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As a life long back pain sufferer I benefited hugely from Sandy's treatment. I had a car accident in June and the "traditional" treatments involving medication and invasive manipulation techniques made things worse. I was very skeptical that such a gentle protocol as BSR would work but gradually I started feeling a difference. By the fourth treatment I was a different person and I've been able to take up my exercise regime again without pain. In hindsight, it make so much sense that the body can never heal itself if its carrying residual stress--just like a healthy eating won't help you if your body is carrying toxins. The body must be "reset"--BSR does this for you. The great part is that your body is actually healing itself like nature intended it to--BSR facilitates this. Thanks Sandy--you have a life-long fan
And so, after 2 sessions, I'm back to normal; functioning as before!
3 months ago, for quite a couple of weeks, I lost 80% of control of my arm and hand. I was then referred to Sandy (the co-wonder-worker), after already consulting physicians. And BOOM, I'm typing this message with both hands and arms fully functioning😃

Body Stress Release is a gentle technique in which areas of body stress are located, using the body as a biofeedback mechanism. The practitioner identifies

Body Stress Release is a health profession concerned with unlocking the tension stored in physical structures, thereby assisting the body in restoring its maximum efficiency. This gentle technique assists the body in its own healing process and brings effective relief from many forms of tension, pain and discomfort caused by the build-up of stress in the body. When the stresses of life - whether m

Operating as usual


Body Stress Release (official)

This weeks #MyBSRStory features practitioner Desiree Attwood’s journey with Body Stress Release:
My personal BSR journey started 15 years ago. My sporting history included surfing, dancing and bootcamp, which together with a stressful job, going through a divorce and raising my young children, put a tremendous strain on my body from a mechanical and emotional perspective. I suffered intense lower back pain, numb feet, tingling hands and debilitating depression. My lower back pain became so severe that I was advised to not do any sport and definitely NOT to dance! Imagine my amazement when after a series of gentle BSR sessions, my lower back pain disappeared …
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Body Stress Release (official)

Reframing can be an awesome tool, why not try to look at your current mountain through a different frame? 27/07/2020

Body Stress Release: 5/5 Who needs Body Stress Release? All ages need it from 2 days of age to 90+ Can you think of a natural health technique that could help a 42-year-old man with chronic tension headaches; a six-year-old boy with travel sickness; a 60-y...


Body Stress Release (official)

Each time stress overload occurs, whatever the cause, the tension locks into the body, reducing its efficiency. The body is then less efficient at dealing with stress and a vicious circle develops. Each time it fails to adapt, more body stress is stored, and the body enters a process of degeneration, with increased vulnerability to illness. The American Medical Association has estimated that 80 per cent of disease can be ascribed to stress. In this statement, only mental stress is being considered. If we add mechanical and chemical stress to the equation, then the percentage would surely be higher.


Body Stress Release (official)

You are strong enough to make it through. You have what it takes to live your best life, so live it!
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Body Stress Release: 4/5 How does a BSR session work? Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Tired. Body Stress is stored tension that may lead to: Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Pins and Needles, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, Numbness, Fat...


Body Stress Release (official)

Physical stress exerts pressure on nerves and disrupts communication to and from the brain and the areas supplied by the nerves involved, so normal function is undermined. Therefore, the body needs some assistance to release the stored stress.
The demands of life persuade people to “keep on keeping on” and to disregard or rationalise any ominous signs. This is like disconnecting the red warning light in your car, so that it stops informing you that the engine is overheating.


Body Stress Release (official)

Be brave …

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Body Stress Release: 3/5 Benefits of Body Stress Release. Numbness, Fatigue, Neck pain, Joint pain. Body Stress is stored tension that may lead to: Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Pins and Needles, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, Numbness, Fat... 06/07/2020

Body Stress Release: 2/5 How stress affects our health. Pins and Needles, Constipation, Heartburn... Body Stress is stored tension that may lead to: Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Pins and Needles, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, Numbness, Fat... 29/06/2020

Body Stress Release: 1/5 What is Body Stress? Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Pins & Needles Body Stress is stored tension that may lead to: Back pain, Headaches, Cramps, Sciatica, Pins and Needles, Constipation, Heartburn, Indigestion, Numbness, Fat...


Body Stress Release (official)

These times are trying for all of us. The uncertainty alone can make you feel uncentred and frightened. We recommend using this time to practice some self-care and place the focus on something that matters a lot … YOU.


