Quick-Step Instant Staircases

Quick-Step Instant Staircases


QUICK-STEP Instant Staircases with Billy's Steel Centre - Designer Staircase Construction Photograph
QUICK-STEP Instant Staircases - Precast Designer Coffee Tables - Any Design, on order
QUICK-STEP Instant Staircases - Designer Floating Staircase
QUICK-STEP Instant Staircases - Designer Floating Staircase
QUICK-STEP Instant Staircases - Designer Floating Staircase

Quick-Step Instant Staircases... when beauty and simplicity connect Quick-Step Instant Staircases... when beauty and simplicity connect

The unique concept of Quick-Step Instant Staircases has proven to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the immediate delivery and professional installation of precast precision concrete Designer and Standard precast staircases, Cantilevers, Floating staircases, 80mm ZigZag Profile staircases and related products, throughout South Africa.

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[01/21/20]   The QUICK-STEP Team is very excited about adding custom made Kitchen Tops/Counters and Vanities, as well as GFRC Coffee-, Dining- and Boardroom tables, on order, to our current Designer Staircase product range.

[09/15/15]   20 "Fun Facts"

1. 3000 BC - Egyptian Pyramids
The Egyptians were using early forms of concrete over 5000 years ago to build pyramids. They mixed mud and straw to form bricks and used gypsum and lime to make mortars.
2. 300 BC - 476 AD-Roman Architecture
The ancient Romans used a material that is remarkably close to modern cement to build many of their architectural marvels, such as the Colosseum, and the Pantheon. The Romans also used animal products in their cement as an early form of admixtures. Admixtures, additions to the mix used to achieve certain goals, are still used today.
3. 1824- Portland Cement Invented
In 1824, Joseph Aspdin, A British stone mason, obtained a patent for a cement he produced in his kitchen by heating a mixture of finely ground limestone and clay and grinding this into a powder, creating a hydraulic cement – one that hardens with the addition of water. Aspdin named his product Portland cement because it resembled a stone quarried on the Isle of Portland off the British Coast. With this invention, Aspdin laid the foundation for today’s Portland cement Industry. The first large use of this Portland cement, and its first Engineering use, was in a tunnel under the Thames River in 1828.
4. 1836- Strength Testing
In 1836, the first test of tensile and compressive strength took place in Germany. Tensile strength refers to concrete's ability to resist tension whilst compressive strength refers to concrete's ability to resist compression. Both tensile and compressive strength are expressed in pounds per square inch (psi). The first recorded shipment of Portland cement to the US was in 1868 and in 1871, the first Portland cement was produced at a plant in Coplay, Pennsylvania.
5. 1889- Alvord Lake Bridge
Alvord Lake Bridge was built in 1889 in San Francisco, CA. This bridge was the first reinforced concrete bridge which still exists today, over one hundred years after it was built.
6. 1891- Concrete Street
In 1891, the first concrete street in American was built in Bellefontaine, Ohio. This is a modern photo of the historic street.
7. 1903- The Ingalls Building
The first recorded concrete high rise was built in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1903. The Ingalls Building, as it is called, has sixteen stories, making it one of the great engineering feats of its time.
8. 1908- Concrete Homes
In 1908, Thomas Edison designed and built the first concrete homes in Union, New Jersey. These homes still exist today. Edison envisioned that his design would meet great success, and that, in time, everyone in America would be living in a concrete home. However, concrete homes only started to gain popularity approximately one hundred years later.
9. 1913- Ready Mix
The first load of ready mix was delivered in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1913. The idea that concrete could be mixed at a central plant, then delivered by truck to the job site for placement, revolutionized the concrete industry.
10. 1915- Coloured Concrete
Lynn Mason Scofield founded L.M. Scofield, the first company to produce colour for concrete. Their products included colour hardeners, colour wax, integral colour, sealers, and chemical stains.
11. 1930- Air Entraining Agents
In 1930, air entraining agents were used for the first time in concrete to resist against damage from freezing and thawing.
12. 1936- Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam, completed in 1936, is located on the Colorado River, bordering Arizona and Nevada. In 1999, it was recorded that the dam was the largest scale concrete project ever completed.
13. 1938- Concrete Overlay
John Crossfield was the first to receive a patent for a concrete overlay by adding latex, aggregates and other materials to Portland cement to make a covering for ship decks. Today, concrete overlays are made by blending polymer resins with cement, and widely used for their decorative appeal.
14. 1950's- Decorative Concrete Developed
Brad Bowman developed the Bomanite process, the original cast-in-place, coloured, textured and imprinted architectural concrete paving, in the mid-1950's in Monterey, California. The seventy years since Bowman's development have seen huge growths in the popularity of decorative concrete, changing it from plain and boring to a beautiful decorative element that can enhance the décor of any home or office.
15. 1963- Concrete Sports Dome
The first concrete domed sports arena, known as the Assembly Hall, was built at the University of Illinois in 1963.
16. 1970's- Fiber Reinforcement
Fiber reinforcement was introduced as a way to strengthen concrete.
17. 1980's- Concrete Countertops
Buddy Rhodes, the father of the concrete countertop, cast his first countertop in the mid 1980’s. Around the same time, Fu-Tung Cheng also cast his first concrete countertop. In the years since, concrete countertops have become incredibly popular due to their durability, beauty and range of customization.
18. 1990-Concrete Engraving
Darrel Adamson designed the concrete engraving Engrave-A-Crete ® System in 1990.
19. 1992- Tallest Concrete Building
The tallest reinforced concrete building recorded in 1992, was built in Chicago, Illinois. The 65-story building is known only by its street address, 311 South Wacker Drive.
20. 1999- Polished Concrete
HTC, originally a Swedish company, introduced concrete polishing to the United States in 1999. The first installation in the US was a 40,000-square-foot warehouse floor for the Bellagio, Las Vegas. The popularity of polished concrete has soared in the few short years since then and is now being widely used in retail locations and residential homes.

