Outeniqua Family Market

Outeniqua Family Market


Why have the drinking spots for dogs been removed? We could not find one on the usual spots...
Hierdie pragtige blomme nou beskikbaar. Kontak ons gerus. 0824155706. Is ook more beskikbaar op die Outeniqua familie mark by George. Uitstekende kwaliteit.
Join us for a fresh juice at
Squeeze Me stall
Best microgreens locally grown by the best people

Available every Saturday on the Market
My new video is out - Support local is lekker -
Kom ondersteun ons by die Outeniqua Farmers Market in George!! Kyk net die pragtige proteas!!

Sanitiser word ook verkoop!! BESTE WAT DAAR IS!!

Join us this Saturday at the Outeniqua Family Market for the Rugby World Cup Final! Why go anywhere else when we have *Big Screen TV's*, food, alcoholic beverages and a large play area to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy the game? Visit our Beer Tent where there's lots of seating and enough big screens to ensure you don't miss anything!

Come early and grab a hearty breakfast before the match starts!

We open at 08:00AM until 14:00.
SharLeBel Shop on Hoorah.co.za is now updated with all our products! We have aligned our online prices with our local prices at the Outeniqua Family Market! https://www.facebook.com/outeniquafarmersmarket/ Hoorah also delivers internationally! https://www.hoorah.co.za/store/httpssharlebelmushrooms-com/

We at Sharlebel is supporting the initiative. We love South Africa and we believe in the future of our country. But we need all the support of the people of South Africa to run a successful entrepreneurial business. What can you do? Buy local - support entrepreneurs during this coming holiday!
In the mood for a healthy meal this weekend? Try this Broccoli and Shiitake Mushroom Recipe! And don't forget to make a turn at our stall at the Outeniqua Family Market in George! http://bit.ly/34d5JsF https://www.foodiecrush.com/broccoli-and-shiitake-mushrooms/
Line up in the Garden Route Cape this Saturday!
Mosaic Market and at the George Outeniqua Family Market. Please contact 065 559 2959 for further details!
Remember we will be at the Outeniqua Family Market on Saturday! Pop in and say hi! http://bit.ly/34d5JsF https://www.outeniquafamilymarket.co.za/

A Family market for everyone both young and old and pet friendly! With over 150 stalls made up of food and craft stalls as well as fresh produce, a nursery, playground, undercover eating areas, entertainment Lapa and even baby changing facilities.

The ancient name Outeniqua means ‘the land where honey comes from’. This changed on 19 November 2011 when the Outeniqua Farmers’ Market opened, providing a new shopping destination that created a new heart for George. From that day onwards, Outeniqua is the land where honey, cheese, fish, chocolate, cakes, berries and other delicious foods comes from. The Outeniqua Farmers’ Market is located oppos


Come by here at Outeniqua Family Market and have an adventure!!🌿✨


The band - “Onbekend” is performing here at OFM this Saturday! 🎶

Band- Herman, Driekie and René 🎤

We are so excited to listen to them playing their tunes and having fun!💥

Here is a link to their page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063670805665

Hope to see you there!🎤

Photos from The Legging Lady's post 15/10/2022

Photos from The Legging Lady's post


Today is the day to make a turn here at OFM! ☕️☁️

We have warm food and coffee, enough to make you want to stay for the whole day! 💥

Everyone is welcome!


This Saturday ; 15 October from 10am.
Nadia - Solo Artist- will be performing here at OFM! ✨🎤

She’s the life of the party and gifted with a natural beautiful voice!🎶

Have a look at her facebook and instagram page ->


✨See you there!✨


Snake rings 🐍


Penguin Leather and Crafts is at the Outeniqua Family Market every Saturday 08:00-14:00!!

Photos from All Metal Coatings's post 08/10/2022

Photos from All Metal Coatings's post


Come say hi at our stall today. We're at the Outeniqua Family Market!

Outeniqua Family Market Outeniqua Family Market


Lees Lees Lees! 👀

Oulike boeke vir jonk en oud elke Saterdag by Rooi Posbus Boeke. Besoek ons lekkerste mark, Outeniqua Family Market, pret vir die hele gesin.