Body Stress Release (official)

When a health problem persists, in spite of a variety of treatments, one needs to consider whether the source of the condition has been overlooked. Dealing with effects will not resolve the situation if the cause is not addressed. If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, you may suffer from body stress:
Pins and needles
An illness/medical condition
Feeling continuously tired and listless
Not feeling 100% well


Body Stress Release (official)

BSR was founded in South Africa in 1981 by Gail and Ewald Meggersee who pioneered this life enhancing, non-manipulative BSR technique. BSR has grown to include practitioners in 22 countries, 3 international associations and 2 training academies worldwide – this global growth is testament to the success of the technique. 05/11/2018

Update: Eastern Cape School for Disabled Receives Much-Needed Help

Truly amazing work done by my colleagues!!! “After the first 3 days of releasing, where we had given each learner their first release, we noticed things had changed. The physio department became the place where the children wanted to come to."


Body Stress Release Moreleta Park

Small changes can make a big difference.


Body Stress Release - Ballito

To demonstrate the power of BSR, I’m going to share some of my clients BSR success stories with you in my Client Chronicles Series…
The first story is about a 63yr old man who came to see me after he had slipped and fallen 2 weeks earlier. Since the accident, the pain had spread to his neck, causing tingling down his arm, and his lower back was constantly sore, extending into the groin. The muscles around his knee were also tender. After his 1st release, the pain in his lower back was much better, the groin pain had gone and the tingling in his arm had subsided. After his 2nd release, his back was fine, his neck was a little stiff but otherwise fine and the ongoing calf cramp he had experienced for many years had completely subsided. This client was so impressed with the way his body healed that he (and his wife) now come for BSR on a maintenance basis to ensure their bodies remain stress and pain free.
For more information about Body Stress Release, contact Tanya on 083 275-4898


Precious Pebble Foundation

We've been offered the library room at the Yosefe School in Mfuwe district where we could work on the children. Today we saw a lot more children than we initially thought we would, but smiles kept us going. Some of the children was very scared of white ladies touching them, so we adapted how we worked to make the children most comfortable, but the BSR still effective. I've made some new little friends, and the 20kg's of toys Anika brought with was a huge success. Today I witnessed miracles happen before my eyes! Anika Meijer #bsroutreach #fundingneeded #preciouspebble


Body Stress Release (official)

Want to know if you suffer from body stress? Read more here:


Body Stress Release (official)

Everyone who has ever felt genuine pain can relate to this. Make the decision on this #ChooseDay to give in to your body’s demands and have it released by a professional BSR practitioner. Find one close to you here


Body Stress Release - Rye, East Sussex

'This is the only place I can be comfortable lying on my stomach'

(Client in picture 6 months pregnant)

Body Stress Release with pregnant women, cushions are used to support below and above the 'bump' and this support takes pressure off the abdomen.

As pregnancy advances, there is increasing tension/stress in the lower back, which is usually referred up into the shoulder blades and neck. Besides relieving theses aches and pains, BSR plays an important role in helping the body prepare itself for the birth by minimising the compression in the lumbar spine and therefore improved communication in the whole pelvic area.

For more information on BSR and pregnancy please feel free to call me

Lee - 07919116474


Body Stress Release (official)

Our #FridayFeelgoodStory is about Gabrielle who suffered from severe neck, shoulder and leg pains and who experienced ‘growing pains’ in his feet almost every day. BSR changed his life.


Body Stress Release (official)


When a health problem persists, in spite of a variety of treatments, one needs to consider whether the source of the condition has been overlooked. Dealing with effects will not resolve the situation if the cause is not addressed. If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, you may suffer from body stress:

• Discomfort;
• Stiffness;
• Pain;
• An illness/medical condition;
• Feeling continuously tired and listless;
• Not feeling 100% well.


Body Stress Release (official)

Here are just some of the effects stress can have on the body including babies and children. BSR is for all ages!


Body Stress Release (official)

MY BSR STORY: This week we feature our S.A. Chairman, Sandy Damant's personal Body Stress Release story. Most of our practitioners have come to practice BSR due to a personal experience with BSR that has changed their lives.



