The Old Toll House Montagu Pass

The Old Toll House Montagu Pass


Dear Gerda. Our family were devastated to learn of the destruction at the Toll House during the fire currently raging in the district. We were privileged to enjoy coffee and pannekoek with you last month when we visited with our son who was here from Denmark, our daughter from Washington, son Dene from George plus nephews and grandchildren. It was an experience of a lifetime and the thought of all the love, effort and perseverance that went into the restoration going up in flames is heartbreaking. In the true spirit of the original builders, I'm sure the Toll House will rise again from the ashes. With our very best wishes.
Dan, Sandy, Dene, Kaylyn, Evan, Shannon, Bevin, Dene ll, Louise and Cullen.

The Old Tollhouse, situated in the historical Montagu Pass, Declared a National monument in 1972. ABOUT

The Montagu Pass and Toll House were constructed between 1844 and 1847 by Henry Fancourt (Australian surveyor and engineer) and declared National Monuments in 1972.

The pass provided quicker access to George for farmers from the little Karoo and Langkloof.. Animals, carts and wagons had to pay toll. A penny for an animal (amount depended on the size of the animal) and a penny per wheel was charged to farmers, transporters and postal carts who travelled back and forth from the hinterland. The toll house was erected to provide accommodation for the toll keeper

Operating as usual


Come have a look at the beautiful Porcelain Exhibition at the Toll House in Celebration of Women's Month!

Join us for Coffee & Pancake all weekend from 9 - 12 and Monday till 2pm.

See you there!


It's PANCAKE SATURDAY at the Toll House.

Bring us a large rock or two or a bag of rocks if you're feeling generous! 😉😊 We need to rebuild our stone wall at the front of the Toll House, so your rocks will be part of history!

Let's ROCK!

See you soon!


Join us for Coffee & Pancake today and tomorrow.

Remember to bring us some rocks to help us rebuild the wall at our entrance.

Let's Rock this Madiba Day!


Remember, we are OPEN for Coffee & Pancake this Saturday from 09:00 - 14:30.

PLEASE remember to bring us some rocks / bags of rocks to help us to rebuild the wall in front of the Toll House.

(You may also bring any unwanted household items that we can sell for donations. All income will go towards our Security and Renovation funds.)

See you this weekend!


What a beautiful memory from 2 years ago.

Please visit us Daily from 08:00 - 10:00 when we serve old fashioned pancakes (pannekoek) and coffee.

*Please note, we are dependent on volunteers and donations, so if you are able to assist, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252


We are open on YOUTH DAY 2020. Please join us for Coffee & Pancakes on 16 June.


Remember, we are open from 08:00 - 10:00 for Coffee and Pancake. Please support us!


Happy Mother's Day!



We have received an overwhelming response to our last post for runners who want to 'enter' for a race.
We apologise for any confusion but we need to make it very clear that this was never an organized race.
This was a runner who wanted to raise funds for the Toll House as part of their daily allowed exercise between the hours of 06:00 and 09:00. It was proposed that people sponsor the runner at R5 per round around the Toll House, which is 4.2km from her home and thus falls within the 5km allowed radius. A Timekeeper and Videographer was asked to record the rounds in order to ensure legitimacy of rounds / sponsorship due.
We were approached by some other runners who would also like to raise funds. Runners are welcome to run (within the 5km allowed radius of their homes) and obtain sponsorship in support of our fundraiser. We can, however, not accommodate a multitude at the Toll House due to the Lockdown regulations.
We welcome ALL sponsorship and donation towards the Toll House and we are extremely thankful for everyone's support. At the same time, we urge you to remain within Lockdown regulations:
06:00 - 09:00
Not in a group
Social Distancing

For any additional questions, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252

ABSA 9252930880 • BRANCH 432005


Please support our Toll 4 Toll Fundraiser.
Some runners will be making their rounds around the Toll House. 50 Rounds @ R5 per round. A timekeeper and videographer will ensure there's not shortcuts taken and that social distancing is being adhered to.

PLEASE support us as we raise funds for security fencing around the Toll House.


The Toll House will be hosting a Vintage Market to raise funds. Please consider suitable donations that we can sell or if you're adventurous and want to join us for the market, you are more than welcome!

Contact Gerda for more information - 083 772 8252


The Old Toll House Montagu Pass's cover photo


We've had to appoint additional security for the Toll House during this lockdown time. The cost is R250 per day.
Unfortunately, we currently have ZERO income and our coffers are empty.

