients to trade successfully and create their own investment opportunities, in the environment they choose. For more information on our courses, please visit us online: #FinanceYourFuture #ForexTrading