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Our first Therapy Connect flash workshop will be held in August.
These workshops have been designed for parents to pop in after work and are only 30 minutes. They are practical and will aim to give you lots of ideas to use at home.

Bookings are limited to 10 people.

Here is the link to book your place


For more information please email [email protected]

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Outeniqua School Of Music Music School Based in George, Western Cape
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Gillian is a seven-year-old girl who cannot sit in school. She continually gets up, gets distracted, flies with thoughts, and doesn't follow lessons. Her teachers worry about her, punish her, scold her, reward the few times that she is attentive, but nothing. Gillian does not know how to sit and cannot be attentive.
When she comes home, her mother punishes her too. So not only does she Gillian have bad grades and punishment at school, but she also suffers from them at home.
One day, Gillian's mother is called to school. The lady, sad as someone waiting for bad news, takes her hand and goes to the interview room. The teachers speak of illness, of an obvious disorder. Maybe it's hyperactivity or maybe she needs a medication.
During the interview an old teacher arrives who knows the little girl. He asks all the adults, mother and colleagues, to follow him into an adjoining room from where she can still be seen. As he leaves, he tells Gillian that they will be back soon and turns on an old radio with music.
As the girl is alone in the room, she immediately gets up and begins to move up and down chasing the music in the air with her feet and her heart. The teacher smiles as the colleagues and the mother look at him between confusion and compassion, as is often done with the old. So he says:
"See? Gillian is not sick, Gillian is a dancer!"
He recommends that her mother take her to a dance class and that her colleagues make her dance from time to time. She attends her first lesson and when she gets home she tells her mother:
"Everyone is like me, no one can sit there!"
In 1981, after a career as a dancer, opening her own dance academy and receiving international recognition for her art, Gillian Lynne became the choreographer of the musical "Cats."
Hopefully all “different” children find adults capable of welcoming them for who they are and not for what they lack.
Long live the differences, the little black sheep and the misunderstood. They are the ones who create beauty in this world.


Dear Mum and Dad,

Please stick with me.

I can’t think clearly right now because there is a rather substantial section of my prefrontal cortex missing. It’s a fairly important chunk, something having to do with rational thought. You see, it won’t be fully developed until I’m about 25. And from where I sit, 25 seems a long way off.

But here's what i want my parents to know..

My brain is not yet fully developed

It doesn’t matter that I’m smart; even a perfect score on my math test doesn’t insulate me from the normal developmental stages that we all go through. Judgement and intelligence are two completely distinct things.

And, the same thing that makes my brain wonderfully flexible, creative and sponge-like also makes me impulsive. Not necessarily reckless or negligent but more impulsive than I will be later in life.

Please stick with me.

So when you look at me like I have ten heads after I’ve done something “stupid” or failed to do something “smart,” you’re not really helping.

You adults respond to situations with your prefrontal cortex (rationally) but I am more inclined to respond with my amygdala (emotionally). And when you ask, “What were you thinking?” the answer is I wasn’t, at least not in the way you are. You can blame me, or you can blame mother nature, but either way, it is what it is.

At this point in my life, I get that you love me, but my friends are my everything. Please understand that. Right now I choose my friends, but, don’t be fooled, I am watching you. Carefully.

Please stick with me.

Here’s what you can do for me

1. Model adulting.
I see all the behaviors that you are modeling and I hear all of the words you say. I may not listen but I do hear you. I seem impervious to your advice, like I’m wearing a Kevlar vest but your actions and words are penetrating. I promise. If you keep showing me the way, I will follow even if I detour many, many times before we reach our destination.

2. Let me figure things out for myself.

If you allow me to experience the consequences of my own actions I will learn from them. Please give me a little bit of leash and let me know that I can figure things out for myself. The more I do, the more confidence and resilience I will develop.

3. Tell me about you.

I want you to tell me all the stories of the crazy things you did as a teen, and what you learned from them. Then give me the space to do the same.

4. Help me with perspective.

Keep reminding me of the big picture. I will roll my eyes at you and make all kinds of grunt-like sounds. I will let you know in no uncertain terms that you can’t possibly understand any of what I’m going through. But I’m listening. I really am. It’s hard for me to see anything beyond the weeds that I am currently mired in. Help me scan out and focus on the long view. Remind me that this moment will pass.

5. Keep me safe.

Please remind me that drugs and driving don’t mix. Keep telling me that you will bail me out of any dangerous situation, no anger, no lectures, no questions asked. But also let me know over and over and over that you are there to listen, when I need you.

6. Be kind.

I will learn kindness from you and if you are relentless in your kindness to me, someday I will imitate that behavior. Don’t ever mock me, please and don’t be cruel. Humor me-I think I know everything. You probably did as well at my age. Let it go.

7. Show interest in the things I enjoy.

Some days I will choose to share my interests with you, and it will make me feel good if you validate those interests, by at least acting interested.

One day when the haze of adolescence lifts, you will find a confident, strong, competent, kind adult where a surly teenager once stood. In the meantime, buckle in for the ride.

and.. Please stick with me.


Your Teenager

By Helene Wingens

Timeline photos 25/08/2021

📢🛑Attention MATRICS! Aandag MATRIEKS!

~The only way to LEARN Mathematics is to DO Mathematics~ Paul Halmos

🦉🎓Do join us at Kids Inc. Education for our Matric Maths Exam Prep sessions! Decide which topic/s you need a little more practice with and then get in touch with us for our rates and to book your spot!

Lessons will be presented in both English as well as Afrikaans.

(6th & 9th Sept)

(13th & 16th Sept)

(20th & 23rd Sept)
[14:30- 15:30]

(27th & 30th Sept)

📧[email protected]
🤙084 956 5338




Are you a teacher who puts everyone's needs above yourself?
Self-care is the best gift that you can give to your students 💜



For those who have lost loved ones during COVID19 (regardless of cause of death) - SADAG is launching a new Online Support Group 18 Feb 4pm. See details below for more info. Help SHARE - you never know who needs this support right now!


Therapy Connect

UP AND AWAY Therapy Connect has started the year with energy and joy. We are all excited to begin a new year welcoming back the families and children who enrich our lives.


Therapy Connect

UP AND AWAY Hartley brings her energy and creativity to start the year. We welcome the families, children and sounds of laughter. Appreciative that we have such a happy space to work, play and grow as a team at Therapy Connect.


FAB BUILD - Kids building equipment

Kids Building Material for all ages. Create your own fort, castle, hide out, tunnels and magical spaces. Great for indoor and outdoor use.


Therapy Connect

Megan greets all our clients with her beautiful smile and kind heart. She is a joy to have in our practice and the children who visit love her to bits - almost as much as we do! Thank you for all that do Megs and for the love you bring to Therapy Connect.


Annabelle & Aiden: Science Stories for Curious Kids

“So very grateful to our 14 year old daughter who has created daily chalk art for the last 95 days to entertain her little brother, who’s in each drawing. He’s travelled the world all from our driveway. This art gives us something good to look forward to every day.”


Therapy Connect

Therapy Connect up and running again - taking necessary precautions


Eric Stanley

Mr. Rogers Greatest Advice. This is something everyone needs to hear. Powerful! 🙏🙏🏿🙏🏼


Therapy Connect

We are happy to be back and look forward to welcoming you all


Wonderland Kleuterskool / Nursery School

Teaching kids how to use scissors can be tricky – but it can also be lots of fun! Here are some easy ideas to try! ✂️


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Helga Uys, Opvoedkundige Sielkundige in Privaat Praktyk


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