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Universal Velvathane Non-Drip Enamel is a classical modified alkyd/urethane-based interior, satin sheen coating for high traffic and humid areas.

For interior for all primed new and previously coated surfaces including kitchens and bathrooms
Excellent non-drip application properties
Good flow and leveling properties
Chip Resistant
Highly washable and durable
Excellent adhesion
Appearance: Mid Sheen

Colours: Black and White. We can also tint any colour on our colour charts. Colour charts available in-store.

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ and 5ℓ

Spread Rate: 9,1m2/litre @ 30 μm DFT


Universal Roof Acrylic is a new generation, water-based, pure acrylic, long-life roof coating.

Exterior coating for all types of roofs excluding Clay Tiles
High durability
UV resistant for the harsh urban/industrial environment
Highly water-resistant
Excellent adhesion
Good application properties
Life expectancy of at least 10 years
Low odour
Appearance: Low Sheen Finish

Standard Colours: Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, Clay Tile, Hacienda, Nutmeg, Plum, Sky Grey, Terracotta, Slate Grey.

Specialised Colours: Antique Green, Midnight Blue, New Green.

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ, 5ℓ and 20ℓ.

Spread Rate: 8,6m2/litre @ 42,5 μm DFT

View product here: https://rpb.li/7PH..

# RoofAcrylic


Wishing you all the love in the world on Mother’s Day.


Stand a chance to WIN a Weber at your nearest Universal Paints outlet.

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Outlet locator: https://rpb.li/Lbk........


When purchasing paint for a home or commercial project, the choice between a smaller, independently owned specialist outlet and a large retail hardware store can significantly impact the level of service and expertise provided.

1. Focused Expertise

Specialist paint outlets, run by passionate individuals, offer detailed advice on paint types, finishes, and application techniques, unlike general hardware store employees who may have general knowledge.

2. Personalised Service

Independent outlets offer personalized service, allowing employees to understand customer needs and provide tailored advice for color schemes, paint qualities, quantities, and project guidance.

3. Quality of Products

Universal Paints, a dedicated paint store in Randburg, Gauteng, offers high-quality, specialized products not found in larger retail chains, showcasing their exceptional quality in their industrial suburb.

4. Custom Colour Mixing and Matching

Specialist paint stores offer custom colour services, mixing paints to match existing colors or create unique palettes. Owner-run Universal Paints outlets pride themselves on precision and care, surpassing larger hardware stores' capabilities.

5. Supporting Local Businesses

Independent paint outlets contribute to the local economy and community by investing in local business owners and employees, resulting in higher commitment and service.

6. After-Sales Support

Independent stores provide exceptional after-sales support, offering advice on application techniques, troubleshooting issues, and product recommendations, valuing customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth for their business.

7. Product Knowledge and Training

Specialist outlets offer better training and knowledge of their products, staying updated with industry trends, compared to general training offered by larger stores.

8. Community and Trust

Local specialist stores foster a sense of community and trust, a rarity in large retail chains. Hamilton's Brushware co-cares for Cares projects.

9. Flexibility and Responsiveness

Smaller stores offer flexibility and responsiveness, providing services like home consultations and custom deliveries, which larger chains may not provide, benefiting customers with specific or urgent needs.

So… yes, size matters!

Universal Paints direct outlets are specialist paint stores with expert advice, quality guarantee, and expert advice. They have been voted Best by Test and believe quality doesn't always come at a price. Visit a branch for more information.

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Stop! Discover a red kitchen made by Puustelli – designed using NCS Colour Trends 2024+

Puustelli has relaunched a kitchen featuring trend colors, designed by Stefan Nilsson, also known as Trendstefan, using the NCS Colour Trends 2024+ palette.

The kitchen is based on the colours from trend direction "Heart / Stop" in NCS Colour Trends 2024+.

The trend kitchen is a "Miinus" recyclable model, featuring sustainable materials, components, and production methods for a more eco-friendly alternative to industrial kitchen construction.

Aligned with future preferences
Puustelli and Stefan Nilsson are launching a trend kitchen, aiming to create bespoke kitchen solutions for the future. The kitchen, which showcases Puustelli's ability to create bespoke interior design, follows the success of last year's successful launch of the trend kitchen.

