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Study House is a registered independent Cambridge school in the Garden Route Botanical Gardens


We wish Gianni well on this amazing opportunity to play in the Manchester Easter Cup u23 team for which he was selected. Well done!


Whatever your role, it’s just as important to know what can’t be recycled, as it is to know what can.

Look out for the following when collecting PET plastic bottles and jars:

- White or solid-coloured PET (such as dark blue or pink) cannot be recycled.
- PET bottles with PET/PVC shrink sleeves covering the bottle are not recyclable.
- PET bottles with metal caps are not recyclable.
- Bottles that have ink printed directly onto them are also not recyclable.

Learn more here:

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End of term hikes. Now we rest our minds and bodies!

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A week in the life of !
Enjoying chameleons, building models, design and technology, painting murals and weeding!

Mobile uploads 11/03/2024

Yes- I stand by it- Play, not homework, is what we should be pursuing at all costs. It’s empowering, it’s healing. Love talking about it! ♥️

SA’s great white sharks need urgent protection, say marine biologists – The Mail & Guardian 10/03/2024

SA’s great white sharks need urgent protection, say marine biologists – The Mail & Guardian Researchers don’t want authorities let off the hook over the dwindling great white shark population

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Thanks to Elzette from Young Engineers e² for the demonstration lesson todayat Study House Education


Su***de is now the leading cause of death for 13- and 14-year-olds in the United States, said senior researcher, Dr Sarah Wood.
The su***de rate for teens has gone up 76% in the last few years and it has doubled in the last 10 Years! 🥺

Moms and dads please connect with your teen everyday! Give them a hug. Check in on them throughout the day with an "I love you." even when you get the eye roll!
We don't have to correct them or tell them all of the things they need to do all the time.
Sit with them even if they seem annoyed.
Make their favorite meal or have a special breakfast one morning a week.
Text them silly gif's for no reason at all in the middle of the day.
Put your phone down and listen to them when they talk to you.
Ask them to put their phone/tablet/computer down and connect with you.
Stop mocking them and being sarcastic to what they like and don't like. Instead ask them why they like something and let them share their heart with you.
Build them up.
Encourage them to love how they are uniquely created.
They may seem aloof but their hearts are craving to be seen by you!

Grandparents, aunts and uncles will you please reach out and say "Hi!" Just check in. Let them know you see them and care about them.
It doesn’t have to be dramatic and full of worry…try being fun and creative.

PLEASE! We are losing our teens at an alarming rate.
We don't need to love out of fear, let's love through connection.


Our leader team for the junior school!
Congratulations to: Dakota, Abigail, Logan and Laris!


Making pasta from scratch!
Food studies Study House Education



Round pegs most often like to stay in round holes. Round holes are super comfortable for round pegs. They‘re a snug fit…

But round pegs in round holes don’t shake up the earth…
There’s no restless disruption when shapes align perfectly…

It’s our square pegs, that bore down, often meeting with significant resistance, often struggling as the soil around them is churned up,

That awaken it enough to spark growth, change, healing and wonder…

These square pegs that just don’t fit,

While they’re doing that hard boring through life, their magic unfolds…

Because they’ve spent their entire childhoods outside of the parameters of peg holes and boxes,

They’re not afraid to venture beyond the limits and break the barriers of all expectations-

This is territory they know…

If you are raising a square-peg,
here’s the undeniable truth:

Square pegs make up most of the world’s entrepreneurs, creatives, adventurers, leaders, healers, activists, inventors…

They are the ones who have refused to stop when they were told they wouldn’t succeed.

They are the ones who dream bigger than any idea that has ever existed.

They are the ones who defy the limits and change history.

They are the ones who shake up our world in all the ways it’s so desperately needed.

Don’t let the roundness of others remind you of all your child can’t do.
Let it remind you of all they can…

They hold the capacity for greatness,
the potential to create magic,
the ability to revolutionize stagnant soil…

Their earth-shaking leaves stardust…
It is through struggles that the most exquisite beauty emerges…

With so much love for all peg shapes,
Naomi ♥️

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The George lily.

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An array of treasures were spotted in the Garden Route Botanical Garden today!

Timeline photos 20/02/2024

Guess what % of plastics have ever been recycled? No prizes :(

And guess who knew about it all the time?

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Learning to care for horses is a rewarding activity!

Photos from Study House Education's post 14/02/2024

And some nature lovers! Potential prince in tree!

Timeline photos 14/02/2024

Plastic bottles were the #1 most polluted item, by far... and guess who the #1 seller is? Yeah, Coca-Cola. The company produces 134 billion—almost one-quarter (23%)—of the world’s PET plastic bottles.

We’re pushing Coca-Cola to prioritize reuse and refill instead of single-use plastic. Add your name to the petition:

CR: Break Free From Plastic


Galentines: the celebration of friendship among the gals!


Those who dressed up for the day!

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Valentine's cookies were baked and eaten by the 4s, 5s and 6s.

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Thank you to Roxanne Joubert, accredited herbalist, for educating and inspiring us in our challenge to rejuvenate the Medicinal Mound in the Garden Route Botanical Garden .
Gotu kola (below) aids concentration!


The difference!

Hmm... 🤔

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Grade 4 and 5 kelp forests for Environmental Management.

Photos from Study House Education's post 06/02/2024

Nature lovers at . Abigail's parrot visited and Anthony built this beautiful bug hotel!

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Study House 2023 Retrospective
#studyhouse volunteers take a fun break with Mr Frogfoot .
Dakota from #studyhouse and mr Frogfoot Garden Route Botanical Garden
Soccer Match 16 September
High school antics! 😄
Grade 9, Gianni preparing for his French oral!
Study House Art Exams




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