PLEASE consider making a donation into our bank account for the Security. Without your help, the Toll House is at risk.

For any additional information, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252.


Besoekers tydens die fondsinsamelings stap/draf


Ingesakte skoorseen word afgebreek 06/04/2020

Toll House Montagu Pass | Charity - Profile | BackaBuddy

How is everyone's #lockdown going?

We're missing our Saturday Pancakes!

During this time, please consider making a donation directly into our bank account (details on our Cover photo above) or via our Back-a-Buddy site

We would not be able to do any of what we do without your support, so THANK YOU!

Please stay Safe. Stay Home. See you soon! A few kilometers outside of George in the Western Cape, where the Montagu Pass meets three other Passes (Outeniqua, Cradock, Railway, Montagu), you will find a monument known simply as the Toll House. It has survived an industrial revolution and 2 world wars but sadly not the recent fires in George....


A HUGE big THANK YOU to every person that has continued to support us on this journey of restoring our beautiful Toll House. Every donation has contributed to every floor board, every stone, every roof truss, every window...we can't thank you enough!

Unfortunately, we've had to take the incredibly difficult (but necessary) decision to TEMPORARILY close the Toll House due to the COVID-19 challenge.

This means we won't be able to raise funds to continue paying Joulian, our stone mason, who has so painstakingly restored and in places reconstructed the Toll House over the last few months. We can, however, continue with YOUR CONTINUED DONATIONS.

PLEASE will you consider making a donation to our bank account? We welcome regular donations but even once-off donations are welcomed with open arms and thankful hearts

Should you require any additional information, please contact Gerda directly on 083 772 8252.

Our popular Pancake Saturdays will be suspended until further notice. Please watch our Facebook for further information.

THANK YOU for your continued support! We are all in this together.


Join us for Pancake Saturday at the Toll House from 9 - 12.


The 'new & improved' Old Toll House is so pretty. Have you visited us again?

Remember, every Saturday is Pancake Saturday.

Join is this Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00


We've been wanting a banner that not only shows YOU our appreciation for supporting our rebuilding efforts but something that shows the road we have traveled with you.
From where we were before the fires to where we are now, little over a year after the fires.

THANK YOU Print House in George for your generosity. You've worked behind the scenes and now we can acknowledge your kindness.

Join us every Saturday for coffee and pancake and check out our beautiful new gifted banner that depicts our journey.


A huge THANK YOU to Buffalo Tanks for sponsoring our new water tank. Thank you also to Norgarivier for the transport!

The Toll House is being restored slowly but surely with your help and other sponsors like Buffalo Tanks. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Gerda at 083 772 8252.

Donations can be made directly into the Toll House bank account: ABSA 925 293 0880 (Branch 432005)

Bank information is on our Cover Photo.


TOLHUIS FUND RUN smallest.mp4

Well done to the Toll House Team and everyone who participated and supported today's Toll House Fund Run.


One year later, the Toll House has a new roof. This is just the beginning. THANK YOU for your incredible support. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us.

Donations: Toll House
ABSA 925 293 0880 Branch 432005


George Herald

We are very excited to see the Toll House slowly but surely returning to her former glory. What a brave lady she is!

THANK YOU to each and every person who keeps supporting us. We still need a LOT of funding to complete everything we have set out to do, so please keep the support coming.

For any information on the Toll House or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252

Herstelwerk aan die ou tolhuis in die Montagupas vorder. Die ou tolhuis se nuwe dak is byna klaar.


Dak van die Tolhuis in wording! Hopenlik kom ons Belgiese klipkapper Joost Pycke vir ons help. Soek nog net 'n borg vir sy arbeid.


Join us on 24 September from 09:00 - 15:00 for our 2019 Heritage Day Celebration.

Lize will be doing Horse Cart Trips
(Please book for this @ 082 517 0621)

We will have Cinnamon Pancakes and Vetkoek on the ready with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

We have water for coffee / tea but PLEASE bring your own drinking water - you may have heard that someone stole our water tank.

If you would like to contribute towards a new water tank or if you would like any additional information, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252.

Kom kuier saam met ons op 24 September vanaf 09:00 - 15:00 ter viering van Erfenisdag 2019.

Lize doen perdekar ritte
(Bespreek asb by @ 082 517 0621)

Ons gaan Pannekoek en Vetkoek bedien met 'n heerlike koppie Koffie of Tee.