Developing trend colours
NCS Colour collaborates with international color experts to produce interdisciplinary trend forecasts, predicting 24 trend colors grouped into four palettes. The NCS System forms a descriptive model, identifying exact color positions and nuance. The Puustelli kitchen exemplifies the increasing embrace of chromatic colours, with pure red and reddish blue playing significant roles. Pure red represents action and intense feelings, while reddish blue represents intense desires. Stefan Nilsson believes red kitchens are both fun and exciting.

Diving deeper into the palette
The Heart/Stop palette from NCS Colour Trends 2024+ features pure red (-R), symbolizing positive feelings and stopping negatives. The combination of NCS S 1580-R and blue (NCS S 3050-R80B) is growing in interior design. Paler red can enhance the importance of red and create a sustainable space. The kitchen features two islands with rounded corners, exemplifying the trend direction Heart/Stop.

Read the full article here: https://rpb.li/SPic7J



Universal Paints, a South African paint manufacturer, stands out for quality and reliability, exclusively distributing its products through direct outlet stores. With over 40 years of experience, it sets the gold standard for guaranteed quality.

1. Local Expertise:

Universal Paints, a South African company, manufactures paint locally, leveraging local knowledge and resources to create paints tailored to unique climates, landscapes, and architectural styles, ensuring stunning and durable products.

2. Eco-Friendly Practices:

Universal Paints is a pioneer in environmentally sustainable practices, manufacturing locally, using low VOC formulas, being lead-free, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting health and environmental health.

3. Personalised Customer Service:
Universal Paints' direct outlet stores offer personalised service, staffed by experts, guiding customers through the painting process, from selecting colours to recommending ideal paint types, ensuring optimal results for their customers.

4. Guaranteed Quality:
Universal Paints is known for their high-quality products and offers a robust guarantee, ensuring customers' peace of mind. Their commitment to excellence and trust in their paint formulations ensures long-lasting, reliable products.

5. Wide Range of Options:
Universal Paints offers a wide range of paint options for various projects, including exterior and interior improvements, with an extensive colour palette and the ability to mix and match colours.

6. Supporting Local Business:
Universal Paints supports local businesses, job creation, and economic growth in South Africa by distributing their products directly through outlet stores, promoting quality paint and community prosperity.

7. Innovation and Research:
Universal Paints is committed to continuous research and development, ensuring the latest advancements in paint technology are provided to meet the highest standards for their projects.

8. Community Involvement:
Universal Paints is a South African paint manufacturer committed to community initiatives, outreach programs, and supporting local charities and environmental causes, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility beyond profits.
Universal Paints, a South African paint manufacturer, is known for its commitment to quality, eco-friendly practices, personalized customer service, and support for local businesses and community initiatives.

Read the full article here: https://rpb.li/NVoA2v



Universal Classic Acrylic White is a new generation water-based, acrylic, long-life low sheen coating.


Low-sheen for walls and trims
Washable, easy to clean
Low odour, low VOC
Tintable to pastels
Long lasting finish
Excellent obliteration
Durable protective coating
Easy to apply
Appearance: Low Sheen

Colour: White

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ, 5ℓ & 20ℓ.




NCS - 45 years as colour experts


Colour research

The NCS System, launched in 1979, is a scientifically based colour notation system that defines, quality assures, and communicates colours on all surfaces. It allows for colour communication between all parties involved in the colour process, ensuring the result is exactly as intended. Today, it is used by architects, designers, material manufacturers, and retailers globally as a universal standard for colour communication.

40 years of NCS Production History

The NCS System, launched in 1979, has become the global colour reference for architects and designers, with products like NCS Index 2050 and CAPQ, continuously evolving while researching color perception and communication.

The NCS Colour Space, inspired by the Forsius Globe, was developed in the 1960s by Dr. A. Hård, Dr. L. Sivik, and Dr. G. Tonnquist. Launched as a Swedish national colour standard in 1979, the system has evolved with additional colours added in 1984 and a second edition in 1995, ensuring world-leading colour accuracy and consistency. Today, the NCS Standard Collection comprises 1,950 NCS Standard colours.

Revolutionising future colour communication

NCS Colour, based on the NCS System, offers innovative color solutions and management, with a global presence in over 80 countries.