Body Stress Release - Broughty Ferry, Dundee

#healing is a process that takes #time ⏱In todays culture, we tend to be #impatient & want "instant relief." But instant #relief is not healing. It's simply the masking of symptoms without really restoring the body to its #natural #healthy state.
Yes, healing does take time - it can take several months to fully recover from a chronic health problem. It can even take several years to completely overcome a degenerative condition. But, this does not mean that it takes that long to see improvement. Just as you can see a seed sprout 🌱and begin to grow long before the plant will completely mature, you can also see the signs that your health is improving long before you are completely healed. 🌿
When constant pain is experienced, it means the level of irritation keeps the nerve endings above the threshold level. During the early stages of healing the irritation level is hovering near the threshold and the pain is coming and going. As the irritation level slowly withdraws to below the threshold level, there will be rapid relief from #pain. #bodystressrelease #painrelief #stressrelief #painfree #journey #selfhealing #unlockingtension


Body Stress Release Association UK

Say no to pain, discomfort, stiffness, numbness! Here is the brilliant Boetie Toerien explaining how in BSR "the body does the work...we just encourage the process". It IS a process, but SO worth it. 💚


Body Stress Release (official)

There is no feeling like that of pain relief. BSR addresses the underlying cause of pain, offering a solution which prompts your body to self-correct and self-heal. A non-invasive and gentle, yet effective technique, requiring no needles or machines with far reaching effects on the nervous system. Through regular BSR you’ll understand how, releasing tension in the muscles optimises the operation of the body and promotes its amazing self-healing ability.
#PainRelief #HealingThroughObservation


Body Stress Release (official)

5 things you should know about chronic pain, as living with it is never easy. #BSRcanHelp 21/09/2017

Body Stress Release - We Are White River Melissa says that BSR can be beneficial to people who have tried various methods for combatting issues in their body without success. 30/08/2017

Numbness and pins-and-needles Landry* (42) complained of numbness in his arms, pins and needles in his fingers, and weakness of the hands. Body stress was released in his neck


Winter sun 🌞
#stressrelease #selfhealing #BSR #bliss #lovemywork

[06/23/17]   My BSR story:
At age of 27, I was a fit, sporty individual. I was working in a high pressure sales environment which I did not enjoy at all. To blow off steam I would play rugby, social football and run. Unfortunately I was neglecting my body and did not take note of the signs of overload. One day after work, I joined some friends for a game of football, and did not warm up. Not long after that I was writhing in agony, bent over double on the ground. My lower back had gone into a severe spasm and I was pulled forward like a question mark. No amount of stretching would ease the spasm and I eventually crawled to my car and drove home in a desperate state. At that stage my rugby coach was a chiropractor, so the first thing I did the next morning was crawl into his rooms for a manipulation. Three sessions and three days later I was able to straighten up. A week later I was back to "normal" and assumed the episode was over. Three months later I started to experience a really strange stiffness in my Achilles tendons which made walking uphill very uncomfortable. That developed into acute pain in the Achilles tendons, as well as the balls of my feet, and the outside border of my feet. Walking become difficult and exercise was out of the question. Driving became painful as sitting in that particular position made the pain worse. A visit to a physician later and I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. He warned me that the vertebrae in my spine would start fusing together and I would end up with what is known as "bamboo spine" and there was a chance I would be wheelchair bound. I would have to be on chronic medication to try and slow the process but there was no cure, I was told. A short term solution was to have cortisone injections directly into my Achilles tendons, which was excruciating. I was advised to go for a second opinion and was referred to a Rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with having Rheumatoid Arthritis in my ankles. The solution: chronic medication to control the discomfort, but there was no cure. At this point I was at my wits end and rapidly entering a depressive state. This was the point at which I was told to try Body Stress Release. I made an appointment to see John Beck in Pinelands, Cape Town, and was immediately cheered by his enthusiasm and love for the work he did. After my initial session I thought there was no way that the gentle approach that he used could make any difference to how I was feeling. What did make a lot of sense though, was his explanation of how the original lower back spasm may have put such pressure on the spinal nerves that innervate the lower legs, that it may have been causing the pain. Fortunately he convinced me to go for the follow up sessions, as I could feel changes begin to happen. It took a number of sessions, but eventually all my symptoms of stiffness and pain disappeared until the stage that I felt completely pain free again. I was so impressed by this gentle, yet extremely effective technique that I applied to do the course and was accepted for the 2004 intake. Once qualified I set up a practice in George and I love the fact that I am able to help people on a daily basis, that just like me had often given up hope. Tapping in to the body’s' incredible powers of self healing can truly produce "miracles" !

For more info visit

[06/22/17]   Body Stress (locked in muscle tension) may cause compression of spinal nerves resulting in many diverse effects such as: Backache, neck pain, pins and needles, headaches, migraines, sciatica, stiffness...


[06/22/17]   Body Stress (locked in muscle tension) may cause compression of spinal nerves resulting in many diverse effects such as: Backache, neck pain, pins and needles, headaches, migraines, sciatica, stiffness...




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