✨What are you doing this Saturday?✨

Get your belly full and enjoy the Arts & Crafts! 🎨

Remember to bring your family, especially the hairy ones!🐈🐾🐩


✨This Saturday - 8 October - will be joining us and performing her beautiful songs! 🎶

💥Have a look at her latest YouTube Video in the link 👇


We are so excited to welcome everyone and enjoy the lovely day!🍃

Photos from Drool Lekker's post 01/10/2022

Photos from Drool Lekker's post


See you soon!

Outeniqua Family Market Outeniqua Family Market


🌿Did you know?🌿

There are various trees planted here at Outeniqua Family Market, but what makes it SO special, is the fact that some of these trees are the age of 70 years and older…

Therefore they are national monuments!! 🍃

🍃Come and visit these beautiful, old trees and try to spot the oldest tree of them all!✨

Photos from Drool Lekker's post 30/09/2022

Photos from Drool Lekker's post


Join us this Saturday- 01 October- Artist performing: Michael Lindt 🎶

Here is a link to his website: http://www.michaellindt.co.za/

Michael is open to performances for functions, markets and also house concerts 🎊

See you at the market this Saturday!✨

Photos from The Pickled Popper's post 24/09/2022

Photos from The Pickled Popper's post


🌿Did you know?🌿

🌿Since 2011, Outeniqua Family Market has planted more than a 1000 trees! 🌳 🌲🌴🍃

🍃We love to keep our fingers green and take care of our loving planet 🌍



Music For Lovers!

-Playing their songs here at Outeniqua Family Market, THIS Saturday! 🎺 24 September 🎺

Enjoy the day with your loved ones, grab a front seat to listen to Carry and Trudies love songs! ✨



Scarfs for Africa se alles. Grootste verskeidenheid serpe beskikbaar. Kom na stalletjie 26 (regs by ingang) by Outeniqua Family Market vir mooiste produkte. Moenie uitmis nie. Elke Saterdag op dieselfde plek.


Our latest restoration project, an 1838 - 1938 Voortrekker Centenary Commemorative platter. Best part is now it won’t tarnish Again! Come visit us Outeniqua Family Market to found out how or to get your own DIY Kit.


You know where to find us!

Outeniqua Family Market Outeniqua Family Market

Photos from Farmfresh Direct's post 17/09/2022

Photos from Farmfresh Direct's post

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 16/09/2022

Come and visit the “Moringa” stall at Outeniqua Family Market! 🌿

Lourens says:
- Ek verkoop Moringa poeier, 200g = R130.
- Moringa 90x500mg kapsules = R120
- Moringa saad olie 100ml = R250
- Moringa body butter 125ml = R60

Moringa poeier bevat meer as 92 voedingstowwe en word die “Miracle Tree” genoem met rede.

Baie inwoners van die omgewing getuig reeds van goeie gesondheids resultate!

Besoek gerus my stalletjie vir meer inligting!

🌿There you have it! Come and test out the moringa tree and see great results! 🌿

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 16/09/2022

✨Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio✨ - Stall at Outeniqua Family Market -

Their story:
Reinette and Zak Edgar started working together in 2002 after crossing paths within the local jewellery trade. The sparkle in their eyes for one another grew through their crafts as an expression of joy, happiness, and a deep love for both their art form and each other.
Working from their studio situated under the peak of the picturesque and impressive Outeniqua Mountains, they draw inspiration from the natural splendour around them resulting in piece such as chameleons, Knysna louries and pansy shells.

They manufacture, design and create an extensive range of products in golds and silver using semi-precious stones.
They also do custom manufacturing for clients and engagement rings and repairs etc.

Designing and creating jewellery is their passion, and GoldFish Jewellery, the truest expression and fulfilment of their dreams. ✨

Find them:
-Here at Outeniqua Family Market
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldfishJDS
- Online: https://www.goldfishjewellery.co.za/
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goldfishjewellerydesign/


This Saturday- you will hear the performance of Johnny- The Easy Chair - 🎶

Join us at the Market and listen to his great Folk & Country Music! 🤠

Contact Johnny: 0832324764

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 13/09/2022

✨Aloe Ferox 🌵- Stall at Outeniqua Family Market - they have products made from 100% fresh-pressed aloe.

