George Educational Electronics Engineering & Computer Society We're a group of young and not so young enjoying life and embracing technology.

Together we're learning about electronics, building gadgets and exploring the things that most others simply take for granted. We currently meet up on Wednesdays
Venue: Office Reliance
Time: 17:30
Cost: Adults R20.00, Children Free.

[01/17/14]   It's a new year and a new term of G3ECS! Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesdays from 17:30 to 19:30.

bring something awesome for show and tell.

grincubator.co.za 30/10/2013


Don't forget to join us for G3ECS every wednesday and check out the event listing that's growing on the incubator website.

grincubator.co.za DateEventTimeVenue Wednesday, 30 OctoberG3ECS, software night17:30 to 19:30Office Reliance Friday, 1 NovemberTech Byte Breakfast09:00Hungry Camel W

mac.tutsplus.com 23/08/2013

Arduino: An Introduction | Mactuts+

A short intro to Arduino...

mac.tutsplus.com DIY electronics is a hot topic right now! With so many different technologies available, such as Wi-fi, touch screens, accelerometers and gyroscopes, it is easy

6wunderkinder.com 13/08/2013

Back to School - 3 tips for a productive first semester

Hi G3ECS! Here's a chance to win Wunderlist Pro for your class at school: http://www.6wunderkinder.com/blog/back-to-school

6wunderkinder.com Back to School3 tips for a productive first semesterThe new semester is the perfect opportunity to start being more productive! Meet Wunderlist — your simple and beautiful to-do list. It’s easy to start using, just enter all your to-do lists, add the details and start ticking them off as you go. It’...

[07/24/13]   it was cold tonight, but some fearless geeks braved the weather to spend the evening coding away. It's great to see some really motivated youngsters hacking it. :-)

georgeherald.com 23/07/2013

George Herald | Joseph and his amazing Twitter design

Joe making us proud: http://www.georgeherald.com/news.aspx?id=57954&h=Joseph-and-his-amazing-Twitter-design

georgeherald.com George Herald is your local community newspaper from George, bringing you the latest headlines and breaking news from George and surrounding Garden Route, South Africa.


Net Prophet 2013 - 3x3 minute presentations - Gary Willmott, Nathan Jeffery, and Kirby Gordon

Nathan, talking about G3ECS at #NetProphet2013 during the 3x3 Power Talks - Round1: youtu.be/5TKg8khDHN0

[06/09/13]   Mentor Needed:

we're looking for someone to assist in running a creativity and design programme.
1 x Wednesday per month. Contact us for more information.

Learning Programme Needed:

We're looking for a design or creativity programme similar to AdaFruit or Codecademy to help guide our creative workshops.

[06/02/13]   Equipment Needed:

We need some UPSes for our training server cabinet. If you know of anyone who has some decommissioned ones, please let us know.

We have some donated servers we would like to commission, but don't want to put them at risk of any electricity spikes.

many thanks.


Garden Route ICT Incubator

We are planning a developer roadshow to Cape Town.

The idea is to take a bunch of talented developers to Cape Town to showcase their talents at a Bandwidth Barn / Silicon Cape organised function.

We plan to arrange a group of Cape Town digital agencies & other potential partners to attend the session, so they can experience the group's skills first hand via the individual presentations and the one on one networking session afterwords.

Let us know if you would like to be part of the delegation

devjoe.com 27/05/2013

Interfacing with a salvaged LCD character display » Joseph Rautenbach - DevJoe Software

Joe has been busy: http://devjoe.com/?p=343

devjoe.com Interfacing with a salvaged LCD character display Uncategorized Add commentsMay272013 A few weekends ago I got hold of an old broken Canon printer/scanner combo. One thing that caught my eye was the display. It was a 2×20 character LCD (2 lines, 20 characters per line) which is better than some othe...


TEDxGranta -- Eben Upton -- Raspberry Pi

Eben Upton is the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is developing a $25 microcomputer with the goal of putting programmable hardware in the hands...

[04/25/13]   Great night at g3ecs last night, if you weren't there you missed out!

If you have a young child that you would like to introduce to programming, check out Scratch on Code.org

[04/09/13]   Hi All, just letting you know there is no g3ecs meet-up tomorrow night, we're letting you all settle into the new school term.

