Janine's Baby & Childcare Consultancy

Janine's Baby & Childcare Consultancy

Janine's Baby and Childcare Consultancy, in George My main focus at my babyclinic is Breastfeeding Consultations , supporting and educating parents and especially breastfeeding mothers I am a Professional Nurse, Midwife, Paediatric Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse & Lactation Consultant..

I am in private practice in George, Western Cape.

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Today, we want to shine a spotlight on optimal cord clamping. ‘Optimal cord clamping’ describes the practice of waiting until the cord is flaccid and white, and the baby has received all of his blood.

As midwives, it’s important that we spend time engaging with the research so that we know how to advise parents. Take some time to listen to our latest podcast, in which we discuss Optimal Cord Clamping with Dr Zelda Janse van Rensburg >> https://sensitivemidwifery.co.za/2021/06/03/delayed-or-rather-optimal-cord-clamping-evidence-based-practice/

This is an important issue that deserves our attention! After all, with all the health benefits attached to optimal cord clamping, it is a baby’s right to get all of his own blood.


The No-Cry Sleep Solution
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Photos from Janine's Baby & Childcare Consultancy's post 04/06/2021

Photos from Janine's Baby & Childcare Consultancy's post


Thinking of all the Mums that have passed thru my life especially here in George in the last 28 years. You have given me so much in so many ways and have been the heart and soul of my work with you and your babies. Hope you have all had a wonderful, nurtured and thoroughly spoilt Mother's Day. You so deserve it. Xx

Thinking of all the Mums that have passed thru my life especially here in George in the last 28 years. You have given me so much in so many ways and have been the heart and soul of my work with you and your babies. Hope you have all had a wonderful, nurtured and thoroughly spoilt Mother's Day. You so deserve it. Xx


Specialst Paediatrician and Certified Allergist Dr Thulja Trikamjee will be discussing how to lower the risk of your babies developing allergies

These webinars are free to attend and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to give your baby the best start in life.

Click on register or Sign up if you'd like to join us!



A very special Mum and baby at my clinic today, such a great visit & a gold star to add to the fun . Well done xx

A very special Mum and baby at my clinic today, such a great visit & a gold star to add to the fun . Well done xx


Happy Long weekend to you all. Xx

Happy Long weekend to you all. Xx


In light of recent easing of lockdown level 3 regulations in South Africa and the fact that you may now purchase alcohol again…..Breastfeeding/Lactating parents please note: Once alcohol is in the bloodstream (and consequently breastmilk), it can only be eliminated with TIME. Nothing you do can speed up the process!


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One of the most important points to take into consideration when you are buying a breast pump is to make sure the flanges are the right size

Thank you #babywombworld


Photos from Janine's Baby & Childcare Consultancy's post


Legendairy Milk

RELACTATION: As you can see, slow and steady wins the race — expect very little milk in the beginning. Most relactating parents will produce some milk, and some parents will produce all the milk their baby needs. It’s important to consider that breastfeeding doesn’t have to be all or nothing though. ⁣⁣
The first return of milk is most likely to be milky, but can also be yellow or clear. Milk may come in very slowly, usually taking several days/weeks. Emptying your breasts frequently and effectively will be essential when relactating.⁣⁣
That generally requires at least 8 milk removals per 24 hours, approximately evenly distributed throughout the day and night, using a high quality breast pump and hands on pumping (massage, compressions AND hand expressing for a few minutes after pumping). At least one milk removal overnight around 2-4 am will also be key. ⁣⁣
If your little one is willing and able to nurse, supplementing at the breast with a system like the Lact-Aid can help baby spend more time at the breast for both nutrition and comfort as well as provide stimulation to increase your supply. ⁣⁣
What questions do you have about relactating?⁣⁣
📷: From @ava_and_carter⁣

“When I first started.. it was one of the most challenging things I had to commit to.. but I was determined to get my milk supply back and there were times I wanted to quit... but staying consistent on a 24 hour schedule helped..pumping every 2 -3 hours ..drinking 100 oz of water everyday and taking a prenatal and Liquid Gold. I now use Sunflower Lecithin as well!”

globalhealthmedia.org 12/11/2020

Breastfeeding Attachment

globalhealthmedia.org Good attachment will help a baby get more milk and make breastfeeding more comfortable. This video shows why good attachment is so important to breastfeeding success and how to help mothers deeply attach the baby to the breast. About the Breastfeeding Series » DOWNLOAD

breastfeedingbasics.com 12/11/2020

Starting Solids: Waiting Is Worth It

breastfeedingbasics.com Babies don't need any other food besides breast milk until at least the middle of the first year



Dear mama,
when I CRY I am not trying to manipulate you,
or trick you into picking me up,
or trying to give you a hard time...

When I cry, I simply need YOU.
I need to feel YOU. Because you are my mama.
As soon as I am in your arms, IT all gets better.

