Eden Brewers Club

Eden Brewers Club


Is julle nog aktief? Ek merk dat die laaste foto's van 2018 is. Ek is egter media gestremd, indien ek verkeerd is ignoreer asb.😁
Hi folks. Question for you - are there any bars/restaurants specialising in craft in Knysna? Looking for somewhere with a decent selection ,open in the evenings, nice vibe...
have you entered your brew in Nationals yet?
when is the next gathering?
Ok so this is really cool, we have made it so that you can brew Championship winning beer..... check it out.... recipe kits of the three winning beers from the 2017 edition of South African Homebrew Championships available exclusively from NFP The Home Brewer's Shop.
12 Days of Beermas, SA's biggest craft beer giveaway is back! Check out day one on the post - awesome Garden Route based prize from Mitchell's Brewery!

Hi again, does anyone know of a good consultant who can help me with my liquor licence application?
My consent use application has been lodged and building plans are in so the Oudtshoorn municipality say they have all they need from me for the moment. I would like to use someone fairly local to do the license.
Hi all, firstly thanks for accepting me. I have been brewing for about a year now and have been using a winter bedsheet to filter my grains. I now have a larger system and need to have a false bottom made but I'm not sure of the hole size or open space etc. for optimal drainage. I was thinking of 2mm holes using a 3mm thick stainless steel plate. It's for a 500L tank and must be 800mm in diameter.
Any advice will be appreciated, thanks,
Kind regards Rob.
Hi all, firstly thanks for accepting me, I've been brewing for about a year now on a small scale using an old winter bedsheet for to put my grains in but recently got hold of a bigger system. I need to have a false bottom made for my mash tun and I'm unsure of the size holes, open space etc. for optimal drainage. I was thinking 2mm diameter holes in a 3mm thick s/s plate. The unit's diameter must be about 800mm and will be in a 500L tank.
Any sound advice?
Kind regards Rob.

The Eden Brewers Club is a group of local brewers and distillers in the Garden Route, we like to meet every 2 months for tasters from local home brews

Welcome to the Eden Brewers Club. Please help to spread the word about the club to any might-be brewers, wannabe brewers or experienced brewers. All-grain, extract or kit brewers - all are welcome! We aim to cater for brewers at all levels of experience and involvement. We get together regularly at Oyster Shack at Timberlake every second month (so Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec) (usually) on the


Hello Guys and Gals. Don't forget our meeting tonight at the Oyster Shack. See all there.


Eden Brewers Club can be found at the Thousand Sensations Craft Beer, Spirits and Food Festival this weekend 15&16 September Wilderness Hotel

Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations 06/09/2017

Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations

Hey All.

So far we have 7 different beers donated from Mike, Tim, Dale and Rennie (57 litres in total). It would be great to reach 10 varieties, so please add your name to the list if you have something to put on (even if its just a few litres).

Also we are looking for more people to man the stall on Saturday late afternoon and evening (or any time for that matter)

If you are able to help with beer or the stall, please fill out the form at:


If you are able to help, please fill the form in by Friday this week, so we can make final arrangements.

Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations Sheet1 Thousand Sensations- Beer Donations Brewer Name, Beer Name( if applicable), Beer Type, ABV, Volume to Donate( l), Type of Bottles Dale Holder, Triple the fun, Belgiun Triple, 11, 10, 330ml Dale Holder, Monky Amputee, Belgiun IPA, 7, 10, Quarts Thousand Sensations- Duty Roster Timesl...

Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations 30/08/2017

Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations

Good Morning All.

The festival is fast approaching, and I hope that everyone has some tasty brews ready to blow peoples minds.

We have put together an online spreadsheet, where you can firstly list what beers you intend bringing to the festival and secondly what time slots you will be available to be at the Stall.

Please add your details on the spreadsheet at the following link:


Once we have an idea of numbers and volumes, we can plan the layout of the stall and all the other fun stuff.



