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Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 02/10/2022

Today 1 year ago… 🤯😵

I raced the Marathon World Championships on the craziest route I’ve ever seen around the beautiful Italian island of Elba.

4800m vert over 118km with THE steepest gradients I’ve ever had to race up for over 6hrs... 😅😳

I look back on that day as THE best performance I could ever get out of my body with 360w NP over 6.5hrs at 74kg. Also over 60min spent in VO2 Max on top of all the other efforts is something I never thought I could do a couple years back. Its probably a good thing I did 12 x 4min and route around 10 days before race day… 😅

I cracked a top 20 at World Championships level for the 3rd time in my career and its probably fitting that this mother of all races was the last time I’d cross a finish line as a pro rider… 👌😃

It was a CRAZY day but I loved it and it will always put a smile on my face when I look back on THAT day.😁


Slap it in the BIG ring and pose for a photo because… its da weeeekend BABY!!🤣👌

Wishing you guys a good one with your mates, filled with good miles and loads of smiles!😃👌

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 12/09/2022

Might be a bit biased here but I had dangerously high levels of fun at the inaugural over the weekend!😃

I also had 3 x boerrie rolls at the 160km feeding station… 😅

It still blows my mind how the bicycle can unite people in bringing a smile to their faces, I love seeing that!🤩

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came out, you guys and girls are absolute legends!
And BIG respect on a proper Saturday out!👌👌

Also a MASSIVE thank you to the crew and volunteers who made it a flawless day for the riders, you guys and girls are rock stars!🙏🤩

Can’t wait to get things going for 2023, its going to be 🔥! 😜


Did you know… 👇👇

Between Nino and myself we have now racked up an astonishing 10 World Championship titles (yes 10 as in Ten) with Nino bringing a “very large majority” of those to the table.


10 x people, 10 x… 🤯

Not only a lethal weapon on the bike, a true gentleman off the bike too.
Thank you for the inspiration and for everything you do for the sport Nino, a true grande campione! 🤴👌

Photo of an epic bicycle foot race from Cape Epic during the Queen stage of 2019.


27 years after my first bike race…
I still love pushing pedals it seems like! 😍😜

Gravel DC training on point! 📈👀


Who's joining on the Fondo this year? 😃
Not a race, just a fun ride with good vibes. 😎

Entries for the 2022 Fondo are open and going fast!
Be part of the inaugural this year and join us for a fun/big days riding to get your limited T-shirt!😃

More info @

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 10/07/2022

I’m super excited to share with you guys the launch of Gravel DC, a crazy gravel experience around my old training grounds in the Klein Karoo. 😃

Back in 2016 me and my brother dared to take our road bikes over the mountain and go for broke. 😬😅

Since then this route has been one of my favourite routes for a L*D ride and with the recent growth of gravel racing it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a good idea. 😃

Earlier this week it was a great honour to ride this route with Tristan Nortje Matt Beers and Zandre Ge**er 😃

I managed the 200km on my 1978 Dancelli steel road bike with 25c tyres so Im sure the new wave of “gravelers” on their high tech bikes will be ok!👍😅😂

Looking forward to this one and hope you guys too!😃

Follow Gravel DC for updates. 🤙

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 10/07/2022

The views we get to see on our 🚲... 🤯😍

Bought this vintage 1978 Dancelli after retiring from pro racing at the start of this year and it has literally changed my life. 😃

It has opened my mind to new experiences on the bike and brought back the love and passion I always had for cycling.

I will forever be grateful to the Dancelli, I will never let her go!😍

Some exciting news dropping this evening, can you guess what it is? 😅 😃

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 05/07/2022

Today 8 years ago!🤯😍

Some days its been sunshine and roses, others its been just sunshine but at 53 degrees celsius! 😅😂

We’ve been through times I wouldn’t wish upon anyone but here we are, enjoying a coffee and having each others backs because team is team. 😃😘👌

Through God’s grace can we be very thankful and proud of what we have had to overcome during the last year. 🙏

Lieve jou, altyd!😘

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 28/05/2022

Definitely having some FOMO as National Marathon Champs is tomorrow on what looks like another proper route! 👌

At last years Champs I quickly realised why you need a coach and shortly after me and started working together! 🚀

