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mg.co.za 23/11/2018

High court rules “20-year guillotine” on reporting sexual abuse unconstitutional

mg.co.za The South Gauteng High Court today delivered what has been hailed as “a major victory for all victims of sexual abuse”.

citizen.co.za 22/11/2018

Court rules divorcee must allow ex access to kids or face jail time

Posted before, but this just becomes so relevant roday

citizen.co.za The father lost over R11K last year after booking a weekend away with his children, only for his former wife to refuse him access.

[11/22/18]   Sometimes an agreed settlement is better than a forced judgement

derebus.org.za 12/04/2018

Latest statistics on the legal profession - De Rebus


derebus.org.za x Bookmark By Nomfundo Manyathi-Jele The latest statistics released by the Law Society of South Africa’s (LSSA’s) Legal Education and Development (LEAD) division show that overall the number of practising …

saflii.org 27/01/2018

Cancellation fee: gym contract (201506-000377) [2016] ZACGSO 1 (25 January 2016)

Very relevant. I know many people stuck with these contracts.

saflii.org Date                                              :        25 January 2016


Legal Structures commonly used by Non-Profit Organisations

etu.org.za An organised, vibrant civil society is essential for participatory democracy and development. There are many different kinds of civil society organisations: some are set up to make a profit for their members, others are not for profit but to provide some form of service or benefit to their members o...

[08/24/17]   Another matter fought, arguments made and we await judgement. The wheels of Justice roll slowly along.

destinyconnect.com 07/07/2017

Can a 'mistress' inherit from a married man's estate? | DESTINY Magazine

destinyconnect.com DESTINY Magazine - The term ‘mistress’ is an inflammatory one – a name as complicated as its legal ramifications. In a world where the meaning of romantic partnerships is potentially evolving, what is the ‘other woman’ entitled to in the event of her significant other’s death?

citizen.co.za 23/06/2017

Court rules divorcee must allow ex access to kids or face jail time

citizen.co.za The father lost over R11K last year after booking a weekend away with his children, only for his former wife to refuse him access.

mg.co.za 20/06/2017

High court rules “20-year guillotine” on reporting sexual abuse unconstitutional

mg.co.za Johannesburg High Court today delivered what has been hailed as “a major victory for all victims of sexual abuse”.

ourlawyer.co.za 08/06/2017

I can’t leave South Africa with my child. Her father refuses to give consent for her Passport and Relocation!

ourlawyer.co.za What can I do as a mother to relocate with my child for work. The Father is not paying maintenance but refuses to give consent for a passport and relocation.

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com 07/06/2017

Can a father reclaim maintenance when it is found that he is not the natural father of the child?

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com The following case illustrates that a father who pays maintenance under the impression that he is the natural father of a child may not have a claim to sue the mother of the child to repay the main…

property24.com 07/06/2017

Considerations When Selling a Home - Property24.com

property24.com When it comes to selling your home, you need to consider all the factors which contribute to a successful sale.

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com 05/06/2017

Who’s your Daddy?, paternity testing and South African Law

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com As a Family Law attorney I do get a lot of cases where paternity is denied, especially when maintenance responsibilities comes into play. South African law acknowledges three kinds of blood tests t…

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com 02/06/2017

Is a husband obliged to pay maintenance when his wife lives with another man?

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com   A recent judgment concerned the issue whether a husband is obliged to pay maintenance to his former wife, who is involved in a relationship with another man, after divorce. The plaintiff iss…

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com 31/05/2017

When you do divorce, act like an adult

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com From time to time one comes across an stubborn parent who is incapable of objectivity when considering what is best for the child. It may well be that you do not like your partner, but the child’s …

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com 29/05/2017

Posts about The “Kidnapping” of a minor child by its parent on Divorce Attorney South Africa

divorceattorneycapetown.wordpress.com Posts about The “Kidnapping” of a minor child by its parent written by Divorce and Family Law Attorney

businesstech.co.za 17/05/2017

New water and lights rules SA homeowners need to know before selling

businesstech.co.za The Supreme Court of Appeal has handed down a landmark decision stating that that municipalities cannot demand that property sellers pay months in advance for rates, fees and charges before issuing a rates clearance certificate.

thedivorcesource.co.za 25/04/2017

Can I sue my ex’s lover by Noa Kinstler (Attorney)

Been asked this quite often

thedivorcesource.co.za A common question that arises in practice is “can I sue my ex’s lover?” Prior to 2015 the answer was in the affirmative, that is, an innocent party was able to sue a third party…

m.news24.com 31/03/2017

Dagga can be used in the home, Western Cape High Court rules


m.news24.com The Western Cape High Court has made a landmark ruling, declaring that it is an infringement to ban the use of dagga by adults in homes.

divorcemag.com 31/03/2017

Woman Fights Back After Judge Refuses to Grant Divorce From Husband

Fortunately our laws are different.

divorcemag.com A woman in England is appealing a court’s decision after being refused a divorce from her husband of almost 40 years.

iol.co.za 30/03/2017

Jou ma se … advocate tells judge | IOL

Yoh. Yoh. Yoh.....

iol.co.za An advocate has stormed out of court after swearing at a judge who asked him about his late appearance.

iol.co.za 26/03/2017

Lawyers accused of stealing from clients flee abroad | IOL

A few rotten apples tarnish the whole proffession.

iol.co.za Disgraced lawyer Ian Stokes, who was sentenced for stealing millions from a trust fund, was just one of many attorneys fleecing ...

702.co.za 22/03/2017

Communication and co-parenting tips for divorced parents

702.co.za The marriage may be over, but you are parents forever, advises relationship coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser.

labourguide.co.za 21/03/2017

Maternity Leave

labourguide.co.za Maternity leave  By André Claassen   The employee is entitled to 4 months unpaid maternity leave. Maternity leave should commence one month before the expected date of birth of the child, and the employee is obliged to give the employer one month’s notice of the commencement of maternity lea

judgesmatter.co.za 20/03/2017

JSC Candidates – Judges Matter

judgesmatter.co.za On 11 January 2017 the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) published notices in the media calling for nominations of interested persons to fill 11 vacancies in the various Superior Courts including the Constitutional Court. The closing date for submission of nominations was set for 03 February 2017. O...

labourguide.co.za 17/03/2017

Sick Leave

labourguide.co.za Get instant access to our free weekly newsletter!   *  First Name: *  Your Email Address:     Sick Leave André Claassen Sections 22 (1) through 22 (4) are reasonably clear. During every 36 months cycle, commencing from the first day of employment, the

breakthesilencedv.org 03/03/2017

Financial Abuse: A Silent Form of Domestic Violence

Most common yet most unpunished form of abuse in our country....

breakthesilencedv.org There's an aspect of domestic violence that few know about or even consider abuse. But it can be crippling. A survivor of financial abuse shares her story.

lawforall.co.za 02/03/2017

Battle of the Exes: Court jails Mom for refusing Dad Access to Child - LIPCO - Law For All

This is long overdue....

lawforall.co.za The Pretoria High Court has ruled that a mother could go to jail if she refuses her ex-husband access to their child.

divorcemag.com 06/02/2017

Reasons for Divorce

divorcemag.com Considerations to be made when thinking about getting a divorce and some of the primary reasons why couples end their marriages.

fairdivorce.co.za 02/02/2017

Unfounded Criminal Charges | Fair Divorce

Happens too often....

fairdivorce.co.za 7 Reasons Why Using Unfounded Criminal Charges and Baseless Orders of Protection as A Tool in Your Divorce is a REALLY BAD idea

fairdivorce.co.za 31/01/2017

Litigational Abuse | Fair Divorce

fairdivorce.co.za Deliberate, protracted litigation, with the vexatious and/or frivolous intent to harass or subdue an adversary..

fairdivorce.co.za 28/01/2017

Confessions of a Parental Alienator | Fair Divorce

fairdivorce.co.za True life stories retold by Sinta Ebersohn...

fairdivorce.co.za 27/01/2017

Thank Your Ex Once In A While | Fair Divorce

fairdivorce.co.za When was the last time you thanked your ex for anything...



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