Aloe products for the whole body- Skincare, Weight Loss, Health Supplements, Bath & Shower products.
ALSO- available Baby Care & Pet Products!

Treat the following conditions with aloe- Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and many more!

- here at Outiniqua Family Market
- Whatsapp: Retha 0798840973
- Facebook:
- Online Shop: https://aloeferoxsa.co.za/

Photos from Elegance and Grace's post 12/09/2022

Thank you Elegance and Grace! 🙏🏻✨

Photos from Soul Macrame's post 10/09/2022

Photos from Soul Macrame's post


Rooi Posbus Boeke by Outeniqua Family Market het getrek na stalletjie 27 naby die ingang van die mark. Besoek ons daar vir dieselfde vriendelike diens en boeke teen spesiale pryse.


Guess where we are...

Outeniqua Family Market Outeniqua Family Market

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 09/09/2022

Ons is oop Tydens Beurtkrag! 💡

Beurtkrag is hierdie Saterdag van 10:00 - 12:30 🔎
- Maar Outeniqua Familie Mark funksioneer 100%, so kom en geniet die dag saam met ons!🌞

Ook- Kina Koffee en Mezzo Mezzo sal vir jou die lekkerste koffie maak sonder enige onderbrekings. ☕️

Sien later! ✨


🍃”Het jy geweet?”🍃

Kom kyk gerus na die merkwaardige Kina Boom en geniet ‘n koppie koffie by Kina Koffie reg onder hom! 🌳


Hierdie Saterdag - 10 September - word ons bederf met ‘n optrede vir die dag van Jaco Kriek - 🎷 ‘a Saxophone player ‘ 🤩

Kom geniet die dag saam met ons en luister na Jaco wat speel 🎷🎶

Hier is sy page -> https://www.facebook.com/jacokrieksax/

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 03/09/2022

🌻Familie tyd in die speelpark - in die hart van Outeniqua Familie Mark 🍃🌞


🌸Gelukkige Lente!🌸

Kom maak ‘n draai by De Mark Kwekery hier by Outeniqua Familie Mark 🍃
🍂- Daar is blomme, plante en bome vir almal! - 🌻

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 30/08/2022

Wat ons bied vir enige iemand wat ‘n Saterdag wil ontspan, eet, drink en vrolik wees! 🌿

✨Bederf jouself! ✨

Photos from Outeniqua Family Market's post 30/08/2022

Outeniqua Familie Mark het 'n nuwe Instagram Page!🥳

Volg ons op instagram vir fotos, gebeure, vidoe's, advertensies en lekker tye! 💫


- Gaan op Instagram en soek vir-> " outeniqua_family_market "


- Kliek op hierdie link en dit sal vir jou vat na ons instagram blad toe->


- Scan die QR kode hier aanhegeg, as 'n post.


🤩Voel vry om vir ons te kontak vir enige vrae!🤩

🙏Baie dankie vir almal se ondersteuning!🙏

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Fantastic food made by husband and wife - Shaun and Anne - they are called - The Bruschetta Box 🍃.                      ...
Seems like the weather is looking good, We’ll see you tomorrow!☀️.         Open from 8am-2pm, loads of time to have fun!...
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🐾Pretty Paws🐾 = one of your pet’s favorite stalls at Outeniqua Family Market!💕.                                    Come ...
✨The Orchard Collection ✨- a stall here at Outeniqua Family Market!                                                 Come...
Penguin Leather and Crafts - Come and visit the handcrafted Genuine Leather Products! 🐧✨- here at OFM 🌾.
Meet this beautiful stall - Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio - shining as bright as their jewellery!✨  They manufacture,...
Pets we saw at the market today! It’s nice to see them having the time of their lives! 🐕‍🦺✨🐈 #pets #fun #outeniquafamily...
✨Koffie, lag en lekker tye!✨ Kom en geniet ‘n dag hier by Outeniqua Familie Mark - Hier is plek vir kinders, families, d...




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Opening Hours

08:00 - 14:00

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