Maybe I’ll do a blog post on why having a coach really is the only way to get the most out of your time/effort, maybe I wont, we will see… 😂

Good luck to all the Saffas racing, race hard and enjoy!🚀👌


Mothers still make the world go round! 🤩
Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there, especially to my mom and the mom in our house… 😃😍


Today 11 years ago I was literally FLYING down the Tree House rock garden during the Pietermaritzburg XCO World Cup!💥🤣

Small bikes, steep head angles and 26inch wheels never held us back but thank goodness for new school bikes anyway!😅👌


Went for a 12k run this morning and just found myself scanning over YouTube on how to train for Ironman 70.3… 😳
What can I say, I love a good suffer fest!😅👌

Never thought I’d even consider it but here we are… 🤷‍♂️😃🚀

What you guys think, just do it or sit and think of all the excuses like a little 🐓? 😂

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 24/03/2022

When The Commonage caffeine kicks in and we start half wheelin’ each other back home before the lights go out… 😂

My first Wilderness Coffee Cruise in 3 months and it was too much fun!😁😍😅

General fitness picking up but the old back is still an issue, we’ll sort that out by end of April though. 🔪😬


Finally I can share the news!😃

Very excited to officially announce the launch of 🙌

The love and passion for the sport of mountain biking has been with me since completing my first race almost 3 decades ago and although I don’t race professionally anymore hasn’t gone anywhere… 😉

I still love and follow the sport as much as I used to and now I can look forward to passing down the knowledge I gained over the years to fellow riders and the most notably the next generation. 💯😍

I’ll use Synergy Cycle Sports as a platform to share as much as I can in the hope of helping fellow riders enjoy the sport as much as I do and hopefully do so at the best of their abilities. 🚀😜

Really looking forward to taking on this journey and just enjoy the sport even more because the party should never stop!😜😍

I have a unique approach to coaching because I really believe your ultimate performance is a result of MANY different factors that needs to be in “synergy” with one another. Very difficult to get right but thats the beauty of the sport, its is so difficult to master as there is so much to learn... 🤯😅

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks with some exciting projects lined up!😜

100% effort, 100% of the time. 👌

Love and peace!🤘


MASSIVE good luck to everyone taking on the this year!✊

From riders, crew, media, and medics… it really is 8 days of madness!🤯
But still some of the funnest 8 days around!😜

Ride smart over the first 3 days and save the watts as much as possible.👌

Cant wait to follow the action!
Who’s your money on for the GC mens and ladies titles?


Now that Ive retired and spent the I made from bike racing (that is just a joke😅🤣) Im really excited to share some news about the next steps in my life over the coming days!😃

Take a guess what’s coming next…🤔😂

• Lawyer
• Boy Band Lead Singer
• Pro Golfer
• Psychologist
• Plumber
• Rugby Coach
• Waiter at Ho***rs
• House Music Artist (DJ)
• Mathematician
• All of the Above
• None of the Above

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 18/02/2022

From finishing my first MTB race age 7 back in 1994 at a wet and muddy Knysna Oyster Festival to finishing my last race at World Champs 2021 on the crazy island of Elba, Italy…

Its been one hell of a ride (no pun intended 🤣) but I have decided call it a day.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have been given this life for such a long time! 🤯😍

I do get a bit emotional if I think about all the memories made by tens of thousands of hours on the bike, its actually insane! 🤯😁

Mountain biking is such a beautiful sport and I’m very fortunate to have been able to be in the sport for such a long time, it has taught me so much and given me even more.

At this stage in my life I just can’t really stay as committed as I have to for the level I want to ride on. I’m also not really interested in performing at anything under 100% and therefore I feel its best to walk away from the professional mindset now because it is a beast that can destroy my family.
Few people understand the level of commitment needed for 100% and even fever are willing to do it but when your commitment is starting to negatively affect your wife and kids you know its time for a reality check… 😳

Mental health is a MAJOR reality and for now we have made the decision to close this chapter of our lives and move on for our own health and wellbeing. 😃

This gives me time to sort out my back injury once and for all too, get a few things up and running and maybe, just maybe I’ll pick up the bike again for one final bash but I cant promise… 🤷‍♂️😜