Ons het water vir die koffie / tee maar bring ASB u eie drinkwater saam. U mag bewus wees dat iemand ons watertenk gesteel het.

Indien u wil bydra tot 'n nuwe tenk of enige ander vrae het, kontak gerus vir Gerda @ 083 772 8252.


Every Saturday is Pancake Saturday at the Toll House!

Join us for a cuppa and a homemade pancake as we raise funds for our Toll House Projects.

9 - 12 every Saturday.


We are open for Pancakes today.

Gerda will also be at the Up with Downs Car Boot Sale today to double our Fundraising efforts for the Toll House.

Please support Siwi and Gerda today.


We are very happy for this lovely couple who had their engagement photographs taken at our beautiful Old Toll House recently.

We look forward to their next visit!

If you would like to have your photographs taken at the Toll House or on the Toll House grounds, please contact Gerda on 083 772 8252 to arrange this. We would love to assist you!

Na hierdie sessie het ek weggestap met elke lag spiertjie in my liggaam wat pyn. Daar was nie 'n oomblik wat daar nie grappies gemaak was en vir mekaar gelag was nie. Ek sien so uit om hierdie troue vastevang!


We are very thankful for every donation and we value your support. Please continue to give, as we are rebuilding the Toll House to her former glory.

[04/01/19]   Vriende vd Tolhuis fondsinsameling
Donderdag 4 April om 18h30
George Museum

Die Vriende is vol verwagting om binnekort to kan begin met die restourasie.
‘n Boekvrystelling het in ons skoot kom val toe Jeanette van Rensburg aangebied
het om haar nuwe “tydskrif” boek hier to kom bekendstel in die George Museum.
Die geleentheid is 4 April om 18h30 en sop en sjerrie gaan die geleentheid vooraf.
Toegang is R70 en moet bespreek word sodat genoeg kos gereed gemaak kan word.
Deel van die boekverkope word geskenk vir die restourasie van die tolhuis.
Bespreek by [email protected] of skakel 044 8746277

Die Boerevrou was die eerste Afrikaanse vrouetydskrif. Dit is van Maart 1919 tot Desember 1931 in Pretoria onder die redakteurskap van die eienares, Mabel Malherbe, uitgegee. Die tydskrif was baie gewild onder haar lesers en is dwarsoor Suid-Afrika gelees, en is selfs ook ver buite die land se grense versprei. Vandag kan Die Boerevrou bestempel word as ‘n ryk skat van inligting oor die Afrikanervrou en haar leefwyse in die vroeë 20ste eeu. Jeanette van Rensburg het met ‘n doktorale studie in kultuurgeskiedenis bevind dat dit verteenwoordigend was van die historiese lesers en ‘n beduidende groep Afrikaanse vrouens se lewensuitkyk en daaglikse lief en leed weerspieël het.

Van Rensburg is die outeur en uitgewer van Die Boerevrou Gedenkboek 2019 wat Woensdag, 27 Februarie by die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie vrygestel is, waar sy geskiedenis doseer. Dit is ‘n tydskrif-boek, ‘n geskiedenisboek met die gevoel van ‘n moderne tydskrif, omdat dit nie net die eerste Afrikaanse vrouetydskrif herdenk nie, maar ook die ontwikkeling van die vrouetydskrifwese in die algemeen. Dit vertel vandag, na 100 jaar, die aangrypende verhaal van hoe die vrouens van ‘n volk opgestaan het na ‘n verpletterende oorlog en deur ‘n tydskrif, gewy aan hul belange in hul eie taal, in aanraking met die buitewêreld gebring is. Met die Gedenkboek neem Van Rensburg die leser op ‘n reis deur die huise en harte van ons Afrikaanse oumagrootjies, wat self nie meer hier is om hulle eie storie te vertel nie.


Upcoming adventures @ the Toll House😃


Join us for old-fashioned Pancake & Coffee (Pannekoek & Koffie) at the Toll House from 9 - 12 today!

Don't forget your donation for our Rebuilding Memories Fund 😉

See you there!


Remember the Toll House New Years Concert.

Bring your own blankets / chairs and picnic baskets and join us for some live entertainment.

Please remember: No open fires / braais / flames will be allowed.


Click on this link to make a donation to the Toll House Memories Rebuild Fund:

Thank you for your support!



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