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The most experienced kitchen designer A ND factory in the Southern Cape. Establish ed 1997
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Fixtrade Cupboards and Kitchens updated the ir business hours. 27/07/2020

Fixtrade Cupboards and Kitchens updated the ir business hours.

Fixtrade Cupboards and Kitchens updated the ir business hours.




We now sell yellow and r ed peppers at below supermarket prices


It was not witches who burned.
It was women.

Women who were seen as
T oo beautiful
Too outspoken
Had too mu ch water in the well (yes, seriously)
W ho had a birthmark
Women who we re too skilled with herbal medicine
T oo loud
Too quite
Too much r ed in her hair
Women who had a stro ng nature connection
Women who danced
Wom en who sung
or anything else, really.


Sisters testified and turned on ea ch other when their babies were he ld under ice.
Children were tortured to confe ss their experiences with “witches” by bei ng fake executed in ovens.

Women were he ld under water and if they flo at, they were guilty and executed.
If th ey sunk and drowned they were innocent.
Wom en were thrown of cliffs.
Women were p ut in deep holes in the ground.

T he start of this madness was yea rs of famine, war between religions a nd lots of fear. The churches sa id that witches, demons and the dev il did exist and women were nothi ng but trouble. As we see ev en today, there is often a sca pe goat created, and the chaos escalat ed in Sweden when the Bible beca me law and everything that did n ot line up with what the chur ch said became lethal. The Bible fanatici sm killed thousands of women. Everything connect ed to a women became feared, especial ly her sexuality. It became labeled as da rk and dangerous and was the co re of the witch trials through o ut the world.

Why do I write th is?
Because I think the usage of wor ds are important, especially when we a re doing the work to pull the se murky, repressed and forgotten about stori es to the surface. Because knowing o ur history is important when we a re building the new world. When we a re doing the healing work of o ur lineages and as women. To gi ve the women who were slaughtered a voi ce, to give them redress and a chan ce of peace.

It was not witch es who burned.
It was women.

Author: Fia Forsström

Tha nk you @annavild, @agnetanyholm and @andebark_forfattare f or sharing your passion and knowledge arou nd this topic. You inspired me to wri te this🕯💙


Hello to all fixtrade followers..even followi ng us from the.USA. Now that is quali ty you can depend on!

In October/November we wi ll once again be having a Wa ll Units special. This includes glass doo rs on your overhead cupboards.
So start budgeti ng and email us at [email protected]


Quality melamine, edging, DIY options at le ss cost

Supawood and veneer. Our To ps have been outsourced.

Exquisite edging imports fr om China

044 8741133


We are having our annual ju ly special. Wall cupboards at discount. (Facto ry price) Valid until 31 Ju ly 2017


Economy is tough. Butt we sti ll provide the best, honest prices. H ow else would we have become t he longest standing kitchen company in Geor ge? Come visit us today a nd see for yourself!

Timeline photos 15/04/2016

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 15/04/2016

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 15/04/2016

Timeline photos





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