Your warmth, your voice and your SMELL,

Oh your smell mama, it is the most wonderful soothing thing in the world.
Your familiar smell overwhelms me like the sweetest embrace.
And right there in your ARMS, I'm home.

Dear Mama,
I surely wish I could already tell you in words how much I love you, how much I am grateful.

I wish I could express my amazement at your STRENGTH and dedication.

I wish you could see my HEART getting warmer every time you run to me to soothe my cry.

I wish you could understand the extent of the BENEFIT I get when my skin touches yours.

When your BREAST cuddles me to sleep.

I wish I could tell you how PERFECT you are to me and just HOW beautiful.
Because you are so beautiful mama, so gracious, so perfectly....YOU.
I wish I could tell you I wouldn't want any other mama in the world, for you are the BEST mama for ME.😘

And you know what?
One day I WILL.
I will tell you all of those things.
I will finally be able to tell you all of this in words, but until then:
please bear with me.
Be PATIENT with me for I am still little

Until that day, you can read all of this in my peaceful SMILE when you cuddle me.❤️

And during the toughest days,
when you pick me up and wonder WHY
I can't stop crying,
why you are not able to soothe my distress
and you mumble to me in tears:

"What can I do to make you feel better?"

Dear mama,
know that you ARE already doing it.
You just don't see it.


The Motherhood Project

I've been rocking and cuddling my baby to sleep since that day he was born. I mentioned this to a nurse at my clinic recently. She said that she did the same thing with her son, and everyone warned her that she would still have a teenager sleeping in her bed. And then she told me that, a few weeks ago, her teenage son came home from school very upset. He didn't want to talk, and just went to his room and listened to his music, typed on his phone and cried. The mother gave her son space, and night time came and she went to bed. Just as she was about to turn off her side light, the door opened, and her 15 year old padded into the room. He climbed into the bed with her, laid his head on her shoulder and cried.
He told her all about the girl that broke his heart, all about the friends who laughed, all about the stresses of being him. She told him about her first broken heart, about friends who'd been cruel, and told him she understands. They talked in the dark for hours, until he feel asleep in her bed. Still sad but relieved after their talk.
'So you see' she said to me, when she finished the story. 'I was so scared that I wound wind up with a teenager who would 'need me' at night, that I never stopped to consider how beautiful that would really be.' 🌟

Words by the beautiful L.R.Knost - Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources
Photo by the talented Angelickpicture



GOLD Birth & Beyond Conference Speakers | International Speakers

goldbirthandbeyond.com GOLD Conferences is proud to bring together this amazing panel of Perinatal Experts to present on a variety of topics. Learn more about this year's Perinatal Speakers.


Oh wow breastmilk- way to go.

Do you ever wonder, is breastmilk really enough for my baby? ⁣

💥We live in a society which constantly leads us to question the value of breastmilk. ⁣

💥Advertising is clever and it can sow the seed of doubt in many mothers that their breastmilk may not be quite enough for their baby to grow, sleep, settle, develop etc. as they 'should'. ⁣

💥The quality of breastmilk should never be questioned. It has everything in it for babies to grow perfectly and there is in fact enough of it available to go around, should we need to share it out a bit for those mums and babies that need a little extra. ⁣

💥Rarely is this the case and with good support most mothers can produce a full supply of breastmilk for their baby, but we must also acknowledge that there are varying needs for additional milk for mum and baby also.⁣

💥Babies come in all shapes and sizes and here Felix (who for the record isn't 'sleeping through the night', so if you ever thought that was to do with not enough milk...!) shows us how breastmilk is perfectly made for babies to grow just as they should. ⁣

Did you have chunky babies ? ⁣

Or where your babies petite ? ⁣

We all know I grow chunkers all born over 4kg / 9lb and hello who has seen my Scarly Girl 👋🏻⁣

Thank you @nomilklikemamas 👈🏻 for this post go follow Sian ❤️❤️


Dr. Jen Gunter

Fantastic new study showing the dramatic impact of HPV vaccination on reducing the risk of cervical cancer!!!

The goal of HPV vaccination is to prevent cervical cancer and other HPV-related cancers. Until recently there was solid evidence showing the vaccine reduced the necessary precursors to cervical cancer — infection with high risk types and pre cancerous lesions (known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or CIN grades 2 and 3). While reducing the required step before cancer was indirect evidence the vaccine prevented cancer, there weren’t large studies proving the protective effect on cancer. This is because it takes years for this cancer to develop, so there had to be a long period of time for follow up after vaccination.

We now have that data! Researchers in Sweden looked at records from over 1.6 million girls and women between the ages of 10 and 30, they looked at who received the HPV vaccine and when and controlled for as many variables as possible.

While there was a significant benefit for vaccination at 17 years or older, girls who received the vaccine before the age of 17 had an 88% lower risk of cervical cancer. Look at the chart in the 2nd image. It says it all. It’s simply astounding!!!

