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Someone is going to be very happy today. What a bike!!
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Never seen this before, fantastic, just a love of riding
Mountainbiking 1979

Mountainbiking has certainly come a long way!!!
Well done to our riders who raced the Eden XCO this weekend.

At #CoimbraCycleHouse, we offer a wide selection of bicycles, parts, accessories, clothing, and main


Sy kort n naam?. Coimbra Cycle House Specialized Bicycles


Today is the Birthday of the main man from Coimbra Cycle House , Vickus Boshoff


A different perspective on E-Bikes

A Cyclist - story

This goes out
To ..

Real Cyclists,
Non-E-Bikers ( in alot of cases ) even unspoken - E Bike -Haters - for this purpose - True…”core to the bone “Cyclists ,
But also this writing goes to E-Bike Lovers alike ..

( I am / was both )

Lets just start to define what the word cyclist even entails..
A cyclist -according to the Oxford dictionary - is Anyone who rides a bicycle -
But from futher investigation,
from other sources -At its most fundamental level ,a person that propels a bicycle by pedaling it - that ,makes you a cyclist —
An E-bike needs pedaling to move forward - so - this makes a person on an e-bike, a cyclist.

So I decided for this entertainment issue to classify cyclists .

1. The real hardcore cyclist - this includes the pro , or even just a non pro ,training his or her ass off ,alot of hours and kilometers on the bike to achieve the set goal , or probably in most cases ,going for a podium position .
2. The medium , hardcore cyclist - they know they will never make the podium ,yet they try, but they want to and Will finish this race and also ,on Strava ,are following with very intens interest,the leader boards.(You all know exactly who you are)
3. Then we get to the more soft core riders, the ones that just want to do it for their general fitness,health and enjoyment.
4. Now we getting to those , who nr 1,2&3 above ,not consider to be cyclist at all, but ,they do it ,on their non- help bicycles.
5. Then there is the E-bikers (a group all on it’s own ) - there are alot of reasons why people choose e-biking, but if you have ever rode on an e- bike ,with any of the above groups , you would for sure be familiar with frases like ,” O ,you are on an e-bike “ ( meaning - that’s easy ,actually you don’t really exersice ) Or - “Just mark your ride on Strava as an E-bike ride ,please “. Anyway ,let’s just leave it at that .

In saying all of the above , are all who cycle serious about the sport of cycling ?
No , not At All .. And I personally Get that ..

Just another note here -
Very important -
E-Bikers ,aswell as Non -E bikers ,
For heaven sake -
Go look up what cycling Etiquette are!!
Because really - Have respect for you fellow Cyclist ,not matter the level of riding you yourself are at!

But , in clarifing all the nitty gritty mentioned already, I can finally get to the story.

The Real story .And it’s not the hero story that everyone loves,it’s not even the underdog story that everybody loves EVEN more .NO . It’s
the real ,everyday story ,that is just part of every day life . ( meaning in this particular case , the circle of life which I have exposure to . )

I was for a very long time part off ,in my head, maybe somewhere between group 2 & 3.
I really thought the “ E- bikers” cannot at all look at themselves and call themselves cyclist .
In my head ,it was like Weak ,to ride an e- bike .
I just never wanted to be that person .. I wanted to be strong ,fit and just good ..
My husband thought it a brilliant idea to buy my an e - bike ,so we could ride together .At first I was very rebellious about this development. People are going to laugh at me . And I think they did off course . I experienced first hand that you are not taken seriously when on an e-bike.
But I realized that
it really did make sense, for the first time in years ,I could keep up with hubby .
Speeding throught single tracks ,up mountains ,moving fast on tar and gravel roads. SLOWLY ,I embraced this .It made for alot of special times together .
I felt like a “group 2 “cyclist once more ..
Although it was just in my head ,I loved it .