The same colour must be produced on different materials and products from different manufacturers, making it crucial for people to recognize them. This is achieved through national and international standards, such as SIS, ISO, CEN, and CIE. NCS is a standardized colour communication system with colour notations and accurate samples, used in numerous standards and instructions for accurate colour specification.

Read the full blog here: https://rpb.li/f7Zz
Visit our NCS Colour page: https://rpb.li/h4x



Two Autumn DIY Painting Projects

As autumn approaches, it's an ideal time for DIY projects, whether they're exterior or interior improvements, to enhance the home's aesthetic appeal.

1. Maintaining the outside of your home
To prepare for cooler temperatures, give your home's exterior a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. Apply a specialised detergent like Liquid Sugar Soap to remove grime, mould, and mildew, and let it sit for 5–10 minutes before rinsing. Use an extension wand for higher areas. Update your exterior paint to enhance visual appeal and protect your home from winter elements.

Hamilton's Professional Painter's Tape, a blue masking tape, can be applied and left for up to 14 days in direct sunlight, leaving no residue when removed.

2. Transforming a Kid’s Room into a Guest Room
As children grow, their bedrooms transform. Use the summer-to-autumn transition to transform a kid's room into a welcoming guest retreat. Declutter, keep cherished items, and use neutral colours for a serene ambiance. Paint, decorate, and transition seamlessly.

Autumn offers an ideal time for DIY home improvement projects, allowing for a fresher living environment and a chance to revive exterior and interior spaces.

Read the full article here: https://rpb.li/1MhRT

Photos from Universal Paints SA's post 11/04/2024

LIFCO received a generous donation of the Universal Paints Enamel Product from Universal Paints Allen's Nek Direct Outlet. Which they are using to help beautify the secured mini-substations throughout the Little Falls area.


Universal Flexi Rubber is a new generation, water-based, pure acrylic, long-life waterproofing coating with excellent stretchability and elasticity, suitable for use on a variety of substrates.

Exterior/Interior coating for all types of substrates.
Heavy-duty rubberised coating to seal out moisture and waterproofing
Seals vertical and horizontal hair line cracks on walls parapet walls, waterproofing ridging, flashing areas on concrete tiles, fibre cement roofs, metal roofs as well as overlaps and screw heads..

UV resistant for the harsh urban/industrial environment Highly water resistant
Excellent adhesion
Protection against corrosion
Good application properties
Quick drying / Low odour
Can be overcoated with Universal Paints Roof or Decorative paints, or used as a final coat Life expectancy of at least 10 years

Available in 5L or 20L
Colours available - Grey and black



We’ve all heard of Tiny Homes and the growing trend of people to down size – but what about the rise of Skinny Homes?

Situated in the Waterberg mountains of South Africa, the House of the Big Arch occupies an almost unseen presence in the wilderness of the existing natural reserve. Hidden amidst the dense trees is a long, narrow, skinny building designed by Johannesburg-based architecture studio Frankie Pappas, that appears to grow from a steep cliff out into the treetops.

Read the full blog here: https://rpb.li/cMGoEn



Stand a chance to WIN a Weber at your nearest Universal Paints outlet.

Competition entry link: https://rpb.li/51YhdB....

Outlet locator: https://rpb.li/Lbk......


NCS Colour's creative director, Karl Johan Bertilsson, highlighted 2024+ color trends, emphasizing contrasts for vision and passion. Experts identified four trends: preference for chromatic colors, dark shades, and natural nuances, aiming for a year of action and evasion.


Red symbolizes stop, love, and hope, combining with blue and neutral shades. Formulated by color specialists for surface and material design, these colors are part of the ICA Color tintometric system.



Tarnished brass is a pain to clean, did you know tomato sauce can make it easier?


Colours depicting "comfort, warmth and joy will be vital" says NCS's 2025 Colour Trends report

Read the full article here:https://rpb.li/lks



Universal Paints Quick Dry Enamel is a classical short oil alkyd long life, interior and exterior high gloss coating for those high traffic and exterior areas that need a highly washable and durable coating in a wide range of colours.