There’s so many people to thank for everything over all these years and I’ll do that with specific posts over the next few days while sharing some beautiful memories. 😃

Love and peace! ❤️✌️

I’ll leave you with a little clip from Forest Gump to sum up whats actually happening now just for laughs… 🤣

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 15/01/2022

Hectic day out supporting and cheering riders at but what a cool experience seeing it from “the other side”

Extreme heat made it a VERY challenging day so well done to everyone battling the elements!
Win or lose, that was proper! 😳

Thanks to for supporting the supporter today! 😂👌

On a scale of 1 - 10, where do my feeding skills stack up? 😅


Unfortunately I wont be rockin’ & rollin’ at Attakwas this year. Its one of my favourite races in SA and after my ride in 2021 I was cutting my teeth for this one so it isn’t exactly what I had in mind… 🤷‍♂️

Lately the stars just aren’t aligning for me but thats the way it is and I have to move forward for my family’s sake.

I’ll be taking Annabel on a full days supporting and cheering for everyone taking part! 😃

Very keen to see what happens at the sharp end with a proper line up dicing it out! 👌

Who’s your money on and whats the predicted winning time??

I’ll open things up with a Elite Mens wining time of 4:38:00 🚀😜

Good luck to everyone taking on the


Happy birthday to the mom in our house!😍
Dit was nie ‘n maklike jaar vir jou gewees nie my engel maar jy wen nogsteeds elke dag deur ‘n goeie ma te wees, dag in en dag uit. Dankie vir wie jy is en ons almal is baie lief vir jou! 😘


Went out for an “Epic” coffee ride this morning, just grabbed my kit and went for it never realising I still had my number pinned! 😅🤷‍♂️🤣

thought I was just getting ready for the next one!😂

It was also my first ride pain free and without any weird feelings so its all smiles!😃

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 20/10/2021

6 - 1

Those who know me will know that I absolutely hate giving up but this time I have to throw in the towel and call it quits.

The steep climbs at Worlds in Italy has caused an old back injury to flare up and we couldn’t get it under control. No point in risking nerve damage at this point so it is what it is and its time to sort this out.

I feel really sorry for my friend who’s had to deal with this issue before… 😬

Also to everyone from who is giving 110% effort at all our races, I wish I could return the favour.

Will be rooting for team mates and for a very good result, keep up the good work gents!👌

Also to fellow Saffas, go boys! 🇿🇦


Going full gas @ 3km/h! 🤣🤯😵

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 05/10/2021

Finally back home after a couple days travelling and reflecting on my long day at Marathon World Champs... 😅

Definitely some mixed feelings but overall I am happy and proud of the way things went…
Its not easy to be in the right mindset when you are way back from the start but slowly I gave myself the chance to ride myself into the race and really focus on having a strong last hour.

After a small pileup just after the start I went from outside the top 80 to eventually finish 20th in THE hardest race ever so I can be happy. 😃

It is definitely my best performance to date so there is nothing more I could have done. The steep climbs are just so different to what we are used to here in SA that the only way to really prepare for this type of route is to actually live and race in Europe on stuff like this. 🤯🤷‍♂️

Yet again I have learned a lot but also see that there is still a lot to learn, as always!🤯🤣👌

Thanks again to and supporting sponsors for the opportunity, I really hope I made you guys proud with my best effort. 🍻

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 06/09/2021

The feeling of achieving a personal goal is special but the feelings that being part of someone else’s achievement brings something else!😍

I am so proud of al my “honey badgers” who pushed their limits and refused to give up no matter the circumstances because ultimately that is what it is about for me as rider and as coach.👌

Western Cape Marathon Champs was a good one for the badgers! 🦡😃

📸 : Charl Ge**er


Annabel het ‘n sussie gekry!😁
Dankie Liewe Jesus!🙏

Klara Beukes 😍

Photos from Matthys Beukes's post 22/08/2021

2021 was the special day that I anticipated performance wise with 1 of the best rides of my life but a bad sidewall cut with 60km to go really didn’t help my chances…

Some you win, some you lose. 🤷‍♂️

Still had so much fun and I can be very proud of a proper ride so I will look at the bright side and look forward to the next opportunities! 😁

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