For the record here .
An E bike is operated as follows.
There is a mode 1,2 and 3.
Each mode indicates the amount of assistance the “ bike” gives the rider.
Then you get an app ,as in the case of Specialized bikes,which you ,the rider controls .
Example ,
You decide the amount of assistance each mode gives you .
In my case , Just a few months ago ,when I was actually really fit,My bike was set on 10 % help in mode 1 and 2 ,and 40 % help in mode 3(which I never used ).
My goal was always to get off my e-bike ,and ride with my very fit and strong hubby on my normal bike ,as in days gone past ,when I was actually the real cyclist and he was the one in need of help ..

Alot of times when riding with some friends ,I saw how I was getting stronger and fitter,
turning my e bike off ,with rides ,and still keeping up with them . And when riding my normal bike ,I felt like Sally from Cars ( The movie ) .. Even Rides of 100 km’s or so with hubby on my e -bike ,and getting home with a battery charged more than 50 % .. That motivited me ,to exersice more ,giving more ,trying harder ..

But alas,how life has changed ..

So at this stage you a wondering what de hel all this babbling is about .. well ,
Its actually about cancer .
Or NO,
It ‘s actually about riding an E-Bike — YES - its about E-bikes ..
I recently was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer -
Those who don’t know-
It’s when you get cancer the second time- yes - I was in remission for 7 years -
The point is this
- after 2 months on medication to treat the cancer ,my health and general well being has deteriorated , the meds has made me really sick at times and also my strength has vanished .Yes ,I have become weak . This is hard to accept and share of course .
- So yesterday,Sunday, I was very tired,
- Thoughts of not getting out of bed, not going out was at the forefront of my mind ,thoughts of self pity was high on my list
- But also the sunshine was calling outside ,nature was calling . My E Bike was begging for a ride … I ajusted the level of help on the app and decided to go - just to get out - clear my mind - as it was such a hard week ,in more than one way.. SO I did it .
Of course You are still wondering
What I am trying to tell you!!

Never ,ever have I been more thankfull to have an e-bike than yesterday , in this season of my life .. As I rode a very easy pace ,far below my usual pace , that deep feeling of being alive was triggered once again inside me. I just breathed everything in around me. I must say that I have been very negative the last few days about treatment and the long road ahead , but yesterday ,It made me realized ,I must just try everyday ,Just Try and take it one day at a time.
It would have been impossible to do this ride on my own strength and normal bike , I trully did become weak and lost most of my fitness .
My e- bike helps me to get outside , to do something , though small and insignificant ,Its something . It helps me in a way to make life seem more normal .

Cyclists in groups 1 to 4….
Next time you see an e biker ,think Twice before commenting or making assumptions -
E - bikers , you too can give more , have more confidance in seeing yourselve as a cyclist , not making excuses for being on an e- bike .It is far better for the mind ,body and soul to get outside than doing nothing .And stop being ashamed to ride you your bike .Also respect riders in a group that is not on e- bikes in regard of the pace at which they are riding .

So then -
No matter what type of ride you have or choose —
I was reminded ….

Once You CHOOSE HOPE ,Anything possible -

So all groups 1 to 5,
Put out your goals
Persue them
Train hard for them
And Ride your own race ..

(some of you may wonder about my forecast for survival here .. well
I CHOOSE to believe
-Yes- - I will make it -
It not an easy road - But Yes - We believe it will turm out for the better ,We have to believe this !)

In the meantime - as far as possible , I will ride my e -Bike and enjoy it !

Choose Hope ,Then anything is POSSBILE ..

Lastly then ,
I am actually Afrikaans,so you will and might find spelling and
tense faults in this piece . Sorry ..

I chose English today
For those - NOT part of the 44 . 😉

(Share Please)


2 happy, dirty, BROKEN MEN!! 😁


3 dae op die fiets. Sien uit na die avontuur .

Nortje Proves Gravel Pedigree at the Inaugural Prince George Monumental 100 Miler 17/10/2022

Nortje Proves Gravel Pedigree at the Inaugural Prince George Monumental 100 Miler

Nortje Proves Gravel Pedigree at the Inaugural Prince George Monumental 100 Miler Starting in Prince Albert ensured that the race was always going to be tough, as the course took in the Swartberg Pass’s northern ascent right from the off. With the climb to 1 500 meters above sea level dominating the route profile the rest of the race, appeared on paper, to be a downhill drag t....