quickstepstair.co.za 30/04/2015

Quick-Step Stair |Floating Precast Concrete Cantilever Staircases

Introducing the new trend in concrete stair casing, this successful company services the whole of South Africa.

Quick-Step is the only company directly involved in the design concept, manufacture and unparalleled one-day installation process of any access or feature staircase, floating shelves and related products.

Professional advice and service excellence is offered to Architects, Builders and clients, concentrating on the elimination of floor space waste, whilst creating everlasting innovative staircase designs and adding value to each property.

Although conventional staircase layouts form part of our product range, Quick-Step specializes in precast concrete Cantilever and 80mm ZigZag Profile Staircases. During manufacture, high illumination, low power usage LED lighting is also a popular option to enhance the visual effect of any staircase.

Due to the heightened popularity and demand for our Cantilever/Floating Staircase range, Quick-Step now offers the custom design, manufacture and installation of matching precast Cantilever/Floating Shelves.

Our Concrete Screed, for an off-shutter concrete look, forms part of our new range of products.

QUICK-STEP ... when beauty and simplicity connect

quickstepstair.co.za Quick-Step Stair specializes in Floating Staircases,Cantilever Staircases, staircases, ZigZag staircases, precast precision concrete staircases.

[03/30/14]   Check out our photo gallery for one of the the latest Quick-Step projects!

[12/10/13]   Our photo gallery reflects our high standards and quality staircases. We would like to know what you think! Please share our page.

[10/02/13]   The one-day professional installation process ensures that Quick-Step Instant Staircases surely is The Fastest Way to the Top !

[09/24/13]   The Quick-Step team has really made their mark over the past six weeks and have had ultra successful installations in, to name but a few, Vredehoek, Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Somerset West and Durbanville in the Western Cape to Midrand and Sandton, in Johannesburg !

The team successfully trimmed a piece of Table Mountain in a client's home, to accommodate a beautiful Quick-Step access and feature staircase that connected the basement to the reception area in Vredehoek... all in a day's work ! Another very happy client !!

Thus, clients are beginning to realize that a conventional and feature Quick-Step Cantilever staircase, with a one-day installation process and an option of an Engineer Certificate for the SABS-approved components, is the only option to choose !

QUICK-STEP INSTANT STAIRCASES... The fastest way to the top !


Precast concrete Cantilever-, Floating-, ZigZag Profile- and Designer Staircases and precast concrete Coffee-, Dining- and Boardroom Tables, on order. Related precast concrete products, on order.


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THE ESTABLISHED LEADER IN PRECAST STAIRCASE DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND ONE-DAY PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. The unique concept of Quick-Step has proven to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the manufacture and one-day professional installation process of precast precision concrete steps, cantilever staircases, suspended staircases of all dimensions, walkways, landings and related products.

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