So there you have it. While the HPV vaccine at any age can still be helpful, the biggest rewards come from vaccinating early.

There is every expectation that we will also see a reduction in other HPV-related cancers. With less HPV around there will simply be less cancer.

Lots of people like to talk about a cancer moonshot, well, we have one in the HPV vaccine.

I’ve seen young women die from this disease, so the idea that in my medical lifetime we’ve gone from figuring out what causes cervical cancer (HPV) to being within reach of a cure is simply amazing.

The HPV vaccine is approved in the United States for ages 9 to 45, but the age limit is cost effectiveness. If you are older than 45 and want it that is fine, it will just offer less protection. I had my vaccine when I was 52 as I was newly single and wanted every scrap of protection.

The HPV vaccine is proven to prevent cervical cancer. Sing it from the rooftops!!!

cleveland.com 18/09/2020

Breastfeeding rates rise if newborn’s bath delayed, Cleveland Clinic study finds

cleveland.com Delaying a baby's first bath by at least 12 hours drove up in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding rates in a study at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital. The hospital has adopted the new policy, and is spreading it to other facilities in the system.


Allergy Foundation South Africa

Patients and families are at the core of this year’s World Atopic Eczema Day.
Working together with patient groups across the globe, on September 17th @12:30 we will come together on an insightful live stream and unite for action on the disease. All together, we #CareForAtopicEczema.


La Leche League USA

Do you tend to stare at the bottles as they fill?
Watching the slow drip drip while pumping may actually inhibit milk production. Some families have noticed that covering the bottles with baby socks can lead to better output--and less stress.
Find out more about pumping here: https://lllusa.org/pumping-milk/
[Image: Photo of person using a double electric breast pump with socks covering the collection bottles. Text: Covering the bottles while you pump can lead to more milk and less stress.]

[08/25/20]   Looking forward to Sanulac's Covid 19 & infant webinar with Prof Robin Green any moment now. My favourite speaker on anything Paediatrics especially respiratory related.


Awesome milk production, well done to one very special Mom. Your hard work and commitment is amazing , I salute you 💝

event.parentsense.app 11/08/2020

Events Landing Page

event.parentsense.app Meg Faure brings you an interactive talk show hosted by Bailey Schneider with guest speakers Kath Megaw & Linda Mtoba on the 6 August 2020.


Wishing all you amazing women who have passed through my hands in the Paediatric & NICU wards & Babyclinic during the last 28 years here in George and further afield, a wonderful Womens Day. Your dedication and love for your babies and families has enriched my life in so many ways, I thank you xxJanine


Fed ain't best it's expected


La Leche League USA

It's World Breastfeeding Week!
WABA World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is a global campaign to raise awareness and galvanize action on themes related to breastfeeding.
Looking to celebrate? Check out our events at Live, Love, Latch!
#WBW2020 #worldbreastfeedingweek2020 #SupportBreastfeedingforaHealthierPlanet
[Image: Photo of person smiling at a nursing baby. Text: Human milk is the ultimate renewable resource. World Breastfeeding Week 2020]


Taylor Kulik, Postpartum & Sleep Consulting

Inspired by those wonderful “still a good mom” posts. I love that message so much, and I think it also applies to our babies.

Your baby is a good baby even if they do not fit society’s unrealistic expectations of what a baby should act like.

Your baby is a good baby even if they are not who you expected them to be.

And you are a good mom no matter who your baby is, whether or not they sleep through the night, or whether or not they cry all the time.


streamtech.in 31/07/2020



[06/21/20]   Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dad's out there. Enjoy your day xx




familysleepinstitute.com 18/06/2020

Pacifier 101 - Family Sleep Institute

familysleepinstitute.com As a sleep consultant and mom, I hear so much debate about the pacifier.  While using and eliminating the pacifier is such a personal decision, I wanted to breakdown some of the factors you may want to consider.  Pacifier ProsThe AAP recommends offering a pacifier at naps and nighttime to reduce t...

bellybelly.com.au 30/05/2020

Low Milk Supply - 7 Incorrect Assumptions Mothers Make | BellyBelly

bellybelly.com.au Think you have low milk supply? A MUST READ if you’re new to breastfeeding! Here are 7 incorrect assumptions that new mothers often make.

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Wow, it's the beginning of 2020. New beginnings and our Hope's for a safe , healthy  2020. I do hope that all you new Mu...
Wishing all my Mom's a very Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy your day with your families and be spoilt. 💕💕
Do hope all Moms, Dad's, and baby's & kiddies have had a lovely Easter Sunday . Xx
Blowing heart kisses to all you amazing new 1st time Moms and yes 2nd & 3rd time Moms too who I saw during these last 2 ...



5 Stockenstroom St ( Wednesdays )

Opening Hours

10:00 - 17:00
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