Photos from Coimbra Cycle House's post 25/08/2022

Time is running out! ⏳ Are you ready for the IRONMAN 70.3 Mosselbay? We stock wetsuites, trisuits and everything else you need for the BIG DAY 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️



Sunday I’ll be on my way for my long awaited Europeun trip✊
Going to spend few months racing there and just giving my best in all the races I’ll be doing!
Happy to say I’ll represent 🇿🇦 at XCO World Champs🇫🇷 and Marathon Worlds Champs🇩🇰

I’ll keep you guy’s posted on the races as I’m approaching them😇
Can’t wait!💣

Toyota SA Specialized Bicycles Durban South Toyota Oakley TOYOTA


22 years of many happy miles and smiles! Thank you to each client and rider for all of the support. Here's to many more!


Die 21-jarige Tristan Nortje van George is weereens die o.23-wenner van die SA kampioenskap vir Cross Country (XCO).

Verlede jaar het Nortje koning gekraai by die Cascades in Pietermaritzburg, en Saterdag 2 Julie het hy sy kroon behou tydens die wedren in Bloemfontein. Lees meer hier:

Photos from Tristan Nortje's post 04/07/2022

Photos from Tristan Nortje's post


Meet your new U23 XCO SA Champ

Well done champ💪🏻


How Jai Hindley & BORA-Hansgrohe Won the 2022 Giro d'Italia.


Koud, nat, maar lekker. Hoop jy het n mooi dag.

Dankie Coimbra Cycle House Specialized Bicycles en Optimum Financial Services Group vir al die lekker ondersteuning op die avonture.

Photos from Coimbra Cycle House's post 09/03/2022

Someone is going to be very happy today. What a bike!!

Photos from Coimbra Cycle House's post 04/03/2022

2XU Compression wear and Tri-Suits now in stock


Get ready for Ironman 70.3 with ORCA!!
Wetsuits,Tri-Suits and Swimming Glasses in stock


Matty and his Epic winning machine.

2022 #AttakwasExtreme by Shift Media 19/01/2022

2022 #AttakwasExtreme by Shift Media


What if we used every ounce of experience we’ve gained serving riders over the past 46 years and built a bike made simply for the love of riding? We broke every design, ride, and race rule along the way. And we’re not sorry.
Tristan Nortje

Photos from Tristan Nortje's post 16/01/2022

Photos from Tristan Nortje's post


Off to the "Hell of the South" Attakwas.
Goodluck to everyone racing.

Photos from Coimbra Cycle House's post 15/12/2021

Perfect gift for Christmas 🎅


Custom Specialized S-Works Epic

Jakkalberry 100Miler 10/12/2021

Jakkalberry 100Miler

Jakkalberry 100Miler Solo and Team Entries

Klunking - Mountain Bike Racing - 1979 - Steve Fox 01/11/2021

Klunking - Mountain Bike Racing - 1979 - Steve Fox

Never seen this before, fantastic, just a love of riding
Mountainbiking 1979

Mountainbiking has certainly come a long way!!!

Klunking - Mountain Bike Racing - 1979 - Steve Fox Thank you to the Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax, California. It 2014 it was with their assistance that we were able to reconstruct this important piece...



"Not one mechanical or flat!"
The winning Specialized Sworks Epic of Sina Frei, Team 91-Songo-Specialized.
Photo: michal cerveny photography


FAST TRAK, the tyre choice for a fast Beers!
Photo: michal cerveny photography

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22 years of many happy miles and smiles! Thank you to each client and rider for all of the support. Here's to many more!
Get ready for Ironman 70.3 with ORCA!! Wetsuits,Tri-Suits and Swimming Glasses in stock
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Having the right bike for your next adventure is important to ensure an enjoyable ride. At #CoimbraCycleHouse, we have t...
#CapeCycleTour2017 cancelled due to severe weather conditions Source: NSRI



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