For interior and exterior on all primed new and previously coated metal and wooden surfaces
Good Durability
Highly Washable
Excellent Adhesion
Good Hiding Power
Appearance: Gloss Finish

Colours: White and Black

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ, 5ℓ and 20ℓ (20ℓ only white)

Spread Rate: 4,6m²/litre @ 30μm DFT




Create a cosy movie night at home with creativity and imagination. Transform your living room into a cinematic wonderland, transforming it into an extraordinary experience that will leave your family talking about it.

Set the Scene: Create a Movie-Watching Haven

Create a movie-watching haven in your living room by arranging blankets, pillows, and a tent or fort-building kit for a cosy and inviting atmosphere for an unforgettable DIY movie night.

Themed Decor: Bring the Movie to Life

Enhance your movie night with themed decor, like colourful streamers for animated adventures or glow-in-the-dark stars for space-themed movies, to enhance the immersive experience.

DIY Tickets: Build Anticipation and Excitement

Create personalised movie tickets by designing them on your computer, handwriting them, distributing them to family members before the event, or creating a small booth at the entrance.

Snack Buffet: Elevate the Concession Stand Experience

Create a creative movie night snack buffet with creative treats like DIY nachos, homemade cookies, or themed snacks. Engage kids in the kitchen, making it a family activity before the main event.

DIY Popcorn Bar: Personalise Your Poppables

Create a DIY popcorn bar by adding various toppings like butter, salt, chocolate, cheese, or gummy bears to plain popped corn, allowing family members to customise their snack.

Interactive Movie Games: Engage the Whole Family

Incorporate film-related games, such as bingo boards and dance-offs, to enhance the viewing experience and provide entertainment beyond the screen.

Themed Attire: Dress the Part

Dress up in themed attire for a fun DIY movie night at home. Add pirate hats for swashbuckling and superhero capes for action. Create a cosy space and enjoy the movie magic, turning an ordinary evening into a memorable family adventure.




Upward, a soft blue with red, gray, and green undertones, evokes Scandi slow living or coastal vibes, providing a calming contrast from modern life.

Visit Universal Paints Trendy Colour range: https://rpb.li/A6rWN9


The majority of New Year's resolutions are not given much thought.

By February, nearly 80% of resolutions made at the start of the year had been forgotten. Therefore, there is no need for concern if you must resume!


Final Phase of the Universal Paints Gezina outlet, which is presently contributing to the roof renovation at Hoerskool Montana School, Visit Universal Paints to view additional projects.



Universal Roof Acrylic is a new generation, water-based, pure acrylic, long-life roof coating.

Exterior coating for all types of roofs excluding Clay Tiles
High durability
UV resistant for the harsh urban/industrial environment
Highly water-resistant
Excellent adhesion
Good application properties
Life expectancy of at least 10 years
Low odour
Appearance: Low Sheen Finish

Standard Colours: Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, Clay Tile, Hacienda, Nutmeg, Plum, Sky Grey, Terracotta, Slate Grey.

Specialised Colours: Antique Green, Midnight Blue, New Green.

We can also tint any colour on our colour charts. Colour charts available in store.

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ, 5ℓ and 20ℓ.

Spread Rate: 8,6m2/litre @ 42,5 μm DFT

View product here: https://rpb.li/7PH....

# RoofAcrylic


Invest in 45.72 cm Paint Rollers

Invest in 45.72 cm rollers, paint tub, grid, and disposable tub liners for faster painting of large rooms or houses. Professionals use these tools, but some details are needed.

45.72 cm rollers are ideal for large-scale projects, especially when multiple rooms need painting and clearing.

These rollers are more labor-intensive than 22.86 cm rollers, especially when it comes to painting ceilings.

Good technique involves standing away from the wall, using a paint pole, and rolling the surface in a straight line, starting in the middle and alternating between passes.

View Hamilton's Brushware product page: https://rpb.li/l9CBv


Annually, on December 26, the day following Christmas Day, South Africa observes the Day of Goodwill. It is designated for the purpose of enabling South Africans to extend the Christmas atmosphere to the entire nation.

Celebrate this season with Universal Paints.

To view your outlet near you: https://rpb.li/Lbk..


It's Boxing Day! Time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy some good food. Wishing you all a happy and safe day.

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Final Phase of the Universal Paints Gezina outlet, which is presently contributing to the roof renovation at Hoerskool M...
Final Phase of the Universal Paints Gezina outlet, which is presently contributing to the roof renovation at Hoerskool M...
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