We'll be back on track from next week.
looking forward to seeing you there.

theregister.co.uk 16/03/2013

Ten pi-fect projects for your new Raspberry Pi • The Register

Some cool ideas for Raspberry Pi Projects: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/03/14/feature_ten_raspberry_pi_projects/

theregister.co.uk Feature There was an article a while back, in Scientific American I think, that posed the question: given a super-powerful computer, with infinite computing power shoe-horned into a coke can, what would you do with it?* The arrival of the Raspberry Pi (RPi) prompted a similar sort of question: given...


Garden Route ICT Incubator

Super awesome news, the Garden Route ICT Incubator has become a reality. Looking forward to seeing programs begin to materialise.

Breaking news just in. Both SEDA and Western Cape Provincial Goverment are now confirmed funding partners for our programs.
We are GO!


The Usability of Passwords

We've discussed passwords at G3ECS a few weeks, back. Have a look at this article for some more information.

baekdal.com Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords. This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones.


We’ve updated our Agenda to fit in with 2 days instead of 3 | ProtoCon

protocon.co.za We’ve updated our Agenda to fit in with 2 days instead of 3Leave a replyBe Sociable, Share! This entry was posted in Announcement on 15/02/2013 by ptadmin.


You spoke and we listened, ProtoCon 2013 will now be 2 Days. | ProtoCon

protocon.co.za You spoke and we listened, ProtoCon 2013 will now be 2 Days.Leave a replyWe’ve recieved a lot of positive feedback, but also comments regarding taking three days out of the office being difficult.Based on your feedback, we have restructured the event to run over two days instead of three.The Confere...


Keynote Speaker – Dr Ernst van Biljon | ProtoCon

ProtoCon 2013 Keynote Speaker Announced!

protocon.co.za Keynote Speaker – Dr Ernst van BiljonLeave a replyOur Keynote speaker is confirmed. We’re proud to announce, our Keynote Address will be done by Dr Ernst van Biljon.Ernst holds a doctorate in logistics and supply chain management specializing in strategic process management. Over the last thirteen y...

[02/06/13]   Sorry everyone but G3ECS is cancelled tonight. We'll resume next week with building the throwies and the Arduino course.

[01/29/13]   Is anybody in Cape Town between now and next week that will be willing to pick up and bring some of the components along for the next G3ECS?

We have a bit of a problem with the magnets for the throwies... the post office doesn't deliver strong magnets and a courier is going to be expensive for a handful of magnets.

Alternatively, does anyone know where to find a bunch (about 20) of small neodynium (rare earth) magnets?

[01/23/13]   Thanks for joining us tonight was a great start to the year. Don't forget to all sign up for an account on Codecademy.


get in on the action, check out our plans for this term...

[01/19/13]   Club meet-ups begin this week, so please tell everyone it's 17:30 at Office Reliance. Please remember to bring all the cool projects you've been working on.


Garden Route ICT Incubator

We will be opening up for membership registration soon. Be sure to like our page to make sure you get notified when we are ready to accept membership applications.

g3ecs.co.za 17/01/2013


we're going to focus on publishing content on our page and on our wiki, so we decided to revamp our webpage a little... http://g3ecs.co.za

g3ecs.co.za George Educational Electronics Engineering and Computer Society, G3ECS for short, is a group of young and not so young geeks getting together to apply our motto "Learn, Make, Return" once a week.


Garden Route ICT Incubator

Do you know about any tech events or groups in the Garden Route?
Please let us know as we are always reaching out and growing our network


Garden Route ICT Incubator

The guys over at @ProtoconZA are putting together an awesome Garden Route tech conference focussed on turning an idea into a viable product.
Great for all those keen to get their tech idea validated and maybe even funded

[11/08/12]   Thanks to everyone who attended our term end function. It was a blast. Looking forward to see all the awesome big and small projects that you're going to build over the holidays.

[10/11/12]   We have one Raspberry pi KIT available with power adapter and transparent housing. Cost: 1,200.00. Please contact us for more information.

[09/25/12]   Do you have any old hardware you don't use anymore?
whether it is working on not, we'd love to find a use for it, so please connect with us.

[08/13/12]   Hope you're all looking forward to the week ahead. We're looking forward to seeing what you've been working on at show and tell this week.

Happy Hacking!




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