Eden Brewers - Thousand Sensations Sheet1 Thousand Sensations- Beer Donations Brewer Name, Beer Name( if applicable), Beer Type, ABV, Volume to Donate( l), Type of Bottles Dale Holder, Triple the fun, Belgiun Triple, 11, 10, 330ml Dale Holder, Monky Amputee, Belgiun IPA, 7, 10, Quarts Thousand Sensations- Duty Roster Timesl...


Just a reminder that tonight's meeting has been postponed till Wednesday the 16th at the blind pig. See you all there


Hey Guys and Girls... Just a reminder of our meeting tonight at 18:00 at the Sedgefield Craft Brewery... Be there or else!


Hey Guys! Change of plans, our meeting will not be held this Wednesday, considering all that has gone on in our area.

But..... we will have it next Wednesday 21st June 18h00 at Sedgefield Craft Brewery where Tony will host us for the evening and will also be giving us a demonstration on kegging! That should be good!

Bring your samples! See you there!!!


Hey guys
Please remember the next meeting at the Blind Pig. Wednesday 5th. As usual be there at 6 with your beers to taste! Looking forward to seeing you all there!!! Cheers


Ozzy Man Reviews: Beer Deaths

Photos from The Blind Pig and Bootlegger Brewery's post 20/10/2016

This should be good!


Sponsors & Prizes | National Homebrew

Looking good! Get your entries in stat

Sponsors & Prizes | National Homebrew Sponsors & Prizes 2016 Homebrew Champs prizes 1st place: TBA…very soon! 2nd place: TBA 3rd place: TBA Kit Beer Category 1st place: Beginner partial mash course at Beerlab in Cape Town 2nd place: Partial mash recipe kit sponsored by Beerlab Our Sponsors


Hi Guys and Girls. Just a reminder that our next meeting is this Wednesday evening at The Oyster Shack . Hope to see you all there and to taste some great homebrew as usual.



Howsit all.
So plan is as such (if I read all the posts correctly) ....

Hardy and me will set up and be at the stall Friday afternoon and evening. Mike on Saturday morning, and Rennie on Saturday afternoon... I will do Saturday evening... Clint and Francois will be back up from the bootlegger stall across the corridor.

Anybody else around, please do pull in.

I will touch base tomorrow again about tickets for the guys manning the stall.


Hi All

So, we are a week and a half from the beer festival. So far, we have beer pledged from Myself (some random IPA's and others), Hardy (30l of Blond on tap), and the Bootlegger (the Belgiun IPA we did at the brew day).

We also have people to man the stall on Friday the 16th but so far, no-one has indicated their availability for the Saturday.

Please, let me know:

1. If you will be donating beer to the event (type and amount)
2. What day you will bring the beer
3. Date and time slots you will be available to man the stall.

Remember, if you do bring the beer, you need to make your own plan to keep it cold (i.e. cooler box and ice) and to label it correctly. We will be working on the Club labels today, and will try send them out by the end of the Day.



Howsit Guys and Girls.

The time for the Thousand Sensations Beer Festival in Wilderness is nearing.

At the last meeting all in attendance agreed that the club will put up a stalletjie at the festival.

The festival is happening on the 16th and 17th of September.

So, we need volunteers for two things. 1 - Beer and 2 - man the stall..

The stall needs to be manned between 15:00 - 22:00 on the Friday (16th) and between 11:00 - 22:00 on the Saturday.

If you are available to help, please respond to this thread with:

1. Type and Volume of beer you will be bringing.
2. Times you will be available to look after the stall.

Cheers and Keep on Keeping on Brewing.

PS: This same message is posted on the Google Group - No need to respond to Both

Photos from Eden Brewers Club's post 14/08/2016

Some pics of the recent brew day at The Bootlegger. The Belgian IPA is bubbling away nicely in the shop! Good fun!!! Hopefully another one soon! Cheers


Hi Guys and Girls

Small brew day today at the Bootlegger Home Brew Shop in Wilderness, where we will be brewing a Belgian IPA on the Grainfather. Sorry for the late notice, but hope to see some faces there later. Brewing to start at 9 or 10.


Photos from Eden Brewers Club's post 02/08/2016

Well, another meeting come and gone! Another good one, although the cold weather did seem to keep some folk away. Not to worry though as Dale brought some serious 'winter-warmers' along, including a Barley Wine, Belgian Trippel and a creamy Imperial Stout! Francois' single malt, single hop IPA was another stand out!

A big thanks to Dom from The Oyster Shack for the amazing potjie!!! WOW!!! We really appreciate you letting us host our meetings there!

There was some talk about a brew day at the new Bootlegger shop in Wilderness where we will try out a belgian IPA recipe! More details to follow.

See you all at the next meeting and of course the Thousand Sensations Crafted Beer and Food Festival in September!!!!



Meeting reminder for tonight! Starts 18h00, Oyster Shack, Timberlake Village. See you all there!!!



Hi Guys!!!

So our next meeting will be on the 27th July, a little earlier this time because the Oyster Shack will be taking a much needed break.

There has also been some discussion regarding the format of the meetings, it seems will all the new faces there is a lot more to taste. So please check out the google groups page


and have your say, we would like to get some type of structure, not much, just some...

We would also like to support the Oyster Shack as they have been very good to us over the years while we drink our own beer! We would like to have a Potjie evening and would like to get an idea of what the club thinks. See link below and let us know please!


We look forward to seeing you all there!


edenbrewers Welcome to the Brewers of Eden homebrew club. Please help to spread the word about the club to any might-be brewers, wannabe brewers or experienced brewers. All-grain, extract or kit brewers - all are welcome! We aim to cater for brewers at all levels of experienc...

Photos from Eden Brewers Club's post 10/06/2016

Greetings Eden Brewers

Thanks for another lekker meeting on Wednesday night! I think this may have been a record amount of home brew variations for the club, good to have some of the distilled goods there too! And good to see some new faces at the meeting!

Also thanks to our newly appointed photographer Austin for all the great pics! And again, thanks to the Oyster Shack for hosting us!!!

I struggled to recall all we tasted but I remember;

Some tasty IPA’s
Pale Ale
Honey Vanilla Ale
Corn Flake Beer
Black IPA
Rennies Easter Ale
Sweet Potato Beer
Barley Wine
Moonshine (Banana, Corn Flake Whisky…..and many more)

But I think the stand out was Hardie’s Stout! Perfect for the winter weather! There were almost too many tasters, but we briefly discussed having a theme for the next meeting, possibly a Porter? Let us know what you think! Also overheard was the possibility of a Brew & Braai Day again! Details to follow soon!

Thanks again guys! Looking forward to the next meeting! Cheers!


Don't forget the meeting tomorrow evening at Oyster Shack...... Do it for the BEER!


Good day fellow brewers!!!!!

Just a quick reminder for the next meeting on the 8th June 2016 at the Oyster Shack, Timberlake Village 18h00!!!

Hopefully we are fortunate to taste some more interesting brews like we did at the last meeting!!

Cheers, Clint

Belly button beer brewed 06/05/2016

Belly button beer brewed

Yummy. Dale Holder, maybe something for you to try!

Belly button beer brewed A beer brewed using yeast grown from belly button fluff is the latest gag-inducing gimmick to emerge from the craft beer craze.


Hop Varieties & Substitutes


Hi Guys, here's the link to Eden Brewers Google Page with downloads for the hop substitutes and the SAB hop profiles.



Hop Varieties & Substitutes Posted 4/22/16 8:47 AM

Brewdog worker prints ‘Mother F***er’ on cans 19/04/2016

Brewdog worker prints ‘Mother F***er’ on cans

Brewdog worker prints ‘Mother F***er’ on cans The batch of 200,000 cans of Punk IPA had to be recalled after Brewdog management were made aware when customers uploaded images of the cans on to social media.

Timeline photos 15/04/2016

Hi All

As Dale said, the votes are in! Thanks to all the entries, there were some incredible designs, and some that we would like to see on a t-shirt or two in the future!!!

Votes were cast at the meeting and via the google groups page, and the winning logo design came from......

Francois Swart!!! Congratulations!!!

You will receive a R1000 voucher from The Bootlegger Home Brew Shop to use online or at the shop, and I will advice you listen to Dale and choose wisely!!


Photos from Eden Brewers Club's post 15/04/2016

Morning fellow Fermenters

Thanks to all for the lekker evening on Wednesday. We had a really good turn out for a third meeting running, with some really good beers and other fermented beverages.

On show were:

2 versions of green/wet hopped beers using Tim's hops from the recent harvest. I think that next year we definitely need to do a club group brew at harvest time!
Coconut Pale Ale
Rooibos Rye Red Ale
Milk Stout
Dry Stout
Golden Ale
A couple of IPA's
Some Meade
And a distilled pomegranate concoction.

After tasting all those beers, things were a bit fuzzy, so apologies if I have forgotten anything.

The votes from the Logo Competition have been tallied and the Bootlegger will announce the winner of the competition and introduce the clubs logo shortly.. Congratulations to the winner! We presume that you will use your voucher wisely - i.e. to brew something fantastic for us to taste at the next meeting.

Cheers for now.



Okay!!! So we have got some awesome entries in for the Logo Competition. Thanks to those that submitted!!!

We will announce the winner at the next meeting, so please come along!

Our next meeting will be on the 13th April at the Oyster Shack, Timberlake Village, Wilderness 18h00. We know you have been brewing some interesting stuff at home and we all want to try!!!

Hopefully we see you all there!!!


Come on guys and girls!!!! Only 2 entries so far for the Logo Comp. Remember a great prize up for grabs! Have a beer or 2 and get those creative juices flowing!

Photos from Eden Brewers Club's post 27/02/2016

Come this time of year in South Africa is a time that hard work from farmers and their workers finally pays off. 11 Months of preparation and careful attention comes down to the 2016 Hop Harvest! February 26th saw a very excited and enthusiastic bunch of the Eden Brewers Club members get to experience the hop harvest first hand.

We were invited by fellow member and hop farmer Tim McDonald (Macdee Hops) to come and experience something most beer lovers have never had the privilege to see. We all met at the old ‘Rondebossie’ farm in George and were met with a heavenly smell of fresh hops. I think I speak for most of us there when I say that smell will never get old!!

We were treated to a look inside the factory with “Southern Star” bines being stripped, moved onto the conveyor and into the truck to be sent for drying and to be pelletized. Gerrie Brits, a renowned breeder and a man with years of experience gave us a very informative and interesting talk on all things Hops! Right from seed to harvest!

This is an experience that all home brewers need to see to appreciate the hard work that goes into providing us with world class hops. So to the farmers, workers and everyone else involved, I think I speak for all of us when we say thank you!

A special thanks again to Tim McDonald, Gerrie Brits, Macdee Hops and all at the Rondebossie farm for their hospitality! Here’s to big harvest come 2017!!!

P.S. Also be on the lookout for some ‘Fresh Hopped Beer’ tasters at our next meeting April 13th! See you all there


Hi Guys and Girls

So, the Eden Brewers Club logo competition is now open!
Please submit your entries to the following email addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]
edenbrewer[email protected]

The competition will run until the end of March 2016, with the winner announced at our next meeting on the 13th April 2016. The prize up for grabs is a R1000 voucher from The Bootlegger Home Brew Shop.

Number of entries are unlimited but entrants must reside in the Southern Cape to qualify!

We hope to see some interesting ideas and look forward to the next meeting!!!



The meeting on the 10th of February saw a record number of local home brewers and distillers meeting up as usual at the Oyster Shack, Timberlake Village! This is a great sign and we encourage more people to join us!

Special thanks to Dom for hosting us again!

Lots of interesting beers were prepped for tasting, Pilsners, Lagers, Blondes, Irish Red, Porter, a few IPA's and a Tripel! That's not including the various liquors and spirits from some talented home distillers! I think the Gin-soaked blueberries hit the spot!

Some not-so-serious discussions were had; there may be a brew/distilling day on the cards before the next meeting in April and an exciting competition coming up for a logo design! Details to follow!

Well, with our first meeting under the belt (so to speak), here's to many more in 2016, we hope to see regular faces and